Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 60: The Bundle of Gifts in Paksen Park (3)

The presence became completely visible and quickly approached me.

I could finally see Ruan’s face.

He looked good to the point that I even thought ‘he’s handsome.’ I almost thought he was Kaicher for a moment.

His body was large and muscular.

With that type of look, it makes sense that a magician over level 300 like Amy would fall in love with him.

Ruan should not be able to see me just yet. He is just following my presence and voice. That was the reason I slowed down after all.

“Hoho, you’re pretty good for a little kid. You were able to sense my presence.”

Ruan approached within 10m. At the same time, the magic light on his forehead turned on.

The surroundings instantly turned bright.

I started to subconsciously frown. Part of it was because of the laser-like light that pierced my retina, but it was more so the evil aura coming from him. Once he got closer, the aura started to get stronger.

Maybe I felt it more because my intuition was so high.

My mind was a bit chaotic because of it.

I hesitated for a bit. I had killed many monsters, but I had never killed a person. Even if he was a criminal, it was normal to hesitate a bit before swinging a sword against another person.

But the moment the evil aura hit my body, all of those hesitations disappeared completely.

It was one of the effects of infamy. It makes you feel an intense hatred toward the person. I was starting to feel that way.

I could now understand why Kaicher was so rude to me in the beginning.

The problem is level.

No matter how advantageous of a situation I create, if his level is so high that I can’t do anything, I need to run away now.

“View level force.”

I did not hide it. I made it loud enough for Ruan to hear as I chanted it.

Ruan showed no response and just confidently laughed.

A laughter full of confidence.

[Level: 274]

‘It’s high!’

It was high enough for him to be confident.

If you consider all of Royal Roader, it is only in the lower end of the middle tier, but right now, I was comparing to my own level that was not even 90.

But my response was a bit different.

“It isn’t as high as I thought it would be.”

Ruan must have been surprised at my response. He flinched his shoulders and looked around.

He must be thinking that I set up an ambush before leading him here.

Of course there was no ambush. There were only the two of us here.

Ruan’s magic light roamed around the area, but of course he didn’t find anybody. Nor was there any presence.

Ruan then glared fiercely at me. He must think he was fooled by me.

“You stupid punk. If you do not want to die, drop all your belongings and quietly leave. I want to avoid murder if I can.”


If he wants to avoid murder, why is he taking his sword out?

It was a falchion.

The fact that he uses a one handed sword means that he is capable of fast attacks.

I need to be a little more careful as I hunt him.

“Hurry up and drop it! Do you want to die? You don’t think someone like you who is not even level 90 can run away from me, do you?”

Ruan reached out his empty hand and slowly approached me.

I lightly laughed.

“I spent all that time leading you here to capture you, so why would I run?”

“Hoho, is there a hidden ally or something?”

“I don’t need any help. This is all I need to hunt you.”

I took a marble out of my bag.

Ruan instantly crouched a bit out of wariness.

While he did that, I chanted in my mind.


“What is that?”

“You must be blind. For you to see this and still not run away.”

I pushed the marble toward Ruan.

Ruan crouched a little more. He was ready to run away if he needed to do so, and carefully looked at the marble I threw.

Seeing him like that, I chanted once more. Of course with my eyes closed.


Instantly, a powerful light shot out of my magic light. It was a high efficiency magic light I spent a lot of money to buy. I also made it as bright as possible, so if I didn’t close my eyes, I would have been temporarily blinded as well.


The extremely shocked Ruan let out a shout. At the same time, he flung his body toward me. He’s probably thinking that if he manages to get a hold of me, it’s game over.

It’s a pretty good idea.

But the problem was that I was ready for such a thing.

I quickly moved my body.

Ruan’s empty hand searched the area I was just standing in.

Seeing him move, my agility was much higher than his. He really was a strength based swordsman. He also seemed to have put quite a bit of points in intuition. That should mean that his attack strength should be a bit lower compared to his level.

Ruan’s hand of course just grabbed the air.

I put my magic light in my bag and took out another marble.

‘Magic break.’

I chanted internally and then felt the explosion of a strong mana force. At the same time, the magic light on both Ruan and my forehead lost its light at the same time.

It is a weapon that makes magic tools useless.

Strong magic break spells can even nullify low level magician’s abilities, but this isn’t that expensive.

But it was enough to turn the area pitch black.

I guess it’s time to explain the situation to Ruan now.

“Welcome to my world.”

As long as I have the Owl’s Eye, the darkness is pretty much my world.

“You little punk.”

Ruan swung the falchion in my direction. He was estimating my location based on my voice.

But it was useless. As long as there is a difference in agility, it would not be easy to follow my movements even if he could see. So how could it be possible in the dark?

I quickly moved and took off my outerwear.

All that was left was the Skywolf’s Leather Armor. Once I started to use the Stealthy Approach ability as well, Ruan really couldn’t tell my location.

I picked up a small rock and threw it to the opposite side of Ruan.


Ruan swung his falchion in that direction.

I used stealthy approach at the same time to close the distance. I then used Drake’s TBSA.

I was aiming for Ruan’s right calf.


I landed a four hit combo in a short amount of time.

“Ah! You little!”

He swung the falchion in my direction again.

His movement was clearly visible. Plus, his speed was at a level I could easily avoid it.

Although the combo could not be continued for a long time, that lessened the danger.

I continued to tease Ruan using the same method. I only aimed for his right calf.

No matter how high of a level he is, the human body is the same. He is just a bit stronger and can last a bit longer. Nobody is invincible.

Ruan’s right calf quickly became a mess. He couldn’t even stand after the fifth time.




Once I attacked once more, Ruan finally fell down.

At the same time, he regained some of his sight.

But he was already a wounded bear. All he could do was turn his body using his butt whenever I got around him.

But that was very dangerous for him. In order to turn his body while sitting down, he needed to press down with both hands.

Which meant that he had openings everywhere.

I had no reason to go easy when I see so many openings. I used the TBSA while aiming for Ruan’s openings.

This time, the focus was Ruan’s neck. Ruan was extremely shocked and lifted his arm up to cover his neck.


“You blocked it? Let’s see how long you can keep that up.”

Clank! Papapat!


Once his shoulder was wounded, Ruan finally dropped the falchion.

He still did not give up. No, he could not give up. Giving up meant death. Whenever I got close, he swung his arm trying to grab me.

I knew it would end up like this.

That was why I took off the flapping clothes and only left the slick leather armor on.

Every so often, Ruan’s hand reached my body, but it slipped off because of the leather armor.

It was normal for the injuries on his body to increase every time he missed like that.



Ruan could not last five minutes. In the end, his neck was stabbed by me and he fell over.

A voice soon followed.

<Your level has increased.
You have defeated the criminal Ruan. The bounty of 50,000,000 won has been deposited to the account registered at the Magician’s Tower.
The honor stat has been created and your fame has increased by 10.
You have defeated an opponent over 10 levels higher than you. Ares-nim has evaluated your potential highly and given you his blessing.
Toughness has been upgraded to reinforced toughness.
You have established a new record by defeating an opponent 185 levels higher than you. As a reward, you have received 3 bonus stats and your fame has increased by 10.>

‘What? Why is this it?’

Reinforced toughness, new record, honor.
I also received Ruan’s bag. There should be quite a bit of stuff inside.

If you put it that way, I earned quite a lot from this battle.

But I can earn those things elsewhere as well. It didn’t need to be now.

But there is one thing I can only earn here. It was the reason I faced the danger to hunt Ruan.

The Jeppi Tribe’s Secret Plan.

‘Why is it not here? Is it in the bag?’

I looked through Ruan’s bag.

He really did have a lot of money. There was over 1,000,000,000 won. There were a lot of precious metals as well. He must have not trusted his mistress and carried all things of value in his bag.

Healing potions, mana potions ……

But I didn’t see the secret plan.

‘Shit, is it hidden in the house?’

I guess it’s possible, since it is not really useful to him.

No, it’s possible he doesn’t even know what it is. The Jeppi tribe uses a completely different language. If he got it but did not even know it was their secret plan, what use would it be?

Plus, it is not like a criminal would care about such a thing.

Anyways, if it is not here, then it must be at the house.

‘Shit, does that mean I need to defeat Amy as well?’

I did not feel any infamy from Amy. She is an accomplice to Ruan, but it must mean that she never committed any crimes with her own hands.

Then it wouldn’t feel right to kill her. In fact, I might be the one to end up with some infamy if I did that.

‘What should I do?’

I could think of one method. If she is his mistress, she should care for him quite a bit. I need to use that emotion to my advantage.

I put my clothes back on and headed back to the restaurant.

The customers at the other table were still there. They were just drinking and chatting amongst themselves.


As soon as I entered the restaurant, I shouted as if I was out of breath.

“The criminal Ruan is over there. Someone please go take care of him!”

The customers all got up at once. They were all holding their swords, spears, axes, etc.

“Criminal Ruan?”

“Is that true? Where?”

“Around 4 km in that direction. He was hurt by a monster and cannot move. If you hurry, you would be able to take care of him. My level is too low.”

I felt the power of mana hit my body. One of the customers must have verified my level.

“Level 90. It’s true. Let’s go verify it.”

They then quickly started to move.

[Noise of rushed movement.]

But there were some people who moved faster than them.

It was Ruan’s mistress Amy and his two comrades.

Thanks to that, the restaurant was completely empty.

I hurried as well.

I first locked the entrance to the restaurant. If someone came in, I would be able to tell from the noise, and that will give me a couple extra seconds.

Ruan’s room is the 4th floor attic. If he hid the secret plan, it will naturally be there. I quickly ran up.

‘It’s locked.’

But the entrance to the attic was not very strong. I kicked it and destroyed the door.

Bang! The noise was loud, but I did not care.

Where will it be? Is it that? Did he hide it here? Or maybe here?

I quickly rummaged through everywhere.

‘It definitely is here somewhere. What is this?’

[Smokescreen Scroll]

There is a scroll like this? As the name indicates, if you rip it, it probably creates a smoke screen.

The chest was full of scrolls like that. I estimate there were at least 100.

There were all sorts of different types as well. I thought the Jeppi’s Secret Plan might be in there and quickly went through it, but there were just other items.

[Wind Scroll]
[Sleeping Scroll]
[Increase Speed Scroll]

The must use these scrolls when they steal. The wind scroll and smoke screen scroll probably work together, and the increase speed scroll was probably used if they were found by a high level player and needed to run away.

They were just useless to me.

But thinking that the Jeppi’s Secret Plan might be hidden inside, I shoved them all in my bag. I could also use them later if needed.

‘What is this?’

There was another scroll that was glowing red.

[Demon Cave Scroll]
Level: 127
Grade: B
Size: Medium

This is a scroll that calls forth monsters. If you rip the scroll, a Demon Cave is established where you are and monsters start to come out.

It is a scroll that followers of the Demon Lord usually carry.

There were four of these scrolls.

Ruan was a follower of the Demon Lord?

There was no such information in the draft. It didn’t mention that Ruan had these types of scrolls either.

So why does he have things like this?

But that is a problem for later. I need to find the Secret Plan and run away before Amy gets back. If I need to deal with Amy who is over level 300, I might run into some problems.

But I can’t leave without the Secret Plan after working so hard.

But I could not find the Secret Plan in the end. I just ended up putting all sorts of scrolls in my bag.

‘Did they maybe change the reward?’

It was possible. The draft could always be changed.

‘Shit. I wasted my time.’

I needed to leave. I took too much time. By now, the customers and Amy probably found Ruan’s body.

I can’t put my life on the line for a Secret Plan that does not exist.

I quickly came downstairs.

But at the same time, the entrance opened with a BANG! As if it was broken. At the same time, an extremely red clothes became visible in front of me.

‘Shit, already……!’


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