Solo Clear – Chapter 5: Training ground (5)


As soon as I heard the word store, I remembered the 2,000 Geny that I saw in my inventory.
It seems like they had this so that it can be used in the store.

“It seems like there are some that have already caught on.”

The first thing that came to mind was the type of items they were selling.
They may be selling an enormous selection of items.

“Just tell us why you locked us in here!!”

Lee Seul Ki still hasn’t given up on asking them about why we were locked here.
I’m sure she knows that they’re ignoring whatever she’s saying.
The reason why she’s still yelling and demanding answers is because she still couldn’t accept the current situation.

“If all of you hadn’t come here, you would’ve suffered from a painful death 10 years from now. But, by training here, you’ll be able to live longer.”

Just trying to get through the day was a busy task.
But to be worried about what will happen 10 years from now.
This unknown person was overestimating the idea of time that the humans were following.

“I don’t care about that!! How am I supposed to believe you?”
“Coming to this place is pretty unrealistic, and yet, you still don’t believe it?”

Lee Seul Ki didn’t say anything.
It seemed like she accepted what the person told her just now.
Tightly closing both eyes, she lowered her head.

“Since there’s no one else complaining, I will set up the shop.”

In the middle of the white room, an odd light started flashing.
While our sight was blinded, a building that we’ve never seen before appeared.
It was one of those shabby building that could be seen in the countryside.

“Is it magic?”

Choi Min Ki started mumbling saying he couldn’t believe it.
What he was mumbling about wasn’t how shabby the building looked, but how the building appeared out of nowhere within this empty room.

“The items sold in this shop will accept currency used in this world called Geny.
Since we cannot let everyone use the store at once, we’ll have you guys go in one at a time.”

Including myself, there were people that were getting mad after hearing this.


One of the guys from the hiking group raised his hand to talk with the unknown person.

“How can I help you?”
“Is there an infinite quantity for each item?”
“Not quite. There are items that will reappear once it has been purchased, but there are items that can only be purchased once.”

That means that if there are items that are sold in the beginning and someone purchases it, others won’t be able to purchase the same one ever again.
I’m sure that guy was thinking about the same thing I was:
The fact that that one item could be something very important.

“Starting at 9 o’clock, the first stage will open up. Please note, if you withstand until the third stage, there’s a chance to go back to reality, so please do your best.”

The members were happy at the sound of going back home.
That was what I was hoping for as well, but I couldn’t shake off the feeling that it was going to be difficult to get there.
The weapons they provided weren’t anything out of the ordinary.
The one thing they all had in common was that they could kill someone.
I wasn’t sure what we would be doing when the stage opens up, but I was sure it wasn’t going to be something easy.

“The first stage will go on for 10 days. To move on to the next stage, it’s recommended that you build up your strength as much as you can. I will come back when it’s time for the second stage.”

The first thing I did as soon as they stopped talking was running to the store.
The hiking group did start running moments later.
However, their stamina was no match when compared to someone in their 20’s.
In end, I was its first honorable customer.


The next person to arrive was one of the members of the hiking group and when he saw
me, he gave me a death glare.
From then, I knew they weren’t your normal hikers.
They had business in the mountain?
Perhaps they were having a secret burial there.
Seeing the look in his eyes, I’m sure he’s done several of times.

“Is that the fastest you can run?”

The rest of the group met up with their member.
At the same time, they were trying to make the guy I spoke with earlier responsible for this.

“I-I’m sorry boss.”
“It could’ve been our most important chance and you lost it.”
“Please forgive me!!”

It made me question whether the guy that was smiling brightly before was really this guy with a scrunched up face.
He started walking towards me.

“Excuse me?”
“What’s your name?”
“It’s Kang Jin Woo.”
“I’m Kim Byung Chul. I think we’ll have lots to talk about while we’re here.”

Then, he extended his hand out for a handshake.
The soft expression he had before disappeared and was now replaced with a stern face.
Is this how you make an impression?
Kim Byung Chul started heading back.
And placed the second place member in line.
(PR: confusing here, IDK if he just orders the second member to get in line or if he just took the second place in line)

‘Tsk, tsk.’

Whether it was Han Ji Suk or Kim Byung Chul, I didn’t want to get involved with either.
I’m sure others would love the attention, but not me.

“Welcome to the store.”

Pushing unnecessary thoughts behind me, I knew I had to focus on what the store offered.
I carefully looked through to see what it had.
They had water and food, all types of dishes that you can find at a restaurant.
They had a mattress and a tent so that you could sleep.
Seeing as how you could spend a long time here, they had all different types of items which can be purchased with Geny.
Next, they had items that can only be used here.


They were also selling a card where you can change your weapon.
It costs 3,000 Geny, which means, we can’t buy it with the amount we currently have.
They had other items, such as, Knowledge Increase and Experience Boost, but they were all marked at a high price.
Unless you were Geny rich, the prices of these items weren’t all that great.


I finally found the item that only one person could have.
But, when I first saw it, I couldn’t help but question it.
Training Ground Guide Book.
It was a book.
They could’ve at least given everyone the guide book, but there was only one.
The book costed exactly 2,000 Geny.

“Hey. Um, are you able to talk?”

I looked at the store and asked.
I was hoping maybe some kind of hologram screen would appear.

“What is it?”
“Will this book appear again later on?”
“No. We don’t have anymore of this book in stock, and so we only sell it when it first opens.”
“Would it matter if I didn’t show this book to the others?”
“It doesn’t matter. Once the item has been purchased from the shop, it will belong to the player and it’s up to the player on how they want to use it. You can rip it or give it to someone for free.”
“I see. I’ll buy this then.”
“Thank you for shopping with us.”

2,000 Geny disappeared and the book appeared in my inventory.
I started walking in the 1 o’clock direction, which was the opposite of where the volunteer group was standing.
Of course, those guys headed my way.

“Hey, don’t act on your own.”

Han Ji Suk warned with his arms crossed in front of him.

“Why are you following me?”

As soon as I asked, everyone froze up.

“That’s because we’re a team.”

Up til now, I managed to talk casually with them.
It’s obvious that they’re surprised by how my attitude changed.
The others were waiting nervously to see what I would say next.

“I’ll survive on my own. I break off from the group.”
“What the hell?! What did we do wrong?”

I was expecting Han Ji Suk to be angry with me, but instead, Oh Hana was the one getting angry.
“You thought I was a burden. Am I wrong?”
“I never thought of you that way.

Never thought of me that way.
Right before we were going to ride in Han Ji Suk’s car, Oh Hana had the same expression as the others.
You don’t belong here, or something like that.
It’s possible that she was just agreeing to what the group had decided, but still.
Even if that were the case, it doesn’t change anything.

“It’s just one person. Even then you still have five people. On top of that, I don’t really want to get along with you guys.”
“But still!!”
“Hey, Oh Hana. Stop it.”

Han Ji Suk wasn’t the type to cling on to people when they wanted to leave. His pride wouldn’t allow it.
And the uncomfortable look he gave me from time to time.
The type of people that he liked were the ones that listened and agreed to his every word.
A guy like me that prefers being alone and standing out was the type that he disliked.

“Just don’t regret it.”

Regret? He sure knows how to make nonsensical remarks.
For him, friendship is something he can gain because of his status and it’s also something he can use to his benefit.
I can’t expect them to have a great teamwork with him as the leader.
In a dangerous situation, I’m sure he’ll be the first to drop his weapon and run away, betraying everyone else.
To add on,
If I die because of my own mistakes, I’m fine with that. However, I refuse to die because of someone else’s mistake.

“…Are you really leaving?”

Oh Hana was the only one that remained after everyone left.

“Can I trust you?”
“Why did you follow his order and pick the staff?”
“That’s because, in a situation like this, it’s best to listen to the guys!! Do you think followed because I wanted to?”
“…I may be wrong, but if the time comes when you’re in trouble, I’m sure those guys won’t help you.”

Talking bad about her friends was definitely bad manners.
If she were to suddenly yell at me for it, I wouldn’t find it weird at all.
However, Oh Hana didn’t say anything.
Tears started forming in her eyes.

“I’ll be going now.”
“Take care.”

As she turned around, her face turned red and she walked towards the group.
Did she cry? It was for a brief moment, but I think I saw tears in her eyes.
What I wanted to tell her was not to be dragged by other people, but that she should have her own opinion.
Well, she’s not a kid, so I’m sure she understood what I meant.
While Oh Hana was walking back to the group, she turned her back towards me a couple of times.

“Survive on your own…is that a harsh thing to say to her?”

If I were to be forward about it, that’s what I would’ve said.
But, even if I did say it, it wouldn’t have any effect.
Oh Hana was the type to keep everyone in the group alive.
She was also afraid of being left alone.
My saying that I was going to leave the group was a reason for her to think that the group could break up.
Because of that, her nervousness increased.

“I’m sure she’ll be fine.”

She wasn’t a family, a friend or a lover.
I could barely take care of myself, let alone take care of someone else.
I opened the book to the first page.
After reading nine pages, I managed to memorize some of the information.

“Jin Woo.”

Kim Byung Chul approached me.
Whether it’s them or him, they just wouldn’t leave me alone.
I was close to really concentrating on the book.

“Will you sell that book to me for 5,000 Geny?”

This boss man offered 2.5 times more than what I paid for.

staff :
Jen (TL)
Uptime (PR)

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