Solo Clear – Chapter 16: Secret Weapon.

Before leaving for the ruin, he read the guidebook, which contained important information about the Undead.
A living corpse was known as the Undead and they had rotten skin and were shaped like a skeleton.
They can’t be completely killed with just physical attacks.
They can only be killed through a purification process or by burning them until their ashes remained.

Since I didn’t know which method was more effective, I purchased a large amount of D rank Holy Water and Molotov.
I also bought Release Potions and Healing Potions.

I put all the items that I’ll need during the exploration into my inventory.

“I’ll be back.”
“Are you going out?”
“But, there isn’t a place for you to go here.”
“I’m going to explore the forest over there.”

After pointing to the forest that looked like it would be filled with ghosts, No. 1 and No. 2 looked like they wanted to tell me something.
They might think that giving their master advice would be considered rude.
I just hope their extreme loyalty won’t cause them to become awkward with me.

“Please be careful.”
“Please be careful.”

No. 1 and No. 2 were robots that had some information regarding the second stage.
After hearing them tell me to be careful with a worried voice.
I assumed that the ruin is a much more dangerous place than I had imagined.

Shuffle, shuffle.

After reaching the entrance of the forest, I walked as slowly as possible.
When I looked back, I was able to clearly see the fortress.

Should I try testing it?

Since darkness enveloped the entire forest, I could only see a couple of meters in front of me.

It meant that I would most likely get lost once I enter.
I placed the binoculars that I found at the tower into my inventory, but it had already disappeared.

Like I had assumed, it can only be used within the fortress and it can’t be used outside of it.

If it was possible, I thought about leveling the cannon as much as I could and placing it outside of the fortress.
Knowing that my plan wouldn’t work, I felt disappointed.

The next thing I needed to test out was the Return Amulet.

[Return Amulet – Designated Area : My Way Clan’s Fortress.]

Without having to do anything else, it already designated the fortress as the return area.

It happened at the mine too, but when used within the stage, it’ll take you back to your previous location.
With this, it resolved the problem that I had.

Taking out the Molotov that I brought from the store, I wet it with oil and lit it with fire.
Hot sparks started popping everywhere.

The only place within the forest that had light was where I was standing.
Despite of the distance, if an enemy saw this red light, it would be a tempting opportunity for them.

There’s a lot more than what I imagined.

Once I entered deeper into the forest, I arrived at the graveyard that I saw before.

There were at least 100 tombstones here.
I walked up to one of them.
There was something written there, but since a lot of time had passed, the letters were damaged.

[Choi Yong-Sik passed away on June 28th, 2016. Died at the age of 36-years-old. Tombstone Number 9874. Goblins attacked them during the first stage by striking him from behind and ended up dying because of excessive bleeding.]

I was at a loss for words.
It’s because I understood what the words on the tombstone meant.

Oh my gosh. These are all the people that died during the stage?

I moved to the next tombstone and observed it.

[Kim Mi-Na passed away on July 21st, 2016. Died at the age of 24-years-old. Tombstone Number 5671. After being raped, she committed suicide using a dagger.]

After reading the second tombstone, I couldn’t move on to the next one.
They can’t be the Undead that’s going to attack, right?

“No way. It can’t be.”

I quietly mumbled to myself in order to get rid of the uneasiness, but it actually startled me even more.
I couldn’t control my trembling legs.
I thought it would be best to quickly leave this place, so I ended up running towards the ruin.
After running for a bit, I felt relieved after seeing the broken sign.

Anyways, I didn’t have to see any more of those tombstones.

Despite of using the increased agility skill, it took me some time to arrive here from the graveyard.
I was way faster than a 100m sprinter.

It was quiet.

My condition before my heart started racing wasn’t any different.
If it was long ago, it would’ve felt like my heart would jump out of my chest and I would continuously hear the sound of my heart beating.
Now, it was quiet and calm.
I was happy by the fact that I was overcoming the limits of a human, but I also felt different.
While watching TV, I would always comment about how amazing someone was, but now I’m able to do the same thing.
However, there wasn’t a way for me to check whether my body was made for this.
Just a couple of days ago, I was a normal college student, so for someone like me to obtain superhuman power was odd.

“…Let’s take a look at the sign first.”
After arriving here, I started talking to myself more.
It’s a habit that I’ve had since I was young.
I knew it was a bad habit, but it really helps during a frightening situation like this.
Including myself, I’m sure there’s only a couple of others who have the courage to talk to themselves regardless of the location.

What’s written on here?

Using the dimmed fire, I tried to read the letters, but I couldn’t figure out what it was saying.

But, the arrow was pointing forward.

“I’m sure this is the right way.”

I gave up on trying to decrypt this and moved forward.
Then, as soon as I saw a door-like shape up ahead, I suddenly turned my body around.
After quickly hiding myself behind a large tree.
I started breathing roughly.

“What the? Why did I hide?”

Is this what it feels like when the body reacts faster than your head?
After hiding, I tried finding out the reason why I was hiding.
I was right when I assumed that place had a door.
And there was someone that was guarding that place.

Red Skeleton Soldier (Elite)

It was a skeletal monster and they were called that because of their red eyes.
They had the same shield as mine and was wielding a sword.


While letting out a disturbing laugh, the soldier was guarding the door while inspecting the place.

It looked pretty difficult.

I wasn’t sure if I made that decision based on intuition or if it was just my instinct.

Anyways, even if I fought with that soldier alone, I knew they wouldn’t be an easy opponent.
Despite of the fact that I was the strongest survivor in stage one, I might end up having to give up the fight.

I really wanted to take them on a one on one battle, but.

There might be other enemies behind the door or a trap.
After thinking that I didn’t have enough information and I decided to return without getting caught, but.


I heard an arrow flying somewhere.
Instinctively, I moved my shield in the direction where I heard the arrow flying.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t plan on fighting both of you guys.”

I took out the Return Amulet from my inventory.

“You cannot use the Return Amulet at your current location.”

For some reason, I couldn’t use the Return Amulet here.
However, in my current situation, I didn’t have the time to think about why the amulet wasn’t working.


The soldier took their stance again and was getting ready to shoot another arrow.
I felt bad for comparing, but they were way better with the bow and arrow than Goo Tae-Myung.


If they were shooting it straight at me, then I could dodge it or block it without any issues.
Seeing a gap in between two trees, I placed the torch there and took out my axe.
I first had to attack the archer.


I blocked the arrow they shot and pulled them within my range.
[HP : 340/400]

“Wh…what the?”

The Red Skeleton soldier came in-between the archer and me and attacked me with its shoulder.


Despite of the fact that I was attacked by a monster that was made out of bones, it was really painful.
Even though I had the Pain Resistance skill, I pain didn’t lessen.


After noticing the soldier attacking me with its sword, I managed to use the axe to block it.
I continued fighting with the skeleton soldier.

Damn it.

When I had the opportunity to counterattack, the archer attacked, which made me lose my chance.


The skeleton soldier’s sharp kick hit me right in the abdomen.

Because I was too focused on the archer, I couldn’t fully use the shield when I was fighting with the soldier.
No, apart from that, the skeleton was able to attack with its shoulder and kick.
They’re considered a dumb monster in games because they only knew how to use a sword.

[HP : 270/400]

My health was displayed at the top and showed that I was getting closer to death.
I don’t think I was cornered like this when I was fighting the trolls.

Let’s run!!

I did feel that it was a bit late, but it was better to run now so that I could live.

But, I regretted this decision so much.

As soon as I showed my back, the archer thought this was his chance.
Instead of using an ordinary arrow, they changed to a dull arrow that was enveloped in black smoke.


The arrow pierced through my left wrist.
The arrowhead pierced right through my skin and was sticking out of my wrist.
That wasn’t the only problem.

[Abnormal Decomposition.]
It was a curse that decomposed the skin.
It starts with the injured part of the body, then it’ll slowly spread throughout the body and eventually kill the target.

Like the explanation, my wrist was already giving off a bloody and foul smell.
I thought it would be best to take out the arrow, so I took it out while clenching my teeth.

“Gah!! Pant…pant.”

After seeing my blood splattered everywhere, rather than coming back to my sense, I was slowly starting to feel numb.
I fastened the shield by using the leather strap, but it was hard to maintain my stance while holding it.


They followed the orders by approaching me with the intent of killing me.

Pain Resistance – F rank > It has leveled up to E rank.

Ha ha.

The skill leveling up wasn’t important right now.
I didn’t think putting my life on the line was going to be this awful.
The world definitely doesn’t let things happen the way you want it to.

“I was really going to leave. I was going to leave, but you guys prevented me from doing so.”
I think it was finally to bring them out.
My trump card.
The soldier that I obtained randomly!!
The soldier jumped out from a blue vortex.

Rainbow Colored Slime [C Rank]

It looked soft.
Since seven colors were mixed into it, they looked a bit more special than the other Slimes.

Will it really be a big help?
Based on their appearance, I couldn’t help but doubt.

Anyways, they did roar out loud as if they were ready to fight.

“With this, let’s continue the 2:2 battle.”

The skeletons didn’t even look at the Slime.

<Graveyard. Ruin. Secret Weapon.> End.

Staff :
Jen (TL)
Kuhaku (PR)


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