Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 83: The Opportunity that Came Earlier than Expected (3)

The gallery was describing the situation for us. But we knew what had happened just by listening to the noise.

“Ah, a duff [1]!”

“There was too much strength in his shoulders.”

While they said that, the ball created a large arc like a Howitzer[2]. It fell into the forest that was far from the fairway. The system confirmed the results of the shot.


“Ah, fuck!”

Hwang Joon Yul threw his driver in anger.

What can he do? He chose to do it and he also made the mistake.

The atmosphere instantly turned toward the Lions Club’s favor. With Hwang Joon Yul grumbling, it seemed to affect the other Winner’s player as well.

But he didn’t hit it as stupidly as Hwang Joon Yul did. He lowered his strength and sent the ball safely flying about 200 meters.

The Winners members tried to convince him again.

“Just cut through. If you make a mistake, you might even get an onion!”

I contributed as well. Of course, it was to irritate Hwang Joon Yul.

“Listen to them punk. Think about your skill. How can a tiny sparrow try to be a stork? Stay within your skill level and safely cut your way through.”

Hwang Joon Yul suddenly pointed the driver toward me.

“Nobody let out a single peep from here on. I’m about to blow up!”

He really thinks highly of himself. There isn’t anybody here who is younger than him.

But he can still talk like a jackass?

I guess it’s okay. Everybody closed their mouths, as if to say they weren’t going to let out a peep.

Hwang Joon Yul’s dad must have a lot of power.

Hwang Joon Yul swung his driver again.

Clang- Pangya!

This time, the impact was on point.

But the direction was wrong. There was a large slice, and it turned to the right. The distance was a bit short as well.

Last time, it was the left forest, but this time, it went to the right forest.


He couldn’t go back now. Should we say it was a lost cause?

The Winners members seem to have given up as well. All they could do was let out sighs that you could barely hear, but did not say anything.

While that happened, Hwang Joon Yul swung his driver again.

He had practiced a couple times before carefully making the second swing, but for this third swing, he swung without a single practice swing. It was as if he was cursing, ‘fucking bitch!’ with the driver.

It was a hard course if you carefully swung, so why did you think it would work if you just half-assed it like that?

This time was an OB as well.

Once he got another OB like that, he had hit double par without even getting a second shot.

Which means, he had recorded a +4 in this hole alone.

‘Hold on. Then how does the calculation work?”

This round was a multiplier round.

In addition, with an eagle, it becomes a 4x multiplier. So minimally, it is a 8x multiplier.

If I get an eagle, there is a 6 stroke different with Hwang Joon Yul.

If it is 8x 6 million……

‘48 million won!’

Of course in Hwang Joon Yul’s point of view, it was chump change.

But the money wasn’t the important part. Isn’t there a saying that says that it is a matter of emotion even if you fall into a pile of poop? [3]

I will be able to create enough distance to keep making fun of him from here on.

‘No matter what, I will succeed in this eagle!’

While I thought that, it was already my turn.

3.2 meter eagle putting.

Unlike the first time I looked at it, there was a slight tilt to the left.

I carefully calculated the direction.

“Shit, stop dragging time and hurry up and hit!”

That was Hwang Joon Yul’s angry voice. That just shows how much his ass is burning.

I didn’t even pretend to listen. I even used my focus skill to focus only on calculating the direction. I took enough time as well.

Once I did that, I suddenly felt something.

‘It should be good if I send it about 1 cup’s distance to the right. Then I just need to hit it thinking the hole cup is over there.’

I decided to trust my intuition. I finally finished my calculation and stood on the plate. I imagined that the hole was where I decided to aim, and pushed the putter as if I was sending it about 4 meters further than the hole.

The ball started to roll and turned slightly to the left. It was accurately aiming for the cup.

The gallery was the first to respond.

“It’s going in!”

“Wow! Eagle!”

Following that, the system made noises in celebration.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

<Nice eagle!>

You can enjoy moments like these. It was not easy to get eagles. Only then could I irritate Hwang Joon Yul even more.

“Alright! Joon Yul, did you see that? This is how you play golf punk! Hold on. How much was this eagle putt worth?”

Hey person who volunteered to run the game. Why are you not saying anything?

He must be hesitating because the amount is so large. Well, he is a member of the Winners as well, so he must be wary of Hwang Joon Yul, no, Hwang Joon Yul’s dad.

So I did the calculation for him.

“A 48 million won putt! Oh I’m so sorry. I made our Joon Yul a beggar with one shot. You want to give up?”

“What kind of shit are you saying? It has only been three holes. There are still 15 holes left.”

He then took his phone out and put more money into the boss’s account.

“I deposited 50 mil. Please give me more coins.”

Will you be able to finish the game with only 50 million? It’ll be gone with two good shots.

IT doesn’t matter. No, it is actually better. It’ll cause him more pain to keep losing money and having to deposit more.

The fourth hole to the ninth hole were not very fun. The course was a bit difficult, but there was nothing special, so even Hwang Joon Yul could safely finish it.

It could have made his mental fly away, but he managed to hold on.

In return for being greedy about the chump change of about 4-5 million won, I controlled my strokes. On the holes that were not multipliers, I sent my ball to the OB area to lose some strokes.

Thanks to that, the 6 strokes I had over Hwang Joon Yul became reversed. He was actually leading by a stroke.

It was natural for Hwang Joon Yul to gain some confidence back after he had shriveled up.

“Punk, you aren’t much. For me to be playing golf with someone like him.”

Then the 10th hole.

It was a 342 meter, par 4 hole. Which means, it was a chance to send the barely regained mental of his back away.

I need to set the mood first.

“Wow, my natural instincts as a man are starting to wiggle!”

The gallery was the first to understand what I meant.

“You’re aiming for a one-on again?”

“Ow, I can’t watch because my heart is shaking.”

“The green is too narrow. If you go even a bit over, it will be an OB.”

“Luck doesn’t always find you, Kang pro!”

I smiled brightly toward the gallery as I answered.

“This is a revenge battle, but it is also a battle of pride between Joon Yul and I. I’d rather get an OB than face the shame of cutting my way through.”

Once I said that, Hwang Joon Yul suddenly tried to provoke me.

“Then should we do a fiery bet this hole?”

“What bet?”

“Whoever gets the ball closer to the hole cup gets 50 million won. It doesn’t matter whether you make it on the green or not. Just whoever is closer.”

Now that I think about it, Hwang Joon Yul was still down about 40 million won. He was trying to earn all that money back and reverse it with this one shot.

I had no reason to hesitate.


Hwang Joon Yul put up 50 coins first. I put my 50 coins next to his.

Wow! This is 100 million won!

Which means, this driver shot was worth 100 million won.

I need to make sure to eat this one. It is not a problem of money, but pride. I pray that this one shot can create an unforgettable pain for Hwang Joon Yul.

Although it won’t compare at all to the pain he has caused me.

I got into position and opened the ‘Driver 330 skill.

There is a strong headwind, so the distance will not go as far as it should, but I can send it close to the green. If I am lucky, it might even be on the green.

That should be enough. This was a battle of pride, and not skill, anyways.

Clang- Pangya!

The ball, that flew forward with a refreshing noise, fell far away from the green as I expected. But it made a pretty large bounce and barely managed to make it onto the green. It just barely missed the bunker.

But luck must be on my side today. The hole cup was in the front of the green. Thanks to that, there was only 4.5 meters left, even though it only rolled about 6 meters.

Almost as if I noticed the hole being up front and hit it short on purpose.

“Wow, crazy!”

“Did he really aim for that?”

“This is a really fun competition.”

All of the Lions members were excited. There was a lot of energy in their voices.

On the other hand, the Winners members just quietly clapped. It was a very weak clapping.

I responded to the gallery’s awe and looked toward Hwang Joon Yul.

“What do you think? Scared? Just call me hyung-nim once and kneel.”

“Kneel my ass. I just have to get it closer than 4 meters.”

Hwang Joon Yul was huffing as he grabbed his driver.

The Winner’s members could not help but be worry after seeing his appearance. Some of them were shaking their heads, as if they could already see the future.

While they did that, Hwang Joon Yul swung the driver with all of his strength.

Clang – pangya!

At the same time, the Winner’s members were starting to feel good.

“Wow! Good hit!”


Even in my eyes, this shot was hit well. The sound was good, and the direction shown on the screen was good as well. It was aiming perfectly for the green.

It was honestly surprising. I didn’t know Hwang Joon Yul had this much skill.

But there was just one problem. The screen image still had not changed.

All of the winner’s members were tilting their heads in confusion.

“What? Why is it not changing?”

“It looks like it’s going to go perfectly onto the green. Perhaps……?”

‘Perhaps,’ really is the devil. This time, he had hit it way too well. The ball had fallen directly onto the green. It then took a large bounce, hopped over the green, and fell into the forest behind it.


“Ah, son of a bitch! Why is it so bad today? It sucks even when I hit well?”

Hwang Joon Yul threw his driver again.

It was the perfect atmosphere to make fun of him. I couldn’t let this pass.

“That is called skills punk. Who cares if you send it 500 meters? You need to land on the green.”

“You better shut that trap of yours!”

Hwang Joon Yul’s glare toward me seemed like a burning laser. It was a laser that was making me smile.

“You’re the one who hit terribly, so why are you getting angry at me?”

The atmosphere in the game room was chilly.

It was because of Hwang Joon Yul. He didn’t know where he stood, and had bet two more times. They were 100 million won bets each time as well.

Of course, I lightly stepped on him each time.

Thanks to that, Hwang Joon Yul became tame as well. Now, even if a pretty easy looking par 4 hole came out, he couldn’t bring up a, ‘bet,’ anymore.

It was the same even if I lightly provoked him.

“Should we do another 100 million won bet?”

Hwang Joon Yul was quiet. He closed his eyes and mouth, as if he could not hear me.

That image seemed like a calm before the storm, like a land mine that was about to blow up. That was why everybody was careful to not get on his nerves.

But it was still amazing. Even in a situation like this, he kept his mentality until the end. It felt like it was going to crumble, but it never did. He was leading after the 13th hole, at 5 under par.

And then the 14th hole.

Hwang Joon Yul, who was quiet this whole time, suddenly opened his eyes wide and challenged me again.

“One more time. Near.”

I think I figured out his thoughts.

This hole was a 195 meter, par 3 hole. Which means, he determined that he couldn’t defeat me in a long distance drive focused on accuracy, so he was waiting until we reached a par 3 hole.

But the headwin was super strong, at 5.6 meters per hour. That means you needed to send it at least 200 meters to get close to the cup.

Of course, I had no reason to object.

“I will accept it if you want to challenge me.”

In other words, I am the champion, and you are the challenger!

Hwang Joon Yul must have understood, as he started to frown. However, he increased the bet even more.

“This time, 200 million won. Or, you can give up if its too much for you.”

The bets keep getting bigger. I guess he want to earn back all the money he lost at once.

Of course, I was thankful for it.

But there was something that was on my mind. If the amount kept getting bigger like this, there may be people who look at me with a different view.

Even the people who I’ve tried to get close to, like Director Han Sung Tak and Director Ji Sung Joon, might feel that way. Then they will think I am a bad person and try to keep their distance.

It could end up being terrible for me.

I need to make sure that kind of situation does not happen.

But there was a way. A method to change that perspective at once. If I use that method, my image will actually get better the bigger the bets get.

“I am okay with anything! I planned on giving all the money I earned today to a scholarship, and our Joon Yul is helping me increase that donation!”

“Donation to a scholarship?”

“Ah, that was his plan! I misunderstood.”

As I expected. Some people started to smile, as if they finally got rid of the misunderstanding. They had looked down on a game with such high bets.

But talking about, ‘donations to a scholarship,’ made them get rid of that negative thought.

Director Han Sung Tak was smiling brighter than before as well.

I decided to stick the nail in completely while it was hot.

“I promise in front of all of our members. Whether I win 1 billion won or 10 billion won, I will donate it all to a scholarship for students in need. Joon Yul, help me out a lot. It’s fine if you bet 1 billion won.”

“Shut your trap and hit your ball, bitch.”

The distance seems to be growing slowly. The distance between our images.

I am the good dude while Hwang Joon Yul is the terrible one.

[Driver 200: Intermediate level 5, 27%]

I opened the skill and swung the driver nicely.

Clang- Pangya!

It sounds great! The direction is great!

Oh, the distance is great too!

The gallery anticipated something, and all stood up.

“Oh, what is this?”


And then a moment later.

Clang! The speaker started to let out celebratory noises.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

<Hole in one!>

Today really is my lucky day. It seems like I will really earn a lot today.

Hwang Joon Yul lowered his head.

It was not because of fear. It was because of anger. If a person gets too angry, they just look like they’re really down in the dumps.

If it is not a moment like this, when can I get my revenge on him?

“Stand tall you punk. You’re a man. You can’t let losing some chump change put you down like that.”

I pretended to console him as I put 100 coins in a bin and tried to hand it to him. It was a lot of money, being worth 100 million won. Although it was still only about ⅙ of what I won off of him today.

Hwang Joon Yul suddenly lifted up his head.

“Take that dirty hand away from me.”

That shaky gaze. The expression that seemed to say he wanted to kill me.

It made sense, since I had won over 600 Million won, but the stroke difference was only 5. I had originally planned on winning by one or two strokes, but Hwang Joon Yul completely broke on the last 18th hole.

I know how to kill him once more in a situation like this.

“Bastard, look at that anger of yours. Fine, punk. Here!”

I put 100 more coins and handed 200 coins toward him.

Hwang Joon Yul bit down on his teeth. He then rushed out of the game room as if he could not hold it in anymore.

The Winner’s members quickly chased after Hwang Joon Yul.

Only then did some of the Lion’s members start to celebrate the win.

“We won. Haha.”

“In my 15 years of playing golf, I’ve never seen such thrilling and cool victory.”

“A great competition, a great competition. Shouldn’t we have to pay admission for it?”

“I could feel my 10 year long constipation going down.”

This is what a victory is. It is not fun if there is a large gap between the two of you.

It needs to be a close match like this until the very end for it to multiply the excitement. Especially one where each of you keep taking the lead back and forth.

That’s why they say that the greatest baseball games happen when the Kennedy score [4] is created.

“Lets go. Round 2 is on me.”

“No, no. Kang pro worked hard, so it should be our treat. Let’s go.”

We left together. I had dinner with the members and we had another round of screen golf with just the members to celebrate.

Thanks to that, it was close to midnight when I arrived home.

But I seem to have gotten some texts while we were having fun. I must have missed the sound of the texts while were were drinking.

The majority were useless texts. But one was the exception. It was from Kang Sung Ho.

I always have a lot of expectations for Kang Sung Ho’s texts. He only gives me good news. He must have found something again.

‘What good news will he have today?’

I checked the contents of the text.

[I sent the results of the, ‘one hit damage,’ search via e-mail.]

My eyes instantly opened wide.

[1] Duff – a shot that is hit so poorly that the ball only travels a short distance
[2] A short gun for firing shells on high trajectories at low velocities
[3] I have no idea
[4] Have you ever heard about the Kennedy score?? I heard it originated when JFK said, “8-7 score is the most interesting game.” The Kennedy score is a frequently used term in Korea.

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