Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 67: The More You Hit Me, the Stronger I’ll Get (2)

The other guardian also tilted his head.

“Morris? The name is familiar. Who was it again?”

“You don’t know about the Batoru Kingdom’s Magic Swordsman Morris? He was so unique that he was pretty popular.”

Pretty popular? Does that mean he is no longer around?

“Ah! The guy who was sent to the underground prison for declining his majesty’s request. Tsk tsk.”

‘His majesty’s request,’ and ‘underground prison.’

Both of them are pretty serious phrases. I feel like he is someone with a pretty interesting story.

Just the fact that he used the Bladestorm skill alone was enough to get me interested in Morris.

“Just what kind of request did his majesty make that he declined it, even if it meant he would be sent to the underground prison?”

“Isn’t it obvious? He wanted Morris to be a citizen of the kingdom but he rejected it. Doesn’t he know that serving one kingdom is the same as serving another kingdom?”

I can pretty much figure out what happened with that much info.

To reject the title and honor that was directly requested from his majesty to remain within his kingdom. And then the angry king sent him to the underground prison.

That means that the king was adamant about making Morris one of his people. He must be really valuable.

It makes me even more curious.

“Which prison is he in?”

“How would we know that?”

Do they really not know? Or is it too sensitive that they know but are pretending that they don’t?

Whichever one it was, I couldn’t get any more information.

It made me suddenly think about Kaicher. Since they said he was a talented individual from the Batoru Kingdom, Kaicher should know about Morris.

I had planned on meeting Kaicher anyways.

“Hold on a minute. If that item is in the Warrior’s Storage Room, it should be listed in the catalog. Let me take a look.”

The guardian took out a thick catalog and started to look.

Since there were a lot of items, the catalog was over 10 books long. The five guardians each took two to three catalogs and started to search.

“Oh, it does exist.”

“It does? Amazing. How did you know that the item was here?”

“I just hear rumors. I’ve thought highly of it because they said it was a sword art of the Drake race.”

“Row C, number 836. Follow me.”

I followed a guardian deep into the storage room.

“Here it is.”

The guardian grabbed a scroll and handed it to me.

[Bladestorm Scroll]
A sword art created by the Drakes. Can use magic to create wind with the tip of your sword.
Restriction: Magic 50, Any Sword Art at Intermediate Level 5

It matched the information I knew. If I just increase my magic a little bit, I could use it immediately.

That means I will have upgraded a level.

I put the scroll away and left the castle.

Now it was time to head to Golan Park.

Once I raise my level to around 250 over there, I will go to the Dwarf’s Village that is just beyond the Park. I need to get the last quest for the Expert Blacksmith occupation.

But there are things to do and people to see before that.

The person first.

I got back on the stagecoach and headed toward the Ares Temple.

If the Volcanus Temple reveres blacksmiths, the Ares Temple reveres warriors. It made sense that, as a winner of the Chaos Battle, I received good treatment from them.

A priest welcomed me with a bright expression.

“Great warrior, what help do you need?”

“I wish to meet the priest named Kaicher. He is a member of the Batoru Kingdom’s Avanguarde Temple. I believe he has not returned yet.”

“Did you schedule to meet with him?”

He really must still be here.

I did not have an appointment to meet with him.

But even if I said I did, it wouldn’t be a lie. I told him back then that we will meet at the end of the Chaos Battle.

“Yes. Please tell him that Kang Hwi Ram from Titan Valley is here.”

“Please wait a moment.”

The priest soon returned. Behind him was a familiar face. A face that makes you smile just looking at him.

It was Kaicher. Someone who was always stoic, as if something terrible would happen if he cracked a smile.

Was that why? Whenever I see Kaicher, I start to feel mischievous. I always get filled with this desire to draw something on that stoic face.

“Kaicher. Long time no see.”

I first smiled brightly as I waved to him.

You should respond at times like this. It makes me feel awkward if you just keep looking at me with such stoic expression.

“I heard the news.”

I’m sure he’s talking about my winning the Chaos Battle.

But that’s it? He should at least tell me congratulations.

“I told you. I told you I would participate and win. And that we would meet again like this.”

“What happened?”

Cutting straight to the chase.

“What do you mean?”

“I remember you were not even level 10.”

“Oh, that? I went and raised my level a bit at Paksen Park.”

I told him the truth. There was no need to hide it.

But why is he looking at me with such an expression? Does he think that I am lying?

I guess it sounds impossible. Normal people would take at least 2 years to go from level 10 to level 100.

But I am not a normal person. Should I say I am someone that logic does not apply to?

“Do you still not know who I am? I am someone who makes the impossible possible. Just wait. I will soon reach level 400 and beat you too.”

The smallest of smiles started to form on Kaicher’s lips.

He’s probably thinking he wouldn’t even waste his time fighting me.

It is normal for him to think that way. Hitting level 100 and hitting level 400 is worlds apart.

Normal people take at least 50 years to reach level 400.

Even if they hit level 400, it would be impossible for them to defeat an Ares Temple’s Warrior of Light. It is because the Ares Temple’s Warriors of Light can use Ares’ blessing.

It is an amazing skill that lets them easily defeat even people who are much higher level than them.

Honestly, even I didn’t have the confidence to beat Kaicher.

Of course, in the game, I had to kill Kaicher with my own hands.

But that was not a normal battle. Kaicher had already spent most of his guard points from another battle.

Even then, he was still difficult. If we battled when he was at 100%, I would have been pushed back.

Anyways, I just said that for the fun of it.

“But there is something I am curious about. Do you know Morris?”

I lowered my voice as much as I can when I said Morris so that only Kaicher could hear.

This is the Ameri Kingdom and the Ares Temple, which is known to be the world of warriors.

Just bringing up the name Morris might be a problem.

I guess I was right. Kaicher’s expression suddenly changed. He then responded in a quiet voice.

“That is not something to talk about here.”

I knew it.

As expected, the Ameri Kingdom threw a fit and the smaller Batoru Kingdom could only pretend to go along.

That also means that Morris is really an amazing individual.

I am getting more curious about Morris.

“Then I will ask one more question. Is he in the Batoru Kingdom? Or in the Ameri Kingdom?”

“Will you be returning to Batoru now?”

What is this confusing answer?

Is it a subtle answer in the form of a question? Or is he avoiding my question?

I feel like it is the former. I think he is saying that Morris is in Batoru Kingdom.

It’s nothing urgent anyways. I was just asking out of curiosity.

“I will go when the time is right. But the world really is unfair.”

Kaicher looked toward me with a deeper gaze. It was like he was trying to scold me.

He must think I’m talking about Morris again.

That’s a misunderstanding.

“Some people can use a god’s blessing while other people can’t. If that isn’t unfair, then what is it?”

Kaicher’s eyes became clear again. He turned his gaze elsewhere as he lightly answered.

“You seem to have a misunderstanding.”


“Anybody can use the blessing of our Lord Ares. If you gain guard points, you can use it as well.”

I was wondering what he was talking about.

I already have over 100 guard points. You’re going to naturally gain guard points if you keep taking care of Demon Caves on your own.

But you can’t use it as a god’s blessing. It is only possible if you are a priest of the Ares Temple.

“I have no desires to become a priest.”

I would rather give up on the ability than become a priest. I prefer my freedom to an ability. How am I supposed to stand the priests’ life of abstinence?

But Kaicher said something that completely surprised me.

“You can use it even if you are not a priest. However, the used guard points will not be recovered.”

What is he talking about?

“You can use the blessing even if you are not a priest?”

“As long as our Lord Ares approves of you.”

In other words, I just need to complete a qualification quest. It was something that made my eyes open and my mind clear. Almost like getting hit by lighting.

“Are you sure? Can you take responsibility for those words?”

Kaicher looked at me with a heavy gaze. That gaze was giving me the answer.

He would put his identity as a priest on the line.

This is what you call a jackpot worthy news.

If that was possible, I didn’t really need to search for a one-hit attack. Just using the guard points as a blessing can release a one-hit damage.

Which means, I can somewhat show the abilities of a Warrior of Light.

To learn of such game-changing news. I really made a good decision to come visit Kaicher.

This is a quest I definitely need to complete.

“What quest do I need to complete?”

“That is something only Lord Ares knows about. But the blessing quest is always S-grade or higher in difficulty.”

Of course it is. For a quest to have such amazing reward, how could the difficulty be low?

“I want to get the quest right away. Please take me to the bishop.”

“Do not blame me for the quest being too difficult.”

Blame my ass. I’m so thankful.

I was confident in handling an S-grade, no, I could even handle a SSS-grade quest.

Why? Because I have the Royal Roader draft plan. Of course I can’t rely on it 100%, but it can serve as a guide for sure.

I settled my shaking heart and followed Kaicher deep into the temple.

There were many buildings that were as large and beautiful as the castle.

‘The money is definitely meant to be gathered in religious groups.’

As I thought that, Kaicher kneeled on one knee in front of the bishop.

“I brought someone who wishes for Lord Ares’s blessing quest.”

“Is that so? Oh, it is the fellow who was a winner in the Chaos Battle.”

How does he know? Is there a winner’s trophy over my head or something?

“But the Lord’s blessing is not easy to get. The quest will be very difficult. Are you sure you want to attempt it?”

Just how difficult could it be?

But I needed to accomplish it even if it was difficult.

“I will do it.”

“Alright. You must first prove that you have the qualifications to receive the blessing quest.”

It is not a single quest. It is a chain quest.

Not only is it difficult, it looks like it’ll take a long time as well.

“Not too long ago, there was an incident in Huksen where one of the priests of the Ares Temple were kidnapped by the monsters in a Demon Cave. The priest has been proven to still be alive.”

Just listening to that much, I could guess the contents of the first quest.

‘Dungeon quest!’

The proper name would be, ‘Demon Cave Clearing Quest.’ You need to go into a Demon Cave and hunt all the monsters in there.

However, people were more used to dungeon than Demon Cave, so the users all called it dungeon.

“Thankfully, they managed to create a forcefield at the entrance before it closed. In about 20 days, it would have gathered enough energy to allow access into the cave. Go into the Demon Cave when it opens and save the priest.”

<You have received a Demon Cave Clearinging Quest. Go into the level 149, B-grade, large Demon Cave to rescue the priest of the Ares Temple.>

I’ve been in plenty of dungeons in the game.

It’s impossible to know everything about all dungeons, but I at least know the pattern in them. The majority of dungeons follow similar patterns.

For example, the level of the boss monster is never 2 times the level of the Demon Cave, and the larger the size of the cave, the higher the boss’s level was.

If it is a level 149, B-grade large Demon Cave, there should be quite a bit of monsters in there. The boss monster should be between level 200 and 250.

This kind of Demon Cave is worth challenging. It might be impossible on my own, but with a large scale reinforcement team, there should be no reason I don’t succeed.
If there was a problem, it would be that,

‘It would be difficult if the team had an advisor’

In the special situation known as a Demon Cave, humans were more fearful than the monsters.

That was why I hesitated just a bit. In the game, you could create parties with people who worked well with you, but I don’t get to pick my team here.

But the continuing voice made me completely forget about my hesitation.

<If you succeed, the person with the greatest merit will receive the Unicorn’s Horn Flute as a reward.>

‘What? Unicorn’s Horn Flute?’

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