Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 185: The God of Death (2)

“Snort. Focus on that bastard. Do not waste any arrows. Fire again!”

Chikichaka gave the order and the Jeppis launched the arrows in unison.

Tang! Pssssh-

Another round of black rain of arrows was sent flying.

Chikichaka was focusing on the area down below. The terrain was steep and they were high up that he could clearly see everything.

He could see the three Stone Elves moving up together. That was where he was focusing their arrows.

However, the Stone Elves didn’t seem to budge at all. They continued to come up the slope at a constant speed.

Their stone shields remained intact as well.

‘Such scary bastards!’

He was afraid. Not of the Stone Elves, but of the God of Death hiding behind them.

The God of Death!

That was Kang Hwi Ram’s nickname among the Jeppis.

He was the first to give the Jeppi such fear since General Suani, the God of the Ocean.

It was the same for Chikichaka. He was pretending to be calm because of the soldiers’ morale, but he was so scared his legs wanted to shake.

Maybe that was why, but Chikichaka only had one thought on his mind.

‘We must stop him. At all costs!’

Thankfully, their accuracy was going up as the Stone Elves got closer. Only about 1 in 10 had hit earlier, but now every other arrow was hitting the shields.

The shields were quickly deteriorating as a result. They might be able to destroy the shields before they arrived if they were lucky.

“Fire again. Snort. Focus the arrows!”

Tang! Pssssh-

Another volley of arrows was sent flying.

But it happened at that moment. The Jeppi archers started to hear weird noises on top of the walls.

Duuuu! Duu duu duu!

It was not just the noises. The boulders the Jeppis were using as barriers were starting to twitch as well.

“W, what the…?”

There was no need to ask the leaders any questions about the situation. The reason the boulders were twitching was soon revealed.

Chikichaka’s jaws dropped.

‘S, Stone Elves! How are they here……?’

He could not believe it. According to the reports, Kang Hwi Ram could only summon Stone Elves within a 50 meter radius.

The Stone Elves holding shields were still at least 100 meters away.

‘Was the information wrong?’

It did not matter. The important thing was that there were currently Stone Elves being summoned on top of the walls.

They could not be pushed back any farther. The center of the fortress would fall if this place crumbled.

That was why he, the commander, was leading this spot.

“Do not retreat at any cost! Ask for reinforcements!”

Ding ding ding-

The bell installed on the watchtower started to ring. It was the signal to call up the Jeppis from inside the fortress.

However, something even weirder started to happen. There were Jeppis screaming and dying in spots away from the Stone Elves. They were dying extremely quickly as well.

‘What the hell is that? Who the hell……?’

Chikichaka’s eyes were opened wide as he tried to figure out what was going on.

His eyes almost burst out of his head in shock after realizing who it was.

‘T, the God of Death!’

He was certain. It was Kang Hwi Ram.

It was not that he didn’t know Kang Hwi Ram’s face. No, there was no way for him to know. Why was he called the God of Death? It was because any Jeppis who saw his face ended up dead.

He had just heard about his characteristics. And the characteristics he was seeing matched Kang Hwi Ram’s description.

An unbelievable level of speed. And his high killing power that they rarely saw in people with such speed.

The Jeppis fell like weeds in the wind as Kang Hwi Ram passed by. Five or six Jeppis seemed to die every time he blinked.

‘Then the person climbing up down there……? Ah, we were tricked!’

The rumors really were true.

[Kang Hwi Ram is so quick that we are unable to follow his movements.]

He had used a roundabout way to get up here before they knew it.

He was so afraid he got the chills.

However, Chikichaka was still quickly using his head during that time.

‘We can’t retreat anymore from here. We will fight as if our lives depended on it. Then this danger could turn into an opportunity.’

He had survived many battlefields until now. He believed he would do it again this time.

‘In fact, this is the chance!’

Chikichaka picked the hammer up and started to slam on the bell.

Ding- Ding- Ding-

It was an order for all Jeppis to focus.

Even the God of Death was a single human. They just needed to surround him as if they were building walls.

Of course, numerous Jeppis will be sacrificed, but this battle would be considered a win if they can capture Kang Hwi Ram.

“Come out and surround that bastard. Snort.”

Ding- Ding- Ding-

The Jeppis were brave. They came out even while knowing that they might die after hearing the bell. It was as if a large river was flowing inside the fortress.

That river instantly gobbled up Kang Hwi Ram and the Stone Elves. Even the talented Kang Hwi Ram should not be able to survive this.

‘He will definitely die!’

Chikichaka watched with certainty.

However, something unbelievable happened at that moment. An unbelievable pressure that shook the ground suddenly exploded out.


Chikichaka felt as if his heart had suddenly stopped. He had never felt so much pressure in his life.

He then suddenly thought of something. It was a legend that had been passed down from his ancestors.

‘Perhaps…… Dragon Fear!’

He was certain. He could not even move a finger even though he told his body to move. It felt as if his entire body had frozen for a moment.

It was exactly as his ancestors had told him.

He felt everything go dark.

‘Kang Hwi Ram! The God of Death! He really was not someone we could handle!’


Translator: Miraclerifle

Proofreader: Borderline Masochist

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