Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 28: You want to achieve your dream? Then stick with me! (1)

“Who cannot attend this gathering?”
“No matter what, I am okay with it.”
“Are we strangers? Something good happened to our family member. We must celebrate together.”

This was the result of working hard together for a whole year. I liked this teamwork. Every single one of us headed toward the bar in Titan Square.

But the way there was a bit uncomfortable.
It was because of Jonnan.
“I don’t know how I can repay you for this.”
“I didn’t do much.”
“No, it is really because of you. You are my benefactor, as well as my family’s benefactor. If you need anything, just let me know. If it is for you, I would even kill myself.”

I kept feeling sorry for Jonnan.
When I looked at Jonnan, I keep thinking ‘I wish I had a dad like him.’ Although they both had rough lives, how could he be the complete opposite when it comes to how he treats his family?
In fact, I even thought that it would be great if Jonnan was my dad.

“As you know, I have no family. Senior, you are the only one who is like a family member to me. Your family is the same. It wasn’t a big deal to let you borrow money for their treatment. Aren’t we family?”

“Of course. We are a family. Yes! We are definitely a family!”
While sharing sentimental words like that, we quickly arrived at the bar.
From then, it was pour more, drink, and repeat, as we developed our bonds. Our really good teamwork seems to have reached another level today.

“Oo, I got to pee. Keep on drinking.”

I stood up for a bit and headed to the restroom.
When I did, Jose secretly followed me and started to pee as well.
I’m very conscious of him today. I’m sure he had a reason for following me to the restroom as well.
As expected. After looking around and verifying that nobody else was there, Jose cautiously asked with a meaningful smile on his face.

“Tunnel Supervisor-nim, you did it on purpose, right?”
I felt guilty for a moment. I guess he really did realize something.
However, I pretended not to know. Ignorance is bliss in these situations.

“Do what?”
“Pushing Bae Doochi supervisor-nim in the competition, and letting Senior Jonnan’s family get treatment on the last day of the competition. I feel like there was a reason for all of that.”

I looked through my memories. When I worked in the mines in the game, was there someone called ‘Jose’?
I have no recollection. That was how low his presence was.
I’m sure there were ten miners.
However, now that I think about it, here, each of them are individuals with their own personalities. They aren’t just miner 1 or miner 2, but Jose, Sam, Peter, etc.

Jose is the most eye catching one of the bunch.
But he seems to be really intuitive. Keeping someone like this nearby will be troublesome if he ends up betraying me.

“I believe in supervisor-nim’s character. I’m sure you have an important reason for doing it. But I really can’t tell what that is. Can you just tell me?”
“You’ve been drinking a lot haven’t you? You’re saying a lot of weird stuff.”
“Hehe, I’m just trying to show you my abilities. I’m quite fast on picking things up. I really feel like supervisor-nim will become a great person. Please use me as you wish in the future.”

Personally, I don’t really like intuitive people or smart people. Mainly because there is a chance I will be playing on the palm of their hands.

Jose had that exact type of image. Should I call it a double-edged sword?
How he might end up useful to me depends on Jose himself. If he really is quick to pick things up, he’ll be able to catch on to my intentions and take care of things properly.

I will keep my eye on you.

“Keep drinking. And tomorrow, there is no reason to come to work early.”
Jose seemed to have realized that there was a hidden meaning to my words. His expression changed instantly.


That should be enough, what more do you want?
I’m just showing you some of my abilities as well.

“Don’t tell anybody else.”

Then I headed back to where the team members were.
Jose did not flap his lips for no reason. Even after coming back to the table, he just worked hard on setting a good mood.
He definitely has good insight.

Next morning.
I did not rush. I slept in until the sun was high up in the sky and slowly headed toward the Batoom Mines.

“Let us in!”
“Go back!”
“I won’t go back even if I’m dead!”

It was loud outside the Batoom Mines. Hundreds of miners were passionately arguing without being able to go into the mines.

“If I cant work here, my entire family will starve to death!”
“Is mining the only thing in the world? If you keep doing this, we will arrest all of you for causing a riot!”
“Then arrest us! Whether we starve to death or die in prison, it’s all the same!”

Many miners were trying to enter the mines.
But there was a security force wearing silver colored Iron Armor blocking their path.

There were even some physical altercations in some parts, with multiple people injured in the process.

The miners had their minds set. They were willing to protect their jobs even at the cost of their lives.

But the security force did not blink an eye.

Jose saw me and hurried over.
“Tunnel Supervisor-nim, you’re here.”
“Yes. But what is going on?”
“Bae Doochi ended up the successor. The first thing he did as the new owner was laying miners off. He fired all the other miners and is only letting in the miners who have been loyal to him.”
“That. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.”

Jose looked at me with a curious gaze.
“Supervisor-nim, you knew about all of this beforehand didn’t you?”
“How would I know when I’m not a fortune teller?”
“You don’t seem to be shocked at all.”

Ah! That’s how I probably came off!

Anyways, why is Jose so sharp? I can’t even plot in the future because I’m scared of him. But he has too good of an ability to just throw him away.
Don’t I need at least one person like this?

I will need some more time to decide what to do with Jose.

“I want to work with you for a long time. What about you?”
“Of course. Me too …… ah! I’m sorry. I was being stupid. Hehe.”

Jose quickly changed the conversation. He seemed to have understood what I was trying to say.
He really is sharp.

Anyways, I should probably take part in this as well. In order to show the miners that I am on their side, I need to at least pretend to be angry.

I pushed through the miners and got to the front.

“I own the rights to the tax collected in Tunnel 99. Please open the way. And please let my entire team in.”

“You must be Kang Hwi Ram! Starting today, you are banned from this mine as well. So just quietly go back!”
“What? Who are you to get in my way? What about my tax collection rights?”
“I am Tarok, the leader of the new security force. Your portion of the taxes will continue to be distributed to you as promised. However, you cannot enter the mines.”
“I don’t care if your name is Tarok or Porok, I must go in.”

I forcefully tried to push my body in.
However, once the security force blocked my way, it felt like I had met a giant wall. Seeing how strong they were, I realized that they must all have extremely high levels.
No. It’s just that my level is low. I’m barely level 9.
Someone suddenly shouted from behind me.

“It’s Gildeon! Gildeon is coming!”
I followed the miners in looking toward Gildeon.

There is something that goes through my mind every time I see Gildeon.
‘He really has a good physique.’

A large body and fierce expression! Should I say he looks like a bear?
Maybe that was why, but there seemed to be a lot of pressure as he walked toward the mines. Even those who don’t know of Gildeon would probably think that he was the ‘leader of the miners’ if they saw him.

Seeing him coming, I started to get greedy again.
‘I do like him. He definitely needs to be under my control.’

The miners settled down for a bit. They even opened up a path to the entrance of the mine for Gildeon.

“Bae Doochi! Where is he?”

His voice is great as well. He’s definitely a future general! A general!”

Bae Doochi showed up at Gildeon’s shout.
“What is it? Why did the loser show up here?”
“Are you really going to do this?”
“Starting now, I am the owner of the mine. I am making the decision on which miners to use. Why do you care?”

“Doesn’t this go against your own interests as well?”

“That’s not something you need to care about, and I have nothing more to say to you. So go back.”

With that, Bae Doochi disappeared again. Gildeon tried raising his voice again, but Bae Doochi did not show up again.

Instead, Security leader Tarok moved.

“Go back. Anybody who causes an issue from here will really be arrested.”

They weren’t all talk. The security force that was ready followed their leader’s order and started to overpower the miners.
The weak miners ended up being pushed back.

“Rather than doing this, let’s go talk to Senior Batoom!”
“Yes! Senior might have some type of plan.”
“Let’s go.”

Gildeon headed toward Batoom’s house with the miners behind him.
Of course I did as well. In the process, I met up with Jonnan and the rest of the team.

Batoom was standing outside his house, as if he had been waiting for the miners.
The miners were angry, but in front of Batoom, they could not be rough. They all had received a lot of help from Batoom these past years.

Batoom pointed at Gildeon and me to come.

“The rest of you wait here. I have something to say to the two of them. Come on in.”

I was suddenly nervous.

The story was changed a bit.
In the game, it was Bae Doochi and not Gildeon. Of course it ended up being a meeting with no gains.
In the end, deputy mayor Donstar forced us to do the almost impossible and develop a mine.

But now, it was Gildeon.
Of course I was the one who changed the story. I changed the victim to the winner and the winner to the victim.

Now I need to return the story to normal.

That is the only way I can achieve my goal. If I fail, my future becomes cloudy without gaining anything.
That was why I worked hard to develop many supporters as well.
I can’t go without my supporters.

“Senior, you should come as well. Hyung-nims as well.”
“Shall we?”

I went into Batoom’s house with Jonnan and his two sons.

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