Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 33: The Only Way for You to Live (1)

The direction of the presence was above my head. He moves so stealthily that it was difficult to know how far away he was, but I could tell that he was within 10 paces away from me.

It was hard to see him from where I was laying down.

“Ah, this feels great.”

I mumbled as if I was talking to myself and turned my body to the side. I could finally look toward the direction of the presence.

The presence seemed to stop for a moment. But seeing me just continue to lay there, he slowly started to move again.

Pitch black darkness. But I could see everything clearly.

Except one thing.


It was like the air was moving. Something that looked like a haze was cautiously approaching my location.

At the end of the haze was a hand hoe. Right now, it looked like a floating hand hoe.

‘There he is!’

Based on the location of the handle and angle, I can pretty much determine where he is.

His movement was extremely cautious. He was moving as slow as possible in order to make sure that I don’t notice his presence.

The distance was approximately 5m.

If he comes too close, I’ll end up in danger. This distance feels about right.


I quickly stood up. At the same time, I threw the secret weapon in my right hand toward the wobbling haze.


‘It hit him!’

But it wasn’t a direct hit. The moment I stood up, he had quickly moved to the side.


He took three or four steps back in surprise.

However, he stopped there without moving any further. Seeing that he wasn’t hurt at all from the weapon that I threw, he was starting to get confident.

‘Stand right there!’

I moved the item in my left hand to my right and then threw it again.

Swish- splat!

It only grazed him again. His movement is faster than I expected.

Of course he was fine again. There wasn’t a single injury on his body.
It would have been weird if he ended up injured. My secret weapon was something that can’t cause any injuries.

It was just your typical red paint!

But thanks to it, his body, which was as transparent as haze, was clearly visible. Only a portion of his body had been hit, but that was enough for me to know where he was and what he was about to do.

I continued to take paint out of my bag and threw it toward him.

He continued to move around to avoid it, but in the end, I successfully managed to make him red from head to toe.

He was a tiny little thing. If he stood up straight, he’d come up to about my chest? His bent back made him look even smaller.

The monster looked at his body and then made a devastated expression. He finally realized that his strongest weapon, the invisible (invisible) magic, was now useless. [1]

A shocked voice followed.

“Caw! This is bad!”

It was clearly human language.

“Why don’t you just show yourself now!”

The monster looked around us. It was trying to see if there was anybody else here.
But everyone else was in the fenced area over 100m away.

It meant that I was alone, and I was only level 9!
The monster should have already confirmed my level. It would have only approached me knowing that I was weaker than it.

That is this monster’s method. If the opponent is stronger than itself, it never shows up. If someone weaker than it is separated from a group and ends up by themselves, it uses the invisible magic to approach and kill with a surprise attack.

How is it possible to verify the level without the person’s permission?

People need permission to check other people’s level, but that type of rule doesn’t apply to monsters.

“Die! Human!”

The monster flung itself toward me while swinging the hand hoe in its right hand.


He moves quite quickly! And he is pretty strong!

But compared to when he was avoiding my paint, he wasn’t as agile. In fact, he was at least a half step slower than me. And there was a large gap between our ability to see in the dark as well.

Seeing the way it moves, it must have some type of ability that lets it see in the dark, but still, would it be as good as the ‘Owl’s Eye’ which was a present from Hades?

As long as I don’t underestimate him, there shouldn’t be a reason for me to lose.

But I won’t unnecessarily fight him. There is a way to hunt him without putting myself in danger like that. I just continued to avoid him. Once there was a decent amount of distance between us, I then picked up a few rocks from the floor and threw it at him. That was all I did.

Even hitting him with the rocks cause some damage.
Although it was extremely low amounts of damage.


I managed to land a critical hit every so often as well.

This monster was pretty sharp. After being hit by the rocks exactly 4 times, it finished assessing the situation.

“Caw! Your abilities are extremely high for your level! You tricked me!”

It then started to hop hop hop and run away.

But even if he runs, he’s still on top of Buddha’s palm.

I kept a decent distance between us as I chased after him. I continued to throw rocks at him as well.
Every so often, I also hit him with more paint. That way, even if I lose him, I can use the paint on the floor to track him down.

Thanks to that, the monster could not run back to its hideout. It knew that the paint would give away the location of his hideout.

But he couldn’t run fast enough to lose me either. I don’t know about his strength, but when it comes to agility, my agility is definitely higher.

The monster just continued to go around in circles and I just continued to follow him and throw rocks at him.


“Fine! Just keep running away! I can do this for days without stopping.”

It wasn’t just a bluff. This chase that started in the early evening had continued past midnight into the early morning.

Around 6 hours passed by. I’m so bored just chasing him and throwing rocks at him, so how annoyed must he be? He probably wants to commit suicide right now.

It continued like that for another hour.

In the end, the monster stopped running away and lifted up both of its hands.

“Caaaw! Please don’t kill me!”

He even threw down the hand hoe that was in his hand.

But I can’t fall for his trick. If I show an opening, he will definitely attack.

I glared at the monster as I picked up the hand hoe. I then pointed it at his neck. The end of this hoe was pretty sharp.

‘Now I can relax a bit.’
“What the hell kind of name is that? Do you want to die?! I will ask again. Name?”

I pointed the hoe closer to his neck.

The monster was shaking quite a bit.

“Caw! That is my name! If it is difficult, just caw, just call me ‘Master the Kobbit Village’.”

Even then his name was long. But his name wasn’t that important. What mattered was that his name was the same as his name in the game.

I wonder if his story would be the same as well.

“Where the hell did you come from? Don’t leave anything out and tell me everything. Otherwise, I will kill you.”

The extremely afraid Kobbit started to share his sad story.

The content was pretty simple.

This punk used to be the chief of the Kobbit tribe village.

But he responded to a challenge from a competitor and lost, and following the rule of the Kobbits, he was banished from the village. After wandering here and there, he ended up here, and since then, he had been murdering weak miners and turning this into his territory.

As expected, his story was the same as in the game.

That made my heart beat even faster. In the game, there was a huge load of treasures hidden in his hideout.

Please let it be here as well……

“Where is your hideout?”

“Caw! It is over there!”

“Slowly walk over there. If you try anything, I will kill you right there!”
“Caaw! Please don’t kill me!”

Kobbit started to walk in front of me.

His hideout was about 20m up on the cliff. There was a very small cave there and even that was covered by a rock.
I don’t even need to look inside to know it’s a complicated maze in there. There’s probably multiple exits as well.
But at the same time, there should be a large pile of treasure inside for sure.

But confirming that is for later. If I’m not careful, Kobbit can stab me in the back.

“Then it is now time for you to die!”

I lifted up the hand hoe and tried to slice Kobbit’s neck.
Kobbit curled down and started to beg for his life.
“Caaaw! Please don’t kill me! You told me you won’t kill me!”
“When did I say that?”

Of course I had no intentions of killing him. But I never said I wouldn’t kill him with my own mouth.

“Give me one good reason I should let you live!”

“Caaw! There is a lot of gold inside. Mithril as well. I will give it all to you. Caaw. Please just don’t kill me.”

As expected! Hoho!

“I can take all of that after killing you. Not good enough. Next!”

Kobbit’s eyes were moving quickly trying to come up with an answer.
But it wasn’t easy for him to figure something out. It did take him a while in the game as well.

As he was thinking, it started to get brighter outside. I had spent all night playing tag with Kobbit.

It’s annoying to wait. Since the result will be the same anyways, I will just give him the answer.

“Should I tell you the answer? Do you want to know the only way for you to live?”
“Caaw! That …… what is it?”


[1] Similar to before, since the author used English, I put the English in italics


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