Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 62: There is so much stuff (2)

“It is slightly over 140,000,000,000 won.”

“What? How much?”

Donstar thought he had heard wrong. Either that, or the person had misspoke.

‘No way. It must be 14 billion won.’

The reporter stated once more. Thinking that Donstar couldn’t believe it, they added more details to be accurate.


Donstar’s eyes turned really wide.

That amount made absolutely no sense. No matter how good it was, he never expected it to go over 20,000,000,000 won.

At that level, he would only have to deposit about 8,000,000,000 won a month. And that would be the maximum.

But for it to be 140 billion won. Where the hell did this amount come from?

Of course it was good if it was high. That would mean he would become that much wealthier in the future.

But this was just too much.

“How is something like that possible?”


The reporter explained the things he saw and heard at the Northern Mines.

The reason was simpler than he expected. The equipment was better and the miners were gathering more minerals. As they started to see how much they were bringing in, the miners became excited and started to work even harder.

They were also working twice the usual amount.

“They are working an average of 8 hours a day.”

Working 8 hours a day meant that they were really working crazily. The miners in the Batoom Mines only worked an average of 5 hours a day.

But even the reason for that was unbelievable. Especially the pickaxe.

“Pickaxes made of titanium and mithril mixed alloy? Isn’t mithril a mineral only dwarves can handle?”

“Kang Hwi Ram seems to have a close relationship with dwarf blacksmiths. I heard that the dwarf blacksmiths personally made the pickaxes for him. They even made 200 of them.”

Donstar was starting to feel lightheaded. That means that Kang Hwi Ram had planned all of this before the deal.

It was like he was hit by a truck.

‘What to do…?”

He couldn’t give up on the Northern Mines. Since they made a deal using divine power, there were too many unfavorable things that would happen if he gave up, and looking past that, the Northern Mines was something he really needed to make his own.

After all, this mine could make him a trillionaire.

But he still had no desire to deposit such huge amounts. He needed to do something about it.

“Where did you say Kang Hwi Ram is right now?”

“I heard that he went to Paksen Park.”

“What? Paksen Park?”

“He went to raise his level for the Chaos Battle.”

Donstar’s eyes opened extremely wide.

‘The heavens must be helping me. Then there is a really simple solution.’

Donstar lowered his voice as he instructed his secretary.

“Immediately send someone to Valtana.”

The secretary was someone who had worked with Donstar for over 30 years. They were so close that the secretary could tell whether Donstar needed to pee or poop just by listening to his breathing. (TL: This is really weird but it is literally what it says)

“I understand, Deputy Mayor-nim.”

A hidden corner in a fancy restaurant in Avanguarde.

A rough looking man dressed luxuriously was casually sipping his tea.

“What is his level?”

“He was under level 10 just about 50 days ago. He was a miner. But I am not sure about now. He has been leveling up in Paksen Park so it should have gone up a decent amount.”

“50 days. Then no matter how fast he leveled up, he shouldn’t be much higher than level 70. You’re telling me you’ll pay me 100,000,000 won to kill him?”

“He wants it done with certainty.”

“I understand. If he is planning on participating in the Chaos Battle, I have a pretty good idea about his upcoming movement. I will take care of it within a month.”

“There cannot be any mistakes.”

“What kind of mistakes will happen to take care of such weakling? I will show you his head so jus prepare the money. This will be good to teach the newbies.”

“Did you say ……newbies?”

The secretary had a nervous expression.

The man started to laugh while waving his hand as if to say do not worry.

“A veteran problem solver will be with them. Do not worry about it. Hahaha.”



Once it was hit by the damage of a 57 hit combo, the Death Cow could no longer stand it and fell over.


‘What the hell? It’s still considered a cow? It looks more like an elephant.’

As mentioned, the size of its body was the size of a small house.

But it was not a difficult opponent. It was only level 167.

The fact that it was so big for its level meant that it was lacking in other areas.

The Death Cow is strong and has lot of stamina, but it was really slow. It also had a really weak spot on the bottom of it’s stomach.

It’s probably a good comparison to say he is similar to Deathworm. (TL: Well it is deathworm and death cow…)

Following that, I killed the rest of the weaker monsters.

A voice appeared in my head again.

<Your level has increased.
You have cleared a Demon Cave on your own. Based on the level, grade, and size of the Demon Cave, your Guard Points have increased by 3.>

My guard points were now over 100. If I earn about 100 more, I can buy Odin’s Leather Armor which is only available in the Ares Temple.

[Kang Hwi Ram, Level 97]
Dexterity: Advanced Level 3, 6%
Strength: 123
Agility: 545
Stamina: 90
Intuition: 91
Magic: 9
Vitality: 36
Mana: 340
HP: 519
Endurance: 33
Reinforced Toughness: 100
Guard Points: 104

My level is good enough here as well. I really wanted to get it to level 99, but I have no more time. If I stall any longer, I might miss the registration window for the Chaos Battle.

I need to give myself about 2 days leeway as I move to not end up regretting it.

It was now time to leave Paksen Park.

I quickly headed north.

I must have ran for about two hours like that.

“Please help me.”

I heard a girl’s voice.

When I turned my head, it was a lady in her mid-twenties. But for some reason, her clothes were ripped in many places. Her hair was in a mess as well.

“Please help me. My dad is dying. Please.”

“What happened?”

I asked while checking the lady’s level with ‘view level force.’ I was still in an area outside the boundaries of divine power.

[Level: 96]

“He was severely injured while fighting a monster. We have no healing potions, and I am not strong enough to take care of the monster. Please help.”

It wasn’t that suspicious.

But why do I have this weird feeling?

“Where is your dad?”

“He is on top of a tree and hiding from the monster. But I don’t think he will last much longer. The monster is trying to break the tree down.”

“What kind of monster is it?”

“I don’t know the name. It looks like a hog but it has two horns on its head. There are also a few of them.”

Two horned wild hog. A monster that is at least level 100.

It is not a hard monster to fight, but they are so wild that if they gather together, you have to be really careful when you hunt them.

I couldn’t just pretend like I didn’t see her.

“Let’s go.”

I moved with the lady.

But why is she going so far? We moved at least 1 km. She did mention he ran away to the top of a tree, but we were heading to a really thick forest.

A moment later.

I suddenly felt a chill. It was so faint that I wouldn’t have felt it if my intuition wasn’t so high.

It was something I was pretty used to by now.

‘The evil aura of infamy! Above my head!’

The feeling was getting stronger very fast.

I could figure out what was going on without even raising my head. Someone with a lot of infamy was jumping down from a tree.

With me being the target of course.


I kicked the ground as I twisted my body to the side and instantly moved from the spot.

Once I moved, I heard the sound of feet landing on the ground.

I could see a man. He was really nervous realizing that the longsword heading my way ended up missing.

The situation was obvious. I didn’t know who was behind it, but they led me here to launch a sneak attack.

Their goal is probably theft. Paksen Park is full of criminals like this.

Do I even need an explanation? I don’t even need to ask ‘why did you aim for me?’

‘View level force.’

[Level: 151]

It wasn’t that high of a level. If I can’t even handle this level of strength, I shouldn’t even participate in the chaos battle.

I didn’t give him a single opening. Since his weapon was a heavy longsword, his response speed should be slow. As soon as I twisted my body, I put some strength into my feet to move toward him.

But he ended up showing an unexpected response. He threw away his longsword and took out a rapier that was hidden in his waist.

He seems to have a decent knowledge of fighting. That means he has a lot of experience.

But it didn’t matter. I was overwhelmingly faster in speed.


I created a large wound on his thigh.

He jumped back in shock.

“Ack! You little……!”

What you gonna do by staring at me like that?

It’s good to end things quickly in situations like this. This time, I swung my cutlass toward his neck……



With a sudden noise, two short daggers were flying toward my body. Since I was not expecting it, I really was surprised.

But it was not that powerful of a dagger attack. I twisted my body to avoid the two daggers.


The daggers passed me and got stuck in a tree. I quickly turned my head to the direction the daggers came from.


It wasn’t the girl. It came from the opposite direction of her.

Someone revealed themselves as if they were admitting that ‘I did it.’ His face and his beard both really looked like a goat.

“Tsk tsk. You think you can eat rice with that level of skill?” (TL: You won’t be able to make any money like that.)

It wasn’t directed at me.

The punk with the wound on his thigh had managed to create some distance before taking a healing potion out of his bag and started to drink it.

“Hyung-nim, I think the information was wrong. His skills are much better than we were told. His level should be at least 150.”

“Even still. He’s not that much higher in level than you and you were launching a sneak attack. How do you think you can be a problem solver with that level of skill?”

I can see what’s going on.

Problem solver. In other words, a company that does other people’s bidding. A hit man. Well, something like that.

That means someone had asked them to kill me.

‘Just who……?’

I did have someone in mind. If it was him, he would have no issues doing so.

Anyways, that punk looks a little strong.

“View level force!’

[Level: 209]

‘Shit! Too high!’

Well, it was much lower compared to the criminal Ruan or his mistress Amy.

But the situation was different. I could defeat Ruan even with the level gap because I had the wonderful world of darkness.

Right now was completely bright. It was still early morning.

I wa confident in taking care of a 50 level difference, but it was impossible to overcome a 100 level difference.

And it wasn’t just the two of them.

“Block that side well. This punk’s faster than we expected.”

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

There were four other people. They were split up in multiple directions to block all possible paths of escape.

‘Wait! This changes things!’

I might have a method.

‘View level force.’

I checked the rest of their levels.

They were all between 120 and 140. They were much higher than me, but if you factor just pure stats, mine should be higher.

And in a situation like this, things are actually in my favor.

“Did you perhaps bring the wrong person?”

“No Oppa. I’m sure it’s him.”

At the girl’s words, the goat-like man compared my face with the face on his paper. He then tilted his head.

“It really does seem to be the right person, but why is the level different?”

They seem really laid back right now. It must be because they think they have me completely under their control.

“Who ordered it?”


They just laughed at my question.

I knew they wouldn’t easily answer my question. In situations like this, there was only one method. First, show them who’s boss.

That’s better anyways. I can just consider this as practice before the Chaos Battle. Hunting monsters and hunting people are really different after all.

I’ve actually never went face to face with anyone in broad daylight like this.  Level 209 is a bit difficult, but the harder the opponent is, the more benefits I will get from the training.

I need to first turn the atmosphere to one that is to my advantage.

The ‘atmosphere’ I am talking about is of course gathering them together to use as stepping stones to increase my combo. I will use the same strategy in the Chaos Battle.

There is only one way to create that atmosphere.


I quickly started to move. I headed directly for the one who looked to be the weakest.

“Aah! Hyung-nims!”

The level 121 dude lowered his longsword in surprise. It was because I was aiming my cutlass for his thigh.


The cutlass was blocked by his longsword.

To be honest, I lowered my speed to let that happen. The goal of this attack wasn’t to slash his thigh but to gather the rest of them here.

“Hurry up and help him! We can’t let him escape!”

As expected. They all headed this way in shock. Even the level 209 goat beard.

I pretended to attack while buying some time.

While I did that, the rest of them closed in on us. It looked like they had managed to trap me in their circle.

To be specific, the stepping stones for combo had been completed.

‘This is perfect!’

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