Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 182: Are there no fancier items? (1)

The United States’ New Jersey Baltusrol Golf Club.

The PGA Championship that started on August 9th had already finished the third round and entered the fourth and final round.

The field was surrounded by the gallery. The broadcast confirmed that this tournament had the largest number of people ever in the gallery. There were 710,000 people total until the third round and today supposedly had another 300,000 people.

That meant that there were over 1,000,000 people through all four rounds combined.

The largest gallery in history until now was 719,000 people through all four rounds. This year had beaten the past record in three rounds and created a much higher new record.

The reason for that?

It’s embarrassing, but it was because of me.

I had participated in 21 tournaments during this year of the PGA tour.

It was not a large number of tournaments. I had participated in two tournaments a month right after winning my ticket to the PGA.

But that was to earn a ticket to the Majors.

I had no reason to do that after winning the first Major tournament of the year, the Masters. That was why I only participated in one a month after that.

But all focus was still on me. Numerous TV stations throughout the world fought to interview me whenever I participated in a tournament and a lot of people showed up for the gallery.

It was to the point that any tournament I showed up at ended up as a major tournament.

The reason was simple.

It was because I continued to create unbelievable results. It was especially shocking because I was still a rookie who had just entered the golf world.

I participated in 21 tournaments and won 21 times. Naturally, I won all three Major tournaments I participated in.

And I was right about to win the fourth and final Major tournament.

My result after three rounds was 24 under par.

I had achieved a 9 under par by the 17th hole today. It was a shocking record to have a total of 33 under par because this tournament was known for having the most difficult holes in the PGA.

However, I was not done yet. I still had the final hole to play.

It was a 386-yard par-4 hole. That is approximately 353 meters.

But there was a slight uphill and a headwind, so I needed do send it an extra thirty meters to make it on-green.

That meant I needed to send it flying 370 meters.

Something like that was not difficult anymore.

I also felt like I could even see the strong wind in the air now. I might make a slight error, but it wouldn’t be enough to send the ball to a random spot.

The Jewel of Luck I activated at the start of the competition was still active as well.

[ Driver 370 Skill: Advanced Level 2, 17% ]

I activated my skill and swung my driver.


Everyone in the gallery looked forward while following the ball.

The gallery started to cheer.

“Wow! Good shot!”



I didn’t need to see it with my eyes to predict the results.

The ball fell accurately in front of the green and made a large bounce to land on top of the green.

The question was how close it would get to the cup.

I could cut two strokes if it was close but would have to settle for cutting one stroke if it was far.

But the gallery’s reactions turned a bit weird.

“Huuuuh? Is that about to go in?”

“Uhhh, uhhh, uhh.”

I suddenly felt my heart thump as well. I had gotten a hole in ones a couple of times during this tournament, but I had never recorded an Albatross until now.

I should be able to record one by now…

The gallery cheered again as I had that thought.

“Wow! An Albatross!”

“Holy crap! What did I just see?”


Even Han Sul Yi who was my caddie must have heard the news as she jumped up and down.

But why was I so nonemotional? Was I blanking out because I was so happy?

I just felt like oh, whatever.

‘I guess it went in. Haha. It went in.’

A luxurious restaurant in the middle of Philadelphia.

The others followed me into the restaurant.

The name of this restaurant was ‘Arirang.’ I created one of these restaurants in fifty different important cities in New Jersey and other major cities throughout the United States. There were probably a total of 1,000 locations if you included China, Japan, and Europe as well.

Some of them looked around as if they were amazed and gasped in shock.

“Wow. How beautiful.”

“I’ve never been to such a beautiful restaurant before.”

“I didn’t know there was a place like this so close to New Jersey!” (TL: Author put that Philadelphia was IN New Jersey…so I made changes for him.)

I was satisfied with the interior as well. It felt cozy even though it was quite wide because of the Korean traditional items throughout the restaurant.

Even the faint scent of wood felt luxurious.

This was a Korean Restaurant the Dandelion School opened near New Jersey. It wasn’t well-known yet because it has only been open for a week.

That was why I brought people over for publicity.

I brought some reporters and players I met at the Baltusrol Golf Club, as well as some of the gallery members who donated to a new school called Puturo I create in the South.

Although it was a wide place, it could not fit that many people.

There was a max capacity of 70 people.

Everybody found a seat to sit down. I was at a table with some journalists.

There were menus on the table.

Some of the guests started to look through the menu. Then their eyes all opened wide.

It was because it was more expensive than they had expected. Even the cheaper items were at least $200 per serving and some of the more expensive items were $990 per serving.

The items coming out today were the expensive $990 Avant-guarde Korean food.

However, they were more shocked at the ingredients than the cost.

“Oh my! Everything is created with slim meat.”

“Slim meat? What is that?”

“Oh, you haven’t heard about it? It’s popular among the wealthy for being a diet food.”

“Ah, are you talking about sweet meat?”

“It’s also called sweet meat or diet meat. But the original name is slim meat.”

“I see. I have heard about it. It tastes better than meat and is more nutritious but has less than half the calories.”

“That’s right. I’ve always wanted to try it, but I didn’t expect to get to try it here.”

Most of the people knew about slim meat.

It was the result of all-out publicity until now. We created a luxurious diet center for the wealthy and created a diet menu based on slim meat.

We used Youtube a lot as well. We posted a lot of videos of people who claimed that dieting with slim meat worked really well.

Of course, they were all planned.

We recruited thirty dedicated people and put them through a strict diet. Then we showed the PR videos of them saying that they were able to successfully lose weight thanks to slim meat without starving themselves.

But we limited the number of slim meat for sale. We put out only enough to run out through selling for thirty minutes on the home shopping shows as well.

It led to a lot of people telling each other about it.

All the guests looked full of anticipation.

The employees started to bring out the food while they sat around. There were a total of seven different items but the focus was the tteok-galbi and bulgogi.

Of course, the main ingredient was slim meat.

The name, ‘slim meat’ and ‘sweet meat’ has been ingrained in most people’s mind by now that the image should not be easily destroyed even if someone starts attacking it by saying it is artificial meat.

Of course, the taste would be the best as well. These were the completed results after recruiting the top chefs in America to create and recreate over and over.

Everybody quickly started to eat once the food came out. They then quickly closed their eyes and started to compliment the food.

“Is this traditional Korean food? Mm. The taste is amazing.”

“Tteok-galbi. I heard that there were a lot of delicious traditional foods in Korea, but I didn’t know the taste would be this amazing.”

“The bulgogi is great too. The ingredients taste really fresh.” (PR: I went to a Korean BBQ restaurant recently and the service was shit tbh. Food was okay, the other KBBQ place I’d been to was better though)

They were not just giving me lip service either. We had already tested it out with many people and competitions to judge the taste.

‘Yes. Eat well and tell a lot of people about it.’

There was not a lot of food. Food is something you need to leave them longing for more in order for them to desire it even more next time.

Translator: Miraclerifle

Proofreader: Borderline Masochist

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