Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 65: Chaos Battle (3)

“Whistle! I am curious to see how much you have grown.”


That was the nickname I used in Royal Roader. Not this Royal Roader but the game Royal Roader. I’ve also never used the nickname, ‘Whistle,’ in this Royal Roader.

‘How does he know about my nickname?’

This is the Chaos Battle. There can only be one victor.

There can be no compromises or deals. Because of that, there was no need to talk.

But I couldn’t help but ask.

“You ……know who I am?”

“Responsibility and cost follow every opportunity.”

It was like speaking to a wall. The opponent did not respond to my questions.

But I couldn’t help but be drawn in by his words. It felt like he knew everything about my situation that nobody else knew about.

It made me get goosebumps all over my body.

It feels like he……isn’t just a simple valkyrie.

“Who……who are you?”

“I gave you plenty of chances. So you must not let me down.”

No response again.

But I couldn’t not pay attention to what he was saying. He didn’t say much, but those short phrases showed me his true identity.

He is……

“If you want to continue having this opportunity.”

The one who made this world and brought me here.

“What do you want from me?”

I shouted toward him, but he didn’t care about what I had to say. He just lifted up his longsword as if to say let’s start the fight.

“Beat him. If you cannot do so, I will give you a punishment.”

I was certain. It was him.

No, since he said, ‘beat him,’ it must be someone else controlling him.

“Just who are……!”

I couldn’t say anything else. The opponent started to approach ame and swung his longsword.

Is he a God?
Or a Demon Lord?
Maybe a magician?

My mind was in a mess.

My confidence started to fall as well. This was someone the person who created this world sent to test me. How could I take him on with my level less than 150?

But a single clash made me change my mind.


‘Oh! I think it’s possible!’

I guess he must have balanced this person to meet my level.

It makes sense, since this is the lowest tier of the Chaos Battle for people under level 100. There’s no way he would have sent a level 500 into the playground of level 100s.

That means the purpose of this battle is simple.

A test for me. He wants to verify how strong i have become.

I cannot give up. Tests are things that give you rewards if you pass and punishments if you fail.

I clenched my twin blades tightly once more.

“Will you reveal your identity if I win?”

“You have no rights to ask for anything. You can only receive what I give you. That alone will require you to show me you deserve it.”

Well, I guess that’s how it has been this whole time.

This is someone who managed to create a whole world. It wouldn’t make sense if I could make demands to them.

But this is not an easy battle.

There are only two people in the arena. Which means, I have nothing to use as stepping stones for combo. I just need to rely on my stats and swordsmanship to fight.

There is nothing else I can do. I can’t make things appear out of thin air.

“Come on!”

The enemy started to dart toward me in response to my shout.

I couched my body. I was ready to move in any direction. If he created this opponent based on the requirements for the lowest tier of the Chaos Battle, my agility should be much higher.

I will use that to my advantage as much as possible.


The opponent’s longsword came toward me parallel to the ground.

Just the sound of it cutting through the air was enough to tell me how strong it was. It was impossible to block it.

I first flung my body backward. He stretched his arm further to extend the range of his attack, but the distance I created was a bit wider. The longsword slashed the air as it almost touched my chest.


The longsword is strong but it is hard to change directions. After a wide attack, it leaves a big opening.

I dashed forward trying to dig in to that opening as I started to swing my cutlass.


The opponent twisted his body to dodge. He also swung his longsword once more at the same time.

But I had already moved back. It was the hit and run strategy.

Although I failed at landing a critical hit and the damage wasn’t big either, I still managed to hurt him.

There is a chance. As long as I am not greedy.

‘Alright! Let’s be the hunting dog hunting a bear. Then I can win!’

I did not let him get close. I focused on staying outside the range of the longsword. Unless he showed an opening, I did not approach him at all.

And then at the right moment, I snuck in and swung my cutlass before retreating again.

It was a boring repetitive battle and was not flashy at all. But this was the only way for me to win.

The situation was moving the way I wanted it to go. After using this hit and run strategy for over 10 minutes, I managed to cause quite a bit of injuries. On the other hand, my body was still clear.

Anybody watching would be saying that time was on my side.

My opponent knew that as well. He seemed to be getting more anxious as the injuries on his body continued to grow. He started to use more drastic attacks.


He quickly approached me while swinging his longsword as if to say he would make the distance needed to strike.

Even with a lot of injuries, a bear is a bear. If I am caught even once, the situation will change completely.

I did not meet him head on. I moved back as much as he moved forward.

But suddenly, he attempted a pretty careless attack. He stabbed the longsword toward me with full force as if he was throwing his body at me.

If that lands, that one hit would be strong, but if he misses, it would be hard to defend.

It can be the once in a lifetime chance for me.


I pushed off the ground and moved my body to the side. The longsword that pierced forward like a spear ended up stabbing the spot I was standing in.

At the same time, the opponent’s side became perfectly visible to me. Completely defenseless.

I twisted my body like I was dodging the longsword and struck my cutlass toward the opponent’s side.

‘This time I will land a critical hit and retreat.’

Then the scales of battle will lean in my favor.



The opponent suddenly threw away his longsword. He then pushed off the ground like I did and started to twist his body. He was surprisingly nimble.

Impossible! How can he move like that?

But the important thing was that he moved that way. And he was aiming right for me with his hand stretched out.

It’ll be difficult if he manages to catch even the corner of my clothes. His strength is probably overwhelming compared to mine.

But I was already in full motion. Even with a high agility, once the center of your body is completely in motion, you can’t turn your body.

I could not dodge the opponent’s hand.

Then there was only one choice.

The best attack is the best defense.

The enemy was empty handed. I had a cutlass.

‘I’ll win!’

Instead of stopping my momentum, I pushed it even further. I flung my body forward as if I was throwing it into my opponent’s hand and slashed upward with my cutlass. At the same time, I twisted my body and swung the other cutlass horizontally.


‘I hit him!’

I landed a critical hit and my combo started.

But the combo did not continue for a long time. Only level 3.

And the damage was terrible. Barely 12.

On the other hand, that one decision put me in danger.


It was a shrewd plan from my opponent.

He had completely given up on defense. He took the attack of my cutlass with his whole body as he continued to charge at me. It was the give some flesh to get the bone strategy.

And the direction was quite exquisite.It was as if he anticipated the direction I would move after pushing forward.

And he was just too fast. His agility seemed to be on par with mine.

‘Shit, how do I dodge this?’

It was a terrible situation.

I still tried to do whatever I could to dodge it. I kicked the ground and tried to change directions.

But my opponent was a half step faster. He stretched out his arms to block my escape and ran forward.

In the end, my forearm ended up getting caught.

Unbelievable movement. It made it feel like his slow movement until now was a trick.

His overpowering strength clenched so tightly on my forearm that it felt like it would break. He then pushed me down with his whole body.



I lost my balance and fell to the ground.

My opponent fell with me as well. It was like he was pretending to be a hunting dog and fell down on top of me.

I was nervous. I couldn’t do anything since I could not move after being caught. I tried to flail around, but I could not escape.

“Disappointing. Is that all you got?”

Unbelievable! How am I supposed to defeat this thing?

My opponent improved during our fight. In the beginning, he seemed to only have the stats similar to a level 140 player like me. Since he was really strong, his agility was low.

But suddenly, it felt like his agility exploded. His movement was even faster than mine.

There was only one thing I could think of. Since it looked like he was going to lose, he drastically increased his abilities.

“This is cheating!”

But it was useless to complain. There was no referee between me and the opponent. All the rules were made by him and I just had to follow them.

He didn’t even pretend to hear my complaint.

“I warned you. If you disappoint me, you will be punished. I will give you a time restriction.”

The opponent put his hand on my head.

I flailed around to get away, but he didn’t budge at all.


I felt like my head was going to break. What is he doing to my head? I am starting to get light headed.

But I could still clearly hear his voice in my head.

“We will meet again. If you disappoint me again next time, I will give you a worse punishment than time restriction…….”

His voice started to become faint near the end until I could no longer hear what he was saying

A location where light and darkness exists together.
But there was a voice that was shaking both the light and darkness.

<That is cheating.>
<I am the one to make the rules and to judge him.>
<Then there was no point in making him battle against the Valkyrie.>
<The point of this battle was to make him aware, not give him confidence. In order to do that, he needed to lose no matter the situation.
And one more thing.
Kang Hwi Ram is someone who lives in two worlds. In order to maintain the balance of the two worlds, the time restriction was necessary.
It’s fine since our goal was achieved.>
<The means do no matter to achieve the goal. Sounds like something you would say.>
<I am responsible for the candidate this time. I am confident that I know more about humans than anybody else. Just sit back and watch.>
<Fine. But the next candidate is my responsibility.>
<There will be no next candidate. God did not put a limit on human potential when he created them. He will definitely succeed.>
<We will need to see how that goes. You will regret not selecting a race made for battle like the Drakes or Tycoons.>
<You never know. As you said, we will need to wait and see.>


I woke up in shock. At the same time, I scrunched my face and put my hands on my head.

“Oo, my head!’

It felt like there was an earthquake in my skull.

Thankfully, the pain did not continue for a long time. After about 10 minutes, it completely disappeared.


I let out a sigh. The sweat that was on my lips dispersed like a fountain with my sigh.

When I turned my head, I was in my room in Daejeon.

2:00 am.

Since I went to sleep at 10, I woke up after only 4 hours. It had been exactly four days in Royal Roader.

‘Was it him? The one who made Royal Roader and took me there.’

He must definitely be a god. Then I guess I should be more respectful and call him that Sir. If I just give him a casual title, I might get some divine punishment.

Plus, I was receiving a lot of benefits thanks to the good Sir.

But just what does he want? Why did he create this world of Royal Roader and bring me there?
We will meet again in the future?

I wonder when that will be? The next Chaos Battle? Will it be a similar method of battling next time? Can I win next time?

My mind was full of questions.

But it was not like I could get any answers on my own.

But the one thing I was sure about was that,

‘At least we finally met.’

And we will meet again to battle.

Will I be able to win then?

There’s definitely enough chances. The reason I lost this time was not because I was lacking in abilities, but because I picked the wrong strategy.

I guess you can say I lost in rock paper scissors?

No. I lost the, ‘battle of distance.’ I should have maintained the distance that was to my advantage but I fell for his scheme and got too close.

I will definitely not do such a thing next time.

One more thing. I cannot rely only on combo. If there are no monsters to be the stepping stones, it cannot do a lot of damage.

I need a one hit attack that causes a lot of damage so that I can fight without combo.

I still can’t become an average jack of all trades. I need to find a skill that will let me continue my agility-based build while still doing a large damage.

It’s still a long time before morning.

Let’s lay down and head back to Royal Roader first. I’m curious to see how the Chaos Battle ended.

I laid down and tried to go back to sleep.

Thankfully, sleep came easily. I was asleep before I even knew it.

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