Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 183: Are there no fancier items? (2)

The next day.

Chief Secretary Choi Dong Ook respectfully bowed to greet me once I came out of my hotel room.

“Did you have a good night?”

He’s so judgmental. What’s so weird about a single man spending the night with a woman?

But it wasn’t that he was thinking that I was easy. It was unbearable because he was being especially respectful, even more so than usual. He’s speaking formally to me even though he’s six years older than I am.

I asked him to speak informally, but he was stubborn and said that he needed to do it this way.

Maybe that was why, but this judgmental joke was welcomed. It made him seem a bit more human.

“What does my schedule look like today?”

“You are visiting Elite Motors’ Detroit factory today and have the ceremony to start the trial run. You have three interviews scheduled on your way there and then something in New York after the trial run ceremony……”

My schedule was packed.

There was nothing I could do about it. I had brought this on myself.

I had done quite a lot of things. I had to do things inside moving cars and flying helicopters to take care of everything.

Thankfully, I had free time after dinner.

I got in the van with Choi Dong Ook.

The reporters interviewing me were already in there. They would interview me until I get to the helicopter while there were other reporters to interview me inside the helicopter.

“We heard that Director Wachowski requested for you to play a role in her movie. Do you have anything to add about that story?”

I actually called them for an interview.

The reason for doing it? It sounded fun. I had received many cameo requests from national broadcast stations and movie directors.

I also wanted to test the abilities of my skill. Would it be able to create a skill for acting as well?

Actually, I already create the skill.

To be honest, it was not an amazing skill. Although it was called, ‘acting,’ the contents were pretty similar to ‘focus.’

I was as fluent in English as native speakers now.

That was why I was confident to take this challenge. If I was going to take a step in this direction, I thought it was better to go into the well-known Hollywood rather than a national one.

Would Hollywood accept someone like me with no acting experience?

There was no issue about that. I was the investor. I invested the full operating cost of 123 million dollars.

I then landed the role of the Asian supporting character.

Of course, I had to audition as well. Director Wachowski’s pride was so high that she shouted, ‘Not if you lack the acting skills!’ even after I invested all the money.

That was why I auditioned with Director Wachowski herself watching. I even showed the action moves necessary for the role.

The results were, of course, a yes. I used the acting skill a bit and I was fully drawn into the character to the point that I shocked myself.

I was so in character that Director Wachowski told me I would probably succeed even more as an actor than as a golfer.

“The conversation went well. I can’t confirm anything, but it looks like I will be able to show a new side of myself soon.”

“I heard that you were looking toward the action side if you do start acting. Is there a reason for that?”

Because I was confident in doing those movements.

I had no chance to show my skills because I had such a good guard detail, but I’ve been actively practicing martial arts.

Thanks to that, my martial arts skill was now at Advanced Level 1. I was confident that I could complete not just a set kick but even more advanced connected movements.

If they add Hollywood’s well-known CGI details to it, I’m certain I could show a cooler action scene than ever seen before.

“I enjoy working out. I especially enjoy Tae Kwon Do. Haha.”

The interview continued the whole way to the car factory.

Everything felt natural and there was plenty of time, so I didn’t feel tired at all.

“Thank you for agreeing to the interview.”

“Thank you for coming to interview me.”

We had arrived at Detroit’s Elite Motors trial-run ceremony ground.

Elite Motors’s original name was Electric Motors. The main company was located in the United States and there were factories in Detroit and in China’s Guangzhou that were in the red because of competitive prices even though they were very talented.

They ended up being bought out by me and changed the names to Elite Motors.

There was already a car being produced.

It was an electric car named ‘Macoss.’

However, the market response was cold. It was being sold at $33,000 with full options, but the performance was lacking compared to other cars at similar price ranges.

However, things will change now. The cost will go down to $29,000 once we change to the Sodium-Ion battery.

The name was changed to ‘Toru’ as well.

That was leading to a significant increase in orders. At this rate, we should be able to sell over 100,000 cars in the United States alone.

We will export cars as well. Korea is naturally one of the export destinations. Once that happens, it will be worlds better than all Korean cars, including those made by Golden Dragon Autos in performance, cost, and image.

I suddenly became curious about Chairman Jung Man Yong’s situation.

‘He should have noticed by now. Hehe.’

* * *


Chairman Jung Man Yong slammed the table with his hand.

“Is it another failure?”

“My apologies, sir.”

The board members had nothing to say. It was because Director Kim Young Bae who was responsible for the Sodium-Ion battery development had said that he would definitely get it to work before the end of August.

They had no choice but to trust him. Kim Young Bae was one of the core researchers at Energy One that had already succeeded in creating Sodium-Ion batteries.

The other researchers trusted Kim Young Bae a lot as well. It was because the files he handed over seemed quite thorough.

However, the result was a failure. They had already broken the promise to develop it by July and now by August.

“Energy One succeeded. Why are you failing when we have provided an even better research environment?!”

Bang! Bang!

Chairman Jung Man Yong slammed the table with his hand again.

He then suddenly had a thought.


However, he then shook his head.

‘There’s no way. We handed him one billion won as a reward. Would a mere researcher dare to trick me?’

Something like that wouldn’t happen.

Anyway, it was over now. The US Elite Motors’s Toru was starting to sell in Korea starting this month.

It was already extremely popular. Kang Hwi Ram must have done something, as every media source was claiming Toru was better than all other cars in performance and cost.

It wasn’t just in Korea. It looked ready to sweep the electric car market in the United States, Europe, Japan, China, India, and everywhere else in the world.

‘It’s over now.’

However, he wasn’t done yet. Jung Man Yong still had a card up his sleeve.

“All of you get out! I don’t want to see your faces.”

Jung Man Yong started to think alone once he sent all board members out.

However, he had no other choice.

He picked up the phone.

* * *

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