Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 185: The God of Death (2)

I was in the vanguard.

But I was alone. I didn’t have a single soldier to guard me.

The Dark Elf Rohas was with me, but it was just the two of us.

Genos didn’t seem to be able to accept this.

“We have a special team prepared. Please take them with you.”

It was a special team of 1,000 people. They were all valiant and talented soldiers who were at least level 400.

However, they were only that way when looking within our brigade. They were gathered so urgently that their overall strength was not that great.

They had a hard time defeating the Jeppis 1 on 1. All Jeppi tribe members were around level 400 as well.

Taking people like them would only be bringing baggage.

“I will take care of it. Please attack with the special team in front when I give the signal.”

“I understand.”

I quickly headed forward.

The terrain was quite rough as Genos mentioned. It was steep and the boulders poking out were like axe blades.

A regular person would need to almost crawl in order to safely go across this terrain.

But my agility was at 2,548. This kind of terrain was the same as a flat plain to me.

Furthermore, my Shadow Fox’s Leather Armor has been fortified to level 8. Its stealth ability was now at a level where I could sneak past people in broad daylight.

I looked around as I quickly ran up the mountain.

Everywhere was quiet. There didn’t seem to be any hiding enemies…….!

‘There are some!’

I could feel the Jeppis hiding and preparing to launch an ambush. They were all hiding in between the boulders and keeping their breaths low.

‘The bastards here are all talented.’

It was one of the Jeppi’s special traits. They could slow down their body so that they could go over half a month without eating nor drinking anything.

It was as if they were passing time in a half-dead state.

Naturally, it made it difficult to feel their presences.

However, there was a downside to this as well. It took a while to restore their half-dead bodies to peak performance.

They would need at least 5 minutes to move normally again.

That meant that it was like a feast prepared for me.

I walked in a little deeper. I needed to not give them any openings to kill them all.

‘This should be good.’

It was time to use the card I had been hiding.

‘Summon all Stone Elves!’

The boulders nearby started to twitch before they quickly turned into Stone Elves after I internally gave the command.

There were close to 3,000 of them. It was thanks to gaining close to 2,000 Stone Elves’ Souls while clearing the Batoru Kingdom and the Gokuri Kingdom.

I achieved quite a lot in the past 6 years.

My level was already at 599 and I had 3,000 Stone Elves under my command.

I held back on using the Stone Elves as much as possible. They took a while for them to recover if they got injured.

That was why I never summoned more than 300 of them at once. It had been half a month since I had summoned them at all.

Thanks to that, all 3,000 Stone Elves were healthy. They started to stomp on the hiding Jeppis as soon as they were summoned.

I could hear the Jeppis starting to scream.

“Snort. They are Stone Elves! Dodge!”


The Jeppis twitched and slowly started to run toward the fortress.

However, the Stone Elves would not just let them go. The Jeppis who were coming out of hibernation were extremely slow and the Stone Elves used speed to massacre them.

‘Summon Fire Elemental!’

I had five Fire Elementals now as well. Combining them with the Stone Elves would give them such destructive powers that I could call them my greatest weapons.

And the last piece of the puzzle…

‘Summon High Elf!’

I felt the powers of nature gathering together before the High Elf was summoned.

The Stone Elves became 30% stronger and faster as soon as the High Elf appeared.

All that was left now was to massacre the Jeppis.

Of course, I couldn’t just sit still either.

“Rohas! What are you doing? Attack!”

I ran around the boulders with Rohas and hunted the Jeppis.

The Jeppis’ movements became quicker as time went by.

However, there was not much difference. The Stone Elves whose bodies were made of boulders were like the Jeppi’s natural enemies.

They could just run away a little faster, but that wasn’t really doable either. The Stone Elves were much faster than the Jeppis in such rough terrains.

I led Rohas and the Stone Elves squad and continued to walk up.

Shh shh shh-

I heard some sharp noises in the air. There were arrows flying toward me.

But the sound was quite loud. It gave me the chills.

I looked up and felt that the sky was black. It looked as if it was a downpour.

‘Just how many of them are shooting arrows?’

“Shield! Rohas, come here and dodge!”

I shouted and curled up my body.

Three Stone Elves quickly rushed over and held up large spears. The arrow downpour started soon.

Duu duu duu-

The Stone Elves’ shields as well as other places were ruthlessly pierced. They seemed to want to destroy this whole area.

They are probably going to end up hurting some of their fellow Jeppis as well.

That was indeed the case, as many Jeppis were dying by the arrows. They didn’t seem to care at all about sacrificing their peers.

In fact, they might be the bait. They were hoping that I would die from a stray arrow while paying attention to the ones in front of me.

However, their plan was useless. You can’t defeat the boulder Stone Elves with regular arrows.

Of course, they will still get injured. Even Stone Elves would lose HP when they are hit by thousands of arrows.

‘Unsummon Stone Elves!’

I only left 100 Stone Elves out. I needed the Jeppis to keep shooting arrows.

“Go up! Hurry!”

The three Stone Elves who had the shields up in front of me stomped as they ran up the steep mountain. It was very slow compared to me, but it should be overwhelmingly quick in the Jeppis’ eyes.

Was that the reason? The rain of arrows that had stopped for a moment had started again. The arrows seemed to only be focused on me this time.

Duu duu duu duu-

I made sure to pay attention to the Stone Elves’ status windows. The Stone Elves probably could not last long in such a volley of arrows.

Thankfully, they were not losing much HP.

It must be because of their shields. They should be able to last around 30 minutes like this.

The arrows stopped for a moment before they resumed once again.

The gap between each volley was quite irregular. However, there were at least 5 seconds each time.

“Rohas. Keep going up with the Stone Elves.”

I gave the order and waited for the arrows to come pouring down again.

Psh psh psh- duu duu duu-


I waited for the volley of arrows before quickly darting to the side. Using my max speed allowed me to move about 50 meters in 5 seconds even in this rough terrain.

It was outside of the spot they focused their arrows.

It will be my time from here on. I took a roundabout way through the terrain to quickly climb the slope.

‘Let me smack you from behind.’

* * *

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