Solo Clear – Chapter 7: Settlement


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When I returned to the training ground after completing the first day of exploration, most of the other members had already arrived.
Seeing the green blood splattered all over their clothes, they probably fought against the Cobalts too.

“Good job on the first day of the exploration.”

In the meantime, there were new changes within the training ground.
A blacksmith’s shop, where you can strengthen your weapon, appeared.
Within the stage, an assignment bulletin board appeared.

“The bulletin board has been set up to reward everyone for their hard work and the blacksmith’s shop was placed to provide another way to get stronger.”

People would usually be interested at the new information.
But, no one within the training grounds were interested.
They were probably too tired both mentally and physically to pay attention to what they were saying.

“Now, we’ll announce the number the Cobalts that each of the groups killed.”

Group A : 38
Group B : 16
Kang Jin Woo : 13

In the center, a holographic statistic chart appeared and showed how many Cobalts were killed.
When looking at just the numbers, group A killed the most.
It was the group that was led by Kim Byung Chul.
Despite of the fact that it was difficult to wield a sword in that place, they managed to take out that many Cobalts.
I was amazed by the fact that they killed the most, despite of their last minute tactic.

Group B was led by Han Ji Suk and when compared to group A, they were one person short.
Despite of that, group A managed to kill 22 more than them, putting them at a serious situation.

“Damn it!! I told you we should’ve stayed at the stage longer.”

After seeing the chart, Han Ji Suk started yelling at the members.

“We didn’t have a choice. Continuing on while Tae Myung is injured is really pushing it.”
“He couldn’t even shoot well from the back and now he’s injured!!”
“Hey, don’t you think you’re being too harsh?”

Han Ji Suk and Choi Min Ki argued about everything, increasing their frustration.
The college group was the first one to returned to the training ground.
Not noticing the Cobalt that was approaching behind him, Goo Tae Myung got seriously injured.
After drinking an entire bottle of potion that was purchased from the shop, he managed to get out of the woods.
However, his injury was still there, so they ended the exploration and returned early.

“You guys could’ve given him your potions!!”

Just like Oh Hana, Goo Tae Myung didn’t oppose much within the group, but seeing him raise his voice probably meant he was feeling irritated.
Mentally, he was at his limit when he started using profanity behind the group’s back.
On top of that, what Goo Tae Myung said wasn’t wrong.
If he drank another bottle of potion, his injury could’ve been healed completely.
If the other members offered their potion to him, they could’ve continued exploring.
However, none of the members offered their potion to him.

“So, what you’re saying is that we couldn’t continue the exploration because we didn’t share our potions with you? Is that it? Goo Tae Myung.”

“Th-that’s not it.”
“Starting today, you’ll be excluded from getting the reward since you didn’t kill one Cobalt and only got in the way.”
“Wait!! Then, I won’t be able to take any potion for our next exploration.”
“We need to think logically when we’re in a tough situation. Think of it as getting a reward based on your performance.”

A healing potion helps you survive during the exploration.
Without it, you would be scared to even walk through the doors.
But, if you don’t go, you may die from starvation or thirst.
Goo Tae Myung was filled with fear at the thought of dying.

“I’m sure you’ll do better next time. When you become better at shooting, you’ll be able to go up against a lot more monsters than us.”

Han Ji Suk’s “advice” only brought Goo Tae Myung down.
Even Choi Min Ki didn’t try to get in between them.
If he wanted to be the leader, it would be best to gain everyone’s trust.

Next, my name just appeared on the chart since I wasn’t part of any group.

“Kang Jin Woo’s performance was outstanding.”

Despite spending three hours in there, killing 13 of them wasn’t really a lot.
The mine was like a maze.
There was a limited number of Cobalts that roamed the place and I ended up letting at least three of them go.

Despite the danger, if I tried to kill them, I would maybe end up killing two of them at most.
Rather than trying to get them, it was more beneficial to stay at a safe location and continue the hunt.

“Since today was the first day, we would like to reward the group that had the best result. We would like to reward Kang Jin Woo.”

All eyes were on me as soon as they mentioned wanting to reward me.

“Hold on, group A killed the most Cobalts, so why are you rewarding that guy?”

It was Han Ji Suk that asked the question, not Kim Byung Chul.

“The remaining 11 members worked within a group, but he worked by himself and managed to kill 13 Cobalts. Compared to group B, he’s only three short. Shouldn’t you be ashamed of the result rather than asking questions? Han Ji Suk.”

I thought he deserved that one.
Seeing him grinding his teeth while displaying a bitter expression melted away all the stress that I got while exploring the stage.

“Don’t worry. The reward isn’t all that great. We’ll increase two of his desired skills.”

Power: 10
Stamina: 12
Agility: 15
Mana: 7
Luck: 4

One thing that was interesting about the system of this training ground was that there wasn’t a leveling system like one would see in a RPG.
Instead, they raise each of the skills.
Or, one could go to the store and increase their skills in exchange for Geny.

While hunting for hunters, there are items that they drop that could raise one’s skills.
On top of that, exercising can raise one’s power and stamina.
However, since all of them had levels of difficulty, increasing the skills was pretty difficult.

Despite of the fact that the administrator said it wasn’t a great reward, everyone’s thoughts were different.
Increasing two skills was a reward that exceeded everyone’s expectation.
That’s why, they couldn’t help but feel that Kang Jin Woo was in the lead.

“Please raise just my agility.”

Power: 10
Stamina: 12
Agility: 17
Mana: 7
Luck: 4

After confirming that my agility increased in the stats window, a smile appeared on my face at the accomplishment.
According to the guidebook, agility didn’t increase just the speed.
It was written that it raised one’s reflexes and also any qualities that were associated with speed.

“The stage will open again tomorrow at 9 A.M., so please take this time to rest.”

The current time was 12:30 A.M.
It would be best to use this time to organize the items that I got and go to sleep.
In order to get rid of the items, I headed towards the store.

Among the items that I got from today, I didn’t have anything that was worth trading with the others.
If I got a decent weapon, I thought about trading with either Goo Tae Myung or Oh Hana.
The most expensive item was the quartz that I got from the first Cobalt that I encountered.


As soon as that message displayed, my heart started racing out of nervousness.
It wasn’t a gold or diamond, but it was a gem.
Just look at that brilliant green gem.
As of right now, it looked more amazing than any minerals.

“It’s worth 7,000 Geny.”

Feeling disappointed, I flicked my finger.
It was probably because the item was from the first stage.
But, I wasn’t feeling discouraged.
7,000 Geny wasn’t a small amount.
On top of that, with all the smaller items that I got, I managed to get 3,000 Geny.
In total, I received 10,000 Geny.


Later on, there might be a moment where this money will be important.
Using 2,000 Geny, I bought a blanket I could use to sleep with.
I decided to save the remaining 8,000 Geny and use it when I need to.

“Amazing. You managed to kill 13 Cobalts.”

Kim Byung Chul appeared behind me while patting my shoulder.

“I was just lucky. I saw the path they used not long after I entered the stage. They’ll hide in dark places and attack anyone that passes that place.”
“In simple terms, no one could carry out that plan. Anyways, congratulations.”
“The reward you got from the administrator.”
“…Thank you.”

I’m sure the members in group A were disappointed since they killed the most Cobalt.
It seemed like Kim Byung Chul didn’t think much about this.

“We managed to get a useful item from today’s exploration. That’s why, I don’t mind giving those two skill points to you.”

Useful item?
What exactly did he get from the first day that he’s that happy?

“It’s this.”
“It’s a book.”

He took out the book from his inventory and showed a book that had a pentagram printed on the cover.
It was book filled with skills, which is also known as the Grimoire.

“The Cobalt manager had it. Unfortunately, it said that only those that wield a staff are able to learn it.”
“Then, when you’re able to pick another weapon, you can choose a staff and then learn it.”
“I could, but I’m planning on using this differently.”

Kim Byung Chul suddenly turned his attention towards the college group.
His eyes were on the female that had a staff in her hand.
He was planning on selling it to Oh Hana.

“I’m not sure what kind of magic it is, but wouldn’t it better if one of your ally learned it?”
“There’s only so many spells you can learn from the first stage. As of right now, I think it’ll be better to gather as much Geny as possible. Wish me luck.”
“Of course.”

That grimoire was probably the first skill that one learns here.
There wasn’t anything exciting going on in their deal.
I was curious about what kind of skill it was.

“…Doesn’t matter to me.”

Taking out the blanket that I purchased from the store, I set it down on an empty spot nearby and sat down.
I couldn’t say that it was as comfortable as a bed.
But it was better than getting sick from lying on the cold floor.

I heard people talking behind me.
Kim Byung Chul and Han Ji Suk were probably talking about the grimoire and making a deal.
Within the training ground, it was against the rules to commit an illegal act against others.
It meant that even if I fell asleep, they couldn’t harass me.
Thanks to that, I was able to go to sleep without any worries.

Everything that happened today still felt like a dream.
Once I wake up, I’ll think of it as a dream and just get ready to go to school.
I knew it was a false expectation, but I hoped it would happen and fell asleep.


The sound was as loud as a thunder roaring, which caused me to wake up from my sleep.
I wasn’t the only one that was surprised.
Most of the members of the hiking group and the college group were awake. They looked towards the source with a scrunched up expression.

In the center, as soon as the white smoke dispersed, it revealed what was inside it.

Second day of exploration.
Over 30 more people arrived to this place.

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