Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 58: The Bundle of Gifts in Paksen Park (1)

It was long past 8 by the time we got home. We were at Hayeon’s place for over two hours.

Once I entered my room, I started to think deeply. I was thinking about the culinary school I had decided to make at Hayeon’s house.

It needs to be the best culinary school in the world in all aspects. After that, I can develop the culinary school into a theme park. Something so grand that it would be a world-wide tourist attraction.

The problem is definitely money.

If I have enough money, the rest should naturally take care of itself.

Thinking about money reminded me of Jong Suk.

‘Ah, I need to send Jong Suk a text.’

I opened my phone and sent a text message.

[I deposited the money earlier, did you verify it? Send me tomorrow’s stock info as well.]

I sent 2,400,000 won through my phone before I arrived at the Daejeon house. That was the total since 18 of the 30 went up while 12 went down.

Success rate of 60%.

Looking just at that it is weak, but if you consider how the overall composite stock price index went down, it is pretty successful.

Thanks to that, I made big money as well.

I soon got a call from Jong Suk.

– You really sent money. I’m not sure if I can receive this money.

“Of course you have to request it. I really wanted to give it as research funds for your team, but I didn’t want to just give it for nothing. That is why I am doing it like this. Think about it that way and take it. I also earn some money through stocks as well.”

– Okay. It’s your life so you’ll take care of it. I will send you tomorrow’s information through an e-mail right now.

I soon received an e-mail from Jong Suk. We will continue dealing like this for a while.

Early next evening.

“This much isn’t bad.”

My profits today were a little under 900,000,000 won.

The profit was a little less than yesterday. About 6.4%.

It is probably because of the Jewel of Luck. Yesterday, I used the one with the highest luck index at 11, while today, I used one that was two lower at 9.

‘But still, this is good.’

I was satisfied while looking at my bank account.

[Total: 14,951,332,690 won] (USD $13,964,544.73)

If I continue like this, it shouldn’t be too long for me to have 100,000,000,000 won (USD $93,400,000), since this wealth of mine grows exponentially.

Of course the money itself wasn’t that important. No matter how much money you have, if you can’t use it, it is just toilet paper.

The important thing is how you use it.

Today, I will make a stimulating withdrawal for the first time.

Buying that house of our dreams. The one with a large front yard.

“Mom, let’s go.”

“Are we really buying a house? Son, you don’t need to go overboard.”

“I am not going overboard. Minji, come with us too.”

We all headed to Bansuk-dong together. Thinking about how happy my mom would be after seeing the house, my lips were dancing up and down.

Daejeon Bansuk-dong.

“Omomo! This house?”
“Kya! For real?”

“It’s so nice.”

Both my mom and Minji were so shocked that their eyes were wide open.

I was the same. I thought, ‘it should be a good house,’ when I saw the picture, but it was so nice that it went beyond my expectations.

The disappointing part was that the house was just too big.

It was divided into a main house and a side house, and the main was so big three families could live together in it, while the side house was enough for our family of three to live without issues.

It would have been better if the side house was here without the main building.

But I still liked this house enough.

“The house is really nice.”

“I’ve had this house for 3 years, and I really wanted to keep it as a getaway villa because it is so nice. I am only selling it because it is so hard to upkeep. Please take a look around the house. My family all live in Seoul. It’s been a while since we moved out, so it might seem a bit empty.”

We went into the main house together.

It was even larger once we stepped in. The basement was huge and the attic that looked like it could be a whole third floor was big as well.

They seem to have taken a lot of care to build this house.

And even though they haven’t been in here for over a week, it didn’t feel empty at all.

“It’s cozier than I thought.”

“They really built this well.”

I guess there really is something called fate.

The house in Daedong was not meant to be ours. We didn’t like the house, and the owner tried to increase the contract price right before we signed it, so that was terrible as well.

On the other hand, this house in Bansuk-dong seems to be meant for us. Almost like it was built for us.

But I noticed that my mom has had a bitter expression for a bit of time now. Is there something she doesn’t like about it?

She kept looking my way for a while as well.

“Mom, is there a problem?”

“No problem. Just one disappointing fact.”

“What is it?”

“It is too far from Hayeon’s house. Lately, my daily joy has come from going over and playing with them.”

Ah, Hayeon’s family!

I can see why my mom feels that way since I saw with my own eyes just how happy she was when she was with Hayeon’s family.

“And the house is too big. I think I’ll be scared to live in this house alone with Minji. Taking care of it will be hard as well. Should we rent it out?”

There’s no reason to beat around the bush like this.

“You want to bring Hayeon’s family into the main building?”

“It’s not going to be used anyways. They’re paying rent over there, so it’ll be win-win if we let them live here for that money.”

Honestly, it isn’t that simple.

There is an old saying that goes, ‘you don’t let an animal with black hair into your house.’ It’s easy to bring them in, but difficult to kick them back out. They’ll become a problem if you decide you don’t like them anymore.

The bigger problem was whether or not Hayeon’s family had any desire to move to this place.

“You have to think about the kids. All of them will have to move schools. How much of a shock would it be for them?”

“Omo. I didn’t even think about that.”

The disappointment in my mom’s face grew even bigger.

I felt a bit sorry as well. It feels like I was taking a large happiness away from her.

I guess I need to bring it up to Hayeon’s family in the future.

But first, I need to buy the house.

“I want to sign the contract right away.”

“Then let’s go to the lawyer’s office together. The documents are already prepared.”

I headed to the lawyer’s office with the owner.

“But the house is really big. There must have been a lot of families living together.”

“No. I was curious too, so I looked into it, and the former owner had a lot of children. So even though only one family lived here, this big house was full.”

“What? How many people were in that family?”

“When they were selling it to me, the madame was pregnant with her ninth child. You don’t know how shocked I was when I heard that.”


I was shocked when I heard that. It was because I thought about someone the moment I heard nine kids.

“Do you perhaps know what the former owner did for a living?”

“From what I heard, he was a food researcher …… factory fire……”

As I expected, it was Hayeon’s family.

‘Is there such a coincidence like this?’

No, at this point, it’s fate. Should I say it feels like I’m walking down a path that someone has decided for me?

I guess i need to find out more about Hayeon’s family. Especially since we might all be living under one roof in the near future.

I used the time I was alone to make a call.

“Hello, Blue Sky Enterprises, right?”

“I’m going to work. I won’t be back until about midnight.”

“I’m also going to head out.”

Minji and my mom both went out.

I was left alone in the house.

‘But why is this punk not contacting me?’

Just as I thought that, my phone started to ring.

It was Kang Sung Ho.

‘It’s here!’

I quickly pressed the talk button.

“Did you find the file?”

– Yes. But there are too many. There are 167 files with information about Paksen Park.

Of course there were a lot. Paksen Park was one of the best places for users around level 200 to level up.

There are bound to be many quests in locations that users gather.

Good. I can pick the ones I like from the list of many quests.

“Send it to me in an e-mail. I will verify it and deposit 10,000 won per file. If you don’t see the money deposited in 30 minutes, let me now.”

– Thank you, boss-nim. And I have already sent the e-mail.

Punk, he sounds so excited.

I ended the call and checked my e-mail.

‘Paksen Park Quest’ was the name of the attachment.

I opened the file. I then subconsciously started to smile.

‘Kang Sung Ho, this puk is more charismatic the more I get to know him.’

He combined all 167 quests into one file, but the core content of each one was in a table of contents. There was even a link to each one, that if you click that specific one in the table of contents, it would take you directly to the information.

The thing I liked even more was the way that he labeled the table of contents.

[200 bars of gold]
[Iron Sword of a Skeleton Warrior]
[Magnis’s Iron Armor]

He chose to use the rewards you can get from the quest.

Does he perhaps have some mind reading abilities? How could he organize it in a way that I love so much?

I guess the reason for doing quests in a game is for the rewards.

I liked it so much I debated sending him a bonus, but I held myself back. If I give him too big of a reward from the beginning, he’ll get used to that quickly.

‘Then shall I see what kind of information is there?’

Honestly, I struggled quite a bit at Paksen Park in the game. Paksen Park is really wide and the majority of the area is out of the reach of divine power.

Why is that a problem?

That’s because a lot of criminals are hiding there.

If divine power cannot reach there, you cannot track infamy. So you won’t realize you are with a criminal until they are in front of your eyes and you can finally feel the evil aura.

I should be able to be a little safer thanks to these files. In addition, it would be great if I can take care of some quests with good rewards.

I took a look through the 167 items.

‘This is okay……, I like this one. I’ll do it if there isn’t a better one. I like this one as well……, what, they put this kind of trash as the reward?’

I skimmed all the way down like that until my gaze stopped on the 158th subject. It was because the name was just too intense.

[The Jeppi Tribe’s Secret Plan]

If it is something connecting the Jeppi tribe to the continent, there is only one conclusion.

Continental Invasion.

I don’t really know what kind of information is in here, but I’m certain it has to do with their secret plan to invade.

I was already planning on using the Jeppi tribe’s invasion as one of my turning points. I was trying to rush things because I was lacking concrete information.

But that secret plan might help solidify my plans.

It’s not like I need to complete the quest to find out. Since this is a draft, the information should be inside as well. I clicked the name and it moved me to the correct location.

[The Jeppi Tribe’s Secret Plan]
Quest Details: Defeat the criminal Ruan (Swordsman, approximately level 200)
3 comrades: Mistress (1), Swordsmen (2)
*File Subject: Criminal Quest Draft_36.hwp

He really organized it cleanly. Although there isn’t any information about the secret information, the rest of the information is concise and easy to read.

‘Criminal quest draft…’

I searched through the files saved on my computer. There were a lot of files, but it wasn’t hard to find after sorting it by name.

[Criminal Quest Draft_36.hwp]

I used the search function to move to the location of the secret plan of the Jeppi.
I didn’t need anything else. I just needed the secret plan.


‘It’s not here.’

I spent some time to look for it, but the results were the same. Even the draft was missing the secret plan information. It only briefly described how the criminal Ruan ended up with the Jeppi tribe’s secret plan.

It stated that the Jeppi tribe was trading information in Paksen Park when the criminal Ruan happened to come across it and hunted them.

To sum it up, a stupid story.

I was suddenly starting to be filled with doubt.

‘Maybe this quest didn’t get used.’

Even if it was used, the details might have changed.The rewards might have changed or even how to complete the quest might have changed too.

I need to keep my mind open to all possibilities. This isn’t the final plan after all.

But I still need to look for it. If I can get my hands on that secret plan, my entire progression might change. For the better, of course.

I looked through the files some more. The more information I have, the safer I can be when I complete the quest.

“Ruan’s level is all the way up at 212?”

Of course if you consider all of Royal Roader, it’s not a high level, but for someone like me, who hasn’t even passed level 90, it was as high as the sky.

‘I still need to take it from him. Since he is a criminal, it is okay to take things from him.’

But how will I take it?

He won’t just hand it over. I will need to kill him and take it from him.

Is that possible?

In the game, it was impossible. If the level difference is too large, you can’t win no matter what method you use.

But this Royal Roader isn’t a game.

Even if he was a level 400 swordsman, his neck won’t be made of steel. Even if a level 50 swings a sword, if they hit the right spot, he will still end up dying.

Isn’t that the unique nature of reality where any variable can happen?

I just need to create that variable. I also have the abilities to create that variable.

Ruan is a swordsman who focused on strength, stamina, and HP. Since his level is high, his agility should be pretty high up as well. He also has three comrades. His mistress, named Amy, is a Fire Magician, while the other two are swordsmen. They are all around level 150.

The comrades hide their identities and run a restaurant. Ruan usually hides out on the 4th floor attic of the restaurant.

Their method of committing crimes is putting different poisons like sleeping pills in the customer’s food and steal from them once they are asleep. If it looks like they will get revenge, they just kill them.

Doing something like that, their infamy should be really high, but it is only around 100.

They must have committed a lot of crimes where the divine power does not reach. If that’s the case, their infamy would not go up that much even if they killed people.

‘Okay. Got the answer.’

I looked at other useful looking information as well. I still had some time after all.

Since I used the focus skill, all of the information was easily memorized.

After studying(?) like that for a long time, I finally went to bed deep into the night.


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