Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 19: A Pretty Savory Extra Gain (I)

Before the message even finished, my surroundings became really bright. The large hall and even the six large caves were clearly visible.

‘It was thanks to the ‘Owl’s Eye.’ Now, I could easily observe my surroundings even through any kind of darkness.

I also earned a lot of other things. I liked each and every one of them.

Hearing that my dexterity had reached the advanced level made me scream ‘Aja!’ And tightly clench my fist. Since I was completing high level combos numerous times, my dexterity increased quickly too.

But there was a different item that really made me excited.

‘I finally have it! Drake’s TBSA textbook!’

The reason someone like me, who wasn’t even used to a one-handed sword, confidently chose the TBSA was because of this.

I quickly confirmed the textbook’s information.

[Drake’s TBSA Textbook]
Teaches you the foundation for TBSA.
Instruction Time: 1 year

In the game, I hurriedly used this textbook. I wanted to become a character with a strong attack strength like other people. That greed made me not think things through and use it right away.

That was such a terrible mistake. Since I used the textbook when I didn’t have a proper sparring partner, there was no way my skills would increase as much as it should.

I had high dexterity and stats similar to a gangster which helped me become the strongest player, but it was still disappointing. If I had raised my TBSA to a higher level earlier on, the rest of my journey would have been much faster and much easier.

I will not make such type of mistake this time.

In the near future, I will meet someone I can practice the TBSA with. I will use this textbook at that time.

‘For now, put it in my bag.’

The Mysterious Pickaxe was pretty nice too.

[Mysterious Pickaxe]
There is a seal that makes it impossible to inspect this item.
Conditions for removing the seal: Expert Miner

This Mysterious Pickaxe is actually as expensive as Drake’s TBSA textbook. You might think that this is ‘just a stupid pickaxe,’ but when it is unlocked, it actually is a ‘legendary weapon.’

Of course, I can’t use it right now. Fitting its status as a legendary weapon, there are 3 levels of seals I need to go through. The first seal is removed by becoming an ‘expert miner,’ the second seal by becoming a ‘best miner,’ and to unlock the third seal? You needed to become a ‘legendary miner.’

The legendary miner was something even I failed to achieve in the game.

Because of that, even I didn’t know what was hiding behind the third seal. I knew nothing about this pickaxe’s true abilities.

But in the end, a pickaxe is still only a pickaxe.

If I continued to walk the path of a miner, there is probably no better tool. However, to walk the path of a warrior, it’ll just rust inside the inventory of my magic bag.

‘I also earned one jewel of creation!’

One of the five-colored jewels! It was the first time I saw this jewel in Royal Roader.
But I wasn’t really excited. Unlike the rest of the five-colored jewels, the jewel of creation was known as being common. If I asked Jonnan, I would probably have found over a 100 of them.

But I’ll keep this one anyways since it is like a souvenir!

Either way, it was a satisfying haul. It was almost as if Deathworm was saying ‘eat this and get away from me!’ and threw this at me before running away.

‘Should I go see Batoom now?’

Batoom’s jaws dropped open.

“How is this possible? Did you really defeat the monster in Tunnel 99?”

Jonnan was so shocked he couldn’t even speak.

“I struggled a bit to take care of that monster.”

With the amount of time I spent, I guess it wouldn’t be a lie to say I struggled. No matter the reason, I spent half a month to get it done.

I even used over 100 potions. I used about 20 400,000 won potions, and the ones I threw into Deathworm’s stomach were slightly over 80 of the 600,000 won ones.

“This should be enough to prove that I deserve to be an expert miner? Yes?”
“Of course! You worked hard. You really worked hard. All of the miners will praise your promotion.”

<You’ve completed all 10 levels of the Expert Miner Occupation Quest. You have earned the occupation of Expert Miner. As a reward, knowledge has increased by 30 points and you have moved 10 spots in the Titan Valley public ranking. Your skills related to the occupation has each increased as well.
For completing all 10 levels of the continuous quest, all the stats you currently possess have increased by 2 points each.
You’ve established a new record for the speed in completing a 10 level linked quest. As a reward, you have earned 3 bonus stat points and your fame has increased by 10 points.>

Haha! I succeeded in the new record!

‘Stat Confirmation!’’

[Kang Hwi Ram, Level 9]
Dexterity: Advanced Level 1, 0%
Strength: 74
Agility: 109
Stamina: 52
Intuition: 28
Magic: 5
Vitality: 5
Mana: 120
Endurance: 8
Toughness: 4
* Remaining points: 10

My agility was the highest. It was because I put all the bonus points I earned from establishing a new combo record into agility.
I also had 10 points that I didn’t use yet.
I plan on putting all of those points into strength.
But not yet. If I increase my strength too early, the speed at which my strength increases from swinging the pickaxe will slow down.

When my strength stat reaches my goal in the near future, I plan on putting all the points at that time.

My mana had increased a lot too.
It was thanks to my knowledge going up. Every time the knowledge goes up by 1 point, mana increases by 2. (TL: But as mentioned before…where is the knowledge stat…)

There is another window that lets me check my knowledge, charm, fame, and other stats. I also opened that. (TL: We have our answer!)

Faith: 5
Knowledge: 55
Charm: 5
Sensitivity: 5
Fame: 170
Miner Rank: 114
Titan Valley Public Rank: 118

Overall, it was pretty satisfying.
My fame and Titan Valley Public Rank was at 170 and 118 respectively. It wasn’t that great, but my name was decently known in Titan Valley.

Which should also mean that I should be able to get some discount when buying things as well.

“But what is that pickaxe you have there?”

Jonnan noticed the Mysterious Pickaxe next to me. At that point, Batoom also took a look at the Mysterious Pickaxe.

“Now that you mention it, I have never seen this pickaxe before.”
“Oh this? Deathworm spit it out once I hunted him.”

Since I was now an Expert Miner, the first level of seal should be removable.
Once I remove the seal, Jonnan and Batoom’s eyes should get even larger. I hope they don’t end up fainting.
Seeing their expression will be entertaining!
I lifted up the pickaxe.

‘Remove seal!’

[Miru’s Pickaxe]
A pickaxe made by a dwarf. Made of titanium and mithril, it can easily break boulders, and thanks to the magical powers imbued inside, it can break boulders very quickly.
Durability: 91/267
Attack Strength: 32
Attack Speed: 15
Restrictions: Strength 88, Agility 31, Expert Miner Occupation
Option 1: All Miner related skills +3
Option 2: 200% extra damage with a successful critical hit
Other Options: Currently unavailable

This stupid pickaxe came with an explanation. It also had a ton of information.
Almost as if they made a promise, Jonnan and Batoom both let out a gasp.

“Gasp! Tha, that is……!”
“Mi, Miru’s pickaxe!”

They showed the expected reaction. Jonnan and Batoom were both in so much shock that I thought they might fall over with heart attacks.
Well, this was the only pickaxe that is categorized as a legendary weapon after all. You could even call this the Pickaxe of Dreams for miners.

“I, can I…..touch it just once?”

Jonnan was the first to reach out.
Seeing that, Batoom also approached and reached out, as if saying ‘me too.’ They looked like children asking for something they were envious to have.

Of course I didn’t resist. That was the reason I showed it to them in the first place.

But I guess Goultan has not heard the news yet. Goultan needs to see this pickaxe in order for me to get some benefit.
I’m sure he’ll be here soon.

I passed Miru’s Pickaxe to Jonnan.

Jonnan was extremely careful with it, as if he was handling an ancient relic. Together with Batoom, they were touching every part of it, as if they were caressing their lover’s hand.

It was at that moment that the old yet thick voice resounded behind us.

“Tunnel 99 has been cleared? Is that for real?”

He’s here!

It was Goultan. He must have ran over as soon as he heard the news.
Neither Jonnan nor Batoom could say anything. It looked like they forgot how to speak from the shock.
Instead, they showed Goultan Miru’s Pickaxe.

“What is that pickaxe……gasp!”

Even Goultan was shocked after seeing the information of the pickaxe.
Jonnan nodded his head.

“You are correct! It is Miru’s Pickaxe.”
“My goodness. This pickaxe was real?”
“I thought it was just a legend as well. I never expected to see it with my own two eyes.”
“Me, could I touch it too?”

Of course. In fact, I need Goultan to touch it and feel it more than Jonnan or Batoom.

As I nodded yes, Goultan respectfully received the pickaxe as if he was receiving a reward from an emperor. Then, just like Jonnan and Batoom, he cautiously touched the pickaxe.

His eyes were full of shock and he looked like he might start crying.

Now that I think about it, the three veterans who attempted to become the best miner were all gathered in one spot. They were all over sixty years old.

Seeing them like this, I started to feel a bit sorry. It was because I planned on making them all pick up a pickaxe again in the near future. That was the only way for them to mine the five-colored jewels on my behalf.

Haha, they all seem so reliable.

Goultan admired Miru’s pickaxe for a while before looking at me.

“You, really ……you managed to do something big!”

I’ve heard that type of praise plenty of times. I prefer material rewards much more than just words of praise like that.
That should have been plenty of time to admire it right?

Now they should pay the admission fee. You don’t think I showed them this ‘legendary weapon’ for free without getting any benefits, do you?

I started to lead the conversation the way I needed it to go.

“I’m very proud as well. But a bit disappointed as well.”
“About what?”
“That pickaxe. I finally found a useful pickaxe, but the strength restriction is too high for me to use. That means I need to use this original pickaxe again! Sigh, it’s so old that my efficiency doesn’t go up.”

I then looked at the old pickaxe with a pitiful expression. It was the pickaxe Batoom handed to me like a present when I first arrived at the mines.

I said this for Goultan to hear. I know Goultan has a very good pickaxe that is his prized possession that is hidden away.

If I used that pickaxe, the number of minerals I mine would increase at least five times.

That would be a decent reward for clearing Tunnel 99.

If he doesn’t offer it himself, I will need to convince him to give it to me.

Goultan took turns looking at me, the old pickaxe, and Miru’s Pickaxe. The shaky look in his eyes told me the hard decision that was going on in his mind.

‘Yes! Hurry up and give it to me!’

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Proofreader : Miraclerifle

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