Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 84: Priest Shione’s Secret (1)

Kang Sung Ho’s contact always makes me happy. I had been waiting for this for so long.

Of course, I found out about using Guard Points to increase the damage. But that is for the distant future. I need to raise my level quite a bit to challenge the Southern District quest.

Plus, isn’t it, ‘the more the merrier?’ The more methods there are, the more options I’ll have, and if I am lucky, I can use two methods in a row to create an even stronger damage.

I opened my email and opened the, ‘One hit damage.hwp,’ file.

‘Wow! There are this many?’

It was over 30 pages long. That means there was a lot of information. That should mean that there were some groundbreaking methods in there as well.

I turned the page with anticipation.

[Blood Attack]

I know of this skill. If it succeeds, your damage doubles.

But it is based on your base damage. Which means, if your strength is low, 2x damage still does not do much damage.

[Storm Strike]
[Critical Spear]
[Power Slayer]


‘I know about this one, that one ……’

I was feeling weaker by the second as I read it.

All of these were skills I knew about it. They were the type that needed you to raise your strength or magic to land high amounts of damages.

Which means, these were not the files I was looking for.

But it wasn’t Kang Sung Ho’s fault. No matter how attentive he is, it’s not like he could find something that does not exist.

I guess I could say it was good work to even verify that something like that did not exist. Then I won’t have any expectations for something that doesn’t exist.

I guess I was being too greedy to get an attack that does a lot of damage without raising my strength or magic.

If you think about it, ‘Guard Points,’ weren’t different. It was just using the points to increase your strength or magic temporarily.

I haven’t even gone through half of the file, but I was already sighing.

But he seemed to have really worked hard on this. The majority of the skills that I know about were included in this.

It even included the Guard Point Ares Temple Blessing Quest. It was exactly like the one I received from the Ares Temple.

That was how diligently he searched through the files.

I was suddenly proud of Kang Sung Ho. I can tell how hard he worked.

I was so thankful, that I felt like I needed to look through the whole file.

Who knows? There might be something I don’t know about hidden……!

‘Ara? What is this?’

There was something that came into my eyes.

[Using Spirit Energy to increase damage]

This is something I’ve never heard of. I’ve never heard about it even while playing the game.

I opened my eyes wide and looked through the information that Kang Sung Ho had compiled.

[Spirit Energy comes from nature, and is available in all living beings. It is most plentiful in beings with strong vitalities. The White Knights of the Orthodox Church of the Sun gathered Spirit Energy and then let it explode to cause damage. White Knights with high amounts of Spirit Energy and strong souls can absorb Spirit Energy from nature, while White Knights with weak souls can absorb a portion of the Spirit Energy from monsters they have hunted.
The absorbed Spirit Energy will want to return to nature, and thus must be used within 1 minute.
The damage unleashed is proportional to the amount of Spirit Energy gathered, and is added to the base damage.]

‘Hoo, look at this!’

It felt like the exact type of skill I was looking for.

But there was a problem.

[The Orthodox Church of the Sun disappeared from the earth 1,000 years ago, when the last remaining believers were decimated by the attack of the Demons.]

‘Damn it. Then there is no use for this.’

But it was too soon to be disappointed. That was not the end of the details.

[The Orthodox Church of the Sun was continued by the Church of the Sun.
The gospel was significantly changed to the point that they were shunned by the world, but the location of the Altar of the Sun can be found through the Church of the Sun.
The method to use Spirit Energy can be learned once the Altar of the Sun is found.]

I feel like there is still a path to find the method of using Spirit Energy.

No matter what, the Church of the Sun holds the key to the, ‘Guide to Spirit Energy.’

Now that I think about it, the phrase, ‘Church of the Sun,’ was not foreign to me.


The priest of the Athena Temple that I saved from the Demon Cave not too long ago.

They said she had gathered information on the Church of the Sun. The piece of map I got from there was also supposed to show the location of the Church of the Sun.

That means I need to change my plan.

‘I need to take part in the Demon Cave Clearing Squad.’

If we gather all of the map pieces and get rid of the Church of the Sun, I should be able to get the thing I am looking for.

I feel like the frustration is clearing up.

I suddenly thought of Kang Sung Ho’s face. I could imagine just how hard he worked to look through these files.

I finally checked the contents of the e-mail itself.

[I’m sorry. You seemed to be in a rush, so I tried to find it as fast as possible, but there are too many files. I hired over 30 people, but it still took almost a whole month.
If you are going to want this type of file search again in the future, I think you will need to give me some more money. I paid my friends, so they helped me out, even with a low wage, but I don’t think they will help me again if that continues.
If there is anything else you need, please contact me again.]

I’m sure he’s not faking it. The file really was large.

He should be rewarded for working hard. That is the only way he will continue to work hard in the future.

I took out my smartphone and transferred 50 million won to Kang Sung Ho’s account.

It might seem like a lot of money if you include the amount I sent to him in advance.

But I wanted to clearly show Kang Sung Ho what kind of person I was.

As Kang Sung Ho mentioned, I am the type of person who will be the, ‘Goose laying golden eggs,’ for my people. If you put your trust in me, you will receive a lot of benefits.

I also sent him a text. It was late at night, but it will be a happy message for Kang Sung Ho.

[You worked hard. If the money is not enough in the future, contact me right away.
You figure out the wages for your friends and the rest is for you. Don’t be cheap, and treat them to a meal or something since you will need to rely on them in the future again.]

[I will make sure to do so. Thank you very much, boss-nim.]

I received a response in less than 10 seconds. It’s pretty late, but I guess he was still not sleeping.

I was feeling good thinking about how happy Kang Sung Ho might be right now.

But why is there still nothing about, ‘Eruni?’ Did Kang Sung Ho perhaps forget about it?

I sent another message.

[What about Eruni? It’s not urgent, but please search for it when you get some time. Shione as well. Honestly, Shione is more urgent than Eruni.]

[There is no information on Eruni. I will search Shione, and then look for Eruni again.]

‘Ah, there was none!’

Even Kang Sung Ho cant find files that do not exist.

But why doesn’t it exist? Is Eruni perhaps just a regular slave with nothing special?

I am a bit disappointed that there is nothing.

Then shall I enter Royal Roader now?

These days, I’ve only been going into Royal Roader once every four days. Since it was like that, I felt a sense of excitement every time I entered.


Huksen’s Athena Temple.

“What brings you to the temple?”

“I came to participate in the Demon Cave Clearing Quest with priest Shione-nim.”


The priest was surprised once I said ‘Demon Cave Clearing Quest.’

‘There must not have been anybody who volunteered.’

It made sense. The difficulty would multiply by multiple degrees while having a female priest with us.

Even a normal Demon Cave Clearing Squad didn’t have enough volunteers that they needed to use use prisoners, so it wasn’t a surprise.

But it will be different now. Since I am here.

The winner of a Chaos Battle. Someone who successfully cleared a Demon Cave Clearing Quest.

It was a title that should give people a sense of hope. People who want to change their lives will aim for the large reward and apply.

But, if we are still lacking members, we will need to use prisoners again.

“Please come this way.”

I followed the priest and headed to the bishop. Next to the bishop was Shione, who had heard the news and came out as well.

They both recognized my face. It had only been about half a month since I left the Athena Temple last time.

The joy on the faces of both Shione and the bishop multiplied when they saw it was me.

“Oh, it is you. We are very thankful that you chose to participate again like this.”

“However, I have a request.”

“Please speak.”

He was speaking in a way to say he’ll listen to anything. Then I should be able to say a couple things.

It would be stupid to be humble and not say anything in a situation like this.

“First, if possible, I would like to take it as a quest from the Ares Temple.”

“Is there a special reason?”

“I want to bet Guard Points.”

“Our Athena Temple is giving Intelli Points as a reward as well. Of course, betting is allowed as well.”

I knew about that as well.

However, Guard Points were more useful to me than Intelli Points. I would also need to do a Athena Temple Blessing Quest to use Intelli Points as well.

“I will think about that in the future.”

“I understand. I will discuss the next Demon Cave Clearing Quest with the Ares Temple.”

“Second, please put me as the leader of the Demon Cave Clearing Squad.”

I had experience with successfully clearing a Demon Cave once already. That alone was enough to be the leader.

“That is not difficult. We will do as you asked.”

Can I get one more?

There really wasn’t anything else I had thought about. But since there was nothing to lose, let’s just ask anything that I can think of.

I happened to remember the items that the Athena Temple treats like treasures. One of them subconsciously slipped out of my mouth.

“I heard that the Gaia’s Armor Set is stored in the Athena Temple.”

The bishop’s face suddenly hardened.

“Gaia’s Armor Set!”

Shit! I must have said something wrong. The bishop’s expression seemed to say it was an, ‘Item that can never be lent out.’

It is an amazing armor set. Helmet, armor, pants, gloves, boots, and a ring. It is a set with a total of 6 items, and if you have the entire set, the extra option is amazing.

The more attractive part is that the restriction is, ‘Level 150,’ and nothing else.

Even so, it shouldn’t make the bishop show that type of reaction. Is there perhaps something else?

“That is an item we have specially received from his highness. This quest is important, but it is not something we can give as a reward.”

That makes sense.

Do I need to give up like this? Well, it is not like I didn’t expect it.

But I was still a bit disappointed. I quickly changed my words. I was hoping it would work.

“Then please let me borrow it.”


“I will return it after using it for the Demon Cave Clearing.”

After I said that, I felt like it was a really good idea.

The bishop wouldn’t be able to say no. No matter what, I at least had irrefutable qualifications.

Come at me bro. [1]

“But if you fail the Demon Cave Clearing……”

“I am asking to borrow it so that we can succeed. Bishop-nim wants us to succeed as well. Are you perhaps hoping that we fail?”

“Of, of course not. Still……”

“I also have this.”

I took out the Unicorn’s Horn Flute out of my bag. It was the reward I got for successfully clearing the last Demon Cave.

“Even if we fail the quest, I will be able to return alive no matter what. Which means the Gaia’s Armor Set will be 100% guaranteed to be returned as well.”

Shouldn’t this be enough?

The bishop did not have anything else to say. He hesitated for a moment, before finally nodding his head.

“I will ask the main temple.”

“Then please contact them. I will accept the Demon Cave Clearing Quest as soon as we are able to secure the Gaia’s Armor Set.”

This wasn’t my original goal.

But I am the one with the knife. The success of failure of the Demon Cave Clearing Squad will be determined by whether I am there or not.

“I understand. I will make sure to secure it. Please accept the quest first. I don’t think we will be able to fill the rest of the squad without it.”

He was planning on selling my name to gather members.

The bishop is a quick thinker as well, it seems.

“I understand. Please give me the quest.”

The bishop quickly put his hand on my head.

<You have received the Demon Cave Clearing Quest. Please use the Gaia’s Armor Set from the Athena Temple and retrieve the map piece with priest, Shione.
Should you succeed, the person with the greatest merit will receive the Holy Ring as a reward.>
[1] It wasn’t literally, ‘Come at me bro,’ but it was fitting

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