Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 78: The Threshold They Have Created (2)

“Car wash?”

“The car wash that I used to go to often. It was called Oori Car Wash. [1] The really enthusiastic worker that kept me going suddenly disappeared so I changed to a different one.”

“Ah, Oori Car Wash! I used to go there often too. Now that you mention it, it is that enthusiastic worker. I didn’t recognize him because his style has completely changed. Wow, he’s pretty much a brand new person!”

I remember that customer as well.

He looked at me up and down before continuing to let out noises of surprise.

But the customer who used to tip me well still seems like he can’t accept it.

“Does a pumpkin become a watermelon just because you draw lines on it? Changing his style doesn’t mean the person has changed. Anyways, why did you bring the part-time worker from the car wash here?”

The atmosphere is odd. He’s talking like someone like me shouldn’t be here.

What the heck does working at a car wash have to do with being a part of a golf club?

But only I seem to have that kind of question. The rest of the members had the same, ‘What the hell is a car wash part-timer doing here?’ type of look.

Even Han Min Gyu, who was introducing me had the same expression.

“Hwi Ram, you used to work at a car wash?”

I had no reason to hide it. Plus, it wasn’t like I could hide it.

“Yes. I worked for a couple of years at a car wash.”

Han Min Gyu looked at me up and down. His gaze seemed to say, ‘I need to evaluate people better.’

“But is that a problem? It is all in the past.”

“More than a problem……”

Han Min Gyu could not finish his sentence. However, there wasn’t a change to his attitude which seemed to say he regretted  it a bit.

I understand how he feels. This golf club is only for people who are well off, so if someone like me joins, the water will get tainted.

There were some people who were very forward about it as well.

Yes, that customer who used to tip well.

“This is the Lions Golf Club. And that friend should just be a high school graduate. If we start accepting dogs and cows like this, it’ll be an issue. We need to raise the threshold in order to maintain the pride of the club.”

They are really just too much. We were all born the same way in the beginning.

And I never expected that person to come at me like this. He was so nice to meet at the car wash.

Maybe I’ll just go join a different club.

But that would be stupid.

Our car wash was the best luxury car wash in Seoul so there will be people who know me no matter where I go.

It’s not like I can run away everytime.

Furthermore, I knocked on this golf club’s door to expand my network. Especially with the MBS station’s directors.

There is bound to be obstacles in everything you do. In order to do something big, you will need to overcome even greater obstacles. I can’t falter from something like this.

This stupid threshold, I will easily overcome it.

“Do I need to take some kind of test to enter this club?”

I initiated the conversation for the compromise.

I feel like I picked a pretty good compromise. I could see people nodding their heads everywhere.

“Test? That’s not a bad idea. It won’t be bad for us to create a entrance requirement.”

“Right. Entrance test. That is a good idea. Just denying people without any reason will not look good for us. Are you brave enough to take a test to see if you are qualified to join the club?”

In other words, a quest. The reward is entrance into the club.

I thought I’d only get quests in Royal Roader but to get it like this here as well.

Of course I’ll Call. [1] I was confident that I could easily complete any type of quest.

“I understand. What do I need to do to show you that I am qualified to enter?”


A sudden decision needed to be made.

The president rubbed his chin, as if he was put in a difficult position. He then passed the decision to the person who recognized me first and blabbed on about, ‘Dogs or cows’. Yes, the one who used to be the, ‘Customer who tips well.’

“Jang pro, do you have a good idea?”

His last name must be Jang.

Jang pro answered as if he had been waiting.

“How about we make the new members pay for the meeting fee from here on? I don’t think it will be bad as a tradition to accept new member.”

“That’s not a bad idea. How is it? Are you capable of paying the meeting fee for today?”

All of them looked toward me.

In simple terms, they were asking if I had the abilities to do that. To make it even simpler, they were saying they would not accept anyone without money.

Whatever. I had a ton of money anyways. And I could always transfer this amount of amount any time I want through Virtual Accounting.

“I understand. I will pay enough for today and some extra so please eat as much as you would like. The remaining money can be used to eat next time again.”

“Oh, the car wash part timer seems to have hit the lotto or something.”

“I like your style. Haha.”

I headed to the counter and looked for the boss. The boss was a member of the Lions Golf Club as well.

There are around 50 people at the meeting today.

The cost of the food is 69,000 won per person. Since they said they are planning on playing a game of screen golf [3] after the meeting, they won’t be drinking alcohol. So even if I estimate on the high end, it should be around 100,000 won per person.

But it’s not like I could just give 5,000,000 won.

“10 million won should be enough right?”

“10 million? No, 5 million won should be enough.”

“Ai. It is still a new member initiation so how can I just do 5 million? Please give me your account number boss. I will deposit it now.”

“Haha, I like that a young friend is very forward.”

I immediately transferred the amount into the boss’s account.

He’s not the type to just stand still. Since I donated quite a bit to his profits, he’s the type to return the favor.

“Our new member has provided 10 million won. Please eat all you want! We should also have enough for one more meeting next time as well.”

“Oh, good good. Test passed!”

How is it so simple? They were talking about a threshold or whatever, but it was only worth 10 million?

But Jang pro interjected.

“Alright. First round, pass.”

“Ai, Jang pro. Why you being so cheap?”

The president was trying to coax Jang pro to just let me be. However, Jang pro did not step back.

But after hearing what he had to say, it was pretty legitimate.

“We need to see his golf skills as well. Since we were planning on doing a round of screen golf, we can test his skills there. We can’t let a newbie who has only been playing for a few months enter into our club.”

“Now that you mention it, that is true. Newbie, do you ball?” (TL: This sounds so funny lol. It seems more like a basketball term)

It’s a hard question to answer.

Depending on how you set the comparison, I can either, ‘play well’ or, ‘suck.’ No matter how much I can use my skill ability, I can’t measure up to a pro player.

“I can do the basics.”

This should be the smartest answer.

“Good good. We will test your skills later.”

I could finally take a seat and sit down.

But the power of money is really good. All of them were lookin at me like, ‘A car-wash part timer,’ earlier, but now they were looking at me like a, ‘Successful young businessman.’

All of them were handing me cups of alcohol.

“A young person like you must have made a lot of money.”

“Not too much. Compared to all of you sunbae-nims, it’s probably just child’s play.”

“You are being too modest. How did you earn your money?”

“I just did a bit of stocks. I suddenly became really lucky. The ones I bought went up while the ones I sold went down.”

“Yes. Money is luck. Anyways, welcome.”

I was chatting with the people around me while looking at their faces.

‘Not this person, not that person.’

It wasn’t easy to use a picture to find them, but I managed to find them.

‘That person is Director Han Sung Tak, and that person next to him is Director Ji Sung Joon.’

There are quite a few young people around them. Well, even if they are considered young, they are in their early 40s.

I think they probably work at MBS station as well. There are around 100 members in the Lions Golf Club, and around 5 people are said to be a part of a broadcast network.

I keep looking over in that direction.

I finally managed to make eye contact with Director Han Sung Tak. I also managed to find an empty seat next to him. Someone must have gotten up to pour alcohol for people.

I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

“I will go pour some alcohol and then return.”

“Yes. Of course. Young people these days have such heavy butts at dinner meetings these days. Each step is an extra network.”

“Go ahead.”

I took some alcohol and headed to the seat next to Han Sung Tak.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Kang Hwi Ram.”

“Welcome. I am Han Sung Tak. Let’s only drink a little bit. I still need to play a game later.”

“Newbie, control yourself too. You need to show us your skill.”

“I understand.”

I didn’t bring up anything related to broadcasting. I can’t let him realize that I approached him with a hidden agenda. I didn’t need to rush, since it will be at least a year or two before things come into play.

Instead, I talked about golf.

Since all of them are said to be golf fanatics, I’m sure we could spend days just talking about, ‘Golf.’

“Do you go out to the field often?”

“If it is a nice day, who would want to go to a screen?”

“Golf is best on the field.”

“You seem to be the field type.”

I didn’t have any experience on the field. I didn’t even know the atmosphere there.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t have much experience with screen golf either. I’ve only been there about six times total. The golf that I have experienced has mainly been in a indoor practice room or indoor driving range using the driver and iron.

But I needed to bluff a bit to continue the conversation.

“I don’t play well enough to say I’m a field type. I just enjoy the atmosphere. Going out on the field makes it feel like your whole mind is clear.”

“Let’s head out once when the weather is better.”

“I dread that I will need to wait until April.”

But he keeps offering me alcohol. In addition, the first few times he wasn’t even filling the cup half way, but now he is filling the shot glass.

It is with good intentions. It’s like a sign that we have gotten that much closer.

Director Han Sung Tak and Ji Sung Joon could not drink much alcohol, so I instead poured more for the department head.

“Kaa, the alcohol is better when drinking with like-minded people. I will pour a cup as well.”

“But did I give you too much? Your face is red.”

I usually turn red with just three shots of soju.

But it is different than getting drunk. In the past, I was able to drink two bottles easily, and since I started going to Royal Roader, my stamina has increased, so I can easily drink three to four bottles.

“Isn’t it okay to get drunk on a day like this? Haha.”

“But control yourself. You need to show your skills later.”

“In order to be a part of the Lions, I need to be able to play decently even in this condition.”

“Maybe it is because you are young, but I like your ambition.”

And with that, the dinner came to an end.

Over half the people left after round one, and only about 20 people headed to screen.

But since there were so many people, we got three rooms.

My team got the biggest room. There were four people playing, and six people in the gallery.

“Phew, I am too drunk today. I will just watch.”

Director Han Sung Tak and Director Ji Sung Joon decided to be a part of the gallery as well.

The President, Kim Dong Suk, and Jang pro, whose full name is Jang Yoon Shik, were rounding in the same group as me. I guess he wanted to verify my skills with his own eyes.

“Kang pro, what is your average?”

I haven’t played enough to know my average. I’ve only played about six times, and the course and difficulty were different each time.

So it was no wonder my score went up and down. If I play an easy course at a close tee, I got a good score and if I played a difficult course at the far tee with a strong wind, I got a terrible score.

I think my score during my first game was 79. The last three games, the worse score was 9, under par at 63.

Which means, even if the difficulty is really high, I should be able to get under 70.

But shouldn’t I be a bit coy in a place like this?

“Around 80.”

“Then you should have a good foundation.”

The president nodded his head.

Then Jang pro hit the floor as if he had made up his mind.

“How about we do this? We pick a decently difficult course and accept him if he hits under 80.”

“That is good. Let’s take a look. Where is a decently difficult course?”

“How about we go to, ‘Master Island,’ for the first time in a while?”

The president’s expression became a bit stiff at Jang pro’s suggestion.

“It has been determined as the course for the upcoming screen competition. We might as well practice it today while testing that friend’s skills at the same time.”

“Then go ahead and do so. But I better rest today since I have a shoulder injury right now.”

Huh, what is this atmosphere? The president was definitely about to round just a moment ago.

Is it because of the course?

Just what kind of course is, ‘Master’s Island?’

I don’t have much experience with screen golf, so that was a brand new course for me.

[1] Oori is the Korean term for ‘our’
[2] Call like the term in poker
[3] Screen golf is where you play golf on a simulator instead of at a real golf course

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