Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 190: Noble Sacrifice (3) END


I turned my head to see Jonnan there. Jonnan who seemed to be unbelievably young and healthy for being 50 was holding a longsword and attacking Heros.

How did Jonnan get in here?

Now wasn’t the time to think about that.

Jonnan was level 400, but his sword skills weren’t too great. They weren’t lacking compared to his level, but it wasn’t enough to take on Demon Lord Heros.

Heros quickly realized that after fighting against him for a bit. He was attacking much rougher than when he had been fighting against me.

“You insolent fool. You dare to get in my way without knowing your place!”


I quickly picked my blade up and blocked Heros’s attack. Jonnan would have lost his neck if I was even a bit late.

But Heros would not stop there.

I didn’t know how Jonnan got in here, but Heros was now suddenly fighting two on one.

It would naturally put him at a disadvantage. The situation would become even worse if I recovered my stamina.

He increased the power and frequency of his attacks as if he wanted to avoid that situation. It was more dominating and stronger than before.

Clang. Claaaaaaang!

Most of the attacks were focused on Jonnan. He realized that Jonnan could not counterattack after checking his skills.

On the other hand, he probably thinks that I may be completely worn out but I could still land a final blow.

That was why I couldn’t rest either. Jonnan used his longsword to defend, but I had to block Heros’s attack that aimed for his openings.

I counterattacked here and there, but I was too tired for it to do anything. Heros blocked all attacks.


Shit! Heros’s attack had gone through. Jonnan seemed to have a pretty big injury on his side.

Injuries didn’t easily heal even in the Resting Place of the Dead. It only seemed to give unlimited stamina.

Jonnan’s movement became significantly slower.

Heros became confident again. He was quietly swinging his sword but he could speak again.

“Did you sacrifice yourself for this fool? How touching! But you will pay dearly for the price of your actions. I will rip your soul into pieces so that you disappear for all eternity.”

Sacrificed himself?

I could predict how Jonnan got in here thanks to Heros’s comments.

“Did you commit suicide?”

“That seemed to be the only way to get in here.”

Crazy. He’s crazy. He committed suicide?

“Shut up. Just die!”

Heros’s attacks became even rougher. It was clear he wasn’t going to give me any time to recover.

But a bright light suddenly flashed at that moment. It was an extremely hot flash of light.



Heros screamed right after the light exploded.

‘Now what?’

The person who created the flash answered my question.



I didn’t even need to raise my head. This was definitely Eruni’s voice. There was also only one woman who would call me master.

I wanted to turn my head to check. It would be even better if I gave her a hug.

But there was something to take care of first. Opportunities needed to be grabbed when they appeared.

Eruni must have cast a lightning spell.

The strength of her spell probably became much stronger than normal. Everybody’s abilities became equal here.

Thanks to that, Demon Lord Heros has received a strong shock and had fallen over.

I tried to quickly focus and raise my body but my movements were not very natural.

But I just ran toward Heros. My hands and feet were shaking because I had no strength left. I had used all of my strength and could not use any more, but I was still able to draw out enough power to land one last attack.

But I still had to shout to energize me, even though it wasn’t something I would normally do.


Heros’s eyes were full of fear.

I turned that fear into reality. My sword fell right onto Heros’s head.

Heros had quickly raised his sword to block, but I broke the sword and struck Heros’s head with my sword.

His head was so strong that the sword did not go in very deep.

But it was enough to give him a shock. It also gave me an opening to land a second and third attack.

I aimed for his neck next. I chose to stab instead of slash to use less stamina while causing a lot of damage.

I used everything I had with each attack.



My sword stabbed into Heros’s neck. The feeling moved through my tired hands and throughout my entire body.

Heros could not close his eyes. He then fell sideways.

I heard a voice in my head at the same time.

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  1. Caudyr

    I’m with you there. The whole “Ok, you’ve done what you were supposed to, NOW GTFO OF MY WORLD!” thing is pretty messed up…and really contrived, imo. Not only that, they said he would “give him a reward as well”…but where is said reward?

    His “gift” being “eternal rest” is just ridiculous, lol. -_-

    That said, thanks for the hard work over the years of translating~ ^^

  2. AWatcherSan

    Thank you very much for this final chapter, I had a fun time reading through Mr.Kang’s exciting story. Once again thank you for finishing this great novel. I really wished for a better ending tho, didn’t know Eruni would sacrifice herself or Jonnan either.

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