Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 184: The God of Death (1)

* * *

“Over there is Altan Fortress.”

General Genos pointed to the distance.

It was quite the rough mountain range.

There were tall and wide walls on top of the mountain.

It was the place that the Jeppi tribe chose as their final bastion.

“There should be at least 10,000 of them in there, right?”

General Genos nodded his head at my question.

“The fortress is large. There might be even more of them in there. How about we wait until Commanding Officer Harrison and the reinforcements arrive?”

That was not a good method.

Harrison was currently at the Batoru Kingdom. Taking care of things over there and sending reinforcements here would take at least half a month.

That was a very long time. The remaining Jeppi tribe in the Ameri Kingdom might send reinforcements first or some unexpected accident might happen.

Furthermore, this was the last spot.

It had taken 6 years to get here. We started in Avangarde and got rid of most Jeppis in the Batoru Kingdom and reclaimed most of the lost Gokuri Kingdom as well.

There would be no more Jeppis to threaten the Batoru Kingdom nor the Gokuri Kingdom if we clear Altan Fortress in front of us.

Of course, that was the case as long as General Suani reliably protected the ocean.

However, I couldn’t come up with a method. The walls looked extremely tall and sturdy. We would need to sacrifice a lot of people to charge from the front.

I needed to find some other method.

“Are there no secret passages or anything?”

“There’s nothing like that. But there is a spot where the walls are weak. This part of the wall was difficult to build because the terrain was quite rough. Furthermore, the terrain itself around the fortress is so rough that it is a protected fortress even without high walls.”

Genos pointed to the map of Altan Fortress as he explained.

The incline was steep and there were boulders everywhere. We would be moving as if we were crawling to climb this mountain.

However, it was possible as long as we had the time.

“We would have the least casualties if we attack that spot.”

Genos shook his head at my suggestion.

“That’s not necessarily the case. I heard that the leader of the Jeppi tribe is someone named Chikichaka. He is known for being brave and intelligent. I’m certain someone like him would have placed a lot of soldiers there waiting to ambush us. He should know that this is the best spot to attack Altan Fortress.”

It made sense.

Furthermore, Genos was someone who had been in Altan Fortress for over twenty years. It must be that way if he says that it is.

However, there was something Genos was not considering.

He didn’t know about my abilities.

I thought about it for a while longer before coming to a decision.

“I will attack this side.”

“Then you need a way to deal with the enemies’ ambush. Putting them under a tight siege and dragging it out is our best method.”

Genos responded with a concerned expression.

Genos probably thinks that that is the best option. This seemed like a battle that could not be won.

It was even worse because Goonto and the Dwarves had returned home. The 1,000 plus Dwarves were a source of fear for the Jeppi.

Harrison did not send many reinforcements either. He could only send 50,000 soldiers because he needed a lot of manpower to maintain the Batoru Kingdom’s safety.

We got a lot of reinforcements from the Gokuri Kingdom, but we still only had a little over 100,000 soldiers.

We needed an exponentially larger number of soldiers than the ones guarding the castle to take it down.

It was not enough to take down a natural fortress with over 100,000 Jeppis.

But I just laughed.

“I chose this place because I have a plan. Please don’t worry.”

The Jeppis always had a numbers advantage until now. Not only did they have the numbers advantage, but their individual soldiers’ abilities were stronger than ours.

But I had won every battle until now. It would be the same in this battle as well.

“I will take the lead. Please follow me with 20,000 soldiers, General Genos. Speed up once I give the signal. Jul Goo, you wait at the southern gate with the rest of the troops. Just come in once the castle doors are opened.”

“Yes, sir.”

In some ways, it sounded impossible. It made sense that Genos looked grim.

He had only known me for 3 months. He had seen me fight a few times, but it was not enough to know about my full strength.

But he still didn’t say anything else. He was the type of person who thought that it was a soldier’s job to follow orders.

“Let’s go.”



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