Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 27: Goodbye Batoom Mines!

At some point, the whole process of thinking disappeared. I just memorized the english vocab words as I turned the page. It was like I was a machine.

Suddenly, I felt a ringing in my head and my concentration was broken.

The focus skill was released.

I was able to immediately determine the reason.

‘My mana is all used up.’ (TL: I guess now we know how he will use mana in the real world)

How do I know? It’s like asking how you know you are out of stamina. You just feel it with your body.

Just as you would use stamina if you are using your body, when you use a skill, you use up your mana.
I could see the bright sky outside the window.

‘It’s already morning?’

It was around 1am when I set the alarm for the second skill upgrade. Somehow 5 hours had passed by since then.

Holy crap! I can’t believe I studied for 5 hours without taking a break.
The more shocking fact was that I was not tired at all after that. Rather, I was overflowing with energy from my excitement.
It was like adrenaline was rushing out of my entire body.
It made sense, since it was as fun as when I was absorbed in a game.
I also managed to get to the last section of the ‘English Vocabulary 3000.’ That meant that I managed to memorize the majority of this book in 5 hours.

‘How much can I remember?’

I turned back to the front and tested myself.

Ability ability, this I don’t know, absorb absorb……’ (TL: Seeing as how I am translating it to English, him testing himself on English means the word is repeated. So I put what the author had in English in italics)

I remembered about half of it. The next page was the same way, and the following page as well. I could remember the meaning of about 50% of the English words.

I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know I was this good at memorizing.
Of course it should be the power of the skill.

If I use this properly, I should be able to be called an intellectual for the rest of my life.
I checked the skill information.

[Focus: Intermediate Level 5, 61%]

‘Even the growth is tremendous!’

The more inspirational fact was the range of the skill.

This is a ‘focus’ skill. Memorizing English vocabulary would only be one aspect of this skill.
Then what other abilities would it have?

I didn’t need to think hard before figuring out the answer.
It’s universal!

Other than studying, everything, including sports, games, conversation, analysis, etc requires focus. When you add in a high level of focus to anything, the efficiency increases dramatically.

I was especially focused on the possibility of using it with analysis.
I will soon leave the Batoom Mines and develop the Northern Mines. Then my progression in the real world will start as well.

Adding the focus skill to that? No matter what I do, I will be able to do it better than others.
My heart is pounding again! If it keeps pounding like this, my heart will become weak.
Either way, there was just one thing left to do. Until I arrive at the turning point, I need to look forward and run.

I need to hurry up and develop the Northern Mines!

But after pulling an all-nighter, I’m really tired. It’ll take some time until my mana fills back up as well. I guess I’ll be able to sleep for a long time today.

* * *

Tunnel 99-1.

Clang. Clang. Clang.

‘It’s finally tomorrow. Haha!’

I faced a lot of terrible things in Royal Roader the game.
However, those terrible situations turned into opportunities that helped make my character into the strongest warrior.
I am doing pretty much what I can to get on that same train.
However, there are some different aspects as well.
In the game, I faced those terrible things against my will, almost like I was being pushed around into each of them. The fact that they turned into opportunities were all just good luck.
However, I am creating every situation based on my wil.
What difference does it make if the end result is the same?
A lot actually. The situation is different.
In this situation, I am going to change the victim and the beneficiary. I will transform myself from the victim to the beneficiary.

Even for the incident that will happen tomorrow.
However, I didn’t show any signs to Jonnan or any of the team members in the tunnel. It will be a great day that will be my life’s turning point, but to them, it’ll seem like a nightmare.
Of course it will only be that way for a little bit. After a few days, they will all turn from victims to beneficiaries as well.

I just continued to swing my pickaxe.
Clang. Clang.


The green damage popped up vividly.
The damage was pretty close to 100. It was a damage a regular pickaxe, and even Goo Chu’s pickaxe could not make.
It was happening because I was using ‘Miru’s pickaxe’ which is known as a legendary pickaxe among miners.
Thanks to that, I had a strong base damage, and every time I succeeded in a critical hit, it added an extra 200% of damage.
It felt so refreshing watching the boulder crack apart into pieces every time I swung my pickaxe.

But today, it wasn’t as refreshing. I just keep thinking about Jonnan.
Jonnan was focused on mineral collection.

He worked hard normally, but he was working especially hard today. Although it was about time to get off work, I think he has been working all day without taking a single break.

I know the reason.

“Go head home. I’m sure by now they would have finished their treatment and arrived at home.”
“That’s okay. No news is good news. If something happened, I’m sure they will contact me. I’m sure nothing would have happened.”

Even while he was responding to me, he continued to break the rocks with his hand hoe.

His movements looked almost mechanical. After working like this all day, his body must be extremely tired, but he continued to persevere on and worked even harder. I could feel a sense of determination coming from him. Should I call it a sincere prayer?

You often see it on TV dramas. Mothers praying for their children, or a wife pouring some purified water and praying for her husband.

Early morning prayers as well.

Jonnan’s movement seemed just like that. It looked like he was praying to some unknown god, saying ‘I will overcome any type of trials you may throw my way, so please keep watch over my wife and daughter-in-laws and make sure they are safe.’

I didn’t push him to take a break anymore either. Jonnan must have his own way of doing things.

Clang. Clang.
Kang! Kang!

There was only the sound of pickaxes in Tunnel 99-1. For quite a while.
But suddenly, a different voice interjected.

It was the voice of Jonnan’s first son, Tago.
Following that, we could hear his second son, Mano’s voice as well.

“Father, we’re back.”
“Where is the madam? And sister-in-laws?”
I asked before Jonnan could speak. Truthfully speaking, I have been waiting for the news just as much as Jonnan.

Of course I was 99% sure about what would happen. However, since it was really important for me as well, I needed to verify it.

“They are all safe. Mother, sister-in-law, and my wife as well.”
“Haaa, thank goodness.”

I was relieved. Then tomorrow’s events should progress like normal.

Jonnan also nodded his head as if he was showing that he was satisfied as well.

But he didn’t say anything. No, he couldn’t say anything. He was overcome with strong emotions that his throat was full of tears.

Instead, tears started to pour down his cheeks. Since his face was dirty from the dirt of the mines, the path of the tears were clearly visible.

I could feel myself getting teary while watching him as well.

I know how he is feeling right now. When my mother was sick, I too put my hands together and prayed diligently.
I approached Jonnan and put my hand on his shoulder.

“It’s really great. Senior can now relax as well.”
As I said that, Jonnan suddenly grabbed my hand tightly. He then kneeled on the floor full of rock fragments.

“Thank you. Thank you very much. You have saved my family. You are our benefactor. Even if I die, I will not forget the grace you have shown us.”

That was the beginning. Jonnan’s two sons, Tago and Mano, also kneeled towards me and started to kowtow.

“Thank you, tunnel supervisor! We will pay this favor back for the rest of our lives.”

Aigo, this is not the picture I wanted!

Plus, Tago an Mano are hyung-nims who are at close to 10 years older than me. Although our relationship is one of tunnel supervisor and team member, they also have more mining experience than I do.

Most importantly, my intentions were not as pure as the Jonnan father and sons were thinking.
Not that it caused any damage to them of course.

I hurriedly approached them and stood them up.

“Senior, please stand up.  Hyung-nims, why are you doing this? I didn’t heal them, the magicians did. Even the money was just a loan.”
“No. It is because of you tunnel supervisor! If we don’t know that we are mere dogs, no insects. Thank you very much.”

I’m getting embarrassed.

The other team members also stopped their mining and looked towards us. Each of them had a bright smile on their faces.
The more emotional ones were sniffling and some were even trying to hide their tears.
Especially Jul Goo. He was crying even more than Jonnan. It was a like he had been hit by a bomb of emotion or something.
Everybody except one person.

He was one of the beginner miners Jonnan brought over during the Expert Miner Quest (TL: Pretty sure this was for the Best Miner quest…) and he has a good set of eyes. Even Jonnan was envious of his abilities that he has taken him as his disciple and passing on his experience and knowledge to him.

That Jose kept looking towards me. It wasn’t full of admiration like the others. Rather, he has this mischievous look on his face. Almost like he is saying ‘I know the truth.’

Today wasn’t the first time. Now that I think about it, he’s shown that type of look since quite a long ago.

‘Has Jose realized something?’
There’s no way. Not possible. It’s not like Jose has some type of mind-reading ability.

Anyways, I need to end this quickly. Putting the fact that I was sorry second, I can’t handle it anymore because it is so awkward.

“Okay okay, let’s leave early today. First round of drinks are on me to celebrate the madam and sister-in-laws’ successful treatments.”

“No. I need to buy it. I will buy it. Let’s go.”

Jonnan quickly waved his hand no.

I guess on a day like today, it’ll be okay to take a drink from Jonnan.
“Regardless of who buys, let’s go.”

We left the tunnel together.

Oh! Wait a minute! Now that I think about it, this is the end. Once I leave here today, I won’t ever come back.
Of course, none of the team members knew anything about it.

This place full of good and bad memories. It’s still a little emotional.

‘Good bye, Tunnel 99. Good bye, Batoom Mines! Thank you for everything!’

Last Chapter for the week.

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Proofreader : Miraclerifle

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