Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 64: Chaos Battle (2)

It’s actually better this way.

It helps me out if there are a lot of people gathered together. I can jump in between them and start using combo all I want.

That was why I was wondering which group to jump into as soon as the battle started, but he took care of that problem at once! Gracias! [1]

I just stood there without moving.

<The Chaos Battle will start in 10 seconds. Please lay down comfortably where you are standing.>

All the people started to lay down on the street.

For the duration of the Chaos Battle, we will all be lying down like this and only our minds will enter the arena. Weapon, armor, and abilities will all transfer with us.

It is the greatest level of mental magic that the Shapir tribe knows.

They say the Shapirs are a magical race different than humans, but that difference must be quite big. Although, thousands of Shapirs need to work together to make this magic happen.

I could see the priests of the Ares temple as well. They will stand guard while the Chaos Battle is going on since the warriors will not be able to look after their bodies until the end of the Chaos Battle.

I’m sure Kaicher is standing guard like this somewhere as well.

I just quietly laid down in that spot.

“Hoho, you must know that you cannot escape!”

The young man scoffed at me before laying down not too far away.

While he did that, my mind started to get hazy.


There was a loud flash and the location changed.

It was a large arena.

It was so big that, ‘large,’ was not enough to describe it. It seemed to be at least 1km from one end to the other. The entire thing was surrounded by walls over 20 meters tall.

It was full of people. There seemed to be quite a bit over 100,000 people. It was such a scary number.

But the scarier part was that they were all wearing the same clothes and helmet.

The difference was just the weapon in their hands.

Well, their body sizes were different as well.

But it was different to know who was who with just that. Which means, even if you promised to be in a party, you couldn’t tell who was your friend and who was the enemy.

That was why they all started to shout the names of their party members. To make sure they can all gather together.


Since you can’t actually create parties, it was just people gathering together to fight together.

It was the same for the young man who was annoying me.

But he had a different method to finding his party members.

“Hoffman Family party members gather here. Everybody pay attention. If I die in the first half, you will all die when we head back out.”

I don’t know whether they are his slaves, servants or underlings, but…

‘They must hate their job.’

“What are you doing? Hurry up and prepare!”

He must think I’m one of his underlings as well. Just before we entered, he was making sure his party members were around me.

“Ah, you are that punk from earlier. Pay close attention to him. As soon as we start, I will kill him first.”

He is asking for a beating until the end.

Then a beating he shall get.

I suddenly came up with a pretty good idea. I think it’s going to be really fun.

While I was figuring that out, I heard another message in my head.

<Starting the countdown for the Chaos Battle.
30, 29, 28……>

I guess I can start now.

I started to move quickly. I made my way into this ‘Hoffman Family’ or whatever party gathering.

Once I did that, I started to hear nervous voices all around me.

“Uh, pay attention to that punk. It’s going to be bad if we lose him. Which one is he?”

“It’s him.”

“No, it’s him.”

I quickly pointed at another member while I was hiding in the midst of the party. It was someone who was pretty similar in size to me.

Once I did that, everybody started to get confused. Since the armor and helmet all looked the same, it was hard to figure out who was who.

“Which punk is it? Hurry up and find him?”

“I told you it’s him.”

Someone pointed at another person thinking it was me.

I pointed at a completely different person. Even though I am the only person holding up the twin blades here, everybody was too nervous to figure that out.

“It’s him.”
“It’s not me. I think it’s him.”

<11, 10, 9 ……>

“Who is it?”
“No, him!”
“Ah, son of a bitch!”

<2, 1. Chaos Battle has begun.>

With the message announcing the start, a new information window appeared in front of me.

[kill 0]

It is going to count how many people I kill from here on.

I started to swing my blades the moment the ‘start’ message was heard. I was using Drake’s TBSA that had been raised to intermediate level 6.



Drake’s TBSA. The fastest sword art.

Since the enemies were gathered together tightly like a pile of bean sprouts, my attack speed became even faster. Every time my blades were swung once, it hit two to three times.

It was possible to hit even 7 times within 1 second.

Every time that happened, my combo started to go up in level. Within just 2 seconds, i was already at 15 hit combo.

Every time I swung my blades, I saw the blue damage counter pop up like firework.


Combo started with less than 10 damage, but by the 17th hit, it was already 10 times that damage at over 100.
It was because of the growth of the combo skill. Raising it to intermediate level 8 made the damage jump 17% per level.

My HP was 518.

It was because my strength and stamina went up a lot from working for a long time in the mines and completing the blacksmith quest.

But the other participants did not have such high HP. Once the damage was over 100, the majority of them fell into stun with one hit.

Stun is a temporary body paralysis due to a large shock.

It is a phenomenon where your body freezes if you get hit with an attack that is strong enough to take over 70% of your HP at once.

Of course there were people with a strong will that did not fall into stun easily.

But the results wouldn’t change even for them. They all lost their lives with two combo hits.



[kill: 5]

The counter went up every time I slashed someone.

I turned to the left. It was about time to slash the leader of the Hoffman family party.

Everyone has the same helmet and armor. Even I couldn’t tell who was who.

Even though their weapons were different, it wasn’t like I had the time to see who had what weapon.

But I know which one that punk was. It was because he revealed himself to me.

“Block that punk! If I die now, you will all die outside.”

You think you can do as you please?

But the party members still moved. They blocked my way even though they knew they would die.

No, it looked like they were sticking their necks out asking me to kill them. That was the only way for them to claim, ‘I tried my best,’ once they got out.

They must be really afraid of his retaliation.

I didn’t need to consider their situation. Who in the world doesn’t have something going on in their lives?

Just consider it the sin of meeting the wrong master.

No, slashing them quickly might actually be doing them a favor.

I continued to plunge in between them.

They resisted pretty roughly, as if they were going to go down swinging .


Their weapons attacked my whole body.

But there were no proper hits. My over 90 intuition could sense their attacks coming, and each time that happened, my agility, which was now all the way up at 545, made me able to move my body to avoid it.

Miss, light scratch, dodged to the side.

Those types of attacks did not do any damage to me. One of the effects of reinforced toughness was nullifying low amounts of physical damage.

I have a feeling the damage would need to be at least 50 for me to even feel a tickle.

While I was thinking, my TBSA continued to land critical hits.



Once combo passed level 20, the damage started to rise even faster. Now, there wasn’t anybody who could lsat more than one hit.

I was pouring out those attacks at 5 hits per second.

Thanks to that, a path of miracles opened up everywhere I went.

It was like I was a large and fast combine harvesting the grains across the Great Plains.

There was someone who was shaking in front of this combine.

“B-Block that punk!”

It was him. The one that keeps asking for a beating.

I ran toward him without any hesitation, and,

“Can’t you hear me?!”

There was no hesitation in his voice.


Of course it was only one hit. Although he spent a lot of money to get a good deal on the best armor, it was not enough to defend against combo, which was doing over 400 in damage.

I changed directions without any regrets once I slashed him. It wasn’t like I decided to join the Chaos Battle to take out someone like him.

There were still a ton of people I needed to kill.


<Your level has increased.>
<Your level has increased.>

‘Put all bonus stat points to agility!’

I ran around the arena like a crazy person like that. It felt like this whole arena was my world.

How much time must have passed?


The walls of the arena moved once more.

As the number of contestants remaining went down, the walls moved closer to make the arena smaller and smaller.

Now the arena was only the size of half a soccer field.

Which meant that there weren’t too many contestants left. Maybe 1,000 at most.

Everybody was moving slowly. Their breathing was rough as well.

Haaaaa. Haaaaaaaaa.

My stomach moved a lot every time I breathed in and out.

But I could not stop. As the arena got smaller, the enemies I had to slash appeared in front of my face.

Compared to them, I was not that tired. It has only been bout 30 minutes since the battle started. That just shows you the difference between their stamina and my stamina.

Not much longer. Let’s finish quickly.

I did not stop moving. When it wasn’t doing too well, my combo stopped at 40 while sometimes it reached all the way up to 70 as my kill count continued to go up.



“A valkyrie! He’s a valkyrie for sure. Ugh!”

<Your level has increased.>
<Your level has increased.>

[kill 13,547]

This should be a phenomenal number. I feel like I killed over 10% of everybody who entered the arena.

Well, it makes sense since I continued to swing my twin blades without stopping. I also jumped around to the places where a lot of people were gathered together.

I even managed to kill five to six people in one second when it was good.

As I expected, the Chaos Battle really is an advantageous battle for me. There are so many low leveled players to serve as stepping stones for my combo.

<Your level has increased.>

How many levels have I gained? I feel like I’ve heard the message about 30 times already. I should be at least in the mid 130s. But it wasn’t like I could open my stat window to find out right now.

I just continued to put all my bonus stat points into agility. With the strength of my combo being so outstanding, is there a need to change how I have been using my stat points?

Thanks to that, the gap between me and the other players continued to grow larger as time went by. While they were raising 2-3 levels, I had managed to raise over 30.

They weren’t my opponents at the start of the battle, but now, it was like I was roping them in with a noose.

Pushing forward without being stopped!

Well there were times that I was pushed back a bit. It was because there were some really strong people.

They made my combo stop four times already.

Since they said that the Shapir made five Valkyries for the battle, I even wondered if it was them.

Not that it matters. I quickly restarted my combo and used a good strategy to slash them as well.

Finally, there was only one person left.

I could not continue my combo. The enemy had avoided my attack with an unexpectedly fast movement.

The arena was now the size of a kickball court. It was the perfect size for us to utilize our speed and strength to the max.

Although I don’t know if the opponent has the abilities to last that long against me.

I stood at a decent distance away. We both stopped moving as if to catch our breath.

While I was catching my breath, I checked my stat window.

[Kang Hwi Ram, Level 137]
Dexterity: Advanced Level 3, 32%
Strength: 153
Agility: 715
Stamina: 90
Intuition: 91
Magic: 9
Vitality: 36
Mana: 340
HP: 549
Endurance: 33
Reinforced Toughness: 100
Guard Points: 104

Level 137. Agility 715.

Thanks to mining and the buff I received for being a blacksmith, I have a total of about 300 more stat points than other people at the same level. Just considering the stats that strengthen your fighting ability, my strength and agility alone should be 200 points higher than normal.

On top of that, my level has increase to 137.

Who can stop me?

This last contestant in front of me?

I’m sure he’s a valkyrie. Someone who was created by magic based on the strongest past winners.

He should be stronger than the others I have faced.

But he shouldn’t be stronger than me.

‘Let’s finish this.’

I tightly clenched my hands around BachuPichu’s Twin Blades.

But the other guy suddenly started to talk to me.

But what he said was so shocking. So shocking that my whole body froze in shock the moment I heard him speak.

<Chapter 65 Teaser>

“Whistle! I am curious to see how much you have grown.”


That was the nickname I used in Royal Roader. Not this Royal Roader but the game Royal Roader. I’ve also never used the nickname, ‘Whistle,’ in this Royal Roader.

‘How does he know about my nickname?’ (Now we know why his e-mail is whistle_Kang)
[1] Similar to before, he says thank you in English, so I made it Spanish

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Proofreader : Borderline Masochist

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