Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 94: Here are My Conditions (2)

It aligned perfectly. The height of the back swing, the amount of time stopped up top, the angle and speed of the swing, the twist of the hips and legs, even the follow swing.

It was so perfect that it was almost as if one video was divided into multiple clips before being put back together to overlap one another.

Even Chairman Jung Man Yong, who was not easily surprised, was in disbelief.

“Is he a robot or something? Is this really possible? Try matching yesterday’s video as well.”

The computer expert tinkered with the video once more.

It was the same. It was hard enough to make the same day’s swing the same, but even the day before’s swings were perfectly synced without even 1 millimeter error.

It was not just the driver. The iron was the same. There was absolutely no difference at all.

“Isn’t this an amazing skill?”

All of the experts nodded at Chairman Jung Man Yong’s question.

“It definitely is an amazing ability. If you could always create the same swing, it would be weird for you to not succeed in golf.”

“He will definitely succeed in the field as well if he can recreate such perfect swings. In addition, if a 350 meter driver shot is this accurate, it would not be a dream to surpass the KPGA and conquer the PGA.”

Jung Man Yong’s eyes were sparkling wildly.

There was only one thing on his mind.

‘We need to grab him no matter what. We need to put the Golden Dragon logo on him and send him to the PGA.’

It made him think of a face. The connection that could help them secure Kang Hwi Ram.

“Contact Joon Yul right away!”


I swung the driver as hard as I could.


The sound was not bad, but the hit itself was a mess. There was a giant hook, so that it swung wildly to the left. It also did not go further than 300 meters.

“I guess this is not it either.”

There was something I realized through this hole-in-one screen golf competition. In order for me to surpass Korea and enter the PGA, and then to succeed in the PGA, there is something I need to make sure to get.

The first is my driver’s distance. If I can safely send it 400 meters, I should be able to get a lot of eagle chances for most par 4 holes.

Second is putting. Although the skill has been created, it still was not at a level I was satisfied with. It was this way on the screen, so how bad would it be on the field? I hear the field is much harder.

Now that I think about it, the the KPGA pro qualifying rounds start in a few days.

Of course, it will not be hard to pass the qualifications. I’m confident my current skills are more than enough for that.

But my goal was not just passing the qualifications. It is because a lot of people are looking at me right now because of the hole-in-one screen golf competition.

I’ve already received a lot of interviews from the press and different magazines. Each of them were interested in how amazing of a score I will get in the pro qualifying rounds.

Of course, there were people talking about the opposite as well.

[Someone who is only good in screen golf]
[He’ll be terrible out on the field]

That was why I’ve been practicing golf nonstop for 10 days. I wanted to show them that I was not only good good in screen golf. I wanted to let them know that someone who can rule the world of golf has appeared in Korean men’s golf as well.

That is how to keep the attention on me as well as let it expand even more.

I swung my driver once more.


‘It’s not that easy.’

The distance and the direction was a mess.

I checked the video once again on my phone. It was a video for the driver swing Choi Sung Ook showed at the hole-in-one golf competition.

Choi Sung Ook is both shorter and skinnier than I am.

But his driver distance was 400 meters.

That means his distance is based on the swing and impact, and not his own strength. That was why I was trying to copy his driver swing form. If I can make that into a skill, I feel like I could safely land a 400+ meter driver shot.

“You do it like this…… ah, the hips turn first!”

I’ve been working on this for close to two months. I also viewed my changed swing and compared them as well.

Maybe that was why I felt like I was starting to get a feel for it.

Choi Sung Ook’s hips seem to support his body well.

But my swing seems to be missing that support between the hips and the body as they move.

‘Is it like this? Or like this?’

I took another look at the video of Choi Sung Ook and fixed my swing.

After doing that for a while, I felt like I knew what to do.

Of course, I shouldn’t have high expectations. Even though I have felt like this many times, when I try it out for real, it feels a bit awkward.

I got into position and tried a practice swing.

The address was definitely different than the driver 300 skill. You put your weight much further back for this swing. There is also a lot more hip motion in the practice swing. As for the backswing, it was stupidly large.

Booooong – Boooong –

‘Oh! This doesn’t feel too bad!’

It felt really natural for some reason. I felt like my hips were moving properly as well.

I tried hitting the ball like that.


I did not put much strength in to it. I just swung the driver with the swing movement.

But the ball was still flying far away. The distance was 270 meters.

My eyes opened instantly.

‘This is it! It’s finally right!’

I was certain that I had figured out Choi Sung Ook’s swing.

I tried hitting the ball once more.

I already used a Jewel of Creation, so the feeling from the last swing still remained in my body. I chased after that feeling and swung the driver with much more strength this time.


The sound of the impact was so clear.

After finishing my driver swing, I turned my head to check the screen.

The screen was currently set to practice lounge. It was enlarged to show the 200 meter area.

But the ball did not seem to want to fall down, even as it went by the 200 meter area. It continued to fly further. It was also flying perfectly straight. It then fell around the 340 meter mark and continued to roll.

The total distance was 371 meters.


I shouted out as I clenched my fist.

I finally got it right.

It still was not my goal distance, but it will slowly go up as I increase the skill level.

I need to practice this while I have the feel for it.

I set up my address once more.

Riiiiiing- Riiiiiiiing-

‘Who is calling me at this important time? Is it Miss Han Sul Yi?’

I was supposed to learn putting from Han Sul Yi today. But there was still some time left.

I didn’t care whether my phone was ringing or not. Even if it was from Han Sul Yi, this driver skill was much more important right now.

I continued to practice this new driver swing.

The direction still had an error rate of 5 percent, but the distance easily went to 370m.

I filled the full 1 hour that way.

I opened my phone and checked the skill window.

[Driver 370 skill: Beginner 3%]

‘I knew it.’

The skill experience level was very low.

If the basic skill and swing was similar, the experience would have quickly risen as soon as the skill was created. But since the swing itself changed quite a bit, I needed to increase it like I was starting all over.

As I do that, there will come a day I can change the name to Driver 400 skill.

Riiiiiiiiing- Riiiiiiiiiiing-

The phone was ringing again.

I started to frown as soon as I saw who was calling.

“These people again……!”

It is the Golden Dragon Group people.

They’ve been annoying me over and over for the last two months. They wanted me to sign a contract with them and put a Golden Dragon Logo on my hat.

Of course I declined. Unless I am stupid, there was no reason to sign a contract with a sponsor right now.

I was still a complete nobody. They just approve of my potential because of the screen competition.

But that will change soon. Once I complete the pro qualifying round and other public competitions, they will approve of my abilities and not just my potential. And it will be out in the real field, not just a screen.

Then wouldn’t I be able to easily get more than 10 times my current worth?

It was not something to rashly make a decision.

I still picked up the phone with a slightly rough voice.


– We hope you are doing well……

“I am not well because you all keep bothering me from practice so just quickly tell me what you want. Why do you keep annoying me?”

– What are your conditions? If you are sponsored by our Golden Dragon Group, entry into the PGA……

The same repertoire. You should at least change your method if you keep getting rejected.

Then I should give them a condition that will be hard for them to accept.

“Contract year 1 year. Contract amount 1,000,000,000 won. Please donate it to the Dandelion School in my name. That is my condition.”

– What? 1 billion won for 1 year…… Can we at least meet up……

He seems a bit down. The way he is talking makes it sound like ‘how could you call out such an improbable amount.’

That was why I said that number in the first place. It wasn’t like I was playing golf because i had no money.

“I am busy enough practicing. I have no desire to come to a compromise so call me if you accept. If not, don’t call me. I am hanging up now.”

– Wait……

I just hung up. It definitely wasn’t respectful, but they were the ones to not be respectful first.

I grabbed my driver and started to practice again.

Han Sul Yi came into the room about 30 minutes later.

It happened to be the moment my hit reached 380m. She started to shout in shock as soon as she entered.

“Omo! You can send it 380m with your driver?”

“I get a good hit every so often. Your uniform is so cool.”

“Isn’t it? I like it very much too.”

Han Sul Yi lifted her arms up and spun around once as if she was saying take a good look.

It was a Dandelion Uniform. We asked the female high school student Kim Soo Jung who dreams of becoming a designer. But where should I look? Han Sul Yi’s large chest was even more visible today.

Kim Soo Jung’s design preference seems to emphasize the body.

I quickly turned my gaze elsewhere.

“Shall we go practice?”


We left the building together.

This practice building had areas for screen, indoor practicing, as well as putting greens. The grass was well-kept so even pro players frequently used it.

That was why I pretty much lived here the last two months. I practiced my driver and iron at the screen and spent the rest of the time crouched on the green practicing line reading.

Of course Han Sul Yi helped out quite a bit.

Thanks to that, I felt like I was getting pretty good at line reading.

“I’d say about 2 cups to the left?”

Once I stated my thoughts, Han Sul Yi commented on it.

“I would say another half cup to the left.”

We’ll find out who is right once we hit it.

I moved my putter.

My distance anticipating was pretty perfect even on the field now. I could almost always send it within 1 meter of the cup..

The problem was the direction.

As expected, Han Sul Yi was a little more accurate. It missed the hole cup by about 5cm and continued to roll.

“Ah, why is this so hard?”

“This much is pretty accurate already. Most pro players will not be able to hit like this.”

Han Sul Yi started to console me.

But it did not do much for me. I wasn’t playing golf to be like most pros.

If I am going to start, might as well dominate the PGA. In order to do that, I need to be much more accurate than now.

I started to move my putter again.


“How did it go?”

The promotion team members lowered their heads at Hwang Joon Yul’s question. They needed to at least meet face to face to talk about a contract, but Kang Hwi Ram would not meet with them.

But it wasn’t like they could go look for him at the practice range. The last time they did that, they ended up building up a lot of negative feelings and ended up being chased away.

They were just thankful he was willing to tell them his conditions over the phone.

They had no choice but to at least tell Hwang Joon Yul about that.

“He wants 1 billion won for 1 year.”

“In other words, we think he has no plans on making a deal with us.”

“Ah, I’m about to go crazy!”

Hwang Joon Yul could not hold in his anger and chucked the files in his hand.

The sheets of paper falling down looked like Kang Hwi Ram was making fun of Hwang Joon Yul.

No matter how much he thought, he couldn’t understand it.

It was actually Hwang Joon Yul who first offered Kang Hwi Ram a contract. It was a really good deal at 300 million won for 1 year.

Even the best players in Korea would find 1 year 500 million won to be good. So to offer such a deal to an amateur was really good.

But why would he decline it?

There was only one thing Hwang Joon Yul could think of.

‘This bastard is trying to get back at me.’

That was why he did not push it and sent the promotion team. He felt like it would only be worse if he showed his face.

“When did you say the pro qualifying rounds were?”

“It is in exactly one week.”

He needed to put the Golden Dragon logo on Kang Hwi Ram’s hat before then. It did not matter what he needed to do to get that done. That was the homework Chairman Jung Man Yong had given him.

But he might end up being yelled at if he gave in and agreed to the 1 year 1 billion won deal.

They needed to make a contract that was as frugal as possible.

“Wow, this is really an impossible mission. Hmm? An impossible mission?’

Once his thoughts got to that point, he suddenly came up with an idea.

“Agree to the conditions.”

Hwang Joon Yul started to speak to the promotion team members. They all looked at him in disbelief.

“What? Then 1 year for 1 billion won……?”

“But put some conditions in.”

“What kind of conditions……?”

“We will only deposit the money if he places in the top three of the qualifying round. If he fails, 1 year for 100 million won. However, we will give 200 million extra if he passes in first place, another 300 million won if he passes the actual test in first place, and an extra 500 million won whenever he makes a new lowest score record, whether it is the qualifying rounds or the main round.”

The promotion team all looked dazed. No matter what, that seemed to be impossible.

But it wasn’t like they could dare to talk back since they knew of Hwang Joon Yul’s personality.

“What are you doing? Hurry up and go get him to sign the contract. We need to get him no matter what. It is a special request from the Chairman.”

“……Yes. We understand.”

The promotion team exited the office as if they were getting chased out.

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