Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 91: Today’s Main Character (2)

“The direction is good! It might go in!”

“Wow, what is this?”

“Wow! It went in! Albatross!”


Clap clap clap-

The inside of the booth was full of shock and excitement. Everybody stood up and high fived one another.

The reaction of the Lions members was especially passionate. They clenched their fists and were extremely happy, as if they were the ones to record the albatross. [1]

I automatically started to smile.

‘Great! Now I should be able to get on the broadcast!’

I returned to my seat and put the headphones into my ear.

As soon as I did that, I could hear the excited voices of Han Sul Yi and the announcers.

<Omo! We have news that an albatross came out of booth 15.>

<It is player Kang Hwi Ram. Shall we take a look at the scene of the albatross together?>

<Wow! He swung really hard but it was really smooth. It was so great that you could even call it beautiful.>

<Indeed. That swing is so perfect that I cannot find any faults in it. If he can maintain that swing for the entire rounding, he could be a strong dark horse.>

<I am looking forward to it. He is 4 strokes ahead of Choi Sung Ook who is in second place. We are waiting to see whether he can maintain that record, as it will be quite entertaining to see as well.>

<Then shall we head back to look at player Choi Sung Ook’s second shot?>

What? It’s already over? Why is the ment [2] so short even though I recorded an albatross?

The ment about my uniform that I was looking forward to did not happen.

I guess I still don’t have much of an existence. There is nobody who knows about me, and more importantly, there should be nobody among the viewers who are interested in me.

‘Even still, I recorded an albatross.’

I guess that was not enough.

It just means that I need to keep drawing interest toward me. That is the only way for each and every thing about me to go viral.

‘I will make it so even my farting will become hot news.’

I will definitely make that happen.

Yes. It’s like I just sewed the first button on. If I keep on playing well, there is no way they can keep me off the camera.

There were enough chances for it. As the announcers mentioned earlier, the majority of the back 9 are short holes.

Of course, having a short distance did not mean that it was easy to do a tee shot on-green.

The 14th and 16th holes were like that.

I swung my driver in a refreshing way any time I got a chance to do so. Each time i did that, the gallery was full of excitement.

“Wow, he’s quite the long-distance hitter!”

“How can he be so accurate while sending it 350 meters?”

“It’s an eagle chance!”

However, the ball was not in a good location. The slope to the sides were so steep that I failed the eagle putt. The two shot on-green and one put hole-in during the par 5 hole 15 was the first eagle I got in the back 9.

Maybe I was on a roll, but I managed to do another tee shot on-green on the 17th hole and landed a 5 meter eagle putt to raise my score to -21.

The final 18th hole.

This hole was pretty long. It was a 407 meter, par 4, hole.

But it was a Dog Leg course that turned significantly to the right. If you considered a direct path, it was about 360 meters.

The upward slope was slightly severe, at 9 meters, however, the wind was moving forward. In fact, it was moving forward quite quickly, at 5.4 meters per hour. It was blowing slightly at an diagonal angle, however, I just needed to calculate the direction properly for that.

The problem was the distance.

Would I be able to safely land an on-green in one shot?

It’s a slightly questionable distance. An upward slope with overgrown trees in a forest in the middle. If the ball accidentally gets caught in a branch, it could land in the OB area.

I was the owner again this tee. I grabbed my driver and went up to the spot.

‘Should I just safely cut through?’

I did not contemplate it for long. If I think about my goal for joining the screen golf competition, I must definitely not cut through.

Grabbing people’s attention was more important than winning.

Which means, I needed to go for the all or nothing shots to make people’s hearts go crazy. Then, even if I fail and land an OB, it would still cause more of a commotion than safely cutting through.

The screen image was pointing completely away from the green at a fairway 250 meters away. It was showing that the safe way to cut through was normal. However, I turned the screen away. I made it point towards the deep forest to the right. If you follow that direction straight through, the green was at the other end.

The gallery started to mumble again.

“Wow, he’s planning on landing it on the green in one shot again.’

“His long-distance is quite good.”

“How is his direction so good when he is hitting it past 350 meters?”

“Isn’t he going to record a 49 stroke round like this?”

“Now that you mention it, if he makes another eagle, he’ll be 23 under par! Wow! I think this score might go down in golf history!”

“That’s not the end of it. It might cause an international sensation and get him introduced to other countries. Wow! To be able to see such a scene in person with my own eyes.”

“My heart is fluttering right now.”


‘Ah, son of a bitch. Does this make any sense?’

Hwang Joon Yul was about to go crazy. He sat down and put the headphones in as soon as he finished his shot, but he kept hearing a despicable name.

Kang Hwi Ram!

‘Shouldn’t they test this guy for steroids or something?’

But he could not do that. If he did that and ended up getting on the wrong side of Chairman Jung Man Yong, his whole life could break into two.

But it wasn’t like he could just let it be.

He couldn’t even hit properly because he was focused on Kang Hwi Ram. His normal skills would have recorded at least a 7 under par, but his mental broke down in the middle and he somehow ended up at par.

‘He really is a bastard. Was he my sworn enemy in a past life or something?’


Han Sul Yi could feel her heart beating crazily.

It was because of Kang Hwi Ram.

21 under par after 17 holes. If he could land another eagle on the 18th hole, he will have 23 under par.

49 strokes. It could be a historic day for screen golf broadcast.

However, the thing that was making her heart beat so fast Kang Hwi Ram’s golf skills itself.

She was using her tablet PC to see Kang Hwi Ram’s performance every chance she got. She was looking at his swing and his direction.

In simple terms, she was extremely shocked.

The driver distance was close to 350 meters.

Of course, there were many long-distance hitters. There were even people who could send it past 400 meters if they wanted to.

The world record was 551 yards, or over 500 meters.

Because of that, you couldn’t say a driver distance of 350 meters was very shocking. Since there was also a downward slope and a backwind, it would be possible to easily send it 400 meters.

However, the important factor was the direction.

Kang Hwi Ram’s shot never faltered. He had also never failed an on-green he aimed for.

It was not just his driver. Wood, long iron, approach, no matter what it was, he seemed to be a master of all clubs.

The more surprising fact was that Kang Hwi Ram was a newbie who had been playing golf for less than 1 year.

Of course, it was possible that he was just joking.

Either way, it was an amazing talent and an amazing score. It was so amazing that it made no sense that they would not send such a competition on TV.

“It is player Kang Hwi Ram’s last hole. Shouldn’t we at least send this hole out on broadcast?”

She turned her microphone off and quietly whispered.

“The producers felt the same way. However, they could not make the decision.”

“The Lead PD will not let us send it out.”

It was because of Golden Dragon Group’s Chairman Jung Man Yong. Since he might be watching, they were told to focus on the Golden Dragon Kids.

Truthfully speaking, Han Sul Yi had been given the same special command.

Even still, this was not it. It was a moment that an overwhelming first place, and one that may go down in history was about to be made. If she was Chairman Jung Man Yong, even if she treasured the Golden Dragon Kids, she would definitely want to see this history in the making.

At least for anyone who loves golf that is.

“I will ask the PD-nim.”

Thankfully, it was time to run some advertisements. She quickly made a call to the lead PD.

“Please send out player Kang Hwi Ram’s image. We need to.”

– But Chairman Jung will see it.

“The Chairman will want that too. The chairman is someone who wants Korean Golf to lead the PGA. He is not looking for a special person’s success.”

– You think so?

“Think about it. If he makes this eagle, he will be 23 under par and finish at 49 strokes. This could be the moment that Korea’s Golf Hero might be born. Wouldn’t we get in trouble if the Chairman cannot see such an image on live broadcast?”

The PD seemed to be contemplating for a bit. He then seemed to have made up his mind as he confidently answered.

– I think Miss Han Sul Yi is right. The ads are over. We will send the image of booth 15.

The TV image turned on. It as Kang Hwi Ram in booth 15. He had stood up to take his shot for the final 18th hole.

Han Sul Yi felt like her eyes became bright for an instant.


She had seen many men until now. She had received many advances from them as well. There were some athletes, celebrities, singers, and even the son of a large business president.

Of course there were some with great physiques and some that were extremely handsome.

However, she had never felt like they were ‘beautiful.’

But the moment she looked at Kang Hwi Ram, she almost said that out loud.

Was it because of the Dandelion designed uniform? Or is it because of the muscular body that was emphasized by the uniform? Or is it just because of his handsome face? If it is not even that, was she blinded by the fact that she was shocked by this historic golf score?

No matter what, she felt like he looked more charming than any other man she had seen before.

Why didn’t she get this feeling when they met last time?

The announcer next to Han Sul Yi lightly tapped her forearm. He was telling her to quickly start commenting.

Only then did she realize she blanked out for a moment.

The dice had been cast. She didn’t know whether Chairman Jung Man Yong of the Golden Dragon Group would like it or not, but she needed to do her best.

She was sure that even Chairman Jung Man Yong would be happy to see the birth of a new golf star. And making that happen was the responsibility of the announcers and the commentator.

“This is player Kang Hwi Ram who is currently in first place with an overwhelming score of 21 under par. He only has this final 18th hole left.”

“He has already recorded an albatross as well as multiple eagles. Will player Kang Hwi Ram aim for an eagle on this hole as well? Han Sul Yi expert-nim, what do you think he will do?”

“If you think about the straight distance, it is about 360 meters to the hole cup. Even though there is an uphill slope, if he uses the backwind, he could aim for a tee-shot on-green with a 350 meter shot. If you think about this player’s play style until now, I believe he will aim for it.”

Han Sul Yi said that as she shouted in her mind.

‘You have to do it. If you are a man. Please.’

While she said that, she paid attention to Kang Hwi Ram’s movement through the screen.

Kang Hwi Ram moved without any hesitation. As soon as he got up on the plate, he moved the screen. It was not directed to the fairway but to the deep forest.

Han Sul Yi’s heart was about to burst.

‘Yes, just like that! Please get it on! Leave a mark in history!’

The announcers were chatting loudly next to her. They were talking about how this was a historic moment, how this was a dangerous challenge, etc. to rile the audience up as much as possible.

They also kept sending signals to Han Sul Yi to say something as well.

But Han Sul Yi could not say anything.

It was as if her lips were frozen.

No, this was a situation that needed no comment. Anybody who was watching this right now would be focused on Kang Hwi Ram’s shot and not the ments themselves.

While she was thinking that, Kang Hwi Ram finished setting his direction. He lightly took one practice swing before setting up his address.


Han Sul Yi subconsciously started to mumble. She did not know that her voice was flowing through the broadcast.

Kang Hwi Ram swung his driver.

There was no hesitation in the shot. It was a strong swing that was full of confidence.

Clang- Pangya!

“It was a good hit! The sound was good!”

Han Sul Yi shouted again. It was not meant for the program. It was a subconscious comment that just popped out.

The TV screen showed the screen in booth 15.

The screen showed the ball that was flying forward, before suddenly changing. It had changed into heli-cam mode and started to follow the ball.

There was one thing that this meant. It was at least not an OB or hazard.


Han Sul Yi let out another shout. It was not a response fitting an expert announcer. The announcers next to her tapped Han Sul Yi’s shoulder as if to tell her to get it together.

But Han Sul Yi could not come to her senses. She subconsciously shouted once more when the ball made a good bounce before rolling onto the green.

“Oh my! It is on. Just look at it! It caught a great run! The strength and direction is great! There is no way …… again……?”
[1] It’s a hole-in-one…not an albatross…but whatever…
[2] Short for comment

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