Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 25: Jong Suk is My Treasure (2)

I’m not talking about actually gaining IQ levels. Rather, I’m talking about the process of becoming more knowledgeable.

In that case, shouldn’t it be possible to make a skill?

No point in giving up before even trying it out. I have plenty of Jewels of Creations to spare.

‘Let’s give it a try!’

It’ll be good to get Jong Suk’s help. Out of everybody I know, he’s the best when it comes to studying.

Other than that, I always feel this mysterious energy that makes me feel good to be around him.

I suddenly want to see him!

I hurriedly gave him a call.

  • Are you well?

“Yes! What’s up?”

  • Do I need a reason to call you? I have some free time for once. Let’s catch up!

“Cool. I’ll head over to you.”

As soon as I ended the call, I left the motel and headed to my one bedroom. I needed to change first. I didn’t want it to feel like I was showing off my money in front of Jong Suk.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror.

‘This is good enough!’

I headed towards Seoul University where Jong Suk was.

“Hwi Ram! Over here!”

Jong Suk called out to me. Chang Hoon was with him as well.

“But are you really Hwi Ram? Your style is completely different!”
“Seriously. His hair isn’t a mess, his clothes are neat, I’m looking at the right person, right?”
“These pots are calling the kettle black! Especially Jong Suk!”
“I should be asking you that question! Are you really the Kim Jong Suk I know? Comb your hair and shave. You look like you just got off a deserted island.”
“Shave? I’m so busy I don’t even have time to fart!”

I’m sure he isn’t joking. Jong Suk is the craziest of everybody I know. Whether it was studying or research, once he starts something, he focuses on it like he’s gone crazy.
“I’m hungry. Let’s go eat.”

My friends have always been paying for the meals. Since my life was such a mess and I was pretty much like a beggar, they didn’t even give me the opportunity to pay.
Let’s start repaying that favor starting today.

I want to take them somewhere fancy.

“Oh! That place looks good!”

[The Single Cow]

I lead the way and started to walk over. No, I tried to walk. But Jong Suk grabbed my wrist.
“That place is expensive! I don’t have money!”
“It’s on me today. Don’t worry and just follow me.”
“Really? You earned some money?”
“I was wondering how you managed to get so stylish; your situation has gotten a bit better! Did you win the lottery or something?”

Is the lottery that great? It’s something that’s much better.

“I have enough to feed you some beef.”
“But not over there. I’d rather you buy me Daepae samgyupsal ten times.” (TL: Daepae samgyupsal gets its name from the fact that it folds over like shaved pieces of wood)
“Yes! Don’t you know how delicious it is to eat daepae samgypusal fried rice?”

These punks are still considering my pocket situation!

Fine! We will eat daepae samgyupsal! It’s not like there is a ghost on me that died from not eating beef.

What matters is the feeling not the cost anyways. No matter what it is, it’s best if you can eat delicious food with a peace of mind.

We entered the daepae samgyupsal store.

“We can finally mooch off of Hwi Ram for once!”
“I unbuckled my belt! You better be ready!”

It’s really weird. I’m the same person, but why does it feel so different? When I am with my friends, no matter what I am doing, I’m having fun.

We talked about a lot of things while grilling and eating the meat.
Even though we haven’t met for a while, there was no awkwardness at all.

“I heard you quit the carwash.”
“What are you going to do now?”
“Eat and have fun.”
“A youngster already thinking about eating and having fun. You need to have a dream!”
They’re taking it as the truth. Do they really think I’ll live like a pig without any dreams?
I’m just taking a short break right now. Should I call it the time to recharge?
I’ve been living like a dog all these years.

“I have a dream too.”
“What is it?”

An omnipotent existence. Not just in Royal Roader, but also in the real world. The type of existence that can rule from the top, looking down on everyone else.

Of course that dream is still just a dream. I just have my destination, I don’t even know which direction I need to head in to get there.

If I use the things I gained from Royal Roader, I think I could find the path, but right now, I can’t see it.

No matter what, if I start to prepare one step at a time, one day, I will see the path.

That is why for now, whether it is money, sports, networking, or knowledge, I will experience and absorb everything and make it mine.

“This and that.”
“Be honest dude. You don’t have one!”
“Then do you have one?”

There is no way Jong Suk wouldn’t have a dream. As soon as I asked, he quickly answered, as if he was waiting for me to ask.”

“My dream is to become a wealthy man who has 100,000,000,000 won.” (TL: ~$89.7 million)

He’s very thorough. He even determined an amount.

But his dream is quite funny. It’s not like Chun Uk Won is someone’s dog’s name. (TL: The amount in Korean is pronounced Chun Uk Won.)

“Do you have a method?”
“Of course. Don’t you know that I have been researching on the S-Project since I was a freshman?”
Jong Suk is quite amusing  I guess you can say he has heart?

I don’t know what the S-Project is, but in order to make that a reality, he has even pushed back his military service.

But next year is the max. Once he graduates from graduate school, he won’t be able to push it back anymore.
That must be why he is researching like crazy. His long shabby hair and scruffy beard is most likely because of that too.
I’m sure he’s working on it like his life is on the line.
“I don’t know the name, but I do know you’ve been working on something.”
“An AI program to research stocks! It’s pretty much finished now.”
“Ah! Stocks!”
Now that I was hearing about it, it was quite grand. Breaking down the big data related to stocks and determining its future forecast. It’s a great way to become bankrupt! No matter how much good information you had in your hand, how could an ant beat a large corporation?


“Aren’t there programs like that already out?”
“There are quite a few. But our program has a higher success rate. Also, we can bring over the big data from Google, so Nasdaq, Nikkei, Shanghai, we can analyze them all.
We tried a test with Nasdaq information last time, and our success rate was 65.2%.
I could feel Jong Suk’s eyes start to glow. He should be extremely tired, but as soon as we started to talk about the S-Project, his passion started to burn again.

Was that the reason? I started to get interested as well.
“Wow! Then you should earn some money!”

If the success rate is 65.2%, then even if you tried five times, you’d earn a gain at least three. Then your successes will start to pile up and continue to build until 100,000,000,000 won won’t be just a dream anymore.
But Jong Suk’s response was just the opposite.

“No! I lost a lot of money! Up until now, I used 30,000,000 won and invested about 100 times, but rather than a gain, I almost lost all of the initial amount as well.”
“Why? You said the success rate is 65%.”

“The success rate is 65%. But the remaining 35% was the problem. We gain and gain until we lost everything at once. Repeating that a couple times, our total +/- is at a negative. But this time, we fixed up the program a bit. I predict that our success rate will be close to 70% now. So everyone on our team is extremely excited right now.”

In my opinion, Jong Suk is the most excited. He looks like the world’s money is all his already.
But what is that going to do?
“If the success rate is 70%, the failure rate is 30%. If you get caught there, won’t you lose everything?”

Did I hit him where it hurt? He suddenly let out a deep sigh.

“Siiiigh! It’s because I don’t have any luck. Yes! Out of 10, I just need to not hit 3, but why do I always end up picking those three? This is a game that I could win if I had even a bit of luck. Do I need to buy some lucky charm and stick it in my underwear?

I suddenly felt like my ears opened up.
‘Luck? Charm? With a bit of luck, win everything?’

It was almost like he said it for me to hear.

There is something called the five-colored Jewels in Royal Roader. These jewels are infused with the power of fairies, and based on the fairy’s specialty, the jewels have a different color and ability.
The Jewel of Creation is one of them. It’s just that it is common and useless that even though it is one of the five-colored jewels, nobody really cares for it.

Of course that is just in Royal Roader.
But among the five-colored Jewels, there is also a Jewel of Luck. (TL: He talks like he hasn’t been talking about these jewels at all…)

Just like the name, it has the power of luck. If you use the jewel, your luck will rise between 1% and 49%. The majority were less than 5%, and even if you had excellent jewel researching abilities, it would be difficult to raise it higher than 30%.

But who cares?
Success rate of 65%? 70%?

If I used a 10% Jewel of luck on top of that?
My heart sank once my thoughts reached that point.
‘This is a game I can’t lose!’

Of course I could not mine the Jewel of Luck yet. I haven’t developed the Northern Mines that contain the Jewel of Luck.

But it will happen soon.

In the near future, I will be chased out of the Batoom Mines. All part of my plan.

Then I will focus on developing the Northern Mines, and will start mining large quantities of the Jewel of Luck.

Then I can enjoy this game that has a success rate of approximately 80%. Not just in the Korean Stock Market, but the American, Japanese, and Chinese Stock Markets as well.

Just thinking about it made my heart beat quickly. I think it would be much more fun than during the game.

Was that the reason? Jong Suk looked so beautiful today.

‘This punk! Now that I think about it, he is a treasure chest!’

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Proofreader : Miraclerifle

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