Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 30: I will confront it with confidence! (1)

I could feel Jonnan’s hands suddenly becoming strong. It was as if his extremely thin hands that looked like only the skeleton was left, suddenly developed superpowers.

“Of course. Although my body may almost be dead, my heart burns as hot as it did when I was young. Thank you. Thank you.”

I heard the voice announcing the creation of a party ring in my head.

<You’ve become the party leader for the fifth Best Miner Occupation Quest. Please lead your party to develop the Northern Mines.
If you are successful, you will receive the Best Miner occupation as well as 80% ownership of the Northern Mines as a reward.>

I presume Jonnan received a similar quest.
Jonnan’s even brighter face proved that was the case.
Then is it time for Batoom now? With this much provocation, there is no way his mind isn’t being swayed.

I looked toward Batoom.

‘As expected!’
Batoom’s butt was moving up and down. (TL: This sounds really odd but it was funny so I kept it). He looked restless, wanting to reach his hand out as well.

If I said just one more thing, he would probably reach his hand out immediately.
Then I should do it.

“I won’t take anybody who does not want to go. Those who want to achieve their dreams, those who want to succeed, and those who want to change their destiny can come with me. But even out of those people, I will only take those who believe in me. If senior wants to achieve your dreams as well, stick with me.”

I reached out.

However, Batoom did not grab onto my hand. Instead, he started running toward the opposite direction.

“Ho, hold on a bit. If it is something like this, there is someone we absolutely cannot leave out. Is there anybody outside? Please hurry and call Goultan over. It is very important so please tell him to quickly get here.”


I planned on including Goultan in my party anyways. I need at least one extra Best Miner to mine even more Five-colored Jewels.

They aren’t party members, but people who will mine the hoards of Five-colored Jewels that currently rests in the Northern Mines on my behalf.

Batoom is pretty much a benefactor to all of the miners.
As soon as Batoom asked, someone ran over, and just a few moments later, Goultan came into the room.
At the same time, I also called my slave Jul Goo into the room.

It suddenly felt like the room was full.
Goultan heard a pretty good amount of what was going on. Of course his eyes were sparkling with desire.

But Batoom had the brightest eyes. It was almost to the point you really wondered if this was the person who ways saying ‘The Northern Mines is not possible.’

That showed just how passionate they were toward their desire of becoming a ‘Best Miner’. Although it had been a long time, that passion had been burning so hot that the seeds of the fire had never died out and remained flickering until today.

I just poured some oxygen onto that flickering flame.
I reached my hand out again.

Batoom and Goultan each put their hands on top of mine. Even Jonnan, who had already become a party member, put his hand on top to symbolize our coming together for the same goal.

And one more person.

“Jul Goo! Put your hand here as well!”
“Huh? Me, me too?”

Jul Goo had a confused expression on his face.
Batoom and Goultan were the same.
“Why Jul Goo……? He’s not even an Expert Miner yet.”
“Jul Goo only has the last quest left to become an Expert Miner. If he participates in this Northern Mines quest as a party member, that will take care of it.”

In other words, catching two birds with one stone.

They finally seemed to understand what I was doing.

Jul Goo needs to quickly become an Expert Miner. That is the only way I can pass on one of my treasures, Miru’s Pickaxe, to him. Then he can carpet bomb the mine in my place and mine plenty of minerals.

With that, Jul Goo put his hand on top of ours as well.

“Before we create this party, there are some things I need to confirm.”
Everybody looked toward me.

“Even though we are creating this party, the 80% ownership will just be mine. Does anybody have any objections?”
“Of course not.”
That handles the biggest issue.
Next one.
“I plan on naming Gildeon to watch over the mines. That should be fine right?”
“That is a great decision.”
“Gildeon is the right choice.”
“When the Northern Mines are developed, the number of people will increase significantly.
If I take someone to be a part of my family, no matter who it is, or what the reason may be, I want you all to accept them as family as well.”
“We trust you.”
“If they are your family, they are my family as well.”
“One last thing. I hope to mine the Five-Colored Jewels. If any Five-Colored Jewels come out of the Northern Mines, please immediately head over to the location. Seniors, only the three of you will be able to find them.”
“That’s not that hard.”
“We will do so.”

Everything went smoothly.

Now all we need to do is start developing the Northern Mines.
‘We’re almost there!’

There are many things I need to prepare in order to develop the Northern Mines.Not only do we have to simply prepare to develop the mine, we need to prepare for what comes after that as well.

We need to especially focus on buying the necessary supplies that we will use for the next few months. Once we finish developing the mine, we will not be able to buy anything for a while.

I also need to pay some attention to Jul Goo as well.

It has already been 1 year since he became my slave. I’ve been keeping him under control by feeding him the carrot by talking about ‘woman’ and ‘marriage’ etc, but his loyalty and his desire to work both continued to fall. Even when I gave him Goo Chu’s pickaxe, he was still not really interested in mining.

But it’s not like I can just beat him up.
That would have a temporary effect, but thinking about the long term, it will actually make things worse.
So I let him be for a bit. I was actually waiting for today.
After going to Avangarde today, his loyalty and desire to work should be burning hot again.

“Jul Goo, go get ready.”
“Ready for what?”
“Let’s go visit Avangarde together.”
“Avangarde? Really?”

Jul Goo must have heard a lot of stories about it as well.

“Yes. Hurry up and follow me.”

We first went to Titan Square to get some nice looking outfits. It was fine to dress a bit shabby in a country town like Titan Valley, but in a city of art like Avangarde, if you look like a country bumpkin, it’s easy to be scammed or ignored.

I also got a nice outfit for Jul Goo. I even stopped by a beauty shop to make him look more handsome.

“Wow! Master, you look great!”
It’s because I don’t put in much effort, but I do have a good foundation.

But I’m surprised at Jul Goo. Since he has a nice physique, even dressing up a little bit makes him seem like a Black Knight.
Can’t believe a guy like him is my property.

‘I picked well. Hoho.’

I went to the Magician’s Tower with Jul Goo. The distance between Titan Valley and Avangarde is over 300km, and you have to go through the core of the Titan Mountain Range, so it’s better to use the portal, even though it is extremely expensive.

“Where shall I lead you to?”
“Please close your eyes.”

I was acting calm in front of Jul Goo, but I was also slightly nervous since this was my first time doing this.
I closed my eyes as instructed.

In an instant, it felt like there was electricity running through my body before I heard a lady’s voice.

“Welcome. This is Avangarde.”

It was the Portal Greeter’s voice.

It felt like I just closed my eyes for a short moment but we were already at the Avangarde Magician’s Tower.

How great would it be if a portal like this existed in the real world?
I stepped outside the tower with Jul Goo. Once we did, Jul Goo’s jaws dropped.


I didn’t have an expression like Jul Goo, but I was feeling the same way. In fact, internally, I was admiring it even more than Jul Goo was.

‘It’s like a completely different world!’

I thought the view in Titan Valley was magnificent and cool, but taking a look at Avangarde’s superb view with my own eyes, my thoughts instantly changed.

Titan Valley was like a village with nothing to see.
Avangarde was that beautiful.

No matter which direction you looked, the extremely tall and grand Titan Mountain Range looked close enough to touch, and the Cobalt blue Rena River flowed next to it.

In the spot where the Rena River stopped for a moment is the grand Lake Rena.

On top of that, the Yerona Plains that are so extremely open!
But that is just the beginning.

The greatest view of Avangarde is the city and the people themselves.

Avangarde is one of the most artistic cities in the entire continent. Because of that, many tribes and different races lived together here.

That was also the reason Avangarde had three times the population of Oolbat, the capital of the Batoru kingdom.

But the reason I was admiring it and the reason Jul Goo was admiring it was a bit different.

Jul Goo continued to look left and right, back and forth, while being full of admiration.

“Wow, wow!”

It was because of the women.

Even to me, they are beautiful. Not only their faces, but their bodies as well.

It wasn’t just specific women who were like that. The majority of the women who were walking by were extremely beautiful. Rather than Avangarde, this place should be called ‘Beauty Heaven’.

In addition, their outfits were all extremely erotic. There were actually more uncovered areas than covered areas. They looked like they could have jumped straight out of a painting.

Jul Goo and I thought we were dressing up a bit to come here, but we aren’t even dressed well enough to be at their coat tails.

“Jul Goo!”

“Yes, master. Hehe.”

This punk. When your master calls you, you should look him in the eye as you answer!

I’ll just hold myself back for today. I brought him here to raise his loyalty anyways.

“Don’t you want to date women like that?”
“Yes, hehehe.”
“What kind of men do you think those type of women like?”
“Men with a lot of money?”
“You’re damn right punk! Someone strong and handsome like you, imagine if you also had a lot of money. Women like that will line up all the way from Titan Valley to Avangarde asking you to marry them. You’ll just have to pick the lady that you like out of the bunch.”


He really was a bit stupid. His knowledge has gone up by 20 after getting the Miner occupation, but he is still showing just how simple he is.

Will it change a bit once he becomes an Expert Miner?

Either way, thanks to that, Jul Goo was feeling like he was floating on the clouds.

“You’ve been doing well lately. You just have to keep doing well like I tell you to do. Then soon, I will get you married.”

“Thank you master. Hehe.”
Even his responses are half-assed right now. He’s too busy staring at the women passing by.
Then I might as well steal his entire soul today.

I was planning on getting a second slave anyways. A beautiful female slave.

I immediately headed to Avangarde’s Slave Store.

“What kind of slave would you like?”

“A pretty girl who can cook well.”
Hearing me say girl, Jul Goo’s eyes turned extremely wide.

“When you say a girl, what age range would you like?”

“Jul Goo, you are now nineteen, right?”

“Huh? Yes.”

Jul Goo was extremely surprised at my question since it meant that I was matching the girl’s age to Jul Goo’s age.

I’m sure there is some pounding going on in his heart right now.

“Then between sixteen and eighteen.”

“Please wait a moment.”

The Slave Trader went in and had the late teen girls stand in a straight line.

Everything is bigger in Avangarde for real. There were over 30 girls who met my conditions.

What a sight. I’ve seen something like this on TV in the real world, but I’ve never experienced it for myself. (TL: I’m guessing he means a row of pretty girls, not slaves…)

I’ll have to try it once later.

:”Please take your pick.”

I had Jul Goo follow after me while I inspected the girls.

All of them had pretty but erotic clothes on. For the female slaves, they must have to pay attention to their looks to charge a lot.

Pretty, cute, extremely pretty, pure ……

All of them looked beautiful. If they continued to grow like this for about 2 years, no matter which of them it is, they won’t be lacking anything to be Jul Goo’s partner.

Jul Goo just couldn’t stop smiling the entire time.

Suddenly, one of the girls stepped forward and kneeled in front of me.

“Take me with you. I beg you.”

“That bitch, she’s doing this again……hurry up and step back!”

It seemed like the Slave Trader was shocked more than Jul Goo or I was. With his eyes opened extremely wide, he glared at the girl and started to say some horrible things to her.

But the girl did not move back.

“I beg you. Other than selling my body, I will do anything you ask me to do. Please.”

“What are you doing! Hurry up and drag that bitch away!”

Two strong looking young men came over to drag the girl away.

“Please, I’m begging you. Please save me.”

The girl roughly tried to resist, and her clothes ripped in the process. Because of that, the tattoo on her shoulder revealed itself.

A three layered circle with embroidered points at the end. It almost looked like a hieroglyphic representing the sun.

Once I saw that, I subconsciously raised my voice.

“Hold on!”

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