Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 69: Someone you must never make your Enemy (2)

Of course it was just a joke. The story about Dragons polymorphing was only a legend.

There weren’t even any people who have said they’ve seen a real Dragon. So how could such glorious existence be so close to them?

But the progression Kang Hwi Ram has shown so far was that special. It was something that even a Drake, who is said to have descended from Dragons, would not be able to accomplish.

“One thing I am sure about.”

Everybody focused once more on Kaldera’s lips.

“He is someone we must never make into an enemy. If we think there is even an iota of a chance we will end up his enemy in the future, we need to kill him right now, even if we need to use everything we have to make it happen.”

Humbley fully agreed with that statement.

He was barely around level 100 right now. But 10 years later……

No, he wouldn’t even need 10 years. At his current speed, he will become a powerful being that they will not be able to handle in about 5 years.

Whether that would be wealth or might.

That means there was only one decision.

‘If we cannot make him into an enemy, we must make him into a friend.’

Humbley finally nodded his head.

“Starting from now, we will stealthily clean up all business in the Batoru Kingdom. Kaldera, you take charge of reconstructing High Village. Investing about 30 billion won a month should be enough.”

“Yes, Colossus.” [1]

“And one more thing.”

Humbley gave Kaldera one more command.

But this command was something nobody else could hear. It was because he whispered it into Kaldera’s ear.

Kaldera had a slightly troubled expression after hearing Humbley’s command.

But she understood Humbley’s meaning.

Kaldera did not know about this, but this job was much more dangerous than it looked.

Kang Hwi Ram was not just planning on preparing for the Jeppi invasion, he was also thinking about making the invasion to happen.

That was clear treason.

It did not make sense to not have even one safety device.

“Do as I said. I believe you will be able to succeed.”

Kaldera nodded her head after a while. Along with a small sigh.

“I understand.”


A hidden location in an Avangaurde luxury restaurant.

Baltana stood up in shock.

“What? Batty and Hailey were defeated? By who?”

“According to Hailey, it was Kang Hwi Ram. He is not even level 100, but he had no trouble taking down Batty.”

“Does that even make sense? He wasn’t even level 10 until a short time ago.”

“But it is the truth.  And… there is one more surprising news.”

“Now what?”

“Kang Hwi Ram was the winner of the first level Chaos Battle.”

Baltana’s gaze became fierce.

That could not happen. How could anybody achieve so much in such a short amount of time?

But the customer did not lie. He knew this because they had made a contract with divine power.

Which means, someone who was not even level 10 not too long ago, had grown enough to become the winner of the Chaos Battle.

He suddenly felt his heart drop.

‘Did I …… perhaps accept a terrible request?’

Throughout your life, you find people who you really shouldn’t turn into an enemy.

People who carry the royal bloodline, the Shapirs, as well as the powerful people in the back alleys.

He might be that type of person.

But it wasn’t like he could cancel a contract made with divine power. Baltana only had one course of action. Send a real hunter to take care of business.

Baltana looked toward the man filing his nails off to the side.

“Bandark. You go.”

The man named Bandark started to frown. He lifted up his hair that looked like a giant mop on his head and looked toward Baltana.

“That punk is not even level 200. Do I need to step in for such a thing?”

Baltana thought it was going a bit overboard as well. Bandark’s level was 347.
But he wanted to send him for some reason. He felt like he could only relax if he sent Bandark.

“Don’t we need to get revenge for Batty? Plus, you haven’t had a job in over a month. You gotta stretch your body every so often.”

“Sigh, fine. You just can’t let me relax.”

Bandark got up while letting out a sigh. It was such an easy request that he didn’t even want to bother moving his butt.

Baltana felt really nervous for some reason while looking at Bandark.

‘I don’t have a good feeling about this!’


“Oho, this guy had this type of weakness? Interesting!”

Royal Roader Plan Draft.

When I first got it, I could only sigh. There was way too many files, none of them were organized, and they weren’t very accurate.

Almost to the point I wanted to call them, ‘trash documents.’

But the more I look at them, the more they feels like a treasure.

Well, there were many documents that felt like trash, but the important part was that there were a lot of files that were not like that.

Information related to monsters were especially like that.

[Bone Dragon: Level 497]

HP: 8,000,000
Defense: 10,000

They can shoot out a breath matching their appearance.
Contrary to their large body, they are very agile  and their tail whip, using their tail that has nail-like bones, is strong enough to destroy a large building.

However, they cannot fly so they are unable to utilize their full strength in close combat. If an enemy manages to make their way underneath their chest, they are completely helpless.

As you can read, special qualities, strengths, weaknesses, and how to defeat them were all listed.

It was so accurate to the point it made me wonder if a PC game really needed this detailed of a description.

Of course it didn’t have information about all monsters. It only had information about boss monsters over level 200.

I guess it was to make the story for the game.

The important thing is whether these settings align with Royal Roader. If it does, I should be able to hunt monsters that seem impossible to hunt.

Because of that reason, I focused on studying the draft plan whenever I had time. Especially the information relating to monsters.

I had plenty of time. In the past, I tired myself out through exercise to sleep even an hour longer, but now, I was working to reduce the amount of sleep as much as possible.

It wasn’t like I could stay longer in Royal Roader by sleeping a long time anymore.

‘Death Tree doesn’t have much weaknesses. The key will be how many of the fruits I can pick.’

I even used my focus skill to focus on studying up on the monsters.

And then I suddenly felt my concentration disappear.

I knew the reason of course. It always happens when I use skills for a long period of time.

‘I guess I ran out of mana.’

It was late in the night anyways. I should be able to sleep easily.

‘I should be able to enter Royal Roader today.’

I feel like I will be able to. I am starting to understand the pattern relating to the time restriction.

If I can go in today I will be 100% sure.

I started to go to sleep with anticipation.


I lifted up my head.

An endless plain in front of me. It was closer to black than green, so it was a vast plain that felt very eerie.

It was Golan Park.

I was accurate about when I can enter Royal Roader again. This is the fourth night after all.

This is already the fourth time. At first it was 2 days later, and three times after that, it was 4 days later.

I finally understand it. I know what he meant by ‘Time Restriction’. I need to spend half the time I spend in Royal Roader in the real world before I can enter again.

I wonder how long this time restriction will continue for. Until we meet again and I defeat him?

Then it is a very vicious restriction. Since I need to at least succeed in this Ares Temple blessing quest to have a chance at victory.

But I don’t have any other method.

There is only one thing I can do right now. I need to quickly raise my level and enter the Southern District.

‘Then shall I move again?’

I stood up.

But someone suddenly called my name from the side.

“Kang Hwi Ram.”

I turned my head. It was a man who looked like he had a mop on top of his head.

A sturdy yet balanced body. He was definitely a swordsman.

I instantly started to feel nervous.

This was Golan Park.

If Paksen Park is the place for players up to level 200 to play around in, Golan Park was somewhere for level 250+.

You would need to be at least level 300 to get enough courage to enter the deep corners of Golan Park.

Which means, everybody here is high leveled.

And this mophead was by himself. Which means that he should be higher level than people who are in parties.

“You are Kang Hwi Ram, right?”

Who would be looking for me out here?

There was nobody who came to mind. Except one person.


When I was leaving Paksen Park, someone was hired to assassinate me. They didn’t reveal who ordered the hit, but they revealed the person who sent them.

I’m sure that person sent mophead too.

Since he lost once, he wouldn’t have sent a weakling. Especially since he probably knows that I won the Chaos Battle.

‘He is at least over level 300.’

It is still early evening.

I can’t even fight using the darkness.

I put all my points into agility, but I can’t tell if the enemy focused on a strength-based distribution.

If he was a level 300+ agility-based swordsman, I wouldn’t even be able to outrun him.

This was not a good situation.

In situations like this, you have to be smart. It’s a bit embarrassing, but who cares when your  life’s on the line?

“I think you got the wrong person. My name is Max.”

The mophead started to smile. He then made a paper airplane with the paper in his hand and flew it toward me.

“You are trying to act real cute.”

I didn’t even need to look at the paper airplane. I’m sure it was a picture of me.

Now I only had two choices.

Fight or run.

Of course it’s the latter. No need to fight a battle I cannot win.


I ran like a bullet toward the opposite side of mophead.

Once I did that, mophead quickly chased after me.

“It is no use. You think you can run away from me? Just give up and give me your head.”

I didn’t have a reason to respond. I can use that energy to run further.

Thankfully, my speed was not slower than mophead. He seemed to be running as fast as he could, but the distance was not getting smaller.

That means he was a, ‘mutt,’ that focused on both strength and agility.

Well we call it a, ‘mutt,’ but there is a saying that says that the, ‘mutts,’ are the most powerful.

But this is not looking good.

The more I ran, the deeper I headed into Golan Park. Naturally, the terrain became rougher and the valleys were deeper.

The bigger problem was my stamina.

Although my stamina went up a lot because of working in the mines and doing the blacksmith quest, mophead seemed to have better stamina than me.

Once we ran for about 2 hours, my speed started to slow down while he didn’t seem to slow down at all.

‘I’m certain he is over level 300!’

That means that a head-on battle in broad daylight like this would mean overwhelming defeat.

But I didn’t have any other method. The distance was starting to shrink. Our agility seemed to be about the same, but I seemed to have less stamina.

He was only about 20 meters behind me now.

Once he got that close, I could feel a sinister aura.


It wasn’t that strong. It was definitely more than 10, but less than 50.

EIther way, the distance kept getting smaller. In the end, I will have to fight.

That means I need to fight while I still have some stamina left. The longer I drag this out, the more it will be disadvantageous for me since I have less stamina.

‘How should I fight him? What do I need to do to win?’

I started to think as I ran.

And then I suddenly saw an area that was like a giant pot. If I go in there, it will not be easy to come back out.

If I fight him in an area like that, I would probably die with 100% certainty.

However, the opposite could happen as well. Maybe I could use that terrain to get rid of this guy.

‘It’s doable!’

It’s not like I had any other methods or time.

I needed to try anything that showed even the slightest possibility for success.

I turned toward the pot-like terrain.

“Haha, you must have decided where you want to die.”

Mophead’s voice was still full of energy. He seems to have no issue with stamina.

I didn’t care. Instead, I opened my bag and took out a scroll.

‘This better work.’

I threw my body into the pot-like terrain while praying.

I ripped the scroll at the same time.


Once I did that, a large black hole appeared next to me. That black hole started to spit out monsters as soon as it appeared.

Kobbits, Giant Spiders, Black Spiders, Red Scorpions, etc. And the last thing to come out was a Death Cow.

Approximately 300 monsters.

It didn’t even take 2 minutes for that many monsters to pop out.

The Death Cow is only a level 190 monster.

In the past, it would have been difficult for me to kill it without other monsters serving as stepping stones, but now, I can easily take it down 1 on 1.

That was the same for mophead. Although 300 monsters popped out, he didn’t even snort.

Instead, he just leisurely defeated the monsters that headed toward him.

Everytime he swung his sword casually, the monsters all just fell down dead.

Mophead had a smile on his face.

“You are really an interesting kid. Did you just rip a Demon Cave scroll?”

To be specific, it was a level 195, C-grade, medium sized Demon Cave scroll.

“Did you think these things could block my path?”

It wasn’t like I opened the Demon Cave for that reason.

Then why did I open it?

For this of course. [2]

[1] They use Colossus as a title to show respect
[2] Cliff-nim is not kind to us – BM

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