Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 59: The Bundle of Gifts in Paksen Park (2)

Paksen Park.

After I walked for a while, I saw a house made of wood.

‘That is the criminal Ruan’s restaurant.’

It was right on the border of where the divine power reached. To be specific, it was right where divine power stopped reaching.

Since the location wasn’t very good, I didn’t think there would be too many customers.

I’m sure it was done on purpose. If there were a lot of customers, it will be hard to commit crimes.

I checked my preparations once more. I even went to the village to buy a new outfit for this. A pretty expensive one. I should come off as a rich young master.

I took off my outerwear and carefully checked the Skywolf Leather Armor I was wearing underneath it. I made sure everything looked right.

Finally, I checked my stat window.

[Kang Hwi Ram, Level 89]
Dexterity: Advanced Level 2, 94%
Strength: 123
Agility: 496
Stamina: 90
Intuition: 91
Magic: 9
Vitality: 36
Mana: 328
HP: 519
Endurance: 33
Toughness: 100
Guard Points: 93

I leveled up faster than I expected. I thought I would be around level 80 by now, but I was lucky. Demon Caves that were perfect for me kept spawning.

Of course there were times the opposite had happened as well.

That would be when caves at the A-grade or higher would open. These would have only a few low level monsters and a ton of high level monsters.

Those types of caves are not good for me since I can’t do much without using low level monsters as stepping stones to increase my combo.

Anyway, at this speed, I should easily be able to reach level 99, my goal before the Chaos Battle.

My Guard Points were up to 93 as well.

Guard Points are something you earn when you clear Demon Caves on your own. It can also be called the ranking in the Ares Temple.

Of course, the cave’s level, grade, and size determine how many points you receive from clearing it.

Even this much should be enough to get a decent weapon from the Ares Temple.

Of course, my guard points will continue to go up. Rather than getting a few decent weapons, it is better to get one good weapon.

‘But when will my toughness upgrade?’

My toughness went up every time I hunted a monster at least 10 levels greater than me. Thanks to that, it reached the limit of 100 a long time ago.

Now I just need to upgrade it.

In order to do that, I need a new record for the level difference between myself and the monster I kill.

That was why my expectations for the criminal Ruan were high. Since he is at least 100 levels higher than me, it will definitely allow me to upgrade toughness.

As long as it is the same as what I saw in the ‘Criminal Ruan’s Draft’ that is.

One more thing.

As long as I beat him.

I won’t know unless I fight him once.

“This should be enough. I have the magic light, magic breaker, and enough antidotes as well.”

I then put my outerwear back on and fixed my sleeves. I waited nearby until it started to become dark before I entere Ruan’s restaurant.

I opened the door. The building looked old but the door opened without making a noise.

‘Is this to commit crimes in secret as well?’

This is why having some information is sometimes bad. Every little thing can be seen as a part of the criminal Ruan’s plan.


It was a woman’s voice full of charm.

A young lady, who was as beautiful as her voice, welcomed me.

There were no female workers in the draft. It’s also probably impossible to hire a female worker around here. That should mean that this would be Ruan’s mistress Amy.

Her beauty was one thing, but her extremely red clothes also caught my attention. Is she showing that she is a fire magician through the clothes?

The two men sitting over there must be the other two comrades. One is dressed like a chef while the other is dressed like a waiter.

There weren’t many customers. There was just a group of six men sitting at a table by the window.

They all looked at me with a sense of alarm.

This was also one of the unique things about Paksen Park. You were always on alert around people, just like monsters. Since there were so many criminals hiding out over here, how could you tell who is and who isn’t a criminal?

I felt a magic hit my body.


Someone used a magic like ‘View Level Force’ toward me. Normal people wouldn’t be able to feel it, but since my intuition was over 90, it was extremely clear.

I’m sure it is Amy who is standing in front of me.

How can she use view level force without my permission?

This is somewhere that is outside the reaches of divine power. There is no protection of the temples, so the actions banned by the temples aren’t limited here.

Even if that is murder.

Of course that is true for both sides.

I can also use view level force. That is something you can learn even with your magic stat at 5, if you have a high enough sensitivity.

I carefully used it so Amy would not notice it.

‘View level force.’

But I had no choice but to be shocked. Amy’s level was different than what I knew.
No, different is too light of a word.

[Level: 331]

‘Ah! What is this?’

I almost flinched my shoulders. The file clearly said they were around level 150. But her level was over 300.

I managed to hide my shock, but I must not have hid it completely. Amy quickly smiled while looking toward me.

Is she not Amy?

Now that I think about it, there was another weird thing.

‘Why can’t I feel any evil aura?’

At this distance, I should be able to feel it even if their infamy was low. That’s because my intuition is at a whopping 91.

But it was clean.

That meant that her infamy was 0.

‘Did I come to the wrong place?’

Maybe this wasn’t the criminal Ruan’s restaurant. The plan itself might not have been used in the game.

Another possibility was that they significantly raised Amy’s level from the draft.

Then the criminal Ruan’s level should have gone up as well.

I hope it is not over 300 like Amy.

If that is the case, things will be difficult. I think I would be able to handle a magician over level 300, but I’m not so sure about a level 300 swordsman.

No matter what happens, let’s trust the draft and proceed since I came all the way here.

‘But where is Ruan?’

Since his infamy should be around 100, if he was nearby, my intuition should be able to find him. So he must not be in the restaurant area.

Well it makes sense. He needs to hide since his infamy is high. An Infamy Hunter like Kaicher might show up under cover.

He must be hiding in the attic like the file said.

He will show up soon. If Amy checked my level, she would assume that I am a safe meal to target.

If he doesn’t show up, I just need to call him out.

Of course I have a plan in mind. That is why I paid so much to dress like this.

That method should help me confirm how different this is compared to the draft.

“Please give me all of the tastiest food you have here.”

“Omo. You must be a rich young master. Our restaurant uses the meat from the animals hunted nearby, so everything is good. Please wait a bit. I will make you a delicious chicken soup.”

I sat at an empty table. Bachu’s Cutlass was placed on the table.

It is the best sword made by the dwarf Bachu using a ton of titanium and mithril. It even looks different than the normal blades.

*Sparkle Sparkle*

After a bit, a hot bowl of chicken soup came out. It looked really tasty.

I’m sure they put something like sleeping pills in there. If I ate it without any plans, I would become their prey.

“Wow, it looks so good!”

I ripped one of the drumsticks off and took a big bite.

Chew chew.

Amy watched from nearby, as if she was waiting for my opinion. But her real intent was to see whether I swallow it or not.

I swallowed the meat without any suspicion and ate the rest of it as well.

“It is really delicious.”

“All of our food is delicious. Hoho.”

Amy was smiling much brighter than before.

“Anyways, do you happen to know where the criminal Ruan usually shows up? I heard rumors that he is around this area.”

“I’m not sure. He just suddenly appears and then vanishes. But you will be spending the night here right? We have an empty room on the 3rd floor.”

It is both a restaurant and an inn.

Of course I shook my head.

“No. I heard that there were many people who said they were robbed in this restaurant. If that happens, that would be bad.”

“Omo. Who would spread such false rumors? Then you can leave your valuables with me. I will return it to you in the morning.”

Look at her. Isn’t she trying to make it too easy for herself?”

“No. It is something that will lose part of its ability if someone else touches it. It cost me 1,000,000,000 won to buy all of this.”

I lowered my voice as I took out one Jewel of Luck to show her.

Once the jewel that was shining red showed itself, Amy’s eyes started to glow red as well.

“Omo, is it a Jewel of Luck?”

I quickly lifted my finger and put it to my lip. I then looked toward the guests eating at the other table.

“It is dangerous if word gets out. If it was one or two, it wouldn’t be bad, but if they knew I had hundreds of them, the criminals will flock like a swarm of bees.”

“Omomo. You have that many on you?”

“It is only about 1,000,000 won per one. I can hunt much safer if I use the Jewel of Luck. So I end up profiting in the end.”

“But you still have to be careful. Our place is safe.”

“No. There is a cave outside I scouted. I think it will be safer there. Sigh, these days people are scarier than monsters. You just can’t tell what people are thinking.”

“That is true. Be careful.”

“I need to quickly eat and leave before it gets dark.”

I waved my hand as if to say I did not have any time to waste in chit chat.

Amy finally moved away from me.

I slurped down the chicken soup quickly. As if I needed to return to the cave before it got too dark.

“Thank you for the meal. It is already starting to get dark.”

I paid the bill and hurried out of the restaurant. I then quickly started to walk toward the East.

I made sure to make a lot of noise as I walked.

Step. Step.

I felt a presence tailing me at a distance.

Step. Step.

They were perfectly matching my steps. It was so precise that it was hard to tell even with my 91 intuition.

Did I guess incorrectly?

I made my step a little different just to see.

Step. Step. Slide.

Then I could tell a little clearer. Someone was mimicking my footsteps and tailing me.

That means they could clearly feel my presence and they had enough skills to perfectly control their body.

‘I have a bad feeling about this.’

The distance was about 30m.

I’m sure they weren’t tailing me with good intentions. If that was the case, they wouldn’t need to tail me while hiding their presence.

Only one conclusion.

‘Criminal Ruan!’

That means that, thankfully, the draft wasn’t discarded and was actually made it to the game.

But I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. Criminal Ruan’s level seemed to be much higher than in the draft.

But thankfully, it was just one person.

I guess it makes sense, since I’m not even level 90. I should be honored (?) that he didn’t send a henchman and instead came himself.

I pretended not to know and increased my speed.

Ruan must have also increased his speed as the presence became a little clearer.

I must have walked about 3km like that.

‘This much distance is plenty.’

Around here, no matter how much commotion we cause, there should be no one coming to the rescue. Even if Ruan realizes it is a trap and runs away, I should be able to take care of him before he reaches the restaurant.

I’m sure Ruan is thinking the opposite.

He is probably thinking this is a good place to take care of me.

Two people with the same thoughts but in reverse. We will soon know whose calculations were correct.

My surrounding was already completely dark. If it wasn’t for my Owl’s Eye, I wouldn’t even be able to tell that there were stones underneath my feet.

I finally stopped and looked behind me.

“Who’s there?”


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