Solo Clear – Chapter 19: First Invasion.


Along with the scream that I heard from miles away, the ground started shaking and I felt it with my entire body.
When I started seeing them, I let out a small sigh.
I was at a loss for words when I saw the corpse rise up after being inside a coffin for so long.

How many are there?

After seeing a sea of those monsters rise up from the ground, I had to give up on counting because there were so many of them.
Although they were pretty slow, they had a goal and the area in front of the fortress suddenly turned black.

Boom!! Boom!! Swoosh!! Swoosh!!

The watchtower and the canon had a wider range than I did, so when the Undead crossed the defense line, they started attacking.
The ballista that was on top of the watchtower looked like someone was using it because it automatically reloaded and started shooting towards the Undead.
The same thing was happening to the canon.
The Undead that got hit were either torn in pieces or was damaged so bad that they started flying into the air.
Despite of that, the numbers weren’t decreasing and the two weapons weren’t constantly firing because it needed time to prepare.

The Undead’s teeth and nails contained deadly diseases, so one attack could be the end of it.
So it’s normal to figure out the most effective attack while keeping my distance and performing long-range attacks.

I would’ve shot arrows if I had another arm…how disappointing.

I couldn’t help but be sad about how I couldn’t use the nice bow that I obtained because I only had one arm.


As I was protecting the front of the fortress like a wall, I slowly walked forwards.
The closest Undead and I were only a couple of meters apart.

I placed my right foot forward and pivoted and then pulled the sword that I was holding towards me.
My sword, which was thrown away into the darkness, started shining brightly and as my mana was added to it, the area around it got brighter.


The ring of light cut deep into the Undead’s throat.
The neck that was connected to the body fell off and I only realized this seconds later.


Before fighting, I prepared by pouring the liquid that was in the flask that I purchased from the store.
The liquid contained fire properties and by using the heat that was emitting from the sword, the Undead that I slashed was turning into ash.


Every time I attacked with the sword, I heard it cutting through the air.
The other Undead walked on top of the fallen Undead like it was nothing and it looked like I was dancing on stage because my sword was flying in the air.
It was hard to say that I knew how to properly use the sword since I lived in modern times.
The moves that I was performing right now were moves that I saw in shows and movies, so I was just imitating them.

Only if there was a teacher that could guide and teach me.
If I at least learned the basics, then I could’ve used my imagination and created a technique of my own.


As I pierced and cut the Undeads that were around me, their bodies piled on top of each other and ended up creating a mountain.
The watchtower and the canon that were behind me were doing their jobs by supporting me.

No way!! I must’ve gotten too excited.
I ended up standing in the center of the enemy and there wasn’t an opening I could escape through.
I retracted the mana that I used on the sword and quickly created walls that could protect me.


I must’ve wanted to take these guys out as quickly as I could.
I used most of my mana on attacking the Undead, so I was almost out.
I must’ve worked myself because I felt pain in different parts of my body.


The weak mana wall was easily getting destroyed by the enemy and it would only be matter of time before it’s completely destroyed.
Unlike stamina, the store didn’t have any items where it recovered the mana that was used.
The only thing I could rely on was the recovery rate.
In this stage, having 33 mana points wasn’t considered low.
Since the enemy’s attack was getting stronger, enduring it like this wasn’t going to be easy.

I knew that only defending wouldn’t do anything so I stepped back and noticed that their attacks lessened for a moment.
It was a short moment, but after stepping back, I used the opening to start attacking.
I breathed in as much as I could and endured it.
The sword pierced through the enemy’s abdomen and the same thing happened to the enemies that were behind it.

I was confused as to whether I was holding a sword or a lance, but in order to finish what I started, I put more strength into the attack.


After seeing them fall down like dominos, I told myself that I had succeeded and quickly escaped them.
There were only a couple of them left.

I killed a lot.

Since I attacked whatever was the closest, I didn’t have the time to count.
As soon as I thought that there weren’t that many left, my heavy feet felt a bit lighter.
I remembered to stay focused until the end and while I was about finish up.

“Sob, sob.”

The sound of someone crying sounded too sad for it to be from an Undead, so I stopped my attack.

“…What the?”

Rather than being surprised by the enemy’s attack during the long battle.
This moment was way more shocking that my voice cracked.
The last Undead looked as if they didn’t have the will to continue fighting because they fell to the floor and started crying.


I did feel bad for killing someone that didn’t have the will to fight.
But if I didn’t take them out, the battle would never finish.

“The first Undead invasion has ended.”

After seeing the message in the sky that said the invasion ended, it seemed like it ended without any issues.
The Undead’s body parts were scattered all over the floor and as I walked on their corpse, I returned to the fortress.
The shirt that I was wearing under the gear was so wet that it got stuck to my skin.

“I’m tired.”

I was too tired to even stand, so I ended up sitting in front of the house.

“It got dirty.”

The sword that shined during battle was so dirty that it looked like it was dipped into a bucket of garbage.
I was worried that it would wear out if I didn’t take care of it right away, so I started cleaning it with a handkerchief, but.
I wasn’t sure if this was going to help.

“All the clan’s first invasion has ended. The last, second invasion, will occur in 24 hours.”

It’s been awhile since the manager appeared, but they just announced what they wanted to say and then disappeared again.
As I expected, if I make it through the next invasion, then the second stage will end.

For my first time, I thought it was pretty easy.
I surpassed the first stage’s level and entered the second stage.
After fighting against the skeletons, my skills increased a lot again.

Since I was already resting, I started drinking the beverage that I bought and.


I heard a weird electronics noise.
I thought maybe No. 1 and No. 2 woke up so I looked over to them, but that wasn’t it.

Bzz. Bzz.

An item that was in my pocket started shining brightly as if it wanted to catch my attention.
All this time, I used the smartphone to look at the time, but for some reason, it started working properly.
Text messages started coming in all at once.

‘What is this?”

Is this like a reward for defending the fortress?
I decided to find out the reason later and thought that I needed to use this golden opportunity.
First, calls.
I called my parents first rather than the police.
I heard it ringing, but no one was picking up.

Mom is usually watching her morning dramas during this time, so if she’s not picking up, it means that the call wasn’t going through.
After that, I called other people as well, but no one picked up.
I even tried sending a text message, but there were no replies.

“Well, it’s not like I can ask them to come here anyways.”

I ended up in a weird world after entering a tunnel.
No one would actually believe this unless they experienced it themselves.

“Maybe I can use the internet.”

The only thing I can use my smartphone for right now is looking at things.
I opened the webpage to see if anyone else experienced the same thing as me and maybe made a post somewhere.
But the most searched words that I saw when I opened the webpage were…

[1st: Stage] [2nd: Training Ground] [3rd: Stage Attack Methods]

It was filled with posts that were related to this place.

<First Invasion> End.

Staff :
Jen (TL)
Kuhaku (PR)


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    The mc is not really consistent with his attitude/personality. He is sometimes harsh and crafty. Other times he is impulsive and stupid. Other times he is naive and heroic. Author really didnt think this through. It was like he just makes the mc fit whatever plot he thought of

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