Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 188: Noble Sacrifice (1)

I left the Shapir with Jul Goo and headed for Humbley’s office.

Humbley bowed deeply as if he was showing respect to an emperor as soon as I got there. The way he addressed me felt that way too.

“Ah, you’re here, your majesty.”

“Please don’t call me that.”

“But you are the Gokuri Empire’s emperor to me. (TL: It has changed to Gokuri Empire now) All of the citizens of the Gokuri Empire probably feel that way as well.”

I felt bitter thinking about that part. I had thought I could live as an emperor for a bit.

On the one hand, it was nice.

I already reigned over everyone anyway. Even the emperor of the now Batoru Empire could not look down on me anymore.

Furthermore, as Humbley mentioned, everyone within the Gokuri Empire considered me to be higher than the emperor of the Batoru Empire. (TL: Okay…it looks like the Batoru Kingdom and the Gokuri Kingdom combined to create the Batoru Empire? Not sure. The author is just jumping.)

That was enough.

I had all the power without any responsibility so how great was that?

I guess I’m more suited to being a free soul.

“I might not be able to return from this mission. Guild leader-nim, I need you to help General Genos, no, I guess we need to call him Emperor Genos now. Anyway, please help him out.”

“Is there a need to ask for something so obvious? The Gokuri Empire is already my home.”

“Thank you for saying that.”

It should be fine for a while if Humbley is helping out. I can control it again after taking care of the Demon Lord Heros issue.

And if things go south?

I don’t need to worry about what would happen then.

I took a deep breath and wet my lips with the sweet-smelling tea.

The door slammed open and Kaldera rushed in at that moment. Kaldera’s eyes were looking around fervently until they stopped on me.

She then froze.
She seemed to have come into the room with a lot of things to say but forgot all of it once she saw me.

Honestly speaking, I did feel a bit sorry for Kaldera. I had completely misunderstood her feelings.

I thought that she had just tried to seduce me for business benefit. I thought that she wanted to use my abilities to increase the merchant guild’s wealth.

But that wasn’t it. She had fallen for the person, Kang Hwi Ram.

The reason I feel that way?

I don’t really know. It was just a feeling. However, there were sometimes feelings that you could trust without any suspicion.

That was how Kaldera’s feelings for me felt.

My heart was shaken after I realized that.

But I had to hold back. I had already received the Demon Lord Heros mission by the time I found out.

In other words, I was someone whose future was uncertain.

Accepting Kaldera’s feelings now would just end up leading Kaldera into a terrible future.

I could consider Kaldera as a woman instead of a business partner if I manage to return alive after taking care of Demon Lord Heros.

But we had to remain business partners for now.

“It’s been a while, guild leader-nim.”

She had become the merchant guild leader not too long ago. Humbley had given everything to Kaldera so that he could focus on the Empire’s administration.

In some ways, Humbley had been promoted too.

I was still calling Humbley guild leader because it had become a habit and was hard to change. Basically, one was the former guild leader while the other was the current guild leader.

“Please let me go with you.”

I had a feeling that she would say that.

But does she really think that makes any sense? I understand where she is coming from, but she really should think about it more.

“Everybody has their roles to play and places to be. Guild leader-nim, your place is in Avanguarde.”

“I promise you that I will be of help.”

“Your staying here will be the best way to help me. Do you know how much more helpful it is for me to know that there is someone waiting for me?”

A small smile appeared on Kaldera’s face.

Kaldera seemed to have seen my shaking heart that I subconsciously described.

Yes. I won’t deny it. I felt like I would get strength from knowing Kaldera was waiting for me here. It was like I now had one more reason to make sure I come back.

Now that I said that, I wanted to show her a little more of how I felt.

“Please stay here. Do it for me.”

The smile on Kaldera’s face became a bit brighter.

She then nodded her head.

“I understand, but in return, please make me a promise. Please promise me that you’ll come back.”

I responded with a smile.

* * *

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