Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 181: The Reward I Want (3)

It was a bit dangerous, but the bigger the risk, the greater the reward.

I immediately jumped off the wall.

I heard shocked voices behind me.

“Wait! Kang Hwi Ram-nim!”

“That’s dangerous.”

It was Harrison and the generals.

I knew it was dangerous as well. But wouldn’t I have a plan before jumping into the fire?

I mentally cast an incantation before I arrived at the bottom.

‘Stone Elf, come forth!’

I can currently summon a total of 856 Stone Elves. It was thanks to getting a Stone Elf’s Soul every time I hunted a Demon in the Demons’ Mine.

There were many pieces of broken rubble underneath the wall. There were many rocks to start with, as well as rocks by the river. All piles of rocks in the nearby area turned into Stone Elves as I summoned them.

The Jeppis were shocked and became chaotic.

“Snort. They are Stone Elves!”

“Why are the Stone Elves, snort. Why did they appear here?”

The Stone Elves started to move as they stood there confused. They were much slower compared to Demons and Dark Elves, but they were fast enough for the Jeppi tribe.

Furthermore, the difference in size was huge.

The Jeppis averaged 1.5 meters in height while the Stone Elves were overwhelming at close to 3 meters in height.

The Jeppis were busy running away after seeing close to 1,000 of these Stone Elves appear.

Of course, this wasn’t it.

‘Summon High Elf!’

The forces of nature seemed to gather in one spot before the High Elf appeared. She looked so pure and beautiful and did not fit with the battlefield.

However, if you thought about it, she belonged here the most. The appearance of a High Elf raised the Stone Elves’ might by 30 percent.

Furthermore, she was talented in point magic. I could run wild without worrying about injuries if the High Elf is supporting me.

Now, the final card.

‘Summon Fire Elemental!’

One of the Stone Elves destroying a Jeppi suddenly became covered in fire. The Fire Elemental had possessed the Stone Elf.

The movement became even more violent. It resembled a Fire Bat in Starcraft that had used a steam pack. No, it was an even greater change.

Is it my turn now?

‘Move all Spirit Energy to Agility!’

I ran in between the Stone Elves while swinging Goonto’s Twin Blades.

Although I was not even level 500, I was strong enough to not be pushed back by even the Demons.

These Jeppis were like taking candy from a baby.

Of course, there were some Jeppis who were close to level 500, but they were done once they were hit by a high-level combo.


I swung my twin blades like crazy. There were so many Jeppis that I received injuries from random weapons here and there, but they were all light injuries. It was thanks to the point healing magic from the High Elf behind me.

However, the Jeppi did not easily retreat. They had become shocked at the sudden change in the situation, but they quickly calmed themselves down.

That made the damage to the Stone Elves quite significant. There were no seriously damaged Stone Elves yet, but they were quickly getting damaged. There were bound to be Stone Elves that became completely destroyed in three or four hours if things continued like this.

That meant that I would lose that Stone Elf forever.

‘The Dwarves need to arrive quickly.’

The thankful thing was that the area was quickly getting back to normal.

It was thanks to my efforts down below. They were able to resolve the situation up top because there were no new Jeppis going up.

A moment later.

“Kang Hwi Ram! Where are you?”

I heard a Dwarf’s voice from on top of the wall. It was none other than Great Patriarch Bangart.

I didn’t expect him to personally come here.

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