Solo Clear – Chapter 26: Life After Returning #2

Instead of Oh Dae Suk, a woman with the title, Department Head, walked in.
She heard what Oh Dae Suk said and came in his stead.
Just from looking at her face, she looked like she was in her mid-30’s, which was pretty young for the title that she had.
Since it was a management company, they might’ve picked her because of that.


The woman’s name was Lee Min Ji and she greeted me with a smile.

“Before we begin the interview again, could you explain to me how you managed to break that wall?”
“I broke it with a supernatural power called mana.”

Lee Min Ji wet her dry lips with her tongue.
Using a mana to break the wall wasn’t a skill that a survivor that just recently survived the third stage could perform.
She wanted to recruit him no matter what.

“What are your reasons for wanting to receive support from our management company?”
“I heard that MS Group has information on 19 stages and that I would have access to those information once I’m recruited. The company also provides other services, such as money.”
“Ha ha, that’s correct. It’s an important item to a person’s survival.”

While she said that Lee Min Ji cupper her index finger and thumb.

“Well then, shall we discuss your contract?”
“Hm, already?”
“Oh…well…do you have any questions?”

Lee Min Ji noticed her mistake after she spoke.
After thinking that the survivor in front of her was powerful, she rushed herself without thinking about the title she had.

“No, please continue.”
“10 million won a month. Depending on your achievements on each stage, you’ll receive extra pay for it.”
“That’s a pretty neat support. Then what exactly does the management gain from this?”
“The items that you obtain from the stage will be split with us depending on the agreement. In some cases, we’ll auction it or if we decided to take it, you’ll be given whatever you want.”
I slightly nodded my head.
There’s no way that a management like this wouldn’t want to fill their stomach.
Depending on the item’s function, there were some where people would bid billions.
There were even wealthy people that would collect these items.
On top of that, transactions were happening nationally and internationally.

“How about it? It’s a pretty extravagant deal for us too. Oh!! If you’d like, you can join one of the clan that’s affiliated with us. You know that the second best clan in the nation, Miracle, is affiliated with us, right? I know the sub-leader of that clan. I can ask them to make room for you.”

To Lee Min Ji, offering to place them in the Miracle Clan was her best attack in tempting the other person.
Just saying this would make others happy and would beg her to do that for them.

“…Excuse me.”

The man was looking towards a different direction, as if he had no interest.

“It doesn’t matter that I broke that wall?”
“Oh!! Of course not. We’ll have someone fix that up.”
“I see. I’ll take my leave.”
“Excuse me?”

Lee Min Ji quickly grabbed my hand when I was about to leave the room.

“Are you dissatisfied with the terms that I’ve stated?”
“No, I’m not dissatisfied, but I should look into the other companies and compare before deciding.”

He didn’t have any intention of worrying her.
However, after she heard what I said, she started feeling uneasy, which caused her to move around.

“Please tell me what you want. I’ll review it carefully right here.”

Did she join the company through a connection she had? She sure wasn’t acting like a Department Head.
While holding onto my arm, she begged me to stay and talk with her more.

“Then, give me all the money that the company is using to invest in the Miracle Clan by investing in me. How about it?”
“…What are you saying?”
“If you can’t, then I’ll have to think about it.”
“You’re crazy. You shouldn’t say things like that without thinking.”

Lee Min Ji thought he was actually crazy.
She dealt with a lot of survivors before, but no one was as daring as he was.
He was asking them to invest in him by giving him the investment money they were using on one of highest ranking clan in the nation.
They spend a lot of money to take care of that clan.

“You said you would review it carefully, but I guess that was a lie.”
“Be reasonable about it. Just hearing it is unpleasant.”

“Then, let go of my arm. I’ll show myself out.”

Thinking that she didn’t have any other reason to hold onto him, Lee Min Ji let go of his arm.
She gritted her teeth in anger because of his cocky attitude.

“Damn it. Who does he think he is?”

After leaving the room, I was walking through the hallway in order to go back home.

‘The management’s offer is pretty sweet, but I would probably get paid more by working by myself. Information is important, but this isn’t the only place where I could obtain them.’

In order to ride the elevator, I turned the corner and.

I bumped into a guy that was playing with his smartphone.

“Ah…jeez, what the hell.”

Since I wasn’t planning on accepting his apology, I was just going to ignore him and walk away, but.

“Hey you, apologize properly before leaving.”
“…You bumped into me because you were looking down, so why do I have to apologize for it?”

The man had a slightly shocked look on his face and then walked towards me.

“Do you not know who I am?”
“Nope, sorry.”
“How annoying.”

A frown appeared on his face and he expressed how annoyed he was by my answer.
Then, he suddenly looked down on the interviewee card that was hanging from my neck.

“Oh, so you’re one of those people that are here for an interview. It seems like you’ve been disqualified.”
“Not at all, I actually declined.”
“Ha ha ha, do you think that’s possible? I did hear that our company has become quite difficult to please. Okay, if you apologize to me, I’ll think about putting in a good word to the higher-ups. How about it?”

He was free to think whatever he wanted, but it didn’t matter what kind of misunderstanding he had.
I thought it was pointless to keep talking to him like this.
But, the fact that I was about to walk away without saying anything must’ve made him feel like I was ignoring him.


He tried to stop me by grabbing my shoulder.


However, he was pulled by the shoulder that he grabbed and his body started dragging.
He had an annoyed expression and tried to stop himself by using his feet.

“Damn, looks like you’re pretty confident about your strength.”

He turned me around to the front before I reached the elevator.
And then, he took out a sword from his inventory.

“It seems like you really don’t know. I’m a member of the Miracle Clan, which is a clan that’s affiliated with MS Group. You should know if I say Cha Min Sik, right?”

Despite of the fact that he was introducing himself with pride, I didn’t really bother to listen to him.
However, the fact that he took out a sword was something I couldn’t overlook.

“Put it back.”
“What’s this? Your attitude suddenly changed after I took out the sword. It’s understandable, since I’ve explored 19 stages.”
“…No, that’s not it.”

The mana within my body started boiling.
In order to survive from that place, I made it so that my body was always sensitive.
It hasn’t even been two days since I’ve cleared the third stage, which was like hell.
Cha Min Sik’s aggressiveness forcefully awoke the power that was sleeping within me.



Despite of the fact that he took out a sword, he never planned on using it.
But he started swinging it without him knowing.
To explain it with words, it was like an animal that was trying to protect its body.
He was swinging it so much that our surrounding started shaking.
At the same time, I noticed sweat rolling down his forehead and felt his violent temper.

Crack!! Boom!!

He came back to his senses after attacking and his attention turned towards the ceiling.
The sword that he had was the best sword he could obtain from a boss during the 15th stage and after the sword split into two, it continuously spinned in the air.
He wasn’t sure what happened, but he lost.

“…Hm. For a 19th stage challenger, you’re not that strong. It might be because I was being too cautious. No, it’s possible that he’s just weak. Hm, his introduction could’ve been a lie as well.”
After seeing Cha Min Sik on the floor, I started mumbling after seeing his attack.
I expected a tough battle, but his attacks were nothing more than child’s play.

“Did I become too strong?”

I carefully tried collecting the information that I had, but I wondered whether it was okay for me to just go into those stages without much thought.

“…Well, there’s nothing wrong with being cautious about it.”

I passed by Cha Min Sik and after getting on the elevator, I pressed the floor that I wanted to go to.

<Life After Returning #2> End.

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Jen (TL)
Kuhaku (PR)

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