Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 45: You Don’t Reveal Your Hand That Easily (2)


If you think about it, it is a really dangerous proclamation. It could mean that you are the cause of the Jeppi tribe’s invasion.

But it is a future we cannot avoid anyways.

So then, rather than getting hit from behind, it is better to guide the situation myself. If I open a path in advance for them and let them flow through that path, we can make the losses minimal as well.

“Then when are you planning on making it happen……”

Spring, 4 years later.

Was it because the Jeppi tribe attacked in Spring four years later?

That wasn’t it.

In the game, there was no way to accurate check time. You could only think ‘it’s been around 4 years.’ So it could really be 3 years or even 6 years.

The reason I can still confirm it’ll be four years later in spring?

I need around that much time to prepare for the Jeppi tribe’s invasion.

In fact, four years might not even be enough time.

But if I take too long, I might miss my timing. I can only twist this to the way I want it to go if I move one step faster than the Jeppi.

Of course I can’t tell Humbley that. Humbley does not trust me just yet. I will slowly feed him information once I feel confident that he is one of my people.

“I think it is still too early to determine a time. When the right time comes, I will let you know.”

“Then is there a method you thought about?”

Of course it is all in my head.
But that is also a card I cannot reveal. If I reveal all of my cards, why would Humbley need to trade with me?

In times like this, it is best to just avoid the topic.

Just like how the high priests or wise men do so in TV dramas.

I looked toward the thin but still powerfully falling waterfall.

“A waterfall is best watching from a decent distance like this.”

Humbley must think I said something extremely meaningful. He started to look toward the waterfall with a serious gaze, trying to determine the hidden meaning of my words.

I’m feeling a bit bad. I just said whatever came to mind without thinking.

But did Humbley come to his own epiphany from it? He suddenly opened his mouth and nodded his head.

“……Ah. I see. Thank you for your wise teachings.”

What is he saying?

I just silently smiled at him.

“I will quickly proceed with your request as well. But ……can I ask you something, teacher?”

Teacher. Since when did Humbley use such formal title with me?

He must think I am some sage or prophet.

That won’t be bad either. He needs to think I am big and difficult to follow everything I tell him to do.

Should I start pretending to be a hermit who has lived for hundreds of years?

Nah, that doesn’t seem to fit my style. I’ll just live my way.

“Please speak.”

“It is not that I am looking down on miners …… but these are all things that even I, someone who has been collecting information throughout the continent, do not know much about. How did teacher come across such information?”

Of course he is doubting me. He needs to doubt me. This is like an adventure with your whole life on the line.

I would have been disappointed if he didn’t doubt me and wasn’t careful. Knowing him, he will pretend to believe me while plotting something else in his mind.

But too bad. I don’t want to give a response to that. Nor do I have a reason to do so.

This can be considered a part of the merchant’s unsaid agreement.

I lightly smiled.

“Humbley-nim, aren’t you a merchant?”

“Of course I am but ……?”

“How could someone like that ask me to reveal the secrets of my trade? Haha.”

I lightly laughed as I responded.

But the hidden meaning was not light at all. It mean I would allow him to hold my hand, but I will not permit him to cross the line.

Should I say it so it is easier for him to understand?

‘Just take the ricecake I give you and enjoy it.’

But I couldn’t say it like that.

Thankfully, Humbley seemed to understand my meaning.

“……Ah! I apologize.”

No need to apologize. You just need to know where the line stands between us.

“No worries. But the compensation you mentioned earlier. Could I offer a suggestion?”

“Of course.”

Humbley even bows a bit every time he responds to my words.

“That compensation needs to go to the citizens of Titan Valley. However, if you compensate them right now, no matter how it is done, it is guaranteed to go into the pockets of a single person.”

“You must be talking about Deputy Mayor Donstar.”

Humbley had a slight frown as he mentioned Donstar’s name. As a experienced merchant, he had a good poker face, but I could see the slight change in his expression.

I’m glad he feels the same way as I do in regards to Donstar.

“There is one method to make it so that it does not end up in one person’s pockets.”

“What is it? Please tell me.”

“Soon, I plan on buying the ownership of High Village.”

Humbley’s eyes became slightly bigger.

“When you say High Village …… isn’t that the city ruined by the demonic aura? Why would you buy such a place……?”

There are many reasons. The biggest reason is of course to create a base for when I enter the Southern District.
But it will be better to tell Humbley a different reason.

“In the current situation, when the Jeppi tribe attacks, there is nowhere for the citizens to run. That will be a shelter to run to, as well as the base for the future counterattack.”

“Ah, I see. If it is High Village, it can definitely become an impregnable fortress.”

“We do not have much time. I will soon bring the ownership and then I ask Humbley-nim to support me from there. A lot of manpower and equipment will be needed to restore the roads and the village. You can even consider it an investment for the future.”

“I will make sure to do so.”

He answers properly.

But I’m sure he has his own ideas. It wasn’t a promise made using divine power, so he can always go back on his word.

Doesn’t matter. If Humbley invests, it’ll be much easier, but even if he ends up not investing,I can still handle it on my own.

That should be enough about High Village for now.

“That’s that. Now regarding the price of the mineral. I want to change the price by time, is it possible?”

I slightly changed the topic as we continued our discussion.

We talked more about business related issues than personal stories.
Humbley’s mind moved quickly, as expected of a veteran merchant. Plus we agreed on many things.
Thanks to that, we were able to talk about a lot of things in a short amount of time.
Thanks to Humbley, I think I’ll be able to skin Donstar a little further.

“Do you like it?”

The architect pointed to the completed blacksmith shop with a proud expression. There was a fancy sign as well.

[Hwi Ram Blacksmith Shop]

It was small and the shape was awkward. Since I just said ‘make it fast,’ they really only focused on doing it quickly.

But who cares? I won’t ever end up making anything in this blacksmith shop.

The Hwi Ram Blacksmith Shop was only needed for the quest. That was why it was perfect for them to just quickly make it.

In that aspect, I am 120% satisfied.

“Thank you. You worked very hard.”

Now that this is completed, it is time to receive the next quest.

I headed toward Avanguarde’s Volcanus Temple as if I was accompanying the architects.

The bishop, who looked like Zhang Fei, raised both of his arms and embraced me as soon as he saw me. It was like he had seen a long lost family member.

“Oh! The one who has received the blessing of our god Volcanus. You have finally returned. I have been waiting for you. Haha.”


“Please give me the next quest.”

“The second quest. In order to be an Expert Blacksmith, you need to have above average dexterity and intuition. Your dexterity needs to be at least Intermediate Level 5, and your intuition needs to be at least 50. Oho, but you already have stats above that level for both.”

The second quest was done just like that.

“Third quest. To be an Expert Blacksmith, you need a unique special skill. Earn a unique skill with your own strength.”

The bishop looked ready to answer questions about the quest. He was pretty confident that I would have questions about creating my own unique special skill.

But there was no need to do so. I already knew which unique skill to earn and how to earn it.

“I understand.”

“Hmm? No questions?”

“Yes. None right now. If I come up with something I will come see you again.”

“Oh…… sounds good.”

I left the Volcanus Temple after that.

Well, I tried to leave at least. But I heard a voice that seemed to hold me back.

“Human! Wait!”

“You came all this way and you’re leaving without saying hello?”

It was the dwarf blacksmiths.

It is quite funny seeing dwarves be this friendly to a human.

It must be the power of the blacksmith occupation. Their friendliness toward blacksmiths must be greater than their hatred for humans.
I guess I do have a small task for the dwarves.

“What is it?”

“When are you going to take the pickaxes?”

“You haven’t forgotten about them have you? Do you know how hard we worked to make them?”

How could I forget? They are very important to me.

It is just not the right time yet.

“Please wait a little longer. It is to be used as a surprise present, but I have not set everything up yet. You know how important the atmosphere is to a surprise present.”

“That is true.”
“Anyways, don’t forget to take it.”

“Thank you for thinking about me. Putting that aside, how are the cutlass? Are they done? I am suddenly curious as to whose is better.”

It was a provocation to boost their competitive spirit.

Of course it was obvious what I was doing. There is no way they wouldn’t be able to tell even if they were dwarves.
Nonetheless, based on the special trait of the dwarf race, there is no way they will not fall for it. The pride these dwarves have for the blacksmith occupation is beyond this world.

The dwarves looked at each other.

“I am still working on it. I made some as practice, but the abilities are not coming out properly.”
“Same with me. Since I am done practicing, I will start today to make the real thing.”

They must be giving it their all.

‘I’m looking forward to it. I wonder how good these cutlass will be.’

I’m sure there won’t be any extraordinary masterpieces. Their skills are only at the Expert Blacksmith level.

But it should still be much better than ones found in the weapon store.

“Then work hard.”

I left the temple and headed back to the Northern Mines.

There was only one thing to do in the Northern Mines. Mine like hell to find even one more Jewel of Luck.

Clang. Clang. Clang.

“Hwi Ram, it looks like we need to buy some more pickaxes. The Northern Mines is great except for the fact that the boulders are pretty tough.”

“I will send Jose.”

“Tell him to get a lot while he’s at it.”

“I understand.”

I responded like that, but there won’t be a need to buy that many. Just enough to last a month is plenty.

I sent Jose to Titan Valley and started to swing my pickaxe again.

‘Oho, found another one. Jewel of Luck!’

It felt like my magic bag was full of jewels. I had over 100 Jewels of Luck, and couldn’t even count the number of Jewels of Creation I had. It is probably over 5,000.
I couldn’t even throw the Jewels of Creation away. In the future this won’t be enough and I will need to ask the dwarves.

Looking at the jewels makes me full even without eating.

About 10 days later.

While I was swinging my pickaxe to find more Jewels of Luck, I heard Jose’s voice.

“Tunnel Supervisor-nim. The Deputy Mayor is looking for you.”

Is it finally time?

I had been waiting long enough for him to contact me.

“Let’s go.”

I headed to the City Hall with Jose. It was time to completely skin Deputy Mayor Donstar.


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