Solo Clear – Chapter 3: Training ground (3)

This was the main point.
In the not too distant future, monsters will enter through a dimensional gate and humans will experience a calamity they’ve never experienced before.

It’s been told that gods created training grounds around the world so that humans can train and be prepared.
The tunnel that we discovered was the entrance to one of those places.
Like us, the entrance can be in the form of a tunnel, a tower, a hole or even a simple door.
This was one the training grounds that was mentioned earlier.
It was hard to believe.
However, to explain what was currently going on, it’s necessary to have some fantasy involved.

“You can’t hear it now, but we heard some sort of announcement earlier. They were definitely saying something to us.”

Before we could finish our conversation, Lee Seul Ki fell to the floor and started crying hard.
Oh Hana tried to make her feel better, but tears started forming in her eyes, making it obvious that she was going to break down any moment.
If this could be resolved by crying, I would cry a bucket full of tears.
Please, let me return to the bed I was lying in earlier this morning.
Life was getting twisted because I started doing things that were out of the ordinary.
I’m not sure what made me volunteer for this community service.

“I’ve told you everything. This is currently the most important system for survival.”

As soon as the guy mentioned the word, “survival,” the atmosphere became heavy.
It was like one of those movies where you had to play a game to live.
I wasn’t going to be like Lee Seul Ki who couldn’t accept reality and be filled with regret.
Might has well hang on for as long as l can.

“The only system we can use right now is the inventory and the status window.”

According to the guy, if you call out inventory or status window, the category related to them will appear.
As soon as I heard this, the first I wanted to do was test it out.


A square hologram appeared and displayed the currently items, as well as the gear that I was currently wearing.
Since I was wearing jeans and a shirt, I’m sure that’s what’s displayed.
The thing that caught my attention was the possession slot.
There were three 500mL water bottles, two energy bars, and one choice of weapon.
In the number slot below it, there was 2,000 Geny.
Geny seems to be currency used in this world.
The next thing to check is the status window.

“Status window.”

Power: 10
Stamina: 12
Agility: 15
Mana: 7
Luck: 4

The window was similar to a RPG.
There was no way to tell whether the stats were low or high.
It’s probably average.

“This is all I know. According to the guy from before, if we wait here until 6, they’ll tell us our next task.”
“Does the clock work?”
“Our cellphones don’t work, but anything related to time does work. It includes watches as well.”

We didn’t have the time to be bothered with that.
Like he said, every function on the phone wasn’t working, but the time seemed to work just fine.
Currently, it’s 5:42.
In 18 minutes, they’ll tell us our next task.

“If you’re okay with it, why not join us? It’s probably the wise thing to do if we help each other overcome this.”

I checked the group’s expression.
Even though the girls didn’t say anything, their expression showed that they wanted to be with them.
Goo Tae Myung looked like he was going to follow whatever Han Ji Suk decided.
“We’ll think about it.”

Suddenly, Han Ji Suk stepped forward and started talking.
Lee Seul Ki gave him a disgusted look.

“Of course. There’s just too many things we don’t know about each other to group up, but it’s best to make your decision quickly. I’m not sure what kind of task will be given at 6 o’clock, but it’s possible that having a lot people is advantageous.”
“Got it.”

That was all the conversation the two groups had.
As we were walking back, Lee Seul Ki finally spoke up.

“We have to team up with them!!”

After hearing her shaking voice, Han Ji Suk turned around.

“With what proof?”
“They know more than us. We’re also in the same boat, so there’s no need to separate the group. Having more people is definitely better.”
“If they knew so much, why would they just stand there? Hey, Lee Seul Ki, pay attention.”
“Ji…Ji Suk.”
“I’m not sure why someone would lock up in this damn room, but you think we should just join them? And who said having a large group was advantageous? We don’t know anything.”

After hearing what Han Ji Suk said, Lee Seul Ki bit her lip and tried to control her anger.
I hate to disagree with her, but my opinion was the same as Han Ji Suk.
The status window and inventory was something we would’ve eventually found out along the way.
If what that guy said was true and this was a training ground, would they make the trainees fight without any weapons?
The information we heard from him was the probably the same information they received when they came here.

“So, what should we do now?”

We returned to the location we were at before.
There was about 12 minutes left until 6 o’clock.

“I’m not grouping up with them. Honestly, I can’t trust them.”

As soon as Han Ji Suk said it with a stern voice, the rest of the members just gulped.
I didn’t want to be bossed around by this guy.
He wasn’t reliable even though he called himself a leader.
Just seeing him tense up in front of those, I could tell.
He showed that he wasn’t a leader that was devoted to the group.
“I tried pressing the weapon selection button and it displayed various weapons.”

Choi Min Ki lightened the mood.
I only saw the menu and didn’t even bother to press it.
Various weapons displayed.
Lance, sword, dagger, arrow, ax, wand and many others were available.

“I’m experienced with games and if world has a similar gaming system, there needs to be a
balance between tanks, offense and healers.”

Being familiar with games, Goo Tae Myung started talking excitedly.
What? Tanker. Dealer. And the healer’s balance is important?
It sounds like he played a bit of video games, but is it really the time to talk about something like that?

“I also agree with Tae Myung. Instead of all us having the same weapon, we should have a variety.”

Now he’s talking nonsense too.
Their fantasy about games must be really strong for them to say something ridiculous.
I felt like I needed to say something.

“Hey, wouldn’t it be better to wield weapons that we can easily use?”

If this continued, the future of this group was inevitable.
It was obvious this group would become a mess.
“No, we’ll proceed with our original idea.”

Wasting my energy to convince this guy wasn’t worth it.
I could be excluded from the group.
But, if there was something I could gain by being in this group, I’ll get that first before leaving.
Benefits will come in handy at one point.
If I stay quiet, I can observe the weapons that people are wielding and pick one later.

‘Then…let’s watch for now.’

Translator: Jen
Proofreader: Pawelosek

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  1. GN

    So far so good, I like the logical mind set of the MC and the novel is really giving off that “tutorial is to hard” vibe so I hope there are no classes in this dungeon and he can train into anything he wants. it would be nice if he could use magic and other weapons. I hope even more that the guy breaks off of that group and steals all their starter weapons.

  2. quilin

    his agility stat is better so i belive assasin or archer but the trend of the mc is a big wepon maybe a lance because his strengh and stamina is not that bad

    1. GN

      lol it looks like your also getting swept up in the fantasy setting, when did they ever say there’s classes? His starter weapon is most likely just that, a starter weapon. He already has mana stats even though he’s not a mage, it’s probably just real life with stats. I’m with the MC on this, pick a easy weapon, later on find an opportunity to get more types of weapons, he’s never held a weapon in his life I hardly think he’s going to be able to fight with a lance.

  3. bludvein

    I prefer the man vs. environment look of a solo rather than the constant soap drama in group survival stories, so this hits the spot. I hope you continue it.

  4. Void

    …And now the chapter started with an out of nowhere exposition.
    I don’t know anymore, I feel like it was pointless to point fingers to begin with.
    The MC and the direction itself seems fun, as long as it’ll continue being reasonably readable there shouldn’t be any problems.

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