Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 43: No Matter What it is, Having a Good Bait is Important (3)

“When you say the Jeppi race, isn’t that the monster-like tribe in the southern continent? And your future. Does it perhaps talk about how he needs to trade with the Jeppi tribe?”

Parison really will not become an important person. How could you interpret it that way? Trade with not just any tribe but the Jeppi tribe that serves the Demon Lord?

If you do that, you’ll be hated as the number one enemy of the continent.

I guess it’s normal that a person who spends all day trading minerals would not know about the trends of the Jeppi tribe. He doesn’t have the qualifications to speak with me.

“Humbley-nim will know the meaning of it. Anyways, should we talk about things related to the minerals from the Northern Mines?”

“Ah, that? Since I have created a bond with the people here for a long time, I will give you the same deal as the Batoom Mines.”

Trying to scam us again? To be able to talk about that type of theft in broad daylight with a straight face. I have to at least appreciate his poker face.

Batoom, who does not know anything, bowed his head in thanks at Parison’s words.

Of course he didn’t say anything. I am the person who has the ownership of the Northern Mines. Only I can talk about things related to the trade.

And of course I would never be satisfied with such trade conditions.

“I do not like living indebted to someone else. I don’t need to do that to eat and live. From here on, we will not have any reasons to owe any favors to Parison-nim.”

Parison started to smile. He must have understood it as me planning on selling the minerals to him a bit cheaper.

But then he must have read something else on my face as he quickly erased the smile.

He eyes seemed to be moving around for a bit before he put on a stiff expression. He must have finally realized that there was a different meaning to ‘no longer owe any favors to him.’

Parison asked extremely cautiously.

“Just what …… are you trying to say ……?”

Oh, you want a clear answer, is that it?

The shock will be quite big though.

“I plan on participating in the Avanguarde auction in the near future. Then I will be able to know the reasonable price for the mineral from the Northern Mines. I won’t rely on Parison-nim anymore and trade at my price.”

At that moment, Batoom’s expression became stiff as well. What I just said meant that I will not be trading with Parison.

But he looked like a gentleman compared to Parison. Parison’s expression started to stiffen before he turned completely pale.

There was no other option. Although the size of Titan Valley village was small, the amount of minerals mined here was not.

Plus, the Northern Mines is pretty much a rising sun in the mining world. To lose that type of money bag, no wonder he can’t sit still like he needs to pee.

“……What? We’ve been trading well for such a long time, why suddenly ……”

At Parison’s question, Batoom nodded his head as if to say ‘yes. Yes.’ and looked at me. Almost like he was telling me to change my mind.

Whose side is he taking? He must be brainwashed by Parison.

I didn’t even look toward Batoom.

“The trade that has been going well until now is with the Batoom Mines. You can talk about that with the new owner, Bae Doo Chi. As mentioned, I will not do something nonsensical as only receiving favors from you.”

I focused on the ‘nonsensical’ portion. I was trying to let him know there was a hidden meaning here as well.

“You seem to have misunderstood something. Honestly, I have not done anything big for Senior Batoom. I have benefited a lot from Senior Batoom as well.”

Did he somewhat understand my hidden meaning? He’s finally starting to say the truth.
But he still had a long way to go. Saying he hasn’t done anything big means that there are still small things he has done.
Plus, the direction of his response is wrong too. I don’t care about that type of excuse, I just care about who can give me the most benefit.

If you are going to be a merchant, your head should at least move that quickly.

“You can discuss that separately with Senior Batoom. I will get up now. If I’m being honest with you, I made a friend wait over two hours because of Parison-nim.”

“You, you did? I wronged you very much. But could I ask you just one thing?”

“Go ahead.”

I already got up. It was my way of saying I’ll answer that question and then leave.

Parison hurriedly asked.

“Is Kang Hwi Ram-nim perhaps the person who became the first ever human blacksmith? I remember hearing about it ……”

You don’t have the qualifications to ask that type of question. If you’re going to ask something like that, you need to give me something to look forward to.
What can I expect from you to give you an answer?

“That is not related to this trade. I will leave now because of my friend. Senior, you can take your time.”

“No, I shall leave as well. Kaicher-nim must be on his way back, shouldn’t I at least say goodbye?”

Parison’s eyes instantly grew large.

“Huh? Ka, Kaicher? Perhaps ……are you talking about the Warrior of Light, Kaicher-nim from the Ares Temple……?”

Why is he asking? He can just verify it with his own eyes.

“My friend does not like people talking about him. Then, please excuse me.”

I left Parison alone and left the shop.

Parison might think that it was a bit rude, but it was nothing compared to making someone wait close to two hours.

“Why are you suddenly like this?”

As soon as Batoom came outside, he urgently asked. Just how much did Parison brainwash him?

It’s hard to explain everything. Plus, he might not even believe me.

“You will find out soon enough.”

I then started to walk toward Kaicher.

Kaicher was not far away. He was just sitting still on a chair observing the beautiful scenery of the Titan Mountain Range.

“Shall we go?”

Kaicher just silently got up. He then started to walk at my pace.

I could see Parison looking at Kaicher from the back. He was like a stone statue with his jaws dropped to the floor.

I guess it looks like I am escorting him again. This was not my intention.

Not like that will change anything. I already have the lead in the mineral trading tightly in my hands.

But there is one thing I can gain from this. Whether it is me or for Humbley.

‘Thanks to Kaicher, the letter should be delivered properly to Humbley.”

We left Parison behind and headed toward the Magician’s Tower. It was now time to send Kaicher back.

Kaicher grabbed Batoom’s hand first.

“Thank you for the warm welcome. I already said goodbye to them, but please tell the other seniors thank you on my behalf.”

“It was nothing. If you have time, feel free to come whenever you like. Hwi Ram’s friend is all of our friend.”

Batoom treated Kaicher like a neighborhood kid. It was only possible because he didn’t know about Kaicher’s reputation.

I’m sure he figured enough of it out when Parison said “The Warrior of Light, Kaicher-nim.”

But their relationship has solidified in the few days Kaicher was here. So it wasn’t like he could suddenly change the way he treated him.

Kaicher seems to be happy with their current relationship as well.

Kaicher then held my hand.

“I had a great experience thanks to you. It will be a memory I will not easily forget.”

“You will see me again soon. I plan on participating in the Chaos Battle.”

Kaicher lightly laughed at my words.

“It’s not bad to experience it at least once. But it will be difficult to meet me there.”

The Chaos Battle is sanctioned by the Ares Temple of the Ameri Kingdom. Of course the priests of the Ares Temple will serve as judges.

Kaicher is, most definitely, one of those judges. Since his skills and fame are so great, he will probably have the most important role among all of them.

He’ll be too busy to make time to see me.

But it’ll be different if I become the victor. He will hear my name and once the battle is over, he will be able to make plenty of time for me.

“You still don’t trust the things I say. We will meet. See you there.”

“I hope that is the case.”

With that, Kaicher disappeared into the portal.

The next day, a flock of people came to visit the Northern Mines. It was the civil engineering specialists who will fix up the path to transport minerals.

The specialists had complicated expressions when they arrived.

“Hmm. The situation is more severe than we expected.”

But that was only for a bit.

“Let us try. Since it was a special request from the bishop, we will do our best.”

Tap. Tap. Pound. Pound.

Specialists were really different. We couldn’t even determine where to start, but they started to work without any hesitation once they determined what they needed to do.

The miners were watching them work.

“But this is probably expensive.”

“Right. Won’t we have to give a tenth of our income to support it as well?”

The ownership of the Northern Mines is currently 80% mine, and the remaining 20% belongs to the government. Of course the maintenance and development fees have to be split that way as well.

But of the 80% that is part of my burden, the Volcanus Temple will cover 50%. So I will only need to deal with the remaining 30%.

Although even that was not a small amount.

“I will take care of that. All of you just have to work hard at mining.”

“As expected of our tunnel supervisor-nim.”

“I’m extremely blessed this year.”

I’m thankful if you think that way.

Then shall I start my work too?

I went back into the mine and starting swinging Miru’s Pickaxe.

I won’t have to do this for much longer. I just need to rake in as many of the item I want before then.

‘But why is it still not coming out?’

I was grumbling inside as I continued to swing my pickaxe.

But suddenly, I heard a welcomed message from right next to me.

“Hwi-ram. I found it. It is a Jewel of Luck!”

It was Jonnan’s voice.

I was surprised and quickly ran over to Jonnan.


“This is the Jewel of Luck.”

Jonnan pointed to the ground with his finger.

As Jonnan mentioned, there was a single jewel down there. It was a red jewel, shining in the color of blood. It really was a Jewel of Luck.

“I haven’t touched it yet. Hurry up and pick it up.”

I lifted up the Jewel of Luck. Then the information related to the jewel popped up in front of me.

[Jewel of Luck: Luck Index 5]

If it has a Luck Index of 5, it wasn’t that high. The average in the game was around 7. But what was important was the fact that we found a Jewel of Luck. It was proof that there was a Jewel of Luck deposit here.

The important question is how good the deposit was.

In the game, it was quite plentiful. I’m sure it’ll be the same here.

“Please accept this.”

I put 2,000,000 won in a coin and handed it to Jonnan.

Jonnan was really surprised and waved his hand like a fan.

“What are you doing? How can I take money from you? Take it as a present from me.”

I wasn’t giving this money for Jonnan but for myself. It was the way to make Batoom and Goultan mine for these jewels on my behalf as well.

In order to gather as many Jewel of Luck as possible, I need to give something to motivate Batoom and Goultan.

“We have to keep business and pleasure separate. If you want to help me, please accept a different request instead.”

“What is it?”

That gaze that seemed to say he’ll do anything. Just seeing it makes me feel confident.

“Please go and ask seniors Batoom and Goultan to come to this tunnel as well. Anybody can mine the other minerals, but the Jewel of Luck is something only Best Miners can mine. I really need a lot of these Jewels of Luck.”

“I understand. Leave those two to me.”

Jonnan quickly headed to the other tunnels. Within 20 minutes, he brought Batoom and Goultan over.

“Did a Jewel of Luck really come out?”


I took the Jewel of Luck out and showed it to them.

Batoom and Goultan came close to admire it.

But they made sure not to touch it. The Five-Colored Jewels lose half of their abilities every time someone else touches it.

“Oh, it is real.”

“Then does that mean there is a Jewel of Luck deposit here?”

“Please. I will give you plenty of reward in exchange.”

“You little rascal. How can you talk about reward between us. Since you say you really need them, of course we will help.”

From then, all of us started mining together. Of course I joined in. I was a Best Miner as well after all.

But even though we were all Best Miners, the gap in experience showed.

“Oh, here it is. Found it.”

“I found one as well. The quality of this deposit is quite good. I feel like there are a lot of Jewels of Luck.”

Jonnan, Batoom, and Goultan continued to find Jewels of Luck. They each averaged around one a day. Of course none of them touched it and let me know whenever they found one.

But it was weird. I did not see any of them. It has already been 4 days since we found the deposit, but I haven’t managed to find a single one.

Not that it was a problem.

Who cares who finds it? They all end up in my bag anyways.

Thanks to them, little by little, my inventory started to fill up with Jewels of Luck.


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