Solo Clear – Chapter 22: (???!!!) My Way vs. Survive

Power: 45 (+8)  Stamina: 47 (+8) Agility: 49 (+7) Mana: 40 (+7) Luck: 28 (+4)
Skill: Sense (D), Berserk (F), Pain Resistance (E), Mana Enhancement (E), Mana Shield (E), Spell Breaker (D)

After observing my current stats and the skills that I had, I smiled with satisfaction.
It was a difficult journey, but it was as if it was rewarding me for it because my stats kept on increasing.
If it continues at this rate, by the time the second stage is over, all the stats, excluding Luck, will have 50 points.

It was interesting how the box that I received from the envoy said that I couldn’t open it in this stage.
Then why did they make me obtain this during this stage?
I couldn’t help but complain to myself.

“One hour and 40 minutes remaining until the next attack.”

After returning from the ruin, I took a nap and when I woke up, the time remaining until the next attack was displayed.
It wasn’t enough time to explore other parts of the stage.
When I climbed to the top of the watchtower and looked out, there wasn’t really a place I wanted to explore.
With the remaining time, I decided to use the bow since I now had my left arm.

Fwoosh!! Fwoosh!!

“Both shots landed on the 8 point mark.”

No. 1 and No. 2 created a target for me.
I probably shot about 100 arrows.
At first, it flew off in a totally different direction and didn’t land anywhere near the target.
Now, I was able to shoot the arrow towards the target.

“I don’t think I’m ready to use it in actual combat.”

Despite of the fact that I was now able to attack from a distance, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed.
I was shooting 100m away from the target, but my accuracy rate wasn’t that great.

“This is disappointing. I really want to hit the target.”

“You’ve only just started. Your improvement rate is different from ordinary people, but try relaxing a bit!”

No. 2 gave their honest advice towards the master that was unsatisfied with their result, but they didn’t think much and let it go in one ear and out the other.
“Once this stage is cleared, what’ll happen to you guys?”

While I was shooting the arrows, I suddenly got curious and asked.

“Unfortunately, we can’t move on to the next stage. We’ll probably just remain here.”
“Even if I’m not here?”
“Even if the master isn’t here, the My Way fortress will still remain!”

“I see.”

I felt relieved after knowing that the house will still remain for No. 1 and No. 2 to use.
They built a strong defense, so there shouldn’t be any accidents.
If I’m not here, there won’t be more invasions.

“If it’s you, I’m sure you’ll return to the real world!!”

When No. 1 noticed my dark expression, they tried to make me feel better.
Right now, I wasn’t honestly thinking about whether I would be able to return to the real world safely.

“Haha, it’s nothing. I wasn’t really worried about that.”
“Oh, you already had plans of returning?”
“Of course. The stage doesn’t really matter. It’s just…well, you guys are twins so maybe you two might not feel so lonely.”
“Haha!! But we will miss you when you leave.”

I was worried by the fact that I had to leave these two, so I wasn’t really talkative, but now, I think it’ll be okay.
This is what it must feel like to take care of your younger siblings.
After organizing the bow and arrows, I placed it back into my inventory.
And I ended up talking with these two before the second attack started.

“The second attack will now begin.”

The loud sound came from a place that wasn’t too far from the fortress and it caused the stage to shake.

While I was looking out from the watchtower, I noticed the Undead not too far from here, so I quickly climbed down and got into position.


The Undead during this stage had a slightly different appearance compared to the ones in the first attack.
The first group of Undead had been in coffins for years, so their bodies were severely decomposed, but.
The Undead that were in front of the fortress looked like it went into rigor mortis because their bodies looked normal.

“Kang Jin Woo!!”

An Undead called out my name.
An Undead male that was standing all the way in the front looked like someone I knew.
No, it was them.
Han Ji Suk ended up getting killed within this stage and was buried at the graveyard.
And in order to bring me down, he was given the permission to use his body temporarily.

“No way…are they?”

All the college members, Choi Min Ki, Goo Tae Myung and Lee Seul Ki were standing behind him.
The clan leader, Kim Tae Min, was also standing within the group.

“That’s right. We were all killed during the first invasion yesterday. And it’s all because of you!!”

Even though I was pretty cool-headed, I couldn’t help but be shocked by what was happening before me.

The 30 people within the Survive Clan made it past the first stage with me, but now, they all became an Undead.
On top of that, it hasn’t been that long since some of them died, so they were still aware of what was happening.

“If…you only made the choice so that everyone could survive together!!”

I realized what was happening after hearing Han Ji Suk’s angry comment.

Everything is, because of me? No, that’s wrong.

I looked straight at his face.
He was turning into a madman and was turning more brutal that he could be called a monster.
His corrupted eyes were looking straight at me.

“If we were just a bit stronger, then we wouldn’t have been killed so easily!! This all happened because you were being selfish during the first age.”

Rather than blaming me for their death, they were trying to make me responsible for the situation.
After listening to what he had to say, I responded.

“That’s wrong. It was a matter of who did it first. Weren’t you thinking about doing something similar?”

If I hesitated in doing what I did during the first stage.
The situation might’ve changed and I could be the one standing there.
I felt my goose bumps all over my body just at thought of it.

“No, that’s just your own assumption. We were just trying to clear the stage fair and square!!”

“Yeah, that may be true. But instead of moping about what happened, you guys should’ve tried to find a different path. But you didn’t. That’s why you died.”

After observing their movements, there was one thing that I noticed.
The only ones that wanted to get revenge were the college group and Kim Tae Mine.
The others that I didn’t know the name of were actually cursing towards Han Ji Suk.
They were mumbling, so he probably couldn’t hear it.

“It’s all of your fault. I’m…not the type of guy…to die at a place like this!!”

Han Ji Suk was acting like he was speaking for everyone in the Survive Clan, but now, he was just whining.
He was born into a rich family, so he had a blessed life since he always had a silver spoon in his mouth.
He would only feel satisfied if whatever he wanted was in his hands and he was always surrounded by people that kissed up to him.
But this was the first time he felt insignificant.
He had only met this weird, outsider-like person for a couple of hours.

His confidence showed that he could do anything by himself without the help from others.
That confidence fascinated the others and was considered charismatic within the stage.
It was frightening.
Everything that I obtained so far seemed insignificant and it felt like he took everything away from me.

I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

The way that I’ve been acting up until now was to resist that guy.
That’s why, this entire situation is that guy’s fault.

“Okay. I could be responsible for part of the situation. But, I won’t apologize for it.”

After seeing Han Ji Suk’s tormented face, I couldn’t help but be blunt.
It would be a lie to say that I didn’t do anything wrong.
But just because the situation turned out this way, does that mean I had to kneel in front of them and beg for their forgiveness?

“…Shit!! Shit!! Damn it!! Damn it!!”

Han Ji Suk yelled in agony and as if he was being controlled by the system, he raised his sword.
When he started running, the others behind him did the same.

Despite of the fact that I had to fight the survivors that were in the same stage with me, I became keen and sharp.
The Survive Clan and I started fighting and I cut through the opponent without any issues.

“What is this?!”

The members of the Survive Clan were also revived by obtaining a stronger power from the system.
Their powers weren’t weak and on top of that, even if their stats were higher, I could easily take down one survivor.
However, the survivors before me were different.

Even during the first stage, he grew tremendously compared to the others and in such a short amount of time, he obtained a greater power.
When the numbers of the clan was starting to decrease.
Han Ji Suk thought of a plan.

“Stop attacking him and attack the fortress!! He’ll die too if we destroy it.”

It was a simple plan because if the fortress is destroyed, then the survivor failed the stage.
There are times when simple plans work the best, so instead of killing the monster itself, it was more efficient to go with that plan.
A couple of the clan members ran past him and went towards the fortress.


After taking down the opponent that was in front of me, I turned around to run towards the fortress, but Choi Min Ki blocked my way.

“Walking to the afterlife will get lonely, so won’t you come too?”
“I’m sorry, but I don’t plan on doing that.”

I cut off the hand that was holding the knuckle, but he seemed like a doll that couldn’t feel any pain because he didn’t scream at all.
Instead, he used his large body to push me down and tried to buy some time.

“Sorry, but I despise being hugged by a guy.”

Using my other hand, I pulled out the axe and cut his waist in half.
The clan members that were running ahead were in front of the fortress and were attacking the gate.
They were attacking it with all their might that the strong wall looked like it was going to fall at any moment.

“Damn it!!”

The ballista and cannon didn’t target the opponents that were right in front of them.
They only attack when the opponent is at a certain distance.

Boom!! Before I arrived, the Undead broke through the fortress wall and went in.
They started running so fast that it looked like they were going to fly.

The core of the fortress was the house.
If the house is attacked, then the health level of the fortress will decrease.

Since I invested most of the upgrades on the watchtower and the canon, the house could be taken down easily since it was such a shabby house.

Please. I hope I’m not late!!

Four Undead entered the house and as soon as they were going to attack the house using their weapons.

“How dare you attack the master’s house?”
“You can’t touch this place!!”

No. 1 and No. 2 powered down before the attack, but they were suddenly awake and was buying time by going against the Undead.

Clank!! Clank!!

During that process, No. 1 and No. 2’s body was getting destroyed.

Despite of the fact that they were being completely destroyed, they still didn’t let go of the opponent.


[Berserk F -> The rank has been increased to B.]
Berserk – B rank
It activates when I’m unable to contain my emotions.
All my stats increased by 20 points and my resistance to any mind related skills increases greatly.

Power: 65 Stamina: 67 Agility: 69 Mana: 60 Luck: 48

Slaughter was the perfect work to describe what I did next.
Due to Berserk activating, my skills increased tremendously and I was able to bring them down.
After taking care of the guys within the fortress.

Including Han Ji Suk, who was running towards me, and the 12 Undead that were behind him, I managed to cut off their arms and legs with one blow.
It seemed like Han Ji Suk wasn’t aware of what happened to his body, because the last expression that he showed was a blank one.

“The second attack has finished. Congratulations. You have cleared the second stage.”

With the announcement that the second stage has been cleared, the once dark skies slowly faded away and revealed a bright sky where the sun was shining down.
A reward box flew down within the sunlight, but I ignored that and first ran to.

“…Are you two alive?”
“Haha. We’re fine. Oh, but master!! I think there’s something wrong with my circuit. I can’t really see your face.”

“Ahh!! Me too. Master, where are you?! You’re alive, right? Did we do well?”

No. 1 had their upper body left and No. 2 just had their head left, but I pulled them close to me and hugged them.

“That’s right. I’m alive thanks to you guys. You did well…thank you.”

<(???!!!) My Way vs. Survive> End.

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Jen (TL)
Kuhaku (PR)

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