Solo Clear – Chapter 30: By Myself. Priest. Victory.

A small party that were riding on wolves were passing through the forest at an alarming rate.
The ground started shaking and dust filled the entire area.

“Do you have a plan?”
“I do.”

Orkhar quickly notified Master Kalax and headed towards the battlefield faster than the other soldiers.
All of this happened because of one human being.
However, since they doubted his skills, they only took a few of their soldiers.

“Wouldn’t it be better to meet up with the other supporting troops that are following?”

The human continued forward without looking back.
Moments later, he spoke.

“When you’re in a battlefield, you’re only victorious when you block the enemy’s attack…is that correct?”
“It’s safe to say it is.”
“I don’t know much about war, Sir Orkhar. There’s no war where I live, so I have never experienced it.”
“Then, the plan you spoke of just now, does it not exist?”
“No, I do have a plan. The reason why I said I didn’t know much about war, I was referring to detailed strategies and tactics.”

Orkhar had an even more confused look on his face.

“We’re here. I can sense that there’s a lot of them.”
“There’s a secret passageway to the base. I’ll lead you to it.”
“Sir, please go to the base and command the troops there.”

The human suddenly broke away from the group.
Because it happened so suddenly, Orkhar didn’t have the chance to stop him.

“He’s going towards the enemy’s base. Shouldn’t we go after him?”

Despite of their suggestions, Orkhar stood his ground.

“I’ve met a lot of humans. However, when we told them that we would be heading towards the battlefield, their eyes were filled with fear. The fear of dying. But I can’t see that fear in his. Let’s stay put. I’m sure he has a plan.”


After approaching near the enemy’s base, I signaled the wolf that I was riding to head back.
It’s because I lacked the experience of fighting while riding on something.

“There’s hundreds of them.”

There were Elves that were riding deers and challengers were spread out throughout the base as well.
The Orcs were able to endure it because they raised their base’s defense.
It was part of their strategy to buy time until support came, but it was only a matter of time before the defenses were broken down.

“First, I need to break their line formation.”

After deciding what I needed to do, I jumped up as if I was flying.
Despite of the fact that I was on flying on top of the soldier that was fighting, they didn’t notice me.

Being able to envelop a weapon with mana meant that one had an amazing hidden power.
Being able to control mana in this world was considered very difficult.
Then, what would happen if that mana started moving as if it were alive?
They would’ve laughed and said that no one has ever seen something like that.


A blue flame fell.
The road of flame became a strong shield that guarded the front of the base.

“What the?! Does the enemy have a mage?”
“Stop joking around. There’s no way there would be someone here that’s able to control a powerful fire magic like that.”

After landing on the ground, I destroyed the center of the base.
I quickly attacked just the vital points and neutralized them.

“There’s someone here!!”

It seemed like they haven’t really noticed.
Due to my fast movement, they managed to only catch a glimpse of me.

I managed to take down 30 of them with ease, but was stopped from taking down my next target.
An Elf with green hair attacked.
Their armor had an elegant design, which was different from the soldiers that I took down so far, so I assumed he was different from them.


The other Elves called out to him.
It was so loud that it shook the ground of the base.

“You must be crazy. Who are you?”

I calmed myself and fixed my posture.
I didn’t let my guard down after seeing the low-ranked soldiers around me.

“I asked who are you!!”

When the priest stomped the ground, I experienced the Elf’s unique swordsmanship.
Just seeing a glimpse of their flexible swordsmanship was enough to catch my attention.

Fwoosh! Fwoosh! Boom!

I fought against their swords, but no one won.
The Elf Priest became really agitated.
There hasn’t been a single human that fought against a Elf priest or an Orc clan leader.
They sparred against many humans with the excuse that it was for training.
There were a couple that had amazing skills, but when compared to the priest, they lacked a lot.
Their strength wasn’t enough to go against the leaders of the different races.

“This stranger that appeared out of nowhere is making me angry.”

If I stay here for too long, it’ll cause an issue on the soldiers’ spirits.
The priest started gathering his strength.

“Step aside. He doesn’t look like an ordinary human, so I’ll finish it with one blow.”

The soldiers stepped away at his command and formed a small circle.
They positioned themselves so that the enemy couldn’t escape and on top of that, they made it so that the priest had the upper hand.
“I’ll tell you my name since you’ll die soon. My name is Malus and I am a priest.”


Under Malus’s feet, cold air was being released.
He was skilled in ice magic and this was one of his skills.

“This cold air will slowly suppress your movements.”

Ice flowers started blooming out of the ground and the temperature dropped quickly.
Malus took this chance and charged once more.

Clank!! Clank!!

“I can tell that you’re getting slower.”
“Oh really?”

As soon as the human said that, he started moving fast and the priest could only catch glimpses of him.
He could barely keep up.
Then, he felt fear when he noticed swords coming from all directions.


The Elf’s sword skill relies on going in when they get the chance and counterattack their enemy.
In order to do that, they need to be able to read their opponent’s movements.
However, this human didn’t have a breathing pattern nor did he have a specific stance when attacking.
It was as if he was attacking without thinking much.
Despite of that, his attacks were powerful.
After clashing against each other for a while, the human no longer had the strength to wield a sword.


The Ice Flower bloomed at an alarming rate that it swallowed everything that was around it.
The priest himself was included as well, but since he was the one that casted the spell, it didn’t matter.

“You might think that you’ve won with your sword, but it ends here.”

Despite of being imprisoned within the ice, he started changing his stance.
White steam started rising out from the inside and the surface started melting.

“You melted it with mana?!”

A flame-like mana that was shot down from the sky enveloped the sword.
And after waving it in the air, lightning shot out of it.


Malus tried to run away, but it was already too late.


It released a loud sound as if a turbine was moving and lightning was being released everywhere.
That light ripped Malus into two and headed for its next target.
Ballistas and assault weapons were destroyed and a good amount of Elves and humans were killed as well.


Seeing Malus get killed after he was leading the soldiers, retreating was their next decision.
Instead of chasing those that were running away, he sheathed his sword.
He managed to take out a large number of them within a couple of minutes and sent them running.

“…What the?”

Master Kalax joined afterwards and after seeing what one human did, his face became stiff.

“What happened? Did you do all of this?”
“Yes, you could say that.”

Kalax turned towards the clan leaders that were behind him.
They were confused as to how they should react to this situation.

“It’s a victory that’s been earned after being defeated so many times. Sir, I don’t think there’s a need to think so much about it.”
“Brother, you’re right. Let’s go back to the base. This victory is worth celebrating. I would appreciate it if you joined us, human.”

“…I will obey your command.”
I saluted him politely.

<By Myself. Priest. Victory.> End.

Staff :
Jen (TL)
Kuhaku (PR)

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