Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 186: God’s Mission (1)

Chikichaka’s double-bladed saw slashed about 5 centimeters from me. But he had not missed.


The magic blade’s strength was stronger than I expected. Invisible mana reached out and brushed past my shoulder.

Thankfully, it was not a serious injury. It seemed to cut about 10 centimeters into my shoulder.

“Keke. You are quite fast!”

Chikichaka did not give me any time to rest. He was pressuring me with explosive speed even while talking as if he was playing with me. He swung his body to create torque as he slashed toward my waist.

I jumped back and used my cutlass to defend.


My hand became numb because of the strong vibration.

Most swords would have broken from that impact. My cutlass managed to survive because it was fortified eight times.

But I don’t think that it can last another hit.

I needed to quickly find an opportunity to change the situation.

I saw my chance as I had that thought. Chikichaka swung his body again as if he was going to end it with this attack.

It looked exactly the same as the last attack.

Was this the god’s attacking style? Or was this Chikichaka’s style?

Either way, the movement was quite wide. No matter how quick Chikichaka was, it could not help but create some openings.

But it could also be a trap. The enemy was a god and not a Jeppi.

I let another opening go by. The wide and strong attack would create another opening in the process.

I just needed to aim for that opening.

I quickly took three steps back. It was just enough distance to dodge the magic blade.

Chikichaka came that much closer, but I was slightly faster. The double-bladed saw cut through the air with a little more distance than last time and I did not end up with any injuries.

Chikichaka was twisting his body again. He looked as if he was planning on using the torque from this last attack to make this next attack even stronger.

But that was what I was waiting for as well.

‘Now! Put 3,000 Guard Point into strength!’

I had slightly over 10,000 Guard Points now. But I didn’t need to put all of those points. 3,000 strength should be plenty.

Of course, that wasn’t all.

‘Put 1,000 Spirit Energy into Agility! Put 1,000 Guard Point into Magic! Use ignore enemy defense!’

I used everything I could use.

And one more!

‘Activate the Ring of Darkness!’

I instantly felt my body disappearing. I was using magic to hide myself.

It was obvious that Chikichaka’s eyes would open wide in shock. He gasped and looked astonished.

“Gasp! What……!”

It did not last long. It was just one second.

But that was enough. I used as much physical strength as I could muster to swing Goonto’s Twin Blades.

But Chikichaka lifted his saw. It was accurately in the path of my sword.

It was unbelievable. How could he see my movements?

‘This scam-like bastard!’

Of course, I was not disappointed. I had expected this. I knew that the first attack would be blocked for sure.

That was why the first attack was a trick. The real attack came next. I’m someone who practices twin-blade arts with two cutlasses.

Furthermore, Drake’s TBSA is capable of attacking eight times in one second. It would take less than 0.2 seconds for the second attack.

Would he be able to block that as well?


The first attack was blocked by the double-bladed saw. But the second attack was already coming.

If the second attack failed, then a third attack would come right afterward.

I could see Chikichaka’s expression.

His face was turned toward the first sword but his gaze was focused on the second sword.

It was as if he was expecting the second attack.

That was why he used the recoil from blocking the first attack to try to move his saw back.

But even a god could not go against the laws of physics.

I used less strength on purpose so that Chikichaka’s saw could not come back as quickly as he wanted.

The second sword was headed toward Chikichaka’s neck at that moment. It was an attack with more than 3,000 strength thanks to using all of those Guard Points.



Blood splattered in front of me. It was red blood coming out of Chikichaka’s cut neck. I had sliced his neck clean with a single attack.

I then brushed past Chikichaka’s body. I stabbed Chikichaka’s heart with the third attack.

Although his neck was cleanly cut off, I just let the third attack continue without stopping it since I was already in the process of attacking.


I moved past Chikichaka and stopped after landing the third attack.

I then felt my disappeared body starting to appear again. All of this had happened within one second.

I turned around and observed Chikichaka’s condition.

‘There’s no way he can come back alive, right?’


Translator: Miraclerifle

Proofreader: Borderline Masochist

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