Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 31: I will confront it with confidence! (2)

That tattoo on her shoulder!

Where I have seen it before? It’s very familiar.
Was it on the Royal Roader homepage? Or was it in the guild cafe?
I feel like it was one of the other users showing off their hidden quest. Or was it their failure.
It’s been too long for me to remember properly. I don’t remember the quest information or if the results were good or bad.
But I am sure about one thing. The fact that it remained in my memory after all this time means that it isn’t a simple tattoo. That should mean that this slave isn’t normal either.

But what was it?

How great would it be if I could search the internet here? Then I could find out information about any quest or the tips and rewards associated with it.

Well, as long as I could find the postings that is.

But that is impossible. And it’s not like i could put off my decision for over 8 days until I return to the real world.

I need to make the decision now but I keep hesitating.

What if she ends up being an obstacle for me? Plus, if I keep making changes like this, it’ll be difficult to maintain the story from before.

That was what I was afraid of.

But on the other hand, I wanted the challenge as well.

In the game, I was a pretty successful character. If I had to grade myself, I would say at least 90 points?
Although I was strong, I had to kneel in front of kingdoms and empires, so that score should suffice.

When I first came into this new Royal Roader, I thought it would be great if I could be just as successful. That was because my life in the real world was so terrible.

But now, I won’t be satisfied with just that.

I guess you can say I feel like my confidence has grown?

If it goes as I expect…..

‘100 points!’

I want to get full marks. I want to become an omnipotent presence that does not have to kneel in front of the strength of the kingdoms or empires.

In order to achieve that goal, I cannot walk the same path that I walked before.

I need to tweak the story a bit. I need to carry the successes I had in the past, while changing the failures into successes, and making other people’s successes from the past mine as well.

Just like how I changed the successor of the Batoom Mines from Gildeon to Bae Doochi.

It’s just adding on to that.

When I come across moments of decision making like this, I can’t cower in fear. I must confidently face it, defeat it, and overcome it.

Of course I could fail.

But do you not make gochujang because you are afraid of potential maggots? If you think about it like that, it’ll be like not crossing the street because you are afraid of cars.

Plus, no matter which slave I pick, change is bound to happen. Unlike in the game, the slaves here are all people with their individual stories. You never know who will bolt where.

If you can’t avoid it, you have to face it.

Alright! Let’s face it without fear. I must continue to train myself through opportunities like this.

“What is that girl good at doing?”

“I can do anything well. Cooking, laundry, cleaning, running errands, whatever you need, I can do it all well.”

Although I asked the question to the slave trader, the girl answered the question. It was like she stole the opportunity to answer from the Slave trader.

If you want to put it positively, she’s savvy. If you want to put it negatively, she’s not obedient.

If I was planning on letting her just live as a normal slave, an obedient one is great, but if I am expecting more, a savvy one would be better.

But I suddenly had a question.

“Why is it you want to come with me? I’m sure there are many people who are willing to buy you.”

Healthy and beautiful. No matter what, her eyes are overflowing with vitality.

She was charming enough for any guy to want to possess her.

“I will soon turn 18. Then …… sob!”

The girl finally started to cry. However, she immediately bit her lips to stop her tears.

“Even if I die, I don’t think I can sell my body. If I need to do that, I would rather kill myself. Please save me. Then I will do whatever you ask me to do.”

Pretty female slaves like her tend to be sold off into prostitution. Either that, or the slave trader will taste her first.

If you think about it, it is a sad life for her.

But I’m going to close my eyes to such situations. If I start making decisions based on feelings, I will lose more than I gain.

That won’t be helpful to anybody.

“Who put the tattoo on your shoulder and when did they do it?”
“I don’t know. I feel like I had it since I was very young.”

I will have to return to the real world and search the internet. But I feel like it’ll end up being a difficult problem to solve.

“You can do anything I ask you to do and do it well?”

“Yes. Other than selling my body.”

Whether it was her tone or gaze, you could feel confidence throughout her body. Even if she wasn’t a slave and was just one of my followers, I feel like she would still play an important role in the future.

I made up my mind.

“How much for her?”

“As you can see, she is pretty and healthy. In addition, she’ll turn 18 in five days. In other words, she’s as pure as snow that has not been stepped on.”

He must be busy trying to package all sorts of things to make her sound expensive. He should just get to the point.

“You’ll need to pay 200,000,000 won for her.”

Even in this world, if you give them whatever they ask, you’ll end up getting scammed. I do have some experience in haggling in the great Republic of Korea.

“She’s a girl who seems like she would really kill herself if she put her mind to it. She’s also extremely prude. It’s a girl that I won’t be able to have in my embrace, so what is the point if she is pretty? Even 5,000 won is too expensive.”

“Who says she will die? She’s all talk. Plus, personality is something you can fix. Just give me 180,000,000 won. You’re getting her at an extremely discounted price.”

“If she dies, are you promising a refund?”
“Aigoo, Mr. Customer. Fine. 150,000,000 won.”

I can see we’re about to reach a compromise soon!

In the end, we finished the trade at 110,000,000 won.

Even so, it was much more expensive than when I bought Jul Goo.

I need to make sure to get my money’s worth with her.

‘Let’s put my hopes on that tattoo.’

I put the 110,000,000 won in a coin and handed it to the slave trader.

“Please give me the quest.”

“I understand. You must complete a temple quest with a difficulty of A or greater. The duration is 6 months. Hmm? Why is the content like this?”

The Slave Trader doesn’t get to decide the content of the quest. It comes from the god that oversees the trade. They just use the slave trader’s mouth to speak to us.

That is the same for the occupation quest as well.

Because of that, although you can predict about 90% of the quests, you can’t ever be 100% sure.

He was probably expecting a quest to hunt a wolf but instead, it said a temple quest of A grade or higher. Of course he was surprised.

But regardless of the Slave Trader’s will, the quest was already given.

<You received a slave quest.
You must complete a Temple Quest of A grade or higher within the next 6 months.
If you succeed, as a reward, you will be able to own an extra slave.>

The Slave Trader ended up figuring out the reason.
“By chance, did you purchase your second slave before you hit level 50?”
I didn’t have a reason to explain myself to him. I just had to do the quest and the Slave Trader just had to sell the slave.

“It ended up that way. Anyways, since I already gave you the money, she is now my slave. Correct?”
“That is true, but ……”

“Please take good care of her until I return. Jul Goo, let’s go.”

I left the Slave Trader who had a blank expression on his face and stepped outside the Slave Trade Post.

“Jul Goo. What do you think? Do you like her as your potential wife?”

“Whaaaat? My wife?”

Jul Goo’s eyes turned into the size of lamps. Of course his lips were smiling like an idiot.

This punk! He’s so happy!

But it was too early to be happy. All it did was create the possibility. Nothing is for certain.

Seeing the girl’s personality, she’ll probably want to pick her own husband. Even if Jul Goo manages to steal her heart, he’ll have a rough life with her.

But for now, it’s good for him to let his imagination run wild.

“It all depends on your effort. Even if I want to put the two of you together, if that girl doesn’t want to, then there’s no point. So you need to woo her well. What do you think you need to do to do that?”
“I need to earn a lot of money.”

“You think money is enough? Women like men who are dedicated and passionate about their work. So mine like your life depends on it. That’s what you need to do. Understand?”

“Yes, master.”

“I will give you Miru’s pickaxe in the near future. Then, you will become the Best Miner in the Northern Mines, following after my footsteps. Think about it! Isn’t it cool? Women will love you so much!”

“Wow! I can see it. Hehe.”

As we chatted like that, we arrived at the Magic Store.

“Is there something you are looking for?”

Quite a bit. In fact, maybe a little too much.

I don’t know if it will all fit in my magic bag.

“First, 500 each of the weak potion and weakest potion, and 600 weakest mana potion. For the size, make them all XL.”

“What? Then you are ordering …… a total of 1,600 potions?”

The worker’s jaws dropped. With my shabby outfit, he thought I was here to buy a few cheap items.
But the first batch of potions I ordered cost close to 1,300,000,000 won. Even if I manage to bargain for making a large purchase, it’ll still be over 1,000,000,000 won.

Of course it hurts me to buy all of this. However, is it more important than my life? If this can take the place of my life, even if it was not 1,000,000,000 won and it was 10,000,000,000 won, I would use it.”

“1,000 strongest pain relief potions, and 1 500km + distance personal portal.”

“Sir……can you pay for this first?”
“How much is it? You’ll give me a discount for ordering in bulk right?”
“I’m just a worker……”
“But you should still give me at least a 10% discount with this volume.”

I had to haggle for quite a bit. Since the amount was large, even a bit of haggling was still in the 10,000,000 won area.

In the end, we compromised at 1,520,000,000 won.

‘Damn, I couldn’t even haggle down 100,000,000 won.’

But I still had over 14,000,000,000 won in my inventory. I don’t need to care too much about small amounts of money.

In return, I also received a lot of service. They gave me 100 of the weakest HP potion and 100 of the weakest mana potion that don’t usually sell well for free.

We then headed to the variety store to buy the weapon I will use on the monster in the Northern Mine.

It is the most important item, but when looking at just the cost, it is the cheapest item I bought all day.

Only 20,000 won.

Then an item suddenly caught my attention.

[Lovers’ Promise]
Durability: 9,999/9,999
Binding Power: 9,999
Binding Condition: TBD
Release Condition: TBD

It was a pair of bracelets that I had never seen before in the game.

“What is this?”

“It is an item used to make a promise with each other. If you cannot fulfill the promise, it turns into a handcuff. It will be the best gift for the person you love.”

Kaicher, the Warrior of Light. A hunter of evil beings who serves Ares.
Once I finish developing the Northern Mines, I should immediately run into him.
It’ll be the perfect gift for him.

The name of it makes it kind of awkward to give as a gift between men, but the name was placed there for marketing purposes.
Isn’t the important thing its effect?

For someone like Kaicher who is a priest of a temple, he shouldn’t get the wrong idea with this.

I also bought everything I thought I might end up needing.

After all of that, it felt like my magic bag was full.

The last place I headed to was the entrance of the Volcanus Temple. I placed one entrance of the personal portal there.
This is an entrance only I can see. Once I install the other entrance somewhere within a 500km radius, I can return here at any time.

‘Preparations complete!’

Now it was time to develop the Northern Mines.

‘Just wait for me Chief! Your master is heading to you!”

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