Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 61: There is so much stuff (1)

It was Amy. She had a staff that I didn’t see earlier as well.

Her swordsmen buddies were with her too.

But did she have that many comrades earlier? There are eight of them. Some of them were giving off pretty dense evil auras as well.

There were too many differences from the draft. Their levels, the reward, the number of comrades, everything was different.

If I start doing everything based on the draft, I might get into some serious trouble.

No, I’m already in serious trouble. A magician whose level is in the 300s, as well as eight level 150 swordsmen. It is not a battle I can win.

‘Shit, if I had left just 5 minutes earlier, I could have disappeared without them seeing me.’

They do say a little bit of greed causes a lot of trouble.

But there was still a chance. If not the entrance, I can disappear through the window.
I quickly flung my body toward the window.

But there was no way my body was faster than magic. Once Amy pointed her staff,


A strong flame blocked the window. It was the only window in the restaurant, so with that blocked, there was no other way out.

But if she does this, the restaurant will burn.

But Amy did not care about that.

“You little rat-like bastard. You try to steal from me while my husband is dying?”

It was a completely angry voice. She must be really upset that she lost Ruan.

But forget about that, I’m in a giant pickle!

Should I trust in my fire affinity and jump through the fire?

Probably not a good idea. She’s a fire magician over level 300. Her casting speed and mana control are probably really good.

She could probably anticipate my movements and accurately shoot out more fire. If I end up being surrounded by the fire, that’s the end of me.

Then that means there is only one option. Crash through the main entrance. Well, I will wait for the right moment and then charge.


Amy pointed toward me this time.

I could feel a lot of mana starting to move. Thanks to my high intuition, I could estimate where the fire magic will hit.

‘Exactly where I am standing right now!’

Once I felt the movement of the mana, I quickly flung my body away.

But Amy was faster. My surrounding was full of fire before I could completely dodge.


I managed to avoid the majority of it, but I couldn’t dodge all of it. A portion of the fire pillar wrapped around my body.

‘Oh, but what is this?’

The heat from the fire was not as strong as I thought it would be. In fact, it was decently bearble.

The Skyfox Leather Armor also lasted pretty well. The outerwear burned away pretty much instantly, but the leather armor was still fine.

It seemed to have a high resistance to heat.

‘I might be able to turn this around!’

I took a marble out of my bag and threw it toward the ceiling.

‘Magic break!’

All of the lights on the ceiling turned off.

But it didn’t help much.

“Magic light!”

Once Amy shouted lights started to appear in all corners of the restaurant. It was not light from a magic tool, but light made of magic.

It wasn’t something I could take care of with magic break.

If she does that, there was no point to make the lights all useless.

No, there was still a benefit. In order to maintain the magic light, her casting speed will become slower and it’ll also be weaker.

In addition, the restaurant was starting to fill up with smoke. No matter how many magic lights she creates, it can’t pierce through the smoke to help her find me.

I started to move again, especially toward the dark areas full of smoke.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

Amy started to make another fire pillar.


I think she’s trying to burn the restaurant down.

I guess it makes sense. Now that Ruan is dead, they need to throw this place away and go find a new place.

I sharply changed directions every time I felt the movement of mana. I was avoiding the center of the fire. Amy’s angry voice starting to ring through the restaurant again.

“You little rat! Catch him!”

The swordsmen started to chase after me, as if they had been waiting.

Great. Come. I’ve been waiting for you as well.

I avoided the swordsmen and headed deeper into the restaurant. The swordsmen moved quickly to chase after me.

Thanks to that, I was able to create a decent amount of distance between Amy and the swordsmen. It was exactly what I was aiming for.


I turned my body once more and started to run toward Amy.

The swordsmen swung their falchions to block my way, but they were moved slowly and they weren’t very skilled. They should also be having some issues because of the darkness and the smoke.

I showed the effects of my extremely high agility as I leisurely moved around the swordsmen.

I could see Amy’s face. She was so surprised after seeing me approaching like a fast arrow and urgently moved her staff.

A fire pillar shot out like an arrow from the staff.

‘Fire arrow!’

It looks like it is going to be pretty strong.

But I was already moving to the side. I didn’t manage to completely get out of the way, but thanks to my high fire affinity, I did not receive much damage.


Amy flung another fire arrow urgently.

But she could not hit me as I was moving left and right. I arrived in front of her face as I continued to dodge.


How can I be fine even though I was hit by fire?

You can ask that once you arrive in hell!

But it was weird. I could feel an evil aura from her that I did not feel before. It was faint, but it was definitely evil aura from infamy.

It made me think of the other people.

‘She must have killed those customers!’

A criminal’s lover is indeed still a criminal!

Thanks to that, I started to feel hatred toward her. I should be able to slash her neck without feeling guilty.

I swung the BachuPichu’s Twin Blades.

Amy tried to move away, but her movements were slow as she she was a magician. Every hit I landed was a critical hit, and it instantly moved up to a 15 hit combo.


Amy could not even shout properly as she fell over.

She could not even last a 15 hit combo even though she was over level 300. That’s probably because she put all of her stats toward magic so her HP was pretty terrible.

<Your level has increased.
The level difference between you and your defeated enemy was 241. You have established a new record. As a reward, you have earned 3 bonus stat points and your fame has increased by 10.>

There was nothing about honor. I guess it is because Amy’s infamy was too low.
At least she didn’t give me any infamy for killing her.

It was probably accepted as self-defense since Amy attacked me first.


The eight swordsmen ran toward me as if they were possessed.

There really was no reason to fight here. The magic light had disappeared once Amy died, but the fire still lit up the area.

I still need to take my rewards.

I grabbed Amy’s staff and bag and ran away into the darkness. Of course I moved at a speed the swordsmen could follow.

‘This should be enough.’

I was in an area that was pitch dark because the leaves of the trees in the forest covered the sky. It was so dark you could barely see the tip of your feet.

That might be why the swordsmen who were chasing after me were starting to be cautious as well. Even though they were using a magic light to light the way, they were moving extremely slowly.

But they were still bluffing loudly.

‘You little rat-like bastard. Hurry up and come out.’

‘I swear I will eat you alive today.’

These swordsmen were barely level 150. They were also blind mice in this darkness. They must be really scared since the eight of them were moving together.

Some of them had pretty high levels of infamy.

If I keep them alive, they will continue to cause trouble wherever they go. It is doing the world a favor for me to take care of them with my two hands today.

Anyways, they are really stupid. Didn’t they see me getting rid of the lighting in the restaurant with magic break?

Well, it does make my hunting easier.

‘Magic break.’

The magic lights instantly turned off. Once that happened, the eight swordsmen crouched in shock.

“Wha, what the? What’s going on?”

“It’s that punk!”

“Now that I think about it, he did the same thing back in the restaurant……!”

Now they remember it? Too late.

But why are you all sticking so close to each other?

Did they hear the story about how you need to stick together to survive? But today is the day you will die no matter what.

I used Stealthy Approach to get close to them. Then I started to swing the cutlass.




“Ah, sorry!”

One of them shouted while the other nervously answered at the unintentional team kill.

So why did you stick that close to each other? Dangerous.

You should start moving away from each other.

But they did not do that. Instead, they just started to move their falchions more carefully, in order to avoid another team kill.

Thanks to that, my movement became more fierce. I used stealthy approach to get close again and used combo to kill all eight of them together.

<Your level has increased.>
<Your level has increased.
You have defeated criminals Morel and Sitoon. The bounty of 4,000,000 won has been deposited into your account registered at the Magician’s Tower.
Your honor has increased by 2 and your fame has increased by 5.>

I guess the other six had low or no infamy. My honor only went up by 2.

Anyways, things were resolved smoothly.

There is no good that will come from staying here for a long time. I gathered all of their bags and moved away from the restaurant.

Chirp chirp-

Squeak squeak-

Before I knew it, I woke up to the chirping of the birds.

“Stretch. Ah, that was a nice rest.”

The inside of a cave. Since I had a pretty good blanket and sleeping bag in my bag, I slept really well.

The sounds of birds chirping continued to come in front outside the cave.

Paksen Park really is wide and vast. The battle that happened in the middle of the night, and even the fire that destroyed the restaurant were all eaten up.

‘Shall I see what I got now?’

I emptied the contents of the bags onto the floor and checked the information for each item one by one.

‘Why is there so much?’

I took things out, and then more, and even more after that. There was especially a lot of the scrolls I just threw in front Ruan’s restaurant.

Please let the Jeppi’s Secret Plan be here.

I reopened each scroll to verify and sort.

But unfortunately, the secret plan was not there. There were only scrolls.

There were some useful scrolls like the smokescreen scroll and Demon Cave scroll, but the majority were trash that made me question why they even carried it with them.

It’s the pro and con of the magic bag. If is useful if you organize it, but it ends up a trash can if you just throw things in there.

‘Put this in the main inventory because I can use it if I am in danger; this is completely useless. Trash!’

After going through each item, I could finally start to get a feel for my gains. There were quite a few items that could be sold for a lot of money.

Once I calculated it, it was close to 2,000,000,000 won and there were also potions and precious minerals.

The thing that I really liked was Amy’s magic bag. There were 128 inventory slots, and the limit for each slot was three times the size of mine.

I was happy since I was planning on upgrading my bag soon anyways.

But the greatest gain from this was the ‘Demon Cave scrolls.’ It’ll be good if I can use it properly.

‘Thank you. I will put it to good use.’

Now it was time to take on the Chaos Battle.

Since today is the end of May, there should be able a month and a half left.

I wonder what kind of system they will implement

In the game, it was a free for all battle.

Once you get into the arena, there is nowhere to run. It is because the arena is small while there are many competitors.

As the number of competitors go down, the arena becomes smaller as well. In other words, you need to keep fighting without taking a break until you are the only one left standing.

But that was only possible because it was a game. Even if you died, you would be able to revive.

But this was not a game.

Death is the end here.

Then not only would people not participate, they would also lose a lot of great warriors.

But for thousands of people to participate every year, there definitely has to be a method to the madness. Whether that was using divine power or magic power.

I wanted to participate quickly. I had quite a bit of fun during the Chaos Battle in the game.

You can earn as much money as the number of people killed, and it is also counted as experience so you can quickly raise your level as well.

The rewards given to the winner are even more attractive.

Of course my prize will be of a lower quality as I am participating in the lowest tier for those under level 100, but you just have to pick right to find a hidden gem.

I still had some time. By the time I clear some more Demon Caves and end up at the Ameri Kingdom’s border, I should be minimally level 95, or if I’m lucky I might make it all the way to 99.

‘Then shall I start moving again’

But hold on!

By now, Donstar should have received the report about the Northern Mine’s profits.

So sad. I wish I was there to see his expression.

‘I wonder how much he’ll need to deposit?’


Grin grin-

Lately, it was difficult for Donstar to hold back his smile. Thinking about the Northern Mines made him smile even while sleeping.

A value in the trillions. It might even go past 10 trillion won.

Which means, the richest man in Titan Valley will become so wealthy his name will be known even in Avanguarde.

“Ah, so great!”

Donstar felt like he had the world.

Knock. Knock.

The report from the Northern Mines must finally be here.

He quickly put on his best poker face.


He started to frown as soon as the door opened. It was not the person responsible for the Northern Mines, but the one responsible for the Batoom Mines.

Now that he thought about it, it was also the day for the Batoom Mines to report their earnings as well.

“This month, the Batoom Mines has earned 17,400,000,000 won.”

“What? Why is it less than last month when we hired 50 more miners?’

“Other than tunnel 99, the rest are not making as much money.”

He did not like it. Since Kang Hwi Ram owned the rights to the tax collected in Tunnel 99, it did him no good even if there was a lot from there. It had his stomach hurt from jealousy instead.

But there was no need to be disappointed. There was still the Northern Mines.

The Batoom Mines were just scraps to Donstar now. Plus, he had already known that the deposits were running out from a while ago.

“You may leave.”

A bit later, there was another knock.


This time, it was the person responsible for the Northern Mines.

Donstar felt excited and he was full of anticipation.

‘I wonder how much it’ll be?’

He wanted it to be high. How great would it be if it was about 30,000,000,000 won and surprised him?

Well he probably shouldn’t set his expectations too high. Plus, the best scenario would be if it was low now, and many large deposits end up being found in the future.

The face of the person reporting was really bright. Extremely bright.

Donstar’s expression was bright as well.

“So, how much did the Northern Mines make?”

Happy New Year everyone!


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