Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 53: I Have My Own Method (1)

‘It’s finally here.’

I returned to my room and checked my e-mail.

[Sender: Blue Sky Enterprises
Content: I have sent only 1 file in advance. Please verify the contents and then contact me. The remaining documents will be delivered in person in a USB. You can provide the remaining balance at that time.]

There was one attachment.

[Royal Roader draft_715.hwp]

‘Perfect. I can learn everything related to Royal Roader with this.’

My lips were about to rip from smiling too much. I was getting goosebumps from being too excited.

My first concern was the female slave Eruni, and the sun-like tattoo on her shoulder.

I know I saw it somewhere. But no matter how much I scoured the internet, I couldn’t find any of the related files.

I debated about what to do.

Then I came to a realization.

This was a game made by someone.

That meant there had to be a detailed developer’s guide.

So I decided to find the guide itself. If I can find that, then wouldn’t I be able to know everything about Royal Roader?

The female slave Eruni?

The sun tattoo?

Now that I think about it, something like that isn’t even a problem anymore.

Which people to meet, what weapons to find, where to get what quest and how to finish it. Things like that.

Is that it?

I could find the key to reach the master level in Jewel Alchemy, and I could even find out what Akto’s secret about Jewel Alchemy is.

I’m sure it would have information related to monsters as well.

No matter how strong a monster is, it is bound to have a weakness. If I can just figure that out, I can defeat it much easier.

That was why I reached out to ‘Blue Sky Enterprises’ that takes on odd jobs. I paid them quite a bit.

They finally reached out and said they got the guide.

My heart was about to burst. I was so happy I wanted to hug my monitor and jump up and down.

Wait. This is not the time to be like this.

I quickly downloaded the attachment and opened it.

Uh! But what is this?

The file was 120 pages long, in size 11 font, with each page full of korean characters. The punctuation was all over the place as well.

It was leagues away from the ‘Well organized file’ that I was expecting.

The weirder part was the file name. It was giving off a scary vibe.

[Royal Roader draft_715.hwp]

What is that number behind it?

I hope it doesn’t mean that this is the 715th file. That would mean there are hundreds of files like this.

‘No way.’

I thought it couldn’t be the case. No, I needed it to not be the case.

But why do I keep having this bad feeling?

‘Whatever. I don’t know. Let’s look for Eruni first.’

I opened the file and typed in ‘Eruni’ as the keyword in the search bar.

[No information found.]

This time, I tried ‘sun tattoo’ as the keyword and searched.

[No information found.]

There is no way it is not there.
Well, he did say he only sent one file as a sample. There is a good chance it is hiding somewhere in the remaining files.

But I really hope there aren’t a ton of files.

2 hours later.

I ate breakfast, or really lunch, with my friend Bae Jung Ho before meeting with the worker from Blue Sky Enterprises. He’s a friend I recently made at the swimming pool.
We had promised to grab a bite to eat together, and I thought it would be better to meet with someone rather than alone. So I might as well combine the two.

“Here are the files. I brought my laptop, so please verify the content.”

I turned on the laptop on and checked the files in the USB.

I subconsciously dropped my jaw.

“Ah! Just how many are there?”

There were many folders, and each folder had a ton of files. The scroll bar continued to move down endlessly like there was no end.

“How many total files are there?”

“I tried to take a count and got 27,458 files.”

My head was spinning. This was too much to even just call it too much.

The titles were all over the place as well.

There were some titles such as ‘Volcanus Temple Quest draft_7.hwp’ that described the content of a specific quest, but there were also titles like ‘Christmas Event draft_20151225.hwp’ or ‘Story draft_452.hwp’ as well.

The majority of the files started with the ‘Story draft’ title.

But that wasn’t the worst part. How was I supposed to decipher all of these files?

Tyler Quest draft_013_v01.hwp
Tyler Quest draft_013_v02.hwp
Tyler Quest draft_013_v03.hwp

Do these have the same content, or are there potentially different scenarios?

If that is the case, things become really complicated. It is like there are three paths in the road for one quest. How am I supposed to know which was the decided plan and which were thrown away?

“Sigh, what to do?”

“Why? Is there something wrong?”

“There are way too many files.”

“Is that so? I just delivered what the game developer gave me. If you do not like the file, please directly contact the developer.”

Finding the contact information for the game developer was part of my request. Having someone to ask questions to when you are stuck could be the difference between heaven and hell.

I called the game developer. Maybe it was because he didn’t know my number, but I only managed to get through after a couple rejected calls.

“I am the person who purchased the game guide.”
-Ah yes. Did you receive the file?
“I did receive it, but there are too many files.”

I grumbled, and the game developer explained why that was the case.
-The company’s firewall was breached so all the organized files were lost. I barely managed to collect those draft documents.

After hearing his story, it seemed to be quite chaotic. Viruses, ransomware……

According to the developer, they were suffering under hacking attacks for quite a while. It was as if a large power was dedicated to attack them.

The reason Royal Roader, which was doing pretty well, suddenly started heading downhill ws because it couldn’t survive those attacks.

Not that I needed to know all of that. I tuned in and out of what he was saying.

But wait, I suddenly recalled a word he said.

“Did you say draft?”
-Yes. If you look at the names of the files, they should all say draft.
“That means that even if it is here, it may not have been applied to the game. There also might be things in the game that is missing from here.”
Why is he so arrogant? He sold this type of stupid file for 10,000,000 won.

“Even if the situation was that way, isn’t there no sincerity in these files? You could have at least organized it.”
-An error might have come out while organizing it. Plus ……
Our continued argument. It was just a small argument.

I am wasting time. I also think I am stupid to get angry like this over a mere 10,000,000 won.

The important thing is that this file is the best I can get right now. There is no way to get a more accurate document.

“I understand for now. I can give you a call if I have any questions, right?”

That was part of the deal.
-Yes. But if possible, can you call me in the evening? I am a night owl so I am usually sleeping in the morning.
“I will do so when possible.”

I finished the call and transferred the remaining balance on the spot.

“Thank you. If you need anything else, please give us a call at any time.”

The worker from Blue Sky Enterprises left first.

I then said goodbye to my friend Bae Jung Ho and returned home as well. The only difference from the morning was that I had an USB smaller than the size of my finger.

I turned the computer on and loaded the USB.

I was overwhelmed by the enormous number of files again.

But for it to all be the draft. These types of files can only serve as a reference.

‘Whatever. Let’s still give it a go. It won’t harm me.’

I first searched for Eruni and sun tattoo.

But I gave up in less than 5 minutes.

“Why am I doing something so crazy? What am I going to do with all my money?”

I can hire a part time worker to do the search. It wasn’t like I was in a rush to figure anything out right now.

I closed the file and headed to a part time job website and created my request.

I debated over putting 10,000 won an hour before deciding to raise it. I won’t become any richer by saving this small amount of money anyways.

I need to give a decent amount of money for them to do a good job. I know that this is true since I’ve done part time jobs before as well.

[Looking for 1 person to search and organize files]
20,000 won per hour
Can work from home.
Contact will be through phone or email.
No need for interview.
Qualifications: Someone who can quickly search and accurately organize this korean document.
Contact info: [email protected][1]

I debated putting my cellphone number before changing it to e-mail. If I was looking for a part time job, something like this was a jackpot.

If I put my cell phone number, I might get hounded by hundreds of calls and texts.

‘All done!’

If I check tomorrow afternoon, I should be able to find a good part time worker.

I looked at my watch. It was exactly 4pm.

‘Hold on, didn’t they say it’ll be deposited at this time?’

As soon as I was thinking that, I got a call. It was the call I had been waiting for.

I quickly picked up.
-The deposit is complete. Please verify and contact us if there are any problems.
‘Oh, it is done!’

“Thank you for your work.”

As soon as I hung up, I quickly checked my bank account. It was a new securities company bank account I made for this job.

[Balance: 13,000,000,000 won] (USD: $11,957,871.50)

It was such a large amount that I had to count the zeros for a while.

Of course, it wasn’t foreign to me. The amount in virtual accounting had been at this level for quite a while.

But for this money to enter my bank account. And for it to be laundered cleanly so that I could use it however I pleased.

I already had plans about how to use this money.

I immediately gave a call to Jong Suk.

He really is crazy busy. Even though I told him in advance that I would call him today at this time, it still took a while for the call to go through.

He even answered in a really busy voice.
-Oh, Hwi Ram, what’s up?
“Why are you huffing so much? Are you working out?”
-No, it’s because of work. Sorry, but let’s cut to the chase. I’m kinda busy right now.
“I told you that I was going to call today. Don’t you remember agreeing to hand over 30 stocks that your AI has deciphered?”
-Ah, that? But you really are going to buy? You have that much money?
I had even signed a contract with Jong Suk last time.

What Jong Suk will give me is the 30 stocks that have been determined to increase the most.

The thing I will give in return is money. I will give them 200,000 won for each stock that goes up, and take 100,000 for each one that falls.

If all 30 stocks go up, I would need to give them 6,000,000 won.

We decided to repeat that deal every day the stock market opened.

For Jong Suk, it was a way to make over 100,000,000 won in a month, if he was lucky. Of course, it would have gains for his whole team.

“If I invest and make money, I’ll have a greater profit.”
-Isn’t that easier said than done? Either way I understand. I will send you the results in an e-mail. But are you really planning on being a day trader?
-I don’t know stocks that well, but there is a saying that states that it is better for a pumpkin to roll once than a sesame seed to roll 1,000 times. Just invest long term in an undervalued stock. I am honestly worried for you.

It is a question about the methods you use. For the majority of people, that type of method is safe, but it is not the same for me.

I have a special method that I gained through Royal Roader.

“I will think about it. Just send me the e-mail.”

I received Jong Suk’s e-mail not long after we finished the call.

As promised, the stock trends were included as an attachment. There were a total of 30 stocks.

20 KOSPI stocks, and 10 KOSDAQ stocks. [2]

Each stock was full of explanations such as how the company is structured, the trends of national and foreign investors, how their recent sales performance was, etc.

There was even the estimated opening price for tomorrow. Just how accurate is this program?

With that being the case, each stock had over 5 pages of details. There were many difficult terms and numbers that my eyes were about to roll over.

‘They were very thorough.’

Of course I didn’t even take a look at those files. My method of investing in stock is kind of special.

It goes against all logic I guess?

I will spend tomorrow morning with stocks and go down to Daejeon in the afternoon. Then I can finally get the house with a front yard that I’ve been dreaming about.

The next morning.

I woke a little earlier than usual.

The time was 8:40am, 20 minutes before the stock market opened.

I lightly washed my face and wrote down the list of the 30 stocks that Jong Suk had sent over. I didn’t include any of the details, just the names.

There were some names that I was familiar with, but the majority were foreign to me.

‘Then shall I start?’

I opened my smartphone and went into my information on the Royal Roader website.

I didn’t look at anything else. Right now, I just needed one thing.

[Jewels of Luck: 196]

[1] Naver is a korean website, similar to hotmail.
[2] The korean stock market indexes. Similar to the NASDAQ and S&P 500


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