Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 7: Let’s Just Brush It Off and Start Over (2)

I arrived at the goshiwon walking so quickly that I was almost running.
I was a bit hungry, but my desire for Royal Roader was greater. I immediately headed to the goshiwon and laid on top of my blanket.

‘Ah, alarm.’
I set my alarm for 2 hours later for now.
This was just a test.

I tend to like sleeping a lot. When I was obsessed with Royal Roader, there were times when I went four days without sleeping, but on the other hand, if I went to sleep, I could sleep consistently for 24 hours without waking up.

It was especially true when I was full of fatigue like right now. As soon as I laid down and closed my eyes, I started to fall asleep.

* * *


I felt a light similar lightning and opened my eyes. I thought I was falling asleep but I had already woken up.
I didn’t even need to look around.
The dark environment, the air that was humid yet still lacking oxygen making it hard to breathe.

Most importantly, the sound of the pickaxe going clang, clang, clang.
I was in tunnel 7 of the Batoom Mines. I was back to the exact moment before I returned to reality.

I looked at the magic clock hanging on the tunnel.
Even the time had not changed. I was up for at least 2 hours in the real world including the time to go to work and come back, but not even a second had passed here. It felt like I returned back to reality in the time it took to blink.

But is the expression correct to call it ‘reality’? To me, this also feels like reality. A reality different than reality.

Whatever. I don’t know. Let’s just make it easy and consider this to be Royal Roader.
It’s not like I’ll be sharing the information about this place with anyone else.

The more important thing was the money in my inventory.
In the real world, I moved 99,999 won to my bank account. Because of that, the money that was left in Virtual Accounting was 199,991 won.

I confirmed the money left in my inventory.

[199,991 Won]

‘As expected.’

It was the same. It decreased the exact amount I transferred in the real world.

My hunches were starting to turn closer to confirmation.

I just needed to verify one more thing. When I go back to reality, I need to see if the money in Virtual Accounting is the same as the money in my inventory. And then, I need to see if I can transfer that money to my bank account again.

Of course, with the current situation, I felt 100% sure.

Look at this. The taste of the rye bread feels so realistic. It’s really tough and bland.
Look at this. The foul smell in the restroom is there and the refreshing feeling of squatting and taking a dump is no different than reality.
Look at this. Even down to the detail about wiping wrong and getting some on your hand.

How could this be a dream?

However, since this was something that could not really happen in real life, I wanted to confirm one last thing. Even if confirmation was not my goal, there was really only thing I could do here anyways.
I started to mine again. Since my feelings about this being a different reality started to get stronger, I felt more strength.

But how do I go back to reality? Is it not based on my will?

It felt like this place was subject to the situation in the real world.

I needed to fall asleep in reality to enter this place and wake up to leave.

I wasn’t too worried. I’m sure I’ll wake up when it’s time.

Since I set my phone alarm for 2 hours later, it should not take too long.

Two days passed. I continued to frequently check the amount of money in my inventory and made sure to remember the amount. I had to, since I didn’t know when I would be returning to reality.

The first thing I’m going to do when I return is check the amount in Virtual Accounting.

I earned an extra 83,910 won the last two days so my inventory had a total of exactly 283,901 won.

As morning came around again, I felt my head getting dizzy and felt anemic again.

This feeling, I felt this way last time too,

‘I guess I’m finally returning to the real world.’

It really happened in an instant. I felt like I lost consciousness before I could even finish my thought.

* * *
I opened my eyes.
I was back in my room at the goshiwon.
Of course, the two days I spent in the game were vivid in my mind. I could remember everything that happened down to the minute and second.
It felt like I was going back and forth between reality and the game with a single blink.

‘This is really amazing.’

The last thing left was to confirm the amount.

I quickly turned on my computer and went to the Royal Roader homepage.

I then clicked the Virtual Accounting button and checked the amount. Since I checked the amount in Royal Roader so many times, I knew I would not fail to remember how much was there.

‘Will it be the same?!’

[Total: 283,901 Won]

‘Oh, as expected!’

It was exactly the same. It was the same amount that I last saw in my inventory while I was dreaming.

I had no more doubts. 100%, no I was 200% sure.

That wasn’t inside a dream or even inside a game. It was a different reality. I was traveling back and forth between two worlds that were in two different dimensions.

‘How is this possible?’

It was not something I could figure out on my own by worrying about it. But it wasn’t like I could ask anybody about it.

Either way, that wasn’t the important part. I could enter Royal Roader like it was reality, and I could use the money I earned there in the human world.

My mouth and eyes started to move on their own. I found myself smiling so hard I could not contain myself.

How should I express this feeling?
Should I describe it as feeling like I’m flying in the sky? Maybe like I want to jump up and down in joy?

I don’t know. If I had to use a single word to describe it, I would describe it like this.


A miracle happened to me.
In a single day, I earned close to 300,000 won.
No, that 300,000 won was nothing.

I was someone who ruled over Royal Roader as the strongest player and had trillions of won. I even earned hundreds of millions of won in a single day before too.

Of course, back then, it was just game money, but it was a different story now.
If I could manage to obtain that kind of success this time……!
My jaws dropped on their own. My heart was pounding. I was both nervous and full of anticipation.

I can become rich. In fact, I can become extremely rich.

On one hand, I was fearful. I feared that this miraculous situation might disappear like a mirage.

That is really something I don’t even want to think about.
I needed some type of information. That way, I could at least lessen this fear.
But where could I get some information?

‘Ah, homepage.’

The Virtual Accounting was on the Royal Roader homepage. It was also there that I could transfer the money to my bank account.

Which means, that was the tunnel that lets me communicate with Royal Roader. Maybe the information I need might be hidden there too.

It’s not like I tried every button on the website. I was clicking on things until I noticed that the Virtual Accounting button was still working and stopped.

There’s still some buttons I haven’t tried yet.
I started to click the buttons again.
The one that I had most anticipation about was the Q&A button. It was the place to ask any questions and get answers.

But the Q&A was dead. The game information was also dead, and the item information was dead as well. My information ……oh! When I clicked my information, a new window opened.

[Kang Hwi Ram]
Dexterity: Intermediate level 3, 31%
Strength: 127 (+1)
Agility: 104
Stamina: 136 (+1)
Intuition: 103
Health: 100 (+5)

Translator : Miraclerifle
Proofreader : Miraclerifle

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    Thanks for the Chapter~
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    You know…I want to join the same bank he is using.
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    If he wants answers to the Q&A or ‘his item information’ he can just check the wiki page right? I don’t know a single game that does not have a fan-run wiki.

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