Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 182: Are there no fancier items? (1)


I was worried about the condition of the Stone Elves anyway. There were already over twenty Stone Elves that had been unsummoned from taking too much damage.

The rest had damaged their bodies as well.

“Please pull me up.”

I shouted out loud and grabbed the rope they lowered down the wall.

They started to pull the rope from the top.

‘Stone Elves, unsummon! High Elf, unsummon as well!’

The Elves who had been fighting against the Jeppi instantly disappeared. The Jeppis looked confused again.

I used that moment to climb up the wall.

I heard Bangart’s voice right next to me.

“Haha, you were over there! You truly are a brother of the Dwarves. Us Dwarves love fighting fiercely like that.”

Did I move up from a friend to a brother?

It was nice to hear.

But just how many did he bring with him? I thought there would only be 30 – 40 of them but there were a lot more. There must be at least 100 of them.

He didn’t come with the Dwarves from another tribe, did he?

“Thank you for coming.”

“Brothers don’t say such things. I only brought a portion of them with me because they were all dying to go.”

I never expected such words to come out of a selfish Dwarf’s mouth. It did not fit them at all.

They probably did it because they wanted their weapons fortified. They probably had a desire to fight out on the battlefield as well.

It made sense that the Dwarves might fight to volunteer.

“Shall we destroy the Jeppi tribe’s momentum first? They’re extremely fired up after attacking the Ameri Kingdom as well.”

“Really? We can’t let those worse than insects Jeppi bastards run wild. Where do you need us to go?”

I looked toward Harrison instead of responding. Battles would become a mess if the orders came from multiple people.

“This area has it the worst. Please protect this area. That will allow us to go fortify the other areas.”

I looked back toward Bangart.

“You heard him, right sir?”

“Alright. Everybody heard him? Let’s show those bastards what happens if they crawl up the wall.”

The 100 Dwarves spread out through the wall.

The Jeppis underneath the wall were building up their momentum again. They were crawling up the wall as soon as I unsummoned the Stone Elves.

But that was it.

There was a significant difference between the wall being defended by humans and it being defended by Dwarves. The Jeppis ended up as headless corpses as soon as they crawled up to the top of the wall.

I mixed in with the Dwarves and swung Goonto’s Twin Blades. I wanted to go down and raise my level some more, but there was no need to overdo it.

The next day.

“Brothers. You were already here?”

“There’s nothing to worry about now that we are here.”

I heard some new voices early in the morning.

It was the Dwarves. The Chieftains of the other tribes had brought their warriors with them.

But there were too many of them.

“Just how many did you bring with you?”

“There were too many volunteers. But it didn’t seem right to only bring a few people.”

“Isn’t it better to have more people in a situation like this?”

I suppose that is true.

But this is too many people. There seemed to be at least 1,000 of them.

Where else would you be able to see 1,000 Dwarves moving together like this?

I suddenly wanted to sigh. I would need to fortify the weapons of all of these Dwarves.

But it wasn’t much of a problem once I thought about it again. I should be able to finish it in three or four days.

It was actually better because I could end the war quickly thanks to them.

Furthermore, Bangart and the other Dwarves were quite tired. We had to fight all night because the Jeppi continued to attack without stopping.

Even the Dwarves who were known as the battling race needed to rest from time to time.

Harrison had walked over to this side as I chatted with them.

Harrison’s jaws dropped. He was shocked enough from seeing 100 Dwarves yesterday, but ten times that amount had shown up today.

But he soon calmed down. He quickly organized the situation fitting his role as a Commanding Officer representing the entire kingdom.

“The Jeppis are moving toward the southern wall. The area bordering Osville does not seem to be doing well. If it is okay with you, I would like to ask you to split up your group.”

Of course, we need to do that. Even 100 of them were a strong force to handle.

It seemed as if there were about 50 Dwarves from each of the twenty tribes. It would probably be best to split up based on their tribes.

The Dwarves were very cooperative. They listened to however we divided them up and went wherever we told them to go.

We should be able to put out the emergency fires like this.

The remaining issue is to get rid of the Jeppis that are still in the Batoru Kingdom. Then we will be able to gather the militia and focus our forces in one location.

The first location was naturally Titan Valley.

“Great Patriarch-nim. Shall we go to where your son is right now?”

“Sounds good.”

I headed to Titan Valley with the 100 Dwarves Bangart brought with him.

Titan Valley was holding on better than I expected. The administrative side was being taken care of perfectly by Humbley while Goonto and the Dwarves were keeping the final line of defense down.

Bangart patted Goonto’s back quite firmly.

“My son.”

That seemed to be the Dwarves’ way of showing happiness for meeting up again. They just glanced at each other without saying much and jumped into the battlefield.

“Then how about we passionately fight now?”

“Sounds good! Let’s go!”

* * *

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