Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 24: Jong Suk is My Treasure (I)

One week later.

“Yaaaawn. I slept well. Hmm? Where is this?”
When I woke up, I wasn’t in my room.
An unfamiliar ceiling and lighting! An unfamiliar bed!
‘Ah! Motel!’

I finally remembered the events of last night.

After having dinner and drinking, we went to a Noraebang. (TL: Karaoke) We were a bit drunk I guess. Im Jung Ah started to touch me first, so I touched her back. I started at a casual spot before ending up in that secret location.

We spent two hours like that in the Noraebang. I was turned on so much it was hard to hold back. Im Jung Ah was the same way. We immediately headed for a motel and intertwined with each other.

‘That happened yesterday!’

It’s the side effect I’ve been having after visiting Royal Roader. It’s hard for me to easily remember the events of the day before. It felt like it had been multiple days.

It couldn’t be helped. I did spend over ten days in Royal Roader before coming back.

But I can still vividly remember how Im Jung Ah felt.

She had a gorgeous body. There are many celebrities who compete with their bodies on TV, but she would give them a run for their money.

Especially how voluptuous her body is. Her breasts and butt all felt so full like it was ready to burst. Almost like they were extremely angry.

Thinking about Im Jung Ah is getting me excited again.
‘Just hold on until the evening little man! Can’t do anything about it right now!’


I stretched before checking my information on my smartphone out of habit.
Especially the Jewel Box and skill.
[Jewel Box]
Jewel of Creation: 279

In Royal Roader, I seemed to find around 5 a day. I find one and Jonnan finds four.
Thanks to that, after sleeping one night in the real world, I can add about 50 into my jewel box.
Since that was the case, I could use the Jewel of Creation as much as I wanted. I used over 30 of them in one week.

It was normal that my skill window was filling up with skills.
However, the skill window itself was more organized than I expected. It was because it was possible to organize it by category.

Butterfly Stroke: Beginner 58%
Martial Arts*: Beginner 2%
Golf*: Beginner 2%

For skills like ‘Martial Arts’ and ‘Golf’ that have a ‘*’ behind it’s name, those are all ‘skill categories.’ So if you open them up, there are quite a lot of related skills inside.

I opened the golf skill category.

7 Iron Approach: Intermediate Level 1, 94%
7 Iron Half Swing: Intermediate Level 2, 27%
7 Iron Full Swing: Intermediate Level 1, 54%
Driver Half Swing: Beginner 11%
Driver Full Swing: Beginner 2%

I started learning golf the day after making the butterfly stroke skill.
Since the day was cold, I got some 1 on 1 instruction from a teaching pro in an indoor practice range.
The first thing I learned was the 7 Iron Approach. It was just moving the 7 iron and making it hit the ball correctly.
I mastered it in exactly 10 minutes. Of course by ‘mastering,’ I mean at my level.
However, since the duration of the jewel of creation is 1 hour, I filled the full hour and completed the skill.
The teaching pro complimented my settled form as well.

“You learn very quickly. We can immediately move on to the half swing.”

I started the half swing and after one more hour, I attempted the full swing.
I continued to use a jewel of creation each hour. No wonder I continued to get golf related skills. WIthin 6 days of starting golf, I had created 8 skills related to golf.

Martial Arts was the same. Within it there were straights, hooks, uppercuts, front kicks, side kicks and other similar actions created as skills.

Why do I just waste Jewels of Creation like that?
One reason is that I am almost overflowing with Jewels of Creation.
But the bigger reason is the efficiency.

If one skill has too many movements, the training speed goes down. The level falls as well.
On the other hand, if you make each movement into different skills, the training speed is extremely fast. The butterfly stroke that I started a day earlier is still at the beginner level, but the 7 iron full swing is already at the intermediate level. You can compare the training speed based on that.

I guess you could describe it as a zero-sum relationship between quantity and quality.

Even the 7 iron full swing can be broken down into ‘backswing’, ‘cocking’, ‘impact’, ‘follow swing’ and other similar actions.

But I’m not at that level yet, so I am just waiting for my next lesson.

“Then shall I send them flying again?”

My schedule for the day was full.
Of course I used to have long days in the past. But I wasn’t bored since I was spending all day at the sports center swimming or working out.
Every so often, I also went to the club to let out some stress.

But now, I didn’t have time to feel bored. With the discovery of the Jewel of Creation, I changed my entire thought process.
The day goes by quickly while I learn and practice swimming, golf, martial arts, and other things.

I lightly washed and got dressed.

I suddenly got a text on my phone.

[Are you busy today?]

‘Oh! It’s Jong Suk.’

He’s someone I got close to in middle school once I started being bossed around by Hwang Joon Yul. We got along since we were in the same boat. Plus, although it wasn’t as bad as my life, Jong Suk’s dad passed away at a young age, so his family had it pretty hard.

Maybe the similarity there helped us get even closer.

After that, we went to different high schools, but we still keep in contact. No, he’s one of my closest friends that if you told me to pick the ones I am closest to, he’ll be in the top three.

On one hand, he is the friend I am most envious about.
What does someone who is rolling in money from Royal Roader have to be envious about?
Money isn’t everything. Jong Suk has many things that I never had.

First is a goal.

Since Middle School, Jong Suk had figured out a goal for himself.

[I will definitely be accepted into the Economics Department at Seoul University and become Korea’s best economics expert.]

Of course anybody can set a goal. But the really important part is the effort to make it happen. And something even more important that is talent!

Even though Jong Suk had a rough life, he still did really well in school. Once he was able to escape from Hwang Joon Yul’s control, he placed 1st place in his entire high school, and in the end, he made it to the Economics department at Seoul University.

He had to do a lot of part-time jobs to support his family, and yet he still managed to do really well in school. If you think about it, he’s probably a genius on the academic side.

I’m pretty good at using my body, but I wasn’t confident at using my brain. My backpack strap was short too (TL: Didn’t get much education).

That’s why I was envious of Jong Suk’s abilities. Especially at the fact that he could speak English as fluent as a native speaker. I wonder if there is a special method to being smart?
If there was, I would use all of the Jewels of Creation if I needed to do so, to make that my skill.

Once my thoughts got there, I felt like my eyes suddenly opened.

‘Hmm? Skill? Studying? Why couldn’t it work?’

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