Solo Clear – Prologue

From when I was young, I preferred being by myself than with people.
I don’t know if it’s just my nature, but no matter what I’m doing, I’m the type to be able to focus when doing it alone.
Rather than going outside and playing with friends, I enjoyed staying home and spending time by myself.

Because of this, my parents and other adults around me said similar things to me.

“You’re supposed to spend time with your friends when you’re young.”
“Everyone needs to live with is. At your age, you’re supposed to spend time with your friends.”

I knew what they said wasn’t wrong.
Since the kids my age usually spent time playing outside.

Then, is there something wrong with me for not wanting that?

As time passed, people’s reaction around me became cold.
The quiet and shy kid was now being called the weird guy.
Even my parents thought I had some kind of issue and often took me to a psychological clinic.

I’m just different from other people.
Why do people point at me and tell me that I’m wrong?
It felt like the people that belonged to the majority forcefully pulled me, the guy that belonged to the minority.

I wanted to prove it.
I wanted to prove that I could live well in this world by myself.
But, if I were to continue living like this, I’ll only be considered as the weird guy.
Reality was really unfair and a lot harsher than what I had thought.

As I get older, I’m able to really feel it.
Before I knew it, I became the college student that experienced a lot of issues and is now on the brink of surrendering to reality.

Then one day.
In order to stack up points in campus activities, I attended a volunteering job and saw an unusual tunnel, where I was given a chance.

Translator: Jen
Proofreader: Pawelosek

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4 Replies to “Solo Clear – Prologue”

  1. Void

    Well, yeah. Growing up without any social skills will terminate your existence awfully fast, unless you have some actual bloody skills to support that sort of life.
    And since this is a Korean story, I bet this guy has all the will-power in the world to actually live by his own words.

    I hope there won’t be any angst in this thing.

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