Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 23: Skill In the Real World (2)

The first skill I made in the real world!
My lips were dancing with joy while looking at the skill. Couldn’t I continue to make any kind of skill I want just like this in the future?
Billiards, golf, swimming, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, yacht……! (TL: Not sure why you need any skills for a yacht. To drive it maybe?)
I could master them all. The Jewel of Creation is something that is extremely common in Royal Roader! If I really put my mind to it, I could get enough to swim in, so I had no reason to be selective.

However, there was a disappointing part as well.
‘I guess I can’t bring over skills from Royal Roader.’ (TL: There’s our answer)

If it was possible, the skill information would have said so.
It was especially disappointing that I couldn’t bring over the TBSA or combo. If I could bring over skills like that, I could become even stronger than Wong Fei-hung.

‘Then shall I start again?’

But how do I use the skills that I have created? Is it the same method as in Royal Roader?

It was pretty easy to use the skill in Royal Roader. All you had to do was think ‘I’m going to use this skill’ and it automatically started. It was as easy as moving your fingers or toes.

Of course you could use multiple skills at once too. Just like using combo and Blood Attack together.

‘Activate Butterfly Stroke skill!’

I thought about it as I started swimming.

I could feel the effect of the skill being activated. Even without thinking about it, the movements that were recorded as the skill automatically started to flow naturally.
Because of that, all the movements repeated itself properly, repeating the exact moment I realized ‘this is how it is supposed to be.’ Maybe it was just how I was feeling, but I thought the butterfly stroke was easier than freestyle right now.

“Great! You’re doing well! A little bit smoother!”
“You did well.”

I finished everything including the evening lesson.
The time was 6:20pm.
I had been swimming for over three hours without resting.

However, I did not get out of the pool. It was because of the desire to try using the butterfly stroke again. Maybe it was because of the skill, but I found it to be quite fun.
I also had some stamina left.

‘Let’s practice just 30 minutes more.’

If I go eat dinner afterwards and then head home, I should be able to sleep well.

I started to do laps in the pool using the butterfly stroke.

Splash! Splash!

This thing called the butterfly stroke is quite charming. The movements are pretty dynamic, so even I think I my form looks pretty cool. Plus, it is a way to use up a lot of energy in a short amount of time, so it is kind of the perfect thing for me.

‘Huu, can’t do it anymore.’

After doing 3 more laps in the 25m pool, I was completely out of energy. This should be enough for today. There’s no point to hurt myself when I’m doing this to be healthy.

I exited from the side of the pool. As I did, I heard a beautiful voice calling out to me.

“Oppa, you learned how to swim very quickly! When did you learn the butterfly stroke?”

I saw Im Jung Ah when I looked up.

The sexiest lady in our swimming class. She was so pretty that I thought she was trying to become a celebrity when I first saw her. We first met around half a month ago, but since then, she would approach me and start talking to me every chance she got. Quite aggressively, I might add.

If it was the old me, it wouldn’t feel realistic. No, I would have confirmed that she was trying to scam me. There is no way a stunning beauty like her would give me any type of attention.

But it was different now. I guess I gained some more confidence as a man?
Lately, there’s been quite a few women around me.
Especially at the club.
After starting my life with Royal Roader, I went to the place called a club for the first time in my life. Of course I was dressed very well when I went. When I got there, many women were pretty much fighting with each other to hunt me. I had so many girls to pick from! I took the prettiest girl and went out for round 2!

Of course the end was in a motel! I never had any experiences like that so I couldn’t say anything, but the girl was really forward and dragged me to the motel saying ‘oppa, sleep with me!’

After that, I went to the club five more times. I pretty much went an average of two times a month.
Each time, I scored. I was hunted by a slim beauty each time I went, and all of those times ended in a motel with some rough movements.

With that, how could I not gain some confidence?

“Today. It’s because the instructor is great.”
“Oppa, it’s because you have great athletic senses. I find athletic men very attractive.”

Im Jung Ah is quite forward today. Every time she spoke, the gaze she was giving me was full of interest and lust.

Like someone who has made up her mind.
No matter what it was, I didn’t have a reason to say no.

“If I’m being honest with you, you’re exactly my type as well. I love sexy women like you.”

Although I was talking with Im Jung Ah, my eyes were nonchalantly looking at my phone.
I was checking the change in my skill level. Even the practice time was short, there should still be some changes.

[Butterfly Stroke Skill: Beginner 11%]

In Royal Roader, it did not take long to advance from beginner to intermediate. Out of all the skills I came across, there was none that took over a day.

But this butterfly stroke seems pretty slow. At this speed, I wouldn’t reach intermediate even if I practiced all day.
Is this the difference between Royal Roader and the real world?

“Oppa, are you hitting on me right now?”
I looked back at Im Jung Ah.
She had a slightly shocked look on her face. Her beautifully smiling lips told me she didn’t hate it.

“I’m really bad at things like this. I prefer my method.”
“Oppa, what is your method?”
“Go out with me.”

The corners of Im Jung Ah’s lips continued to go up.
“Hmm…… depends on how you do today.”
“Then shall we go?”
“Let’s go.”

We left the swimming pool together. I first changed my clothes and went out to the sports center lobby. I waited until Im Jung Ah had enough time to put on some makeup.

Im Jung Ah came out about 20 minutes later.

My eyes immediately started swimming. The clothes that seemed to show quite a lot of skin, the somewhat thick makeup, it looks like she planned to seduce me today.

“Did you wait a long time?”

As soon as she came out, she first grabbed my arm. I was going to try to take the initiative, but it looks like she beat me to it.

Not like I had a problem with it!

“No, not really. Should we watch a movie? Or go to the amusement park?”
“I like movies. There’s also a movie I want to watch right now.”

We left the sports center together.

However, I had to stop after taking only a couple of steps. I saw something I shouldn’t have seen.

‘Hae Sook!’

My ex-girlfriend was walking into the sports center linking arms with another man.

It made sense she was with a man. She told me about him when she broke up with me. However, for that man to be that person.

It made me think about something that happened two months before I quit the carwash. Hae Sook came to look for me, saying she got off early for the first time in a while.

There was a lot of customers that day, so I ended up leaving pretty late.
Hae Sook waited for me in the office, and if I remember correctly, GM Jang went in and out of the office quite often that day.

Something must have happened that day. Or did something else happen after that?

Either way, the situation ended up like this.

Hae Sook seemed to be pretty surprised.

It wasn’t because she was caught with GM Jang. If it was that, she would have made a guilty expression. Her expression right now was because of her shock at seeing me look like a completely different person.

On the other hand, GM Jang let go of Hae Sook’s arm as soon as he saw me. With an extremely guilty expression. He knew he had done something shameful!

Of course it’s something that could happen. That is why songs like ‘Wrong Encounter’ could become a great hit. You can’t really call it a shameful act. (TL: Man, I haven’t heard this song in a long time.

It was more so the way he went about it.

“Why weren’t you just honest with me? Then I would have quit even if you didn’t rag on me.”

He should understand what I mean even if I don’t come out and say it bluntly.

“I started dating your girl. It’s uncomfortable to work with you so please quit.”

Just coming out and saying it like that.
But how many people could really say something like that?
Still, it was too much to push me out by pestering me.

“It seems fair for me to get angry, no?”

GM Jang’s face became completely red.

Since the situation is like this, I could give him a piece of my mind.

But I decided not to do it. It’s all spilled milk anyways!

It all happened a long time ago. To Hae Sook or GM Jang, it only happened a few months ago, but for me who has spent each day like ten days because of Royal Roader, it was like it happened a couple years ago.

Plus, there was a bigger reason.

The President is better now, right?
“Uh, ye……yes.”
“I’m glad. The president was very good to me.”

It wasn’t a large amount, but it was because the president lent me money during important times that my mother was able to maintain her health.

I may not have grown up with much or grown up with a dad, but I still know how to differentiate between grace and revenge.

“That is why I am just looking past this. In return, be good to Hae Sook. I’m sure you already know, but she is a really good girl.”

I was being honest.

Hae Sook really has a lot going for her. Plus, she was really good to me.

I’m sure when she was breaking up with me, she was suffering as much as I was.
I hope she doesn’t feel that kind of hurt anymore and can live a happy life.

“I am being completely honest right now when I’m saying this. I really want you to be happy. I wanted to say this back then, but I’m sorry I couldn’t.”

“Uh? Me …..just uh! Thank you! You too, oppa.”

I guess I should disappear about now. Not like I had anything else to say anyways.

I gently smiled at Hae Sook and GM Jang before leaving the sports center with Im Jung Ah.

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