Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 48: Thank You Akto (2)

In the game, I ripped this too early without preparing a decent training partner.

Because of that, the skill did not go up properly, and I couldn’t use it for my benefit in times like this when I really needed it.

The results would have been completely different if I knew there were opportunities like this.

Since the opportunity has come again, I plan to use it properly this time.

I ripped Drake’s TBSA textbook with my hands.

Reusable textbooks are used by opening them, but this type of one-time use textbooks are used by ripping them.


A silver powder started to float out before being absorbed into my body. At the same time, a new type of TBSA continuous movements flooded my mind.

‘Then shall I play around a bit?’

I first approached Deathworm. I made sure my presence was as low as possible.

Deathworm did not notice my movement. It was thanks to the ‘Stealthy Approach’ ability from the Skyfox Leather Armor.

Such a large monster. Looking at it up close, it feels like I am looking at a wall.

I swung my cutlass. It was the expert cutlass I bought for 120,000 won from the weapon store. In other words, cheap goods.

But the skill coming out of the cutlass was not cheap at all. Since it was the ‘Drake TBSA’ made by a legendary race.



Drake’s TBSA is the ultimate speed-based sword art. I succeeded in landing 8 hits in less than 3 seconds.

Because of that, there is a lot of movements that twist your body. Almost like you are creating a hurricane with your body.

But the damage was barely 1.

Critical hits happened and I managed to land a 8 hit combo, but it still did not go over 1.

But it still must be able to feel that it is getting attacked. Or at least feel a tickle.

Deathworm became shocked and twisted its body.


I already moved away far enough.

Deathworm isn’t that scary of an opponent anymore. Even if there are two of them, if I really wanted to, I can take care of them within 10 minutes. If I get lucky and land a high level combo at once, it won’t even take 3 minutes.

Since my combo is at intermediate level 6.

But I threw away any greed I had about combo. Right now, I don’t need to increase my combo. I need to increase ‘Drake’s TBSA.’

‘Don’t die and live a long time.’

The continuous movement of Drake’s TBSA has only 3 steps.
But each and every one of those steps has between a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 hits. Extremely fast hits.

The 8 hit attack ends in less than 3 seconds, and even the 12 hit attack ends before 4 seconds. This is what you call a carpet bombing skill.

Every time that happened, critical hits happened naturally, leading to combos.

I did not overwork myself. Nor did I have a reason to do so.

Slowly but steadily, the number of continuous hits from Drake’s TBSA started to grow. Eight to thirteen, twenty to thirty.

The two Deathworms twisted their bodies this way and that way and worked hard to attack me back, but their movements were clear to me.

As time went by, I got more used to Drake’s TBSA. Even without overworking myself, the continuous hits continued to go up, and after about 10 hours, I could make a 40+ hit  combo just using Drake’s TBSA.

Was that the reason? I felt like the two Deathworms’ movements started to become slower. Were their HP always this low?

Honestly speaking, I was feeling tired as well. I increased my stamina by working in the mines for a long time and doing the blacksmith quest, but I didn’t have unlimited stamina like Deathworm.

It wasn’t like I could take breaks like I did back when I was clearing Tunnel 99.

Plus, this wasn’t the end of the test either. The hardest test was the third and last test.

I created some distance from the Deathworms before checking the skill information.

[Drake’s TBSA: Intermediate Level 3, 36%]

‘I just really want to reach level 4.’

I was a bit disappointed, but I can’t let my greed take over. I need to end it around here to keep enough stamina for the third test.

‘Let’s end it here.’

I went in full force and started to land high level combos left and right.

Of course while only using Drake’s TBSA.

Because of that, I couldn’t hit the really high combos.

But it was really surprising.

If I used the ‘Continuous Slash’ skill, it would take at least 25 seconds to reach a 50 level combo. But using Drake’s TBSA, it only took 14 seconds. I seemed to be attacking 3.5 times a second.

The Deathworms ended up in terrible shapes almost instantly. Even though I took turns attacking them with combo, they still ended up this way.

‘Please hold on a little longer.’

57 hit combo, 58 hit combo, 59 hit combo.


That was the limit.

<Your level has increased.>
<Your level has increased.>
<You solo-killed a monster over 10 levels higher than your current level. Ares-nim has evaluated your potential to be high and given you his blessing. Toughness has increased by 1 point.>

It’s been a while since I heard that voice.

I thought I might be able to make a new record for combo since there were two Deathworms, but that was a failure.

But I feel like I sucked them completely dry.

<You punk! You tricked me from the beginning! I thought it was weird that you had the Owl’s Eye, but for you to use a combo like that.
Were you using the Deathworm as a training tool? You scum.>

Akto seems to have realized what’s going on now.
He must be a bit bitter.

But it is too soon to be surprised.

I did not talk back. It wasn’t like my response would change the content of Akto’s third test.

No, I also can’t let it change. It needs to follow the determined route to keep the potential after effects to a minimum.

<Fine. A promise is a promise. I will bestow upon you one of the blacksmith skills I know. Smelting skill…… hmm?>

Akto, who was trying to give me a skill as a reward, stopped talking.

He then realized another truth about me. It was something that’ll make him jump up and down in anger even more than before.

<How is this possible? Why do you have the smelting skill that only dwarves can have? Perhaps ……!>

I quietly prepared for the next test. I didn’t care whether Akto blabbed on or not.

Since I didn’t know where he was talking from anyways, there was nowhere to look either.

‘I won’t need this anymore.’

I threw the two Expert Cutlass to the floor. I then took out the BachuPichu’s Twin Blades out of my bag and held one in each hand.

If it was training until now, this is the start of the real battle.

I then equipped a wrist-belt that I can stick HP potions into. If a dangerous situation occurs, I won’t need to look in my bag and just have to put my wrist to my mouth to use a potion.

I also took a XL Weak HP potion to start.

‘Let’s put all of my available points to agility!’

[Kang Hwi Ram, Level 11]
Title: First Human Blacksmith (Do not show)
Dexterity: Advanced Level 2, 31%
Strength: 97
Agility: 130
Stamina: 90
Intuition: 89
Magic: 9
Vitality: 36
Mana: 268
HP: 493
Endurance: 33
Toughness: 28

I made enough preparations.

Even so, I was feeling a bit afraid.

It was because of my memory of the game. I attempted the third test, but I died without passing it.

But I needed to win.

‘You can do it. It is different than last time.’

I had no information back then. All I knew was how to land high level combos, but I didn’t know how to effectively use it. I didn’t know how to fight, and most importantly, the level of Drake’s TBSA was too low.

But now?

I know how to fight effectively. I also know when to approach and when to retreat.

With Drake’s TBSA at this level, it is enough to use it in real battle as well.

Once my thoughts reached that point, I was no longer afraid and was now full of confidence.

‘I will make another turning point.’

Akto was still blabbing on until that point. He must be really angry.

<How could such disgrace happen in the history of Blacksmiths. I can’t let a scum like you live.
This is the third test. Clear the Demon’s Cave.
If you succeed, I will approve of your abilities. I will give you one of my blacksmith skills of your choice as a reward.
But if you fail, you will not be able to leave the Demon’s Cave alive.>

The cost of failure.

Not curse but ‘death.’

‘Yes. I will really die. Focus.’

Maybe it was the nervousness from the word ‘death,’ but I could feel some of my fatigue disappearing.

As soon as Akto’s voice disappeared, a large hole appeared under my feet. It was almost like a sinkhole suddenly appeared.

I fell straight down like that.

Of course I was expecting it. I entered the Demon’s Cave by falling down in the game as well.

The speed was not fast. It was like I was in an invisible elevator descending at a decent pace.

‘This is the last part. Kang Hwi Ram. You can do it.’

I clenched the BachuPichu’s Twin Blades in my hands.


I safely landed on the ground completely prepared.

This tunnel was so wide that even a tank could go through it.

It should be pitch black, but I could see it as clearly as if it was the middle of the day.

My surroundings were full of monsters. As they felt my presence once I landed, they responded and started to attack.

I didn’t have a moment to spare.


There were some weak monsters like my slave Kobbit,


Deathworm that I just defeated,

Shhhhhhhh- Shhhhhhh-

And even a powerful Red Scorpion that can completely paralyze you by just touching you.

The Red Scorpion’s level is over 50. And I could see 3 of those Red Scorpions.

If you consider all of the monsters, there are a couple hundred of them.

And this is a Demon’s Cave that I can’t see the end. In this very twisted tunnel, I can’t tell how many more monsters are hiding around the corner.

At minimum, there are probably at least 1,000 monsters.

But I will definitely succeed. Once I confirmed the monsters with my own eyes, my confidence started to increase.

It wasn’t a confidence without reason.

All fights are bound to have advantages and disadvantages. This fight was one that was in my favor in that aspect.

Why is that so?

Just watch and you’ll find out.


I kicked the floor and flung my body toward the hoard of monsters.

I first avoided the strong monsters and headed to the middle of the weak Kobbits. With my current strength, forget a level 50 Red Scorpion, I couldn’t even handle a level 30 Jump Spider.


I spun my body and swung BachuPichu’s Twin Blades. Drake’s TBSA let out a magnificent light.


The beginning damage was not large. Even the weak Kobbit took 3 hits to finally take down.

But combo’s level instantly increased, and once it passed level 20, I was taking down a Kobbit per hit.

I continued to spin my body as if I became a hurricane.

Every time my body spun once, the twin blades landed five to six hits.

This was the natural movement of Drake’s TBSA.

I continued to move deeper into the group of Kobbits.

Drake’s TBSA is focused on aggressively attacking, rather than defending.

Because of that, I did receive some damage from monsters who attacked like a suicide squad.


I need to ignore the small injuries. That is one of Drake’s TBSA’s biggest cons.

Of course it didn’t matter for the Drake race since their entire body was covered in hard scales that made it like they were wearing an extremely strong armor.

It was a con only for humans like us.

Because of that, it was difficult for most people to use Drake’s TBSA even if they learned it. You become slower if you try to equip something to give yourself enough defense, and if you try to move quickly, you sacrifice your defense.

But you can say I’m an exception to that as well. With endurance and toughness, my body alone had a defense of over 100. Soon, once my toughness goes over 100, I will also be able to reflect attacks as well.

Plus, I already took an HP potion in advance.

I didn’t care about the light injuries. I only focused on creating higher level combos.


<Your level has increased.>
<Your level has increased.>

I continued to receive that message. Every time, I did not wait and used my bonus stat points. It was possible to use them by just thinking about it.

‘Put it all to agility!’

While I was doing that, my combo already passed level 40.

My combo skill is intermediate level 6.

When it is at the beginner level, every level increases damage by only 10%, but at intermediate level 6, the damage increases by 16% per level.
If you can get it to advanced level 1, it will increase by a whopping 20% per level.

Thanks to that, the damage was already over 6,000. No matter how strong the Red Scorpion’s body may be, this should be enough to land a high level of damage.

This was the fighting strategy I came up with.

First, use the weak monsters as stepping stones to increase my combo to a decent level. Then continue the combo as I hunt the high leveled monsters.

The reason I was certain that I had an advantage, and my confidence in my ability to win was all because of this.

Then shall I see if my strategy works?

‘Now it is time for the Red Scorpion!’

I kicked the floor and launched my body toward the Red Scorpion.



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