Solo Clear – Chapter 15: Training. Solitude.

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“30 hours, 40 minutes and 30 seconds is left until the next attack.”

When I sat up from the bed, 18 hours had already passed.
Thankfully, nothing happened during that time since the place was dead quiet.
When I walked outside, No. 1 and No. 2 were busily running around and fixing the defense line.

“Oh, you’re awake!!”
“Good morning.”

Is it morning?

The sky of the second stage was dark and gloomy as usual.
This stage didn’t have a night or day and seemed to have made it so that it was dark all day long.
It’s probably best not to expect any sun during this stage.

“Is it always dark here?”
“That’s right. It’s always dark.”

No. 1 answered my question.

“Good job.”
“We just did our job.”

It seemed like No. 1 and No. 2 didn’t rest for a second while I was asleep because their bodies were covered in dirt.

Thanks to them, the fortress is now living up to its name.

[Tower of Steel – LV4]
Made out of wood, the tower’s defense has increased.
Binoculars and automatic attack functions are provided.

The description of the tower changed and the exterior changed for the better as well.
Now, there was a ladder that I could climb up.
When the tower couldn’t be fixed, there wasn’t a way for me to climb up to the top.
Like an excited child, I quickly climbed up the ladder.

I couldn’t see anything.

I thought my eyesight had increased just as much as my stats.
I guess it was strong enough to see the figures that were lying within the darkness.


At the top of the tower, there was a ballista and pair of binoculars.
I didn’t know how to use the ballista, but I did know how to use the binoculars.


As soon as I used the binoculars, I couldn’t help but be amazed.
I think it has the ability to see through the darkness, because I was able to see past the darkness that covered the place.
Before I went to sleep, I saw a graveyard and behind it, ruins.

I could tell there were items there just from looking at it.
After I climbed down the ladder, No. 1 was fixing the canon and I asked.

“Do you know anything about the ruin that’s behind the graveyard?”

Instead of answering, No. 1 just shook its head.

I’m sure no one would dare to go.

Protecting the fortress was the way to clear the second stage.
So, there was no reason to take any dangerous chances because the stage can be cleared as long as the fortress is well protected.
Since protecting the fortress was the requirement, I’m sure many of the clans wouldn’t think about leaving the fortress to explore the place.

Those without imagination will die first.

It’s what I’ve always thought whenever I saw the college group.
Those that don’t think outside of the box prevent themselves from maturing and it actually suppresses it.
The manager only said to protect the fortress during the undead’s attack.
They didn’t mention any other rules.

Just from looking at the current situation, I’m sure there won’t be any special events during the next 30 hours.
If that’s the case, what can I do during that time?
I thought about a lot of different things.
And among them, there was one thing that I really wanted to do.

It was to train my body first.

When I cleared the mine, there was a change in my stats.

Power: 31 (+5) Stamina; 32 (+4) Agility: 35 (+3) Mana: 22 Luck: 21 (+2)
Thanks to the fight with the trolls, I earned a good amount of experience and my stats were increased again.
When I look back, I acknowledge the fact that I was a bit impatient.
If I took time to get used to the power that I got from the secret, I could’ve taken the trolls a lot easier.

Audison’s Barbed Axe was definitely a great item, but since I’ve never used an axe before, I couldn’t use all the power that this item provided.

Bam!!! Bam!!

I even tried using it on a dead tree.

I expected the tree to fall instantly, but even after using the axe for a minute, it didn’t look like it was going to fall anytime soon.

For a dead tree, it sure is sturdy.

My stance was probably one of the reasons.
The sturdiness of this tree couldn’t be compared to the tree in reality.

“It’ll be tough. The trees in the second stage has endured for hundreds of years. Even though they’re dead, they take pride in their level of endurance.”

While working, No. 2 turned to me explained.

“That makes me want to cut it down even more.”

Provoked by what No. 2 said, I decided not cut it down with just brute force.
It’s the basic of the basics when it comes to battles.
Whether you’re exercising or studying, there’s a correct stance for each one.

I gathered the strength from my ankle, to my knees, to my thighs and then to my back.
Taking my stance, I gathered the strength from my upper body and.


The sound of a crack could be heard.
Compared to when I was just mindlessly using brute force, the sound was totally different.

“Your combat skills are great. You’ve must’ve worked out in the real world, right?”
“…I haven’t tried, but I think I might’ve done well if I did.”

I was about three times stronger than an adult male.
My overall figure might not be anything special, but there’s a possibility that I might’ve achieved something greater.
Like No. 2 had mentioned, maybe I was born to have great combat skills.

After using the axe a couple more times, the tree fell over.
Next, I decided to place it vertically and use the axe to make firewood.
That alone took three hours.


My clothes became wet due to the sweat and the way it was sticking to my skin gave a bad vibe.
Thankfully, it wasn’t that bad.
Seeing the wood all lined up made me feel like I’ve accomplished something.
Of course I had no use for them.

“We can’t even throw them away.”

No. 1 commented as if they’ve read my mind.
Since they were robots, they didn’t display any emotions.
Maybe it’s just me, but it felt like they were looking at me with a pitiful look.

Feeling a bit hungry, I visited the store and purchased an energy bar and water.
They had other food, but price when comparing the price, these two were the best options.

One can tell just from the basic supplies that were provided.

I missed eating meat.

It’s the thought that I have as I fill my stomach with the energy bar.
To think that I have to eat this chocolate covered nuts for all three meals.
A large piece of meat with beautiful marbling.
The juice that escapes from the meat when cooking it over the fire.
Wow, just thinking about it makes me drool.

Even if I was broke, I ate it at least once a week.

I wonder if I can go back.

How has the real world changed?
Is the media even trying to find the missing people?

Whenever there was an issue, the country usually tried to solve it, so I had some expectation.

“No. 1, No. 2, can you guys be my fighting partners?”
“That’s a negative.”
“We do not have any combat abilities.”

Since I was used to the weapon, next was for me to test it in combat.
No matter how many times I practice, if I don’t apply it in battle, it’ll just get me killed.
That’s why, experience is just as important as information.
Unfortunately, No. 1 and No. 2 didn’t have any other skills.

It would be great if I could fight a troll or against an opponent that was slightly stronger than me.

I needed an intense fight where both of us were putting our life on the line.
It’s probably crazy, but.
There was a higher chance of surviving if I become stronger and even though it’s an intense battle, I needed that opportunity.

Is it human…?

As of right now, I did long to meet a fellow survivor, but I immediately shook it off.
There was one person that had two metal robots, an axe and a shield.
That was all that the My Way clan had in their fortress.

Ever since I was a kid, I always kept my distance from the other kids, so suffering due to loneliness was really weird.
I became emotional about Oh Hana because she chose to survive by herself, but was sacrificed because of it. As a fellow solo survivor, I felt that I needed to resolve it.

Despite of it, I felt a certain emptiness on one side of my heart.
Everyone had that fear of not knowing when they would die and maybe I just wanted to shake off feeling.
I scrunched up my face after realizing that my feelings had changed compared to the feelings that I had when I first started.

One thing I was sure of was, despite this unexplainable loneliness, I was going to stand by the decision that I made in the beginning and survive on my own.

“Jeez. There’s no end to it once I become gloomy…let’s keep moving.”

In order to get rid of the irrelevant thoughts in my head, I needed to move.

I stood up after thinking about the ruin that was lying behind the graveyard.

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