Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 186: God’s Mission (1)

The Jeppis were like the scarecrows at the training center. They were still frozen in shock and could not dodge properly even after the Dragon Fear had worn off.

I cut between those Jeppis as if I was the wind.

Drake’s TBSA that was now at Advanced Level 7 was able to attack eight times or more in a single second. The Jeppis were gathered so closely together that sometimes I managed to cut through two or three of them with one attack as well.

The Stone Elves were amazing as well. Since the Jeppis were on the shorter side, the Stone Elves’ large physiques looked even more overbearing.

The Jeppis’ bodies were ripped into pieces every time the Stone Elves moved past.

General Genos and the attack squad joined us as well.

Over 80,000 soldiers charged through the now open gate.


I used Dragon Fear every time the cooldown time was over.

It was a one-sided massacre.

The Altan Fortress that was known for being impenetrable had turned into a Jeppi graveyard in less than half a day.

It was almost time for it to get dark now.

But the soldiers did not stop moving. They were trying to exterminate the last of the Jeppis.

I kept my eyes open and continued moving as well. It was because I had not killed their leader, Chikichaka.

‘Where could this bastard be hiding?’

I was certain he had been on the watchtower, but he had disappeared.

I heard an unexpected voice at that moment.

“You’ve grown much stronger. Snort.”

The snorting made it obvious it was a Jeppi.

I turned my head to see a Jeppi who was at least two fists taller than the others. His clothes were fancier than the others’ as well.

It was obvious who this was.


But the atmosphere around him felt weird. Our surroundings quickly became dark.

It was already time to get dark anyway. The darkness just came quicker because we were deep in the mountains.

But this was different than that. It was quickly getting dark as if time was moving 100 times faster than normal.

It was dark even for me when I had the Owl’s Eyes. It was as if I was inside some walls of darkness and could only see a set distance in front of me.

I suddenly realized something.


“You haven’t participated in any of the Chaos Battles since then. Have you been avoiding me this whole time?”

‘It really is that person. The god who created this world!’

Now that I thought about it, it had been close to 10 years since I participated in a Chaos Battle.

It was as Chikichaka said. I had been avoiding it on purpose. There wasn’t much to gain even if I participated in the Chaos Battles.

Money? I had plenty of it and could make more whenever I wanted. I would have a fortune just from selling the jewels I had. I could also make a fortune fortifying other people’s equipment.

Leveling up? I just had to go into Demon Caves a few times to level up.

On the other hand, I had a lot to lose if I participated.

I didn’t know what kind of penalty I would receive if I lost against the god again.

But to meet him again somewhere like this…

No, it was not something I could avoid. The god could appear using anybody’s body like this no matter where I was.

It meant that I could not avoid this battle.

I subconsciously clenched my hands tighter. I clenched Goonto’s Twin Blades in my hands.

Chikichaka smiled hideously seeing me like that.

“Kekeke. I like it. You deserve praise for not cowering in my presence. Snort.”

He sure has a lot to say.

No matter what he says, there was only one conclusion. He wants me to fight and win against him. I’ll be rewarded if I win and if I lose……

“Defeat me without caring about how you get it done. Snort. Then I will remove the restriction I placed on you. But if you fail again……”

Honestly speaking, the time restriction was meaningless now. Even without the restriction, it would be coming in daily versus coming in once a week to go through the same amount of days at once.

But what would the penalty be?

“……You’ll die.”

I instantly got the chills.

My opponent was not Chikichaka, the leader of the Jeppis. Although it looked like him, I was fighting against a god.

Didn’t I experience this last time during the Chaos Battle? It was a battle that I could not lose but he suddenly used unbelievable abilities to turn the tide.

How can I defeat such a god?

But for the penalty to be death… Does that mean that losing now would mean that I could never come into Royal Roader ever again?

That wasn’t it. The ‘death’ that the god was talking about was much worse.

“Your life here, as well as your life in the human world, will end. It will be the end of everything. Snort. So come at me with everything you have. Use everything in your power to defeat me.”

“That’s too much, sir.”

That subconsciously came out. I was speaking respectfully subconsciously even though I was talking to a hideous Jeppi.

However, Chikichaka just laughed.

“Keke. That’s none of my concern. Snort. Then, shall we get started?”

Chikichaka slowly started to walk toward me.

Chikichaka was holding a weapon that seemed to be a double-bladed saw. It looked as if he had taken the jaw of a saw shark and ripped it out. There were hundreds of sharp blades on it so that even a light hit would leave some serious injuries.

But there was some blue light surrounding it as well.

‘A magic blade!’

It really was a scam-like ability. There were only a few humans and Dwarves who could use a magic blade. But this stupid Jeppi was using a magic blade.

What to do? Its not like complaining would work right now. I needed to find a way to win in this terrible situation.

Hadn’t I expected something like this?

That was why I was looking for ways that a single strike could cause significant damage without raising my strength nor magic.

And I had found a way.

That wasn’t all. I had other emergency weapons to use during this kind of situation. I could win if I use them well.

The problem was that I only had one chance.

He would create a skill that is stronger than mine if he learns that I have such skills now. Then I would never be able to win.

I needed to cut his neck in one try. That was my only way to survive.

I clenched Goonto’s Twin Blades tightly and curled my body.

“Keke. Good. That’s more like it.”

Chikichaka laughed again.

He then launched the first attack. He kicked off the ground and ran toward me quickly.


His kick was so explosive that it caused a ripple! No matter how high his level was, this speed was not possible for a stupid Jeppi.

However, I wouldn’t lose in speed either. My Agility was over 2,500.

My Intuition was up to 150 as well. Chikichaka’s movements were surprisingly fast, but I could see them.

But I didn’t rashly counterattack. I needed to find the perfect opportunity to finish it with one attack.

I twisted my body and dodged to the side.

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