Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 97: Dragon Fear (2)

“Leader, do you have a plan?”

Of course I have a plan. The problem is that we do not have much time. After about 5 more minutes, another Dragon Fear will come out.

Then they will start to crouch in fear once more. I need to finish the preparations before all of this becomes useless.

“We need to first head to the Hall entrance. I will explain on the way.”

“Let’s go.”

“Alright. Let’s go.”

Everybody got up from their seats. Shione and I took the lead while the members followed behind us.

There were some members who were still afraid, but they followed once the majority of the group moved up.

I explained the plan briefly as we moved.

“You understand?”

The members vigorously nodded their heads.

“We understand.”

“We will just trust leader-nim.”

We reached the hall entrance while discussing like that.

We had just over 1 minute before the Dragon Fear came out once more. Everyone was crouched in front of the hall entrance waiting for the next order.

“Let’s drink a potion first.”

I first took out a potion and drank the entire bottle. It was an antidote and a healing potion. The other members drank the potions like I did.

I used the remaining time to put my available points to agility.

[Kang Hwi Ram, Level 296]
Dexterity: Advanced level 6, 89%
Strength: 250
Agility: 1,317
Stamina: 96
Intuition: 126
Magic: 62
Vitality: 39
Mana: 492
HP: 674
Endurance: 35
Reinforced Toughness: 100
Guard Point: 396
Intelli Point: 350

I changed my cutlass not too long ago. Avanguarde’s dwarves Bachu and Pichu sent it to be as a gift saying they made new ones.

[Bachu’s Cutlass-17]
Durability: 99/104
Attack Strength: 86
Attack Speed: 78
Restriction: Strength 98, Agility 376, Level 200

[Pichu’s Cutlass-21]
Durability: 96/103
Attack Strength: 89
Attack Speed: 76
Restriction: Strength 100, Agility 371, Level 198

Seeing the numbers behind the names, they must have tried many times to make them. They sent it to me with a happy heart as if they were competing with each other.

I thought that they were great pieces. Both the attack strength and attack speed were much higher than the average cutlass. Bachu and Pichu’s skill must have increased significantly as they competed with each other.

If they can make swords like this, they should be able to challenge for the Best Blacksmith in the near future.

Either way, I raised my strength to 250 to pass the strength restriction (TL: Why 250 when it was 100…). I also put some points into magic and intuition to make hunting a little safer.

Even so, my agility was over 1,300.

With these stats, I should have a good chance of success.

The question is whether I can make it to the underbelly of the Bone Dragon, but that really depended on the teamwork with my peers. It was only possible to achieve in one try.

I clenched my fist and pushed it out in front of the team to show my resolve. The team members bit down on their lips as they clenched their fists as well.


The Dragon Fear was used once more. It really was a fearful noise that was hard to overcome.

“Ah, shit. I can’t put any strength in my legs.”

“I can’t move.”

The members sat down as if they all made a promise to do so.

Bowchi, Jones, Pedro and others who had sob stories clenched their teeth and tried to persevere, but there was no more than 10 people like that.

Even I could feel my legs losing strength for no reason.

But I needed to overcome it.

I glanced over to Shione.


Shione nodded her head before sitting down and cupping her hands.

Once she did that, I could feel a warm sensation filling my body. I could clearly tell that the Dragon Fear became much weaker.

Now we really had no time. We needed to finish this before the next Dragon Fear came out.

“Everybody get up! We only have one chance. If we miss this, we will all die here!”

I shouted out loudly. I even grabbed some of them by the collar to get them up.

Once I did that, the members started to regain their strength as well.

“Let’s go. Even if we die, we have to die fighting.”

“Who says we will die? We need to kill that bastard.”

There was still enough fear to make their legs shake, but it was not enough to prevent them from fighting.

“Shields, out!”

I shouted out loudly.

Everybody took the shields out of their bags. The shields were large enough to cover their entire bodies.

Only I did not have a shield. Instead, I had BachuPichu’s Twin Blades in both hands.

“Arrow Formation!”

The members moved behind me.

However, not all of the members were able to regain their courage. About 15 of them could not overcome the Dragon Fear.

Those types of people won’t be helpful even if they took part. It is better to move with a smaller group.

The members moved in rhythm. They ran quickly and created an arrowhead with me in the vanguard. It was an extremely pointy formation.


We ran while maintaining the formation.

We could see the large Bone Dragon. It seemed to be the size of an average 5 story villa.


The Bone Dragon let out a roar.

The sound was similar to the Dragon Fear, but it was not the Dragon Fear. I did not feel much fear from it.

Instead, the monsters nearby started to run toward us.

There were still thousands of monsters left. In addition, all of them were strong monsters close to level 300.

“Throw the Fire Marbles!”

The fire marbles the members threw made a crackling noise as they started to create fire pillars.

However, the fire was not that strong. It would be pretty useful against level 100 monsters, but these monsters were close to level 300.

Even so, it succeeded in suppressing their momentum.

“Prepare for a hit! Support!”

Everyone readied their shields as they stood shoulder to shoulder. They then pushed forward with all of their strength. Bowchi and the support magicians following behind them controlled the mana.

Boom! Booooom!

The monsters smashed directly into the shields.

All of the defenders with shields were strong individuals. I was looking for strong individuals instead of talented attackers when I was selecting the team.

Although that was the case, they still let out a groan at the strong impact.



I personally did not feel much impact. I hid my body between two defenders right before the moment of impact.

That was our plan from the beginning. I am not much help when it comes to defending.

People around level 150 have similar strength to what I have, but now, I am significantly lower in strength.

“Hold on! Push!”

The defenders used all of their strengths to push the monsters back. The pointy arrow seemed to pierce through the monsters as we moved forward at a pretty fast speed.

While we did that, I glared at the Bone Dragon.

We quickly reached up to 20m in front of it. Now the defenders should be able to see the Bone Dragon  past their shields.

I could see the Bone Dragon taking a deep breath.

This was the moment I was waiting for.

“Gather the shields!”

I also took a shield out of my bag. The magicians did the same as well.

Everybody took out a shield and covered above like we were making the roof of a building. The defenders closed in so that there were no gaps in the, ‘roof.’

It was like we were making a turtle shell out of the shields.

At the same time, the Bone Dragon’s Breath came out.

Kwa Kwa Kwa-

It was a poisonous breath.

The majority was blocked by the shields, but there were some that made it through the cracks, as well as some that bounced off the ground and attacked from underneath.

It was painful. Each time it hit your skin, it felt like you were being stabbed by a knife.


“Hold on a little more! Then you’ll live!”

I was being honest. This was the last hurdle.

“Open the shields!”

I shouted out loud.

The two defenders who replaced me as the point opened a path for me.

I threw my shield to the side as I ran swinging my twin blades.

[Combo (Under 40%): Advanced level 1, 13%]
[Drake’s TBSA: Intermediate Level 9, 79%]


Thanks to my increased agility and skill level, combo became even faster. With the right conditions, I could even attack over 5 times in one second.

In addition, there were so many monsters that I was slashing two to three monsters with each hit.

The combo went up in count very quickly. Within 3-4 seconds, it was already at a 25 hit combo.

Similarly, the damage exponentially went up as well. Once Combo hit the advanced level, the damage raised 22% per hit.


I was causing 3,000 damage at 25 hit, and close to 8,000 damage at 30 hit. And at barely a 43 hit combo, I was causing over 10,000 damage.

It didn’t even take 10 seconds to get to a 43 hit combo.

It was pretty much one hit KO from there. The monsters that were close to level 300 could not stand even a single hit of the cutlass.




I became the point of the arrow and created a path between the monsters, and the rest of the arrow pushed through the gap to move forward.

The Bone Dragon’s Breath has a cooltime of only 30 seconds.

I need to make it under him before 30 seconds is up. If not, I will end up facing the breath right in front of me.

We lost 3-4 people because of the breath at 20m away. I’m sure a breath attack from right in front of us will be much stronger.

“Run if you don’t want to die!”

I swung my cutlass like I was crazy. I needed to first make a large gap for the members to be able to push through.

I could feel pain all over my body. I even almost fell down when a Death Dog bit my thigh.

I could hear the groans from the members behind me as well.



I think around 10 of them died already. There should be less than 60 of them left.

But we cannot stop here. If we do, we will be massacred.

There is less than 10m left. Just a few more steps.

I really want to use Bladestorm, but in this situation, that could end up just causing a team kill.

“We’re almost there! Push!”

I led the group. I restarted my broken combo and pushed forward. A Death Dog took a good bite out of my thigh and a strong poison spread through my body, but I did not stop.


The Bone Dragon’s resistance became rougher as well. It swung its large tail.

The tail was so strong it even took some of the nearby monsters as well.

The members were not safe either. Around 10 members fell over with their shields.

I barely managed to dodge it by rolling on the ground. I then started to create my combo again.

“Get up!”

The only thing I could do to help was shout at them. Everybody needed to take care of their own lives.

As I moved along like that, I finally ended up under the Bone Dragon’s chest.

There were a lot of monsters down here as well.

But there were no strong monsters down here. The majority of the monsters were small but agile monsters like the Death Dog or Bone Cat.

Even so, their agility could not even measure up to the tip of my toe. They were pretty much just there to serve as stepping stones for my combo.

Which means, this was my world.

‘I need to stab the Bone Dragon’s heart!’

The Bone Dragon’s heart was in the center of the chest like humans. It was the Bone Dragon’s most critical weakness.

I created my combo against the Death Dogs and Bone Cats as I started to run toward the Dragon’s chest.

The Bone Dragon was still moving roughly. It continued to swing its tail to attack the members that got close to him.

Every time it did that, the members and nearby monsters were swept away before getting back up and repeating it. Over half of them were dead already. The remaining members were less than 30.

I needed to hurry.

I must have moved about 10m like that.

‘There it is!’

I could see the Bone Dragon’s heart beating underneath its ribs.

My combo was already at 50 hits.

I had no reason to hesitate. I ran underneath the heart, kicked off the ground, and stretched my cutlass forward.


The heart bursted like a water balloon and red blood poured all over me.


I started to feel dizzy and wanted to vomit. I knew the Bone Dragon’s blood was poisonous, but it seemed to be stronger than I expected.

But I needed to persevere.

The Bone Dragon was crumbling while shouting out in pain. If I lingered here using the dizziness as an excuse, I will end up being crushed.


I quickly rolled my body to get away.

But something weird happened. Every time I moved, the monsters became shocked and ran away from me.

I didn’t think it would be easy to create a combo because of my dizziness, so I was thankful for it.

But what would the reason be? Is it because of the Bone Dragon’s blood?

I didn’t even have the time to think.

But I was able to think about a way to use this to my advantage.

I used all of my strength to run toward the few remaining team members.

Only about 20 of the managed to survive. Even so, they had a lot of injuries on their bodies.

With the injuries on their body, they had their shields out to defend against the monsters as best as they could.

“This way!”

I shouted loudly as I ran toward them. Every time I did that, the monsters made a miraculous road as they ran away from me. The members clenched their teeth and ran toward me.

I could finally find some time to relax after reuniting with the members.

Everybody opened their bags and quickly drank a HP potion. The ones we drank earlier were Intermediate potions that look a long time to completely heal you, while we drank the highest grade potions that instantly healed you right now.

“What happened?”

The members looked toward the Bone Dragon that fell over to the side and flailed around. On the outside, it did not seem to be hurt at all.

“I stabbed the Bone Dragon’s heart. It should die soon.”

As soon as I finished saying that, I could hear a message in my head.

<Your level has increased.
You have hunted a Bone Dragon on your own. You have received the title of Bone Dragon Slayer. Your fame has increased by 100. The title can be made visible as you wish.
You have gained the Dragon Fear scroll.
You have gained a piece of an old map.>

<Dragon Fear (2) End>

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